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Found 12 results

  1. I noticed that under Dietpi_AlloGui, O!mpd library can not find sdcard. Should I mount the card to certain directory or edit the config files of mpd?
  2. I found an interesting review published on 23rd of September 2017. You may need to use google translator. Link: http://www.salonav.com/arch/2017/09/audioserver-aurender-n10.htm
  3. iam in the process of getting a compact computer for my living room and considering 2012 mac mini with SSD which will connect to ayre ab-9 DAC. i have heard that most thunderbolt drives are noisy and thunderbolt plus ssd is too expensive.can't use usb as i want to keep it for the DAC only. OWC offers option to add a second internal drive to mac mini.iam thinking if i add a second ssd (980gb) instead of regular drive and hence the noise will be compartively less. i wanted to know whether is this a great compromise with respect to sound quality or is it still fine to go ahead with this strategy. please share your opinions on keeping the storage drive inside mac mini.
  4. I'm currently seeking out solutions to this problem: I currently have a growing number of 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB external drives and it's becoming a pain to manage. I've been storing everything manually in duplicates (1 copy to drive A and 1 to drive B as an example). I'm trying to find the best and easiest solution to having at least 2 if not 3 copies of my entire music collection, and I would like one of those copies to be off-site. I am trying to decide between: 1. several large external Hard drives (4 to 6 8TB external drives - I have about 16TB's of music so 2-3 copies of 2 8TB drives). 2. A USB or thunderbolt external Raid Box ? 3. A Synology 916Play with 2-4 8TB drives 4. Any of the above but copy number 3 being stored in the cloud (G-Drive, Amazon Cloud) - Note: I have a G-Drive now (only with about 1TB of files stored) and I find that the upload times are sooo slow, I could not imagine how many years it would take to upload 16TB's to it! 5. As another person posted here, sounds like a better alternative to cloud storage for backup may be to purchase 2 Synology 916 NAS, on on-site and a second as backup at my brothers or a friends house? What are the advantages to a NAS vs. an external RAID box? Is a raid Box or NAS superior to several external hard drives ? (8TB external HD's are the cheapest option for certain vs a NAS or RAID box). Thanks for any suggestions !
  5. Friends, I'm looking for a solution to a problem, and your advice is greatly appreciated, as I have little idea where to begin to find what I'm looking for. Background: about 10 years ago I dabbled in computer-based audio, using a laptop and a first-gen M2Tech that I had modded by some fellow in Ireland to feed my otherwise relatively high end stereo. The sound wasn't good, but I enjoyed it enough to live with it at the time, because my stereo was in our basement, and most of time I was down there I was listening to music while playing with my kids. I move every couple years, and I went to a Modwright Oppo front end when we moved in 2010 because the new music room wasn't . I've been using a Modwright Oppo 95 or 105 since. I have all my CDs ripped to hard drives. At times I've plugged in a USB external hard drive enclosure to the Oppo and played my files that way; recently, I gained the opportunity to run ethernet cable to the Oppo, so I moved the hard drive to my router's USB 3.0 port and allowed the router to act as a DLNA server so the Oppo could play the files via ethernet, which for some reason sounds superior to having the hard drive attached directly to the Oppo via USB. I'm now looking to get away from the Oppo. There are several reasons for this: I want to more conveniently navigate my music library; I'd like to have the option to upsample to DSD; I'd like to be able to tinker with the voicing/filters instead of being stuck with the voicing the player gives me; and although Modwright's products sound fantastic I'd like more resolution than what I have now. To that end, I've purchased an LKS MH-D004 from China, and intend to have it modified by a fellow who is known to do a good job modifying digital products. However, I haven't kept up with the developments in digital playback over the last seven years, and I have absolutely no idea what product(s) would be strong options to get the music from my hard drive to the LKS. As luck would have it, I'm replacing my wife's nearly decade-old computer this week, so I soon will have an extra Windows 7 desktop sitting around. I have no idea how to modify it to control it with a tablet or phone, though, and don't want to use a keyboard and mouse. I've looked at players such as the Auralic Aries and Aries Mini, the Allo DigiOne player, the Bluesound Node 2, and SOtM sMS-200, but I really am not certain which, if any, of these players will provide me audiophile-quality sound, the ability to upsample files, to include DSD up to 512 (maybe the LKS DAC can take the native file format and upsample; I'm not sure), and navigate