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  1. 3 piano trios with excellent sound. Witmer Trio; Soulful Piano reflections. An Audiophile DXD Recording. 24/96 https://sorenbebe.bandcamp.com/album/s-ren-bebe-trio-home-hd-24bit-96khz Atzko Kohashi - Lujon. The 24/96 Studio Master File.
  2. I will stick with buying 24 bit then, thanks!
  3. BandCamp works fine for buying CD's. I can recommend the https://carmengomes.bandcamp.com/ site. And especially the Sound Liaison CD's but a couple of her earlier works from the pre Sound Liaison period are very good sonically as well.
  4. qobus. Sound Liaison, Native DSD, , , hd tracks, and more and more BandCamp
  5. I know Jim anderson from this fine sounding album. It was awarded a grammy as i believe;
  6. This is good stuff! Recorded by Jim Anderson. This guy knows what he is doing.
  7. this one is excellent if you like a bit of experimental jazz; https://jasperhoiby.bandcamp.com/album/fellow-creatures
  8. There's excellent audiophile downloads for sale on BandCamp. I typed Audiophile 24bit Studio Master Files BandCamp on my search engine and got excellent results; The whole Sound Liaison catalogue is available in 24/96 Flac (in some cases that is the same as the studio master) but there are also great albums from lesser known artists and labels well worth checking out. More suggestions from this great site, please.
  9. Try this; https://bandcamp.com/tag/audiophile This excellent sampler is 24 bit 192 khz
  10. You noticed the guitar sound and Joe the drum sound. The first thing that came to my mind was how one gets completely taken in by the soundstage, which is not clinical in anyway, as so often is the case with audiophile recordings but warm and inviting, and then out of that the instruments starts to appear. Audiophile recording does not get any better than this.
  11. or just go to; BandCamp tag Audiophile Several very very well recorded and played albums. Here are a few of my favorites, they are all 24/96 FLAC; Odelion BandCamp vestbotrio-BandCamp carmen-gomes-inc-thousand-shades-of-blue-the-24-96-studio-master-file
  12. I agree the simpler the better😀
  13. I don't but I use it to check which albums to go download.
  14. It is a very nice album indeed and the young Mr. Berner is cookin'!. Great to see where such a master musician is coming from. He learned from the best.
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