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  1. I don't feel for you. You have to live with your anger and let it eat you up.
  2. You should learn to think before posting. I didn't endorse Mensa, but you made a false assumption.
  3. If your objective is to make yourself look mentally challenged, you're doing a fine job.
  4. The software on my dalethorn website represents 15 thousand hours of work. And I also host other things including a fantastic review of racism in western civilization, under Books. My headphone work is directed at helping people of limited means achieve the best sound they can get.
  5. Search for dale thorn. First hit should be my website. The software alone is 15 thousand hours of work.
  6. I scored 153 at Mensa. And I'm the best friend of civil rights. Read about it at my website under book reviews.
  7. You're lying of course, because you have no facts, only personal attacks.
  8. Your fellow experts provided the instructions, and they admitted some interesting things. 1) That there was a failure. 2) That they deliberately withheld information.
  9. Refer to previous post. I.e., you're welcome to show off your work.
  10. I have a website with examples. You just have a lot of BS.
  11. It should have told you something. 1) JRMC could not make a proper conversion of DSD, as I could rip from the CD layer of a SACD disc, when such disc is available. 2) People from Stereophile, JRiver, and CA all offered suggestions, and none of them worked. Conclusion: A simple failure indicating (based on all of the help) a design problem.
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