my music library relatively easily. As an aside, although experience tells me "everything matters" in audio, I confess being baffled at the idea the sound output by a standalone DAC would be different based on the player feeding it (as long as all the ones and zeros are reaching the DAC). I selected the LKS in part because it gives me the ability to adjust the filters to my preference, and in light of that, is the difference in the sound I will hear between players likely minimized? Finally, am I in the right ballpark with the digital audio player products I've looked at? Should I look at some other type of device, and within the types of products I've researched, what other products would be strong options based on my requirements? Many thanks for your advice. It's pretty disconcerting to be so lost on a part of a hobby I've enjoyed most of my life! Best, HC
  6. We have need of centralized storage in the home for my wife's business and for sharing some files, photos, etc. One or 2TB should be plenty to last us for years. I'm wondering if I should also keep my iTunes music files on it? (If so, I'd get a bigger NAS.) I've been running a Mac Mini-based system with directly-connected hard drives for many years. Is there any reason I should not also use the NAS for all of my music files and drop the USB and Firewire drives I have been using? (I'd use the USD drives for backup of the NAS.) I remember seeing someone's comment that NAS solutions don't sound as good, but do others agree? If the NAS is set up with multiple volumes for different household purposes and is getting used concurrently for more than just serving music files, will there be any performance hit? Any other downsides to NAS for my iTunes music files? (Which might someday be something other than iTunes.)
  7. I am relatively new to the idea of a music server. I have been researching heavily for the last couple of weeks and really need some advice. For the last couple of years I have been using J River, one pc upstairs streaming wirelessly to another computer downstairs. I had set up J River with the appropriate plug-ins and was ripping music with Exact Audio and thought "well, this is great". As all the codes were digital, I thought equipment and or cables could not temper the codes. Then behold, I am being told that there is a difference in the type of equipment and much less difference in the way certain components sound, HUH? My audiodiction started in the 70's, I have had turn tables, tubed equipment, cables and everything else and still do. The theory that source first and quality equipment were necessary in a linear progression to have the best sound, all made sense, it was analog!! Manual turntables, preamps with no remotes, triode tube amps heating the room to uncomfortable levels, getting up changing records every few moments made computer audio very inviting. Now, I have a quandary, "it seems possible that I can get better sound from my digital selections, whaaat? I have been to audio stores and seen a few of commercially available music servers, most seem to have their own dacs built in and their own proprietary software. As someone wrote, the moving development of design renders most of these objects obsolete in short order considering the high prices. Then, I discover Computer Audiophile with great realms of knowledge. A lot of stuff to digest!! This is where I need help: Music Server How do I determine what is the best source for playing my music? It is going to be difficult to audition many servers, just not that many in my area, how do I choose? I have seen the C.A.P.S units on this site, I am intrigued by the fact that they do give some maneuverability in selection of components, software, etc. How do the C.A.P.S. compare with commercially available units, compared on sonic quality and cost comparisons? If the C.A.P.S. is the best option, which model is going to be the best? 2. Storage What is the best way and best manufacture for storage? What is the best format? 3. Network What is the best way to network the system? What is the best components, switches, cables, etc. 4. What am I missing, is my ignorance just too great to overcome Please feel free to try to point me in a direction that will help me not to suffer too much!! I appreciate any and all replies to my post; I have a very nice audio system and would like to fully enhance my listening experience. I realize that many of you have been in my position and have figured a lot of this out. If you would be willing to share your knowledge and your trials, it would be great. Just not a lot of opportunities in my area to try to sort all of this out. Thanks in advance
  8. has any one measured or observed the effects of a internal vs external drive say for new mac mini 2012 as a music storage plus playback. iam thinking of adding a internal drive.but iam not sure how much of a sound quality degradation or compromise is this in terms of sound quality.would this add more noise inside or is this still a acceptable. iam sure internal drive will be more faster as well. would appreciate comments and help in this regard.
