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  1. audio technica ath r70x. Very linear and very comfortable. I can wear it for hours. In that price range it's the best I have heard.
  2. Truly enjoying this one. This is a great album. Superb one mic. The most intimate yet of all the one mic albums. AMULET DOWNLOAD
  3. It is a difficult subject. I remember finding some of Rudy Van Gelders remasters of his own recordings better for some albums and again on other albums I preferred the original.
  4. Is 32bit really better than 24bit. And is the 32bit files that are starting appear, what they call floating point?
  5. Hifinews.com used the album in it's review of the Quad Vena II Integrated Amp; '" Quad Vena II INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER ….the warmth and detail of this Quad amplifier is just as much in evidence with the immediacy of the single mike, single take recordings on Carmen Gomes Inc.'s Don't You Cry set [Sound Liaison SL1030A; DSD256]. Playing the music in from my stripped-out 'music' Mac mini via the Vena II's USB input, the sense of the musicians sitting in a group around the microphone is palpable, as is the emotion in Gomes's voice as she cracks on the final phrases of Gershwin'
  6. Signed copies of one of Doug's very best earlier albums are available here; https://www.doug-macleod.com/store.html
  7. +1. And I agree, streaming is fine but I prefer to have/own my favorite albums.
  8. Yes I saw it. I posted it on Joe's Thread; article-sound-liaison-one-mic-recording
  9. Just got this in my mail; Sound Liaison engineer Frans de Rond wins PRIX EUROPA 2020!
  10. Very nice and well recorded! I'm going to get me some. Thanks!
  11. What is so interesting with all live at the vanguard albums is that you always hear the sound of the club. It's maybe not a great sounding hall, sounds more like a big living room, but heck it is the Village Vanguard! And that's how that club sounds.
  12. I think George would say; "Oh My..........incredible!"
  13. Quite a line up; Stanley Clarke and Omar Hakim.....Return to Forever and Weather Report rhythm section with Miles Davis saxophonist Bill Evans.
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