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  1. Hi All, I decided to completely re-write my iTunes to HQPlayer front end. The new version is attached. The interface for choosing preferences is now based on Obj-C. This has allowed me to present all prefs in a single window. Once your prefs are set you can choose to not show these prefs again. If you do that the only way to get them back will be to delete the .plist file in your ~Library/iTunes/Scripts folder. This feature was suggested by Carl for headless server operation. Thanks Carl and thanks also for your testing and feedback during this development. In case any of you are still using the old version, you will need to delete the .plist file produced by that version before using this one. All required files are now bundled with the single app, apart from that .plist file which must be produced by the app. The creation of temp files is now optional, if your files are in a format, such as '.aif' which is supported by HQPlayer. I haven't got around to revising the manual yet. Hopefully though it's fairly self explanatory and you'll all be able to figure it out. Geoff iTunes - HQPlayer Server.app.zip
  2. Apple released 12.6.5 for those who use iTunes to update iOS. I can't vouch for it, but it's available here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208079
  3. Hi folks! First of all sorry for my English....I'm Italian, and I'll do my best to explain properly my problem. My iPod classic just died after many years I was using it, so I decided to upgrade my experience and buy a new music player, choosing a Fiio X3 Mark III F. I still not have this device in my hands, so I still don't know the way to add music in it.... My problem is my previous library: I used to synchronize my old iPod through iTunes, and I've organized all my songs by Artist, Album, Genre, etc.... I assume that, if I simply will use the songs in the iTunes media folder, I'll loose all these metadata (artist, album, genre, track number, reproductions, etc....) How can I reach the point to have the same songs organization on my new device? Or a new library that works out of iTunes with the same metadata for each song? I hope that is clear enough...again sorry for my English! Cheers, Fabio
  4. What happens to your music library after you die ? Bruce Willis's iTunes library concerns The first step in the battle...
  5. Hi folks Setup: I keep my entire iTunes folder on a My Cloud, i.e. media folder and iTunes Library file (*.itl). When I open iTunes, I point it to the My Cloud location to load up the .itl library file. Problem: I am finding the response time of iTunes when working with these remote media - especially when editing their metadata - to be excruciatingly slow. For example, just accessing the metadata ("Show info" : CMD+i) for an album, or even a track, entails a 20-second spinning wheel. If I edit any metadata fields, then processing those changes takes an additional ~15 seconds per track (and sometimes minutes if I've embedded album artwork). For an audiobook with hundreds of small tracks this process takes ~15 seconds to apply to each and every track. If the tracks are larger then the time to process is proportionately longer too. Embedding audiobook art is the peak nightmare scenario. Likely the issue lies with the way iTunes is doing its thing in concert with the My Cloud NAS, but I'm hoping someone in this community has the same setup as me and has found some success alleviating their frustrations. Known issues due to relatively slower upload speeds: I know that upload speeds are always far slower than download speeds, and uploading plays a much more prominent role when hosting iTunes on My Cloud. I can accept the wait-time to load up the large library each time I open iTunes (even though this seems like it should be a download process), and I can even live with the slow process of importing new music (constrained by wifi upload speeds). However, I am constantly organizing my music and audiobooks by editing metadata, and this process is excruciatingly slow. I went with the My Cloud route for the benefit of wireless access. I assumed that the inevitable bottleneck due to upload speeds would only apply to the process of initially transferring the library, and subsequently adding any new media to the library located on My Cloud. This appears not to be the case. Known issues due to separating the locations of the iTunes Media folder and iTunes Library (.itl): When I initially elected to move my large music and audiobook collection to a My Cloud, my research suggested that it would be wiser not to keep my media and library file in separate locations. My personal experience supported this advice: previously I had kept the media on an EHD and the .itl library file on my local machine, and I consistently encountered broken links and repeatedly had to regenerate my iTunes library file. For a collection as large as mine this was an extraordinarily time-consuming process on each occasion. The current setup has proven much much more stable in this regard, but working with the media is an untenably frustrating process. Has anyone encountered this issue and figured out a way to improve performance?
  6. Hi, Kirk & Company! I’ve done some snooping on various forums about an issue I’m experiencing with iTunes that I have not had issues with before... With the latest update of iTunes, there is ENORMOUS inconsistency with the availability of the “Go to Artist” and “Go to Album” actions in the “Song” menu. By “enormous inconsistency with the availability” I mean that it is almost always unavailable with no apparent reason. Because I am a “keyboard” person, I find it efficient to create keystrokes in Keyboard Maestro for different menu actions in different apps. I created shortcuts for “Go to Artist” and “Go to Album” in iTunes, but they no longer work because those options aren’t available for the majority of songs—despite the fact that most songs are from artists/albums with more than one song in my library. I would understand the lack of availability for these functions for tracks that have no other connections, but not with other songs. There is also no rhyme or reason in regards to compilation status or album artist settings. I know it is not an issue with Keyboard Maestro, because “Go to Artist” or “Go to Album” don’t show up as options when I go to access them in the menu (either “Song” or the right-click drop down menu). This is madness! Please help! Am I missing something? This seems like a really basic (and easy) feature to retain from version to version!!!
