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  2. The 2 SOUND LIAISON downloads on my list are 40% off this weekend( Black Friday). SOUND LIAISON
  3. Would love to see these guy recorded by Reference Recordings, 2L or maybe by Sound Liaison for their One Microphone series.
  4. 10 tracks from 10 different albums🙂
  5. The Carmen Gomes albums are up to 50% down in price this week; 50% off On CARMEN GOMES INC
  6. I don't hope this will influence his voice😁 But Tom Waits  hasn't had a drink for more than a decade
  7. PAP

    Bass Players

    Good article about him here;https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2018/10/26/bass-players-to-know-carl-radle/
  8. Waits and Cole does indeed have very different ways of singing. But I like them both although my wife says Waits is not singing😊
  9. very special indeed. Very extreme balance of the instruments and use of reverb, judging from this youtube video; I'll order the CD.
  10. Nope. But a friend of mine did. He said it was great to hear her live and afterwards songs from her albums were used to demonstrate the speakers in the room. He bought a CD and had Carmen sign it.
  11. PAP

    Bass Players

    Marco Panascia & Dario Deidda Jazz Bass Duo, not famous but 2 of the best bass players around;
  12. Fine little ''docu'' here on that album.
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