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  1. Interesting; thanks for the info. My Connect is newer (a few years old) but that's good to know. I posted the same question on AA, which received one response; i.e., to wit that the analog outputs sounded significantly improved but the digital ones did not.
  2. Has anyone compared the sound quality of the new Sonos Port to the Sonos Connect? On the analog and digital outputs? TIA
  3. Both using a public network in a cafe or bookstore.
  4. So, a VPN won't even protect from a hacker in physical proximity to you on a public network?
  5. I'm just looking for a reasonable amount of privacy: not the absolute. Again, the concern is mostly when using a public network.
  6. I gather there is some skepticism about VPN's claims of not recording usage logs? But doesn't using a VPN help protect against hackers in your proximity while on a public network?
  7. This is primarily what I was referring to: protection/privacy while on a public network. Can I use OpenDNS while also using a VPN?
  8. I'm looking for an increase in general privacy and to avoid malware and hacking. I'm just going to load the software into our computers and cell phones and see how it works.
  9. Ok, so after finding the Tutorial and Chat pages, I've found that I can't configure my AT&T supplied router for VPN. And that I can use different protocols for different devices, which is what I think I'll end up doing.
  10. I apologize in advance for the probable simplicity of my questions as I am not computer savvy. TIA to all who reply. So, I've finally subscribed to NordVPN but am unsure which protocol to use, OpenVPN or IKEv2. (Nord just said both will work well.) The former is apparently the most secure, the latter a bit faster. There are only two of us in the house, so although we have three TVs, a single point Sonos system, three computers and two cell phones, we are unlikely to be using more than three of these at a time. Will OpenVPN be problematic speed wise under these conditions (streaming music/video on two devices, surfing on another)? Given that we have more than six devices, would one or another protocol provide more security for our network as a whole? I.E. could we configure the router to shield the multiple TVs/computers? Can we use one protocol on some devices, another on the others?
  11. Also prefer written reviews: much faster to get through.
  12. Very sorry to hear this: I very much enjoyed all of his columns and was looking forward to more. He lived well. RIP
  13. "Stay With Me Baby" was probably his greatest song (and props to Lorraine Ellison but I prefer it to her original with the strings and brass), but how do you not mention "Without Expression"?
  14. A great loss of a very generous and knowledge man. RIP
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