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Article: Naim Uniti Atom Review

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Also prefer written reviews: much faster to get through.


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Your comments on power reminded me of an experience I had in a shop decades ago. The sales guy was demonstrating a 200W American muscle amp that received praise in The Absolute Sound. We listened for a while, then he substituted a 40W Naim. Holy crap, all of a sudden there was compelling music in the room instead of stereo sound. Volume was perfectly fine too. A real eye-opener. WPC means nothing, it's all about current and finesse.


Sorry to pile on, but I don't see any added value to video vs. a written review. It took 16:39 to watch what I could have read in 4 minutes.

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Chris, I too enjoy your writing style for reviews and then I have that documented for future reference.  But I'm also a video junky for reviews.  Most of what I find on YouTube is fine but there's an artform for those that stand out and that takes time and experience. 


Maybe you could do a monthly video as a follow up of what's going with your Business.  You could show video of how you have products hooked while you did a review, updates on the site, Superphonica updates, guests, answer common questions about computer audio, spotlight an area of interest, have the community ask questions you could answer or suggest.


I know you tried this in the past and it's a big undertaking.  I hope you stick with it and iron out what works and what doesn't.


BTW, when your on The Next Track podcast your great, same with Home Theater Geeks.  So maybe a podcast.  

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6 minutes ago, input username here said:

Thanks Chris, informative and professional as always.  Unlike some others, I really like the idea of video reviews, though I don't think that this one was all it could be (SURE--easy for me to say since, unlike you,  I've contributed exactly zero reviews to the community, written or video!).  Anyway, I just think that a video could give the reader/viewer just so much better of an idea of the experience of use/ownership than your written words. 


For example, when you showed the back of the Naim and we could see how tight the speaker cable area was with the bananas plugged in, you really got a sense of what it would be like to own and/or set up the unit; that would be very difficult to convey equally well with words alone.  On the other hand, although you did "spin" the volume control in the video, the novelty of the control seems like it could have been better served with, say, an overhead shot showing the control and top display in action, along with a little more voice over narration.  I guess what I am saying is that (as much extra work as I am sure it would be and, again, easy for me to say), seeing you actually interact with the unit(s) under review, instead of just watching you talk about it, would really be beneficial and really make the video format worthwhile.


Finally, THANK YOU, for not making us watch you play music through your (review) system (like some other video reviewers insist on doing).  How or why anyone would think that music played back through a review system, captured (fallibly) on your mic(s), uploaded to and compressed by Youtube and then played back in our room through our system would be a worthwhile exercise or give anyone any idea of what you were hearing first hand is beyond me.  There is no way we will ever hear what you hear... though, via video, we can see (close to) what you see, and that could be great!


I, for one, think that video reviews could be very, very cool.  Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the kind words and feedback. I think you’re totally right about using the video medium to the maximum and showing things that can’t be depicted well with written words. 


Your feedback helps immensely. 

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4 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:


@ShawnC I’ve had some similar ideas and love what you said. I may reach out to you if that’s ok. 

No problem

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