  7. Kirk, previously, I checked out the “The complete guide to using iTunes with lossless audio.” When I started reading your articles over five years ago. I experimented and ripped some CDs to Apple Lossless with a variety of apps. Sometime I would create a 320 version, or rip to lossless with these apps and also iTunes. I haven’t noticed that much difference between the various programs, but I “believe” that some louder. While I have stuck with XLD among those apps, I have been using iTunes almost exclusively for the last year. Is it better to rip to Apple Lossless using iTunes — I probably won’t use another OS in the foreseeable future — or should I use something else like XLD? I notice that XLD uses parts of the OS to do its processing. I usually see this as in the Info section’s encoder: X Lossless Decoder 20161007, QuickTime 7.7.3. Is ripping with other apps any better than what I could get from using just iTunes? It seems like 12.5 is up to the task. And I want to rip all discs, eventually, to Apple Lossless.
  8. As reported by several users on the Apple Discussions, iTunes Match isn't working in iTunes 12.5.3 (the current version) for both Windows and Mac. All tracks are being uploaded and none are being matched. Supposedly Apple is aware of the problem and working on a fix. In the meantime, the only solution is to revert to 12.5.2 or turn off iTunes Match. Here are the steps for MacOS (must be done from an admin account): If you have a recent Time Machine backup: Stop the iTunes Helper process using Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities). Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and enter the following command: sudo rm -r /Applications/iTunes.app Restore iTunes from a backup that was done before your machine updated (this particular iTunes update was released on 31st October) or if you don't have a Time Machine backup you can download iTunes 12.5.2 from Apple. Restore the following files from the Time Machine backup to your Home > Music > iTunes folder: iTunes Library.itl iTunes Library.xml Note: not all of these files may appear in your iTunes folder, if any are missing don't worry, the files you need to replace are the iTunes Library .xml and .itl files. If you don't have a Time Machine backup: Stop the iTunes Helper process using Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities). Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and enter the following command: sudo rm -r /Applications/iTunes.app Download iTunes 12.5.2 from Apple and re-install iTunes on your machine. Rebuild your iTunes Library (this step may not be necessary, especially if you don't have any Previous iTunes Libraries) References: https://discussions.apple.com/message/30891797#message30891797 https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7726141 https://discussions.apple.com/message/30943867#30943867
  9. I’m trying to use "Shuffle By Grouping" for the first time and I can’t make it work at all. I want to shuffle a playlist so that all songs in the playlist with the same title play together, even from different artists and albums. For instance I want to hear the song "Something" by The Beatles, and Peggy Lee’s cover of that song together. Then I want to randomly jump to another Grouping of songs with the same title, say, St. Louis Blues, and play all of them, and so on. Sort of like Album shuffling if each Album had the same song by different Artists. What I tried: 1 - made a standard playlist called "Originals/Covers". 2 - dragged all the songs that I have versions of by different Artists into "Originals/Covers". 3 - sorted the playlist by Name so all the same Titles are together. 4 - arranged the columns so that the Name and Groupings columns are next to each other. 5 - Made sure all the Grouping fields were empty. 6 - copied the Name Field over to Groupings for each song using one of Doug’s Applescripts. 7 - verified that all the Grouping text was the same for each grouping. What this looks like: NAME----------------------GROUPING---------------------ARTIST Love For Sale---------------Love For Sale------------------Adderley, Cannonball Love For Sale---------------Love For Sale------------------Arthur Lyman Group Love For Sale---------------Love For Sale------------------Dorsey, Jimmy Love For Sale---------------Love For Sale------------------London, Julie Love Potion #9-------------Love Potion Number Nine---The Coasters Love Potion Number 9----Love Potion Number Nine---The Clovers 8 - set Shuffle to "ON" and "By Grouping" via the Control Menu. 9 - clicked the "crossed arrows" Shuffle button. What happens: A random song plays, but instead of playing the rest of the songs in that grouping iTunes selects another random song. Up Next looks like the songs are shuffled by Song, not Grouping. I’m using 12.3.2 on 10.11.3. So what is wrong here? Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm running iTunes 12.7.2 on OS 10.11.6 in a MacBook Pro, and I keep my 8 iTunes libraries in a NAS. There's no connection to the internet in this network. Yesterday as I was importing some ripped CD files into the library and initially the files were copied into a library that was not active at that moment. I then quit and restarted iTunes and after re-importing the files some of the songs were placed inside "/Volumes/MUSIC/Classical, Romantic & Modern/iTunes Media" in folders with the name of the CD and other tracks from the same CD were placed in folders with the name of the CD in the right "/Volumes/MUSIC/Classical, Romantic & Modern/iTunes Media/Music" folder. I tried to re-import the misplaced files into "/Volumes/MUSIC/Classical, Romantic & Modern/iTunes Media/Music" but was not successful. What's going on here? Has "post Steve Jobs" Apple lost the plot? I've ended up moving the "Music" folder into "/Volumes/MUSIC", deleted the "Classical, Romantic & Modern" library folder and created a new one into which I am importing everything back. It takes ages. I have been trying out the "iTunes - HQPlayer" and the "Proper English Title Capitalization v3.6" scripts but I doubt this was the cause of such a mess... "iTunes - HQPlayer" doesn't work properly so I have removed it from the "Scripts" folder. Has anyone had something similar happen to them?
