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  1. I'll help. Like the OP, I am also completely mystified by Clapton's repeated and enduring popularity. Except for While My Guitar Gently Weeps, I have never heard one of his solos and thought "Wow--I really need to hear that again..." Yet I've had this reaction with a huge number of other guitarists, both famous, and not so much. Of course, I am also mystified that Taylor Swift is our most popular vocalist. Perhaps they have something in common?
  2. The strides and growth of the high end headphone market are amazing--5 or 10 set-ups in the $5-10K range (including amp) are now competitive with speaker-amp set-ups that are 5-10X their price. Not saying the experience is identical, but that there are pluses and minuses that make them worthy alternatives.
  3. You should listen to both setups, then decide. If you do not have a local boutique dealer (usually your best bet), your local Best Buy probably has these in their Magnolia department. At the risk of giving you an even larger "problem"--you might also consider a C22/MC462 combo with a separate DAC. The separate DAC is more likely to produce a sonic difference than the integrated vs amp separates
  4. Thanks, Joe. I love your "I can't really believe I'm writing this...". I had a similar experience with my foray into power conditioning, ending up with Nordost QKore/QBase. Greens is on the way!
  5. Thanks @PeterSt You've given me a lot to think about. I agree that your point about the absence of distortion (or higher signal to noise ratio) is a good discription. Also, as suggested by your website, that the last few percent of improvement can have a huge impact on enjoyment. Maybe that's we become addicted to better sound, and irritated by distortion, as you describe.
  6. I agree that some highly resolving systems sound less musical, and by "musical", I presume you mean rhythmic/organic/warm. I do not like those either. I find my system very musical, but of course that's a function of the whole set up. I do not think it's difficult for most people to increase the resolution of their system without losing musicality.
  7. Ha! Great video--captures both the finickiness and the robustness simultaneously
  8. Separate from the question of actual durability--Stax, like RAALs, give the definite sensation that they need to be handled with much more care than the more typical headphone design of, say, Focal Utopias and countless models from lower performance tiers. I skip the recommended storage box, but I do cradle my Stax with two hands so they do not twist as I pick them up on the shelf. The RAALs I demoed were even trickier. I think this is a small sacrifice to get unparalleled sound quality--from either Stax or RAAL, depending on your taste--but it's a pretty obvious weakness.
  9. This is the puzzle, at least from a marketing perspective. Why is McIntosh's only DAC clearly a couple of performance rungs below the heart of its line? If you're dropping $20K or more on amps and speakers, the DA2 can't really keep up.
  10. Thanks, George! As I PM'd a while back, I bought the SR-009S and SRM-700T on inspiration from your earlier review. After eschewing headphones for years, I am completely addicted. A good pair of Stax are captivating, revealing, ethereal in their presentation. My only complaint is that my listening sessions often extend too damn long (haha).
  11. Not necessarily, the KEF has rave reviews, but the Focal and Cambridge are good brands, and with the KEF you're also paying for the wireless functionality. Most people with a system that costs $2K or so, would probably wait until they could drop $5-10K. More important than my distant view--do you have a good local dealer? if yes, the best thing to do before a potential purchase is to borrow the item for a few days, or at least listen extensively in the store. Good luck!
  12. Great piece! Let's hope this evolves into a plug and play solution for those faint of heart
  13. Our experiences are very similar. I was not specific before about my Naim--it is the Uniti Core, a CD ripper and server. It does not stream. I have not tried a high end streamer--only the Mac and a Bluesound Node 2i, to a Schiit Yggdrasil in both cases--and I have never been able to get streaming sound quality to match the ripped CDs.
  14. I used a Mac Mini for years, stripped down to eliminate excess processing, then beefed up with all sorts of USB decrapifiers. Now with a Naim purpose built server. If you are short on cash and you already own an extra computer, it's a great way to get started. But a few thousand dollars on an Auralic, Naim, Aurender, or similar is money well spent to get better sound on a more stable platform. You will not find any users of these systems switching to Mac.
  15. PeterG


    Yes--when you ask for data that I have already implied that I do not have, then then assert that "all I did was ask for evidence", that is passive aggressive (twice now). Also, you appear to believe that because I am responding TO your posts I am responding FOR you. That is not the case, nor do I have anything to prove to you. I have written because I think the Nordost QKore/QBase system can be very helpful to AS readers, and I hope that others try it and report back. In many cases it would take them less time to notice a difference than it has taken them to read your posts.
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