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  1. It's a 3 channel microphone it says here at 0.50;
  2. They made some good Organ recordings. Decent SQ as well.
  3. Oh sorry. I think there is a difference on the Witmer trio it is the Josephson C700 while on the One Microphone recordings it is the Josephson C700S. I guess That means stereo.
  4. Ok. Good point. One more and then I'll give up🙂 https://olitunes.com/why-bandcamp-is-the-best-platform-for-independent-musicians/
  5. Not for Sportify. Only for the artist. And here is another interesting thing happening; The-economics-of-streaming-is-changing-pop-songs
  6. next time at wall mart, take a bite of an apple but don't buy it.
  7. they first have to sign up with a destributor like CD Baby. Another thing is that if one listens to less than 30 seconds of a song the artist will not get paid his 0.00006 cent.😐
  8. I have read somewhere that In order for a smaller artist to get on one the streaming sites he or she has to make a publishing deal with one of the big publishers. Sportify and Tidal does not deal with individual independent artists. ( I'll try to find the article and put the link).
  9. I hope those are new recordings. I would hate to see a top label like ECM getting into "upsampling".
  10. The main part of the money from streaming goes to the publishers not the artist.
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