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  1. She is really growing as a musician. Compare Love in Vain and Come on in my kitchen with her earlier versions on the Torn album. I like the older versions but on this album she is singing with a laid back confidence and a freedom in phrasing reminding me of some of the great horn players from the past. Maybe this way of phrasing is more jazz than blues but come to think of it all of my favorite jazz has some blues in it and here the songs are all blues. Best of both worlds.
  2. Jordi Savall is a genius. And he keeps surprising with the projects he undertakes; https://bachtrack.com/interview-jordi-savall-fevrier-2018
  3. I really like this album, great songs and the sound is fabuleus and I have no problem at all with the voice, the girl really means what she sings. And I agree with that track 3 is showing of the mood of the album; Preview ODELION
  4. I just love this kind of podcasts, where musicians are talking with each other instead of to a journalist. Sometimes it can be a little technical but you also get story like "the green piano" right in the middle.
  5. Pre Sound Liaison album from Carmen Gomes but recorded by Frans De Rond and produced by Peter Bjørnild, the Sound Liaison team, so the SQ is very good, maybe a bit more radio friendly than her S.L. downloads. https://carmengomes.bandcamp.com/ Well recorded bebop. https://robbarronmusic.bandcamp.com/album/from-this-moment-on Bass and vocal duo. Very talented youngsters. https://noalevylive.bandcamp.com/track/too-darn-hot
  6. It's excellent. The HIFI NEWS AND RECORD REVIEW is spot on;
  7. Good to see this great album is finally get back into the world😀.
  8. Is the Hotels & Dreamers by Allan Taylor album only available in 16bit?
  9. And for some albums CD or LP are still the only source. Joao Gilberto's master piece "Live in Montreux" is a good example.
  10. The piano can be a whole orchestra on it's own but with when played with the right touch it can also be as intimate as the voice of a singer. Please list some of your favorite solopiano recordings. This is one of my favorites. The recording quality is not up to ECM's usual standard but the music is very touching and moving. The Melody at Night, with You Toots Thielemans pianist Mike Del Ferro has made a beautiful (and very well recorded) solo album which really demonstrates the singing quality a piano can have when played with the right touch.
  11. Impressive and well written review.
  12. Real musicians, real music. great stuff! Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azas-1zInJ8&loop=0
  13. For any newcomers here I'd recommend the sampler " the Visual Sound". It is a brilliant show case of what the label has to offer. Sound-Liaison--music-sampler
  14. My favorite Jose James is this one;
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