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  1. https://www.nativedsd.com/albums/DSL92190-debussy-starry-night--preludes-book-i-other-works
  2. I love that album. Well recorded too.
  3. I guess Barry Diament knows what he is talking about, he must have good ears, he was the mastering engineer on many an audiophiles Holy Grail album; The Eagles - Hotel California.
  4. Very well recorded and remastered. https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/151282/Bill_Evans-Bill_Evans_Top_of_the_Gate_Remastered_in_DXD__DSD-FLAC_352kHz24bit_DXD_Download
  5. Another great recording from 1959, best recording year in the history of music:);
  6. excellent Reference Recording of Doug Macleod. Great placement, depth and realism. Highly recommended. https://referencerecordings.com/recording/break-the-chain/
  7. Ballad playing doesn't get better than this.
  8. Barry Diament and Frans De Rond seems to agree on the essentials; from the https://www.soundliaison.com/ website; from the http://www.soundkeeperrecordings.com/ website;
  9. Just to show how some , unfortunately not all, modern jazz musicians are able to communicate with the audience.
  10. This is the pickup pattern; looks like it can do surround too or?
  11. I wonder if Barry would go up to 352 nowadays as well.
  12. recorded in DXD available in various formats and sample rates; Landscape of Sound Meditation - FREE DOWNLOAD
  13. Frans de Rond says "We're recording in 352kHz, aka DXD format, using Merging equipment because of the sound. We have compared 192 kHz to 352kHz (DXD) and especially at the recording stage you hear a clear difference. DXD has a more accurate sound stage and more depth. It sounds more natural...actually closer to analog." quote taken from Joe Whips fine article on him in this forum, sound-liaison-one-mic-recordings
  14. Isolophilia An AUDIOPHILE ONE MICROPHONE RECORDING, so on top of the title itself no gathering of microphones and the music is very melancholic.
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