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  1. Signed copies of one of Doug's very best earlier albums are available here; https://www.doug-macleod.com/store.html
  2. +1. And I agree, streaming is fine but I prefer to have/own my favorite albums.
  3. Yes I saw it. I posted it on Joe's Thread; article-sound-liaison-one-mic-recording
  4. Just got this in my mail; Sound Liaison engineer Frans de Rond wins PRIX EUROPA 2020!
  5. Very nice and well recorded! I'm going to get me some. Thanks!
  6. What is so interesting with all live at the vanguard albums is that you always hear the sound of the club. It's maybe not a great sounding hall, sounds more like a big living room, but heck it is the Village Vanguard! And that's how that club sounds.
  7. I think George would say; "Oh My..........incredible!"
  8. Quite a line up; Stanley Clarke and Omar Hakim.....Return to Forever and Weather Report rhythm section with Miles Davis saxophonist Bill Evans.
  9. Fred Hersch: Solo review – razor-sharp yet amiable jazz master
  10. Great album. Thanks. And it's with Paul Berner on bass!
  11. Don't forget TRPTK, very well recorded albums as well.
  12. Really enjoy the Maya Friedman albums. Superb cellist.
  13. Very Very Nice. That girl can play! And a pure One Mic recording.
  14. If I may quote Joe Whip again; They used to do it right. Listen here how much space there is for the bass and the sax. Piano left, drums right sax and bass right down the middle.
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