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  1. They are having their summer sale as we speak. It's a good chance to get some of their older great sounding multi track recordings as well as the complete one mic series; Sound Liaison Summer Sale
  2. The old Mercury Living Stereo recordings used a similar technique. They used 3 microphones; https://www.stereophile.com/content/fine-art-mercury-living-presence-recordings In a sense, as I understand it, that is also what Sound Liaison does except that the three microphones are all in one body, so the phase is none existent. Btw. all those One Mic albums as well as their other albums are on sale as we speak; https://www.soundliaison.com/index.php, 20% off.
  3. No but the issue was that some people felt the noise cancellation worked less after the firmware update.
  4. Only 3 days left of the special offer, I just received a notification.
  5. Yes and no. That way of recording is very old fashioned, but the mic they use i s modern state of the art.
  6. Yes and they keep going; https://www.soundliaison.com/index.php/515-reinier-voet-ballade-pour-la-nuit Superb image and realism.
  7. Only 2 days left of the special offer for this superb recording;
  8. I believe DXD is pcm.....so native DSD is selling PCM now 😀; https://www.nativedsd.com/new_browse/
  9. I understand your point, but I still value my multi mic recordings. The thing with the one mic recordings must be that complete phase coherent sound stage, it is so pleasing to the ear. But I wonder if it wound have been possible for Me'Shell Ndegéocello to make ''Peace beyond Passion'' in this manner (see first post) and also, so far they have only released 2 downloads recorded this way, and although I must admit that I keep playing those albums, they are kind of addictive, I do need more than 2 albums to satisfy my hungry music soul.😀
  10. Amazing....they don't even bother to answer! not even a ''we are looking at the problem'' reply.
  11. I didn't buy the headphones so I guess I can't sign the petition, even though I'd like to.
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