  11. Hi all, I haven't posted since this forum moved so hello again! I'm hosting a barbecue on Saturday that is likely to go on well into the night, so I have compiled a playlist of approximately 10 hours of music. I want to make sure that if I need to stop the playback and start it again, I don't want to hear the same tracks already played recently. In conclusion, I'd like to create a Smart Playlist that will only show songs that haven't been played in the last 6 hours. Unfortunately, the "Last Played not in the last" shortest option is 1 day. I considered the "Limit to XX items selected by least recently played" option, however that will mean the music will be skewed towards music I haven't listened to for the longest, which is not what I want, because that ends up grouping lots of a similar artist together and it won't feel very random. I tried entering a fraction for number of days, but it doesn't allow that. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could get this to work? Thanks!
  12. Hi, Is anyone using the (new) iTunes Work/Movement fields? I looks like an improvement but I don't want to start re-tagging some 5K+ tracks to find out that it isn't really that useful... I see that Doug has two scripts that help out a bit but still require a lot of manual intervention: http://dougscripts.com/itunes/2016/08/a-couple-of-work-and-movement-scripts/ Cheers, Ricardo
  13. Several weeks ago I went through a period where I could not get iTunes12.3.3 in El Capitan 10.11.4 to sync newly created pdf's to my iOS9.3 iPad Air. iTunes had no issue seeing older pdfs to sync from iBooks 1.5 on my iMac, it was ANY newly created pdfs, iTunes failed to see them in iBooks. I called AppleCare, the senior tech I wound up talking to watched me on screen as I would make a pdf and then try to sync it. The senior tech had me do various maneuvers and restarts, but iTunes failed to see the newly created pdfs. She had me pull a full system report, and said she would report it to Apple Engineering. Today, the senior tech called back. She says Apple Engineering says to use iCloud Drive instead of syncing w iTunes12. I am to stop using iTunes12 to sync w my devices. Luckily, in the last few days, iTunes has begun to recognize newly created pdf's again. But syncing w iTunes may be on the way to the technology dust bin. In no way do I want to RENT BY THE MONTH to use my computer w any devices. Maybe Apple will force us all into cloud rental.
  14. Sometimes, exactly very often, I lose airpaly signal in my ipad, iphone..imac...to send the music to apple tv 2. It does not appear the icon. And later maybe appears. I can not understant what's going on. I don't think is a problem with the wifi, because I can get music from my HD connected to the router. Has anybody else the same problem? Any help? My apple tv is jailbroken with black atv2. And I try it with itunes, spotify, another players.... Thank you.