  9. Several years ago I ripped 500 or so CD's to FLAC files on an external hard drive using Windows & dBpoweramp. At the same time those files were uploaded to Google Play Music. Due to convenience and some other constraints, I've listened to my library with an Android phone, Google Play Music & headphones since then. NOW I want to make it easy to listen via amp & speakers or amp & headphones. What is today's best advice about a convenient way to store & play that library? Should I buy a certain manufacturer's music server or assemble a DIY solution (OS, software, hardware)? Any advice will save hours of searching for the "grail solution." Thanks.
  10. Coppertino Launches New VOX Music Player for iPhone, LOOP Music Locker With Limited Time Discount - Mac Rumors "VOX for iPhone's key features include: - Support for nearly all lossless (FLAC) and lossy (MP3) file formats; - Full quality playback with no downscaling or converting; - Proprietary BASS engine delivers crystal clear audio and even makes and MP3 sounds amazing; - Easy iTunes integration including playlists; - Soundcloud, Last FM and other third-party integration. Along with the iOS app, Coppertino is also debuting its cloud-based music locker service, LOOP. LOOP is built into both the VOX Music Player for Mac and the new iOS app, offering users unlimited cloud-based storage for all of their music files. Songs stored in LOOP can be streamed in full quality to any device using the VOX Mac and iOS apps, and songs can be cached for offline playing. Unlike many popular music lockers like iTunes Match and Google Play Music, LOOP is able to support any type of audio file, including FLAC, playing songs natively through the VOX apps with no transcoding. VOX Music Player for iOS and Mac are free, but using the LOOP cloud music storage service requires a subscription that's priced at $49.99 per year or $4.99 per month." After reading this post I downloaded the app and was able to upload an album in 24-96 FLAC to my iPhone 6 and it sounded great. I've been using Capriccio but I like the Vox interface better. I'm curious if anyone else is listening to FLAC on their iOS devices, what app you use, have you tried this Vox app yet and what you think of their LOOP cloud service. I'm on the fence if I need to stream FLAC quality music to my mobile devices. I'm sure it's going to eat up my data plan. Just thought I'd start a conversation and pick the collective brains out there.
  11. After deciding that I probably do not need a NAS for my music library, I am planning to get a new external hard drive or two. That brings up the RAID or non-RAID question, so I want to make sure I am understanding this correctly. It seems like the only advantage of RAID (RAID 1, Drobo, etc.) for an external drive that will be used only to store my iTunes library would be storage capacity. Is that correct, or are there other benefits I'm forgetting? Since my music storage needs are nowhere close to 4TB (probably more like 1TB), it seems like I'd be better off skipping RAID for that drive. Assuming that RAID drives work well with Time Machine, I might consider one as a full system backup option at some point, but I probably don't need that much space now.
  12. I have an older iMac (2008) I plan to replace soon. My iTunes library is currently stored on the internal HD, and I use an external HD connected via firewire for backup. I've read that I might get a small increase in sound quality by moving my iTunes library off the boot drive. From what I've been able to gather, I can do this by moving my library to an external HD or a NAS. I'm not sure I need a NAS at this point. I do most of my listening in my home office using my iMac. When I want to stream music to my home theater room, I use an Airport Express (and might replace it with an Apple TV at some point). Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not sure a NAS would give me any real advantages over this setup. This leads me to think that moving my library to an external HD might make the most sense. This would still let me stream from my iMac to the Airport Express or Apple TV, wouldn't it? What I don't understand about this option, though, is how would I make sure that both this external drive and my computer were backed up? Would it be a matter of linking external drives together and somehow telling them to backup different drives?
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