  15. Hi, I have a song that I recorded, which I converted from a WAV file to an ALAC file using iTunes. The song plays on iTunes on my Macbook Pro with no problems, whether I play it directly through iTunes or using Audirvana Plus or BitPerfect through my HeadRoom Portable Desktop Amp (PDA). However, when I transfer the ALAC file to either of my two iPod Classics, there are audible clicking and popping sounds present throughout the track. I have rebooted both iPods and their software is up to date. My iTunes software is also up to date. Please note, I am using the same headphones (Denon AH-D5000 for iTunes and iPod playback. The crackling and popping noises occur when I use the headphone jacks on the iPods or when I use my Onkyo ND-S1 dock through my HeadRoom PDA, so this is not a connection problem. I have reconvereted the WAV file to an ALAC file twice using iTunes; the track still plays correctly on my Macbook through iTunes, but the track is still crackling and popping when I put it on my iPod. If I convert the wav file to an AIFF file, it does not pop or click on either iTunes or my iPods. This does not seem logical. There must be an error occuring when iTunes transfers the ALAC track to my iPods; however, I have >7000 ALAC tracks dispersed over 3 iPods and this is the first instance of this error. In summary: WAV to ALAC: clicking and popping on two iPod Classics but not on iTunes. WAV to AIFF: no clicking on iPods or on iTunes. Here is another interesting twist based on a test that I did. If I convert the AIFF file that I made in iTunes from the WAV file to an ALAC file using the program Max rather than iTunes, there are no clicking and popping sounds when I play the Max-created ALAC file with iTunes or on my iPod Classics. I transferred the ALAC file that I made in Max to my IPod using iTunes. This means that iTunes is somehow converting the WAV file to an ALAC file that exhibits no errors when played back with iTunes, but that does exhibit errors when played on either of my iPod Classics. It seems that I've solved this problem. Convert the WAV file to an AIFF file in iTunes and then convert the AIFF file to an ALAC file using Max, but I should be able to convert the wav file directly to an ALAC file in iTunes. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks, Heath
  16. This is my first post here so please bear with me. I have just upgraded my rather elderly iMac G5 with a new MacBook Pro. While I am very computer literate and an audiophile, I have a frustrating problem with iTunes. I imported my iTunes library from a backup disc - the G5 had expired - and while all my iTunes purchased music was fine, all my imported CDs lost the track, album name, artist and cover art data. I had ripped the CDs as full WAV files for quality rather than compressing them. iTunes says I need to reimport the CDs as they weren't imported by iTunes. They were. Fortunately, I haven't really used iTunes much so there are only about a dozen CDs that I would have to reimport. But that's about to change as I plan to buy an asynchronous link for my DAC, rip all my CDs and use my new laptop as a music server to my main system. So I am rather hoping to avoid having this problem again in the future. Of course, it may be that Apple would rather I buy all my music from them to ensure future compatibility. I hope not. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  17. I used Spotify as my example in the question, but I'd also be interested in taking .mp3 or .wav to an iTunes playlist or a Windows Media Playlist, etc. Is there a program that allows for this? The point would be, once I have the playlist file or link, I can send it to a friend or acquaintance, and it'd simply be added to their playlist in whichever program they're using. Thanks in advance!
  18. I am finding my system for managing and playing music too complicated. I have my library on an external drive connected to a Mac mini so that I can manage the music using iTunes - playlists, ratings etc. But I play the music on Roon. The Mac is connected to a microRendu then to an Arcam iRDAC/A38 Amp and out to KEF LS50s. It seems to me that thus far Roon is not the best place to be doing the management. I’d like a solution like a NAS or Rock or something else that connects directly to my DAC/Amp but still lets me work with my files easily (like iTunes). Any ideas?
  19. Hello, sorry if this is a repeat thread, but if it is, please help direct me to the thread. I recently purchased my very first HiFi set: PSB Image T6 speakers, Marantz SR5008 A/V receiver. Mac Mini (current model... late 2012?) connected to Marantz using HDMI, iTunes, external optical drive for importing CD's using iTunes (AIFF). All settings (Mac) are default. Do you have special settings, or software to enhance music? I tried using Amarra HiFi, but I couldnt understand it. It plays my HD music (24/192) from HDtracks.com on a slow tempo, while 16/44.1 music plays quite the same as iTunes. I've been reading that using Amarra HiFi improves sound quality, I just don't hear any difference vs using iTunes. Do I need to change some settings in my iTunes or Audio MIDI setup? sound is through HDMI at 44kHz sampling (default). Also, I have a 24/192 CD. I am importing it to my iTunes library in AIFF format, but I can see that it is being ripped as 16/44.1. How do I rip a 24/192 CD that retains its 24/192?
  20. Apple gave us Airplay so we can stream music to several speaker systems. This is ideal if you want to hear your music in different rooms in the house. I bought a B&W Z2 speaker for in the kitchen. We were very happy with it until I installed Pure Music on my Mac. Suddenly there was no more music streaming in the kitchen. Naturally I blamed PM for this. More so because the Internet-radio music that I stream from my iPad through the Mac was received well in the kitchen. Then I learned that Apple is to be blamed. One can stream to more then one speaker set through iTunes, but not if another program is used to play your music. In that case one has to chose only one speaker set. There is is a workaround solution, though. It is called Airfoil. See: Rogue Amoeba | Airfoil I installed it and it works perfect. Two speaker sets playing at once. My HiFi stereo set (with PM) and the B&W Z2 in different rooms. There is also a remote app for iPhone or IPad to control Airfoil. This is may not be big news for many of you but since I had struggled for a long time with this 'problem' I thought I might publish this here.
  21. G'day CA Just wondering if anyone has successfully used a powerline network (power adaptors such as Belkin AV500) to connect a Mac mini using iTunes to an airport express (wired via power adaptor) in order to stream iTunes audio? Cheers Charles
  22. So, I have a noob question, but wasn't finding my answer through search: I'm using a MB Pro, iTunes & Amarra setup, with files stored on a 1TB WD duo RAID. I have hit the capacity of that drive, so I purchased a 4 TB G-Tech RAID o move the library to. I can then unRAID the WD to become a 2TB backup. My file structure on the WD has been: Type / Artist / Album / tracks. Type is AIFF, WAV, etc. From there, I would simply use Add to Library in iTunes to point to the music files. Now that I need to switch to a new drive, copying the files is easy enough, albeit, a long 9 hours to complete, however, I can't find an easy method for setting iTunes to use the new drive locations. I would like to maintain my current file structure, but if my only alternative is to redirect all the tracks, I may need to consider pulling all the files into the iTunes folders. Can any of you share your wisdom on this issue?
  23. Hello Acquired a 2nd gen X3 - happy with it in general - but - I think I have a problem of my own making and having a hard time coming up with a solution 1) In order to overcome itunes limitations with Classical music, came up with a naming/tagging scheme of my own - Worked well with my ipod - allowed me to organize music by composer, also identifying each track/movement etc... 2) However, ended up with pretty long directory and file names - ipod/itunes seems to handle it. 3) When copying those files to the X3 storage, problems start - long directory and/or filenames causes the X3 to lock or not play the file. Problem goes away as soon as file is shortened Short of tackling a massive renaming project of almost 2TB of music, want to ask the group if any ideas come to mind on how to deal with this. Used both Dapper and rsync to copy files - both over USB and straight into the SD card (mounted on Mac OS X) - Dapper did some special character substitution, but problem still remained Very general/open question I know - but I am at my wit's end... 1) Any X3 related tweaks I can try? Tried formatting the SD card as NTFS, but the X3 locked constantly - Any other? 2) Any software to automatically truncate will copying? 3) Any other techniques you know? 4) Most importantly, is my naming scheme stupid? :-( Thanks in advance for your kind help... v
  24. Greetings all, I've downloaded the demos of both Amarra and Pure Music. I'm sure that there are battle lines across both camps; however, I'm interested in folks who are using or have used PureMusic to give me suggestions on the best setup and configurations. I'm outputting iTunes/PureMusic on a Musical Fidelity USB to S/PDIF connection on a MacPro that then runs to an Anthem AVM50v and I've chosen to use the DAC in the 50v to process things. In very, very casual listening, Pure Music seems to make the highs of the music a bit more delicate (in a good way) adding more air. There's seemingly more separation and definition in the music and instruments. I'm playing both lossless, CD ripped, and iTunes purchased music on the DAC. Much of what I listen to is classical and orchestral, but also lots of female vocals, with rock, acoustic, folk, acoustic, jazz and more. Thanks for any insights or feedback on what I should be focusing on. Regards, Theo
  25. Folks, I just had my nightmare come to life. My iTunes library location somehow was moved off my NAS to the usual local folder (likely a mounting issue,can happen) and somehow would not consolidate back to my NAS. I decided to re-import my entire collection from scratch (I have done the same before, without issues). So I deleted all music in my library (only in the library, not the files on my NAS), moved the music files to a differnet spot on my NAS and re-imported them (by dragging them to the auto import folder). This led to all files being in my library 4 times.. ??? I re-did the same (100%) for a second try and iTunes somehow deleted about 750 albums (it left about 450 intact) from my NAS. It somehow did not ask (when deleting music from the lib) if it should delete the files from disk as-well (which it normally always does..). I have no clue what happened, except that if this were human error from my side, my understanding is it should not have deleted a random 60% of my collection but the entirety of it... Any tips of what I'm missing here (or confirmation that iTunes does these sorts of things..) are welcome... In the meantime, I seriously need a beer since I just pi**ed aways a HUGE amount of time spent on libmanagement & tagging and some high-def music. I am SICK of this. I always knew RAID5 is not a backup.... and bought a 2nd empty NAS just prior to the Thai floods.... (and the global HD price hump that followed, which caused me to delay implementing it).. and was just about to implement the backup plan since prices were coming down again.. I guess the OS-X camp just lost a member. Windows7 & JRiver, here I come... H
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