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  1. I can only conclude that the subs in question were not set up properly. I agree with your implication that proper set up is essential. I've used two subs over the years. The REL T5 I recommended to the OP was my first, it took me 20 minutes upfront, then a bit of volume tweaking over 3-4 days to get it just right. My second was a B&W DB3D matched with 805s. The iPhone app and DSP made this a snap--maybe 5-10 minutes, plus a couple of volume tweaks after that.
  2. I think you missed one of the key points in my post, and another--we are not advocating a sub for overpowering bass, but rather for the weight and feel they will give all of the instruments, this is an absolute must for rock. You might read the REL website--their propaganda is correct. Also, if you check my AS profile, you'll see that I share your affinity for both monitors and tubes. I agree that 2 subs might be too much for a small room, and it definitely adds to the complexity. But like Sam-I-Am, I only suggest you try it
  3. Two thoughts: First, I concur with the earlier recommendation on a subwoofer. The KEF's are fine speakers, but like all monitors, they will not rock without a sub--as you've experienced. A REL T5 would fit your punch above weight philosophy for about $600. You'll be stunned by the improvement, not just at the low end, but at the heft provided to all instruments. With a good well integrated sub, you will not hear the difference as much as feel it. Second, before you lock yourself into my advice or any other plan, get a local dealer to loan you the sub (or DAC if you go that route) for a few days. If you do not have a local dealer, second best would be an online seller that allows free returns. But I mean it when I say local dealer is the best way to go, even spending more on each purchase--you'll get huge value from the advice you get during the process, and also help trading up over time. Rock on!
  4. I have 1000 CDs ripped to SSD, and I have saved them in a single CD shelving unit from Amazon that takes up virtually no space in the basement. I do not stream when a CD is available to purchase. My take is that I don't want to chance any of this--the CD is at least as good as any 16/44 download, and it costs me nothing to save it
  5. Hi Dan--You and Bliss saved me a ton of time with Album Cover Finder a couple of years ago--thanks!
  6. Before you buy, make sure to try wired first. There's a dramatic sacrifice in sound quality with Bluetooth. Good luck!
  7. If we strip away the pretense, being an audiophile is prioritizing sound quality above all else in your selection and set up of components. So why don't most audiophiles purchase active speakers? They prefer the sound of certain passive speakers/amps in their price range to the sound of the actives. While there may be very good active speakers at many price ranges, those who prefer the sound of B&W (800 line), Wilson, Magico, SF and many other high end speakers don't really have active choices available to them
  8. Great piece, bluesman! I have already made the move to a purpose-built server, but I think it's critical that there be a lost cost entryway to audiophiledom. Plus, the Pi is REALLY cool
  9. Yes, that is a dilemma. As you probably know, the website lists only the national distributor. I'm usually in Cambridge, MA, My local dealer is Natural Sound in Framingham, Mass. (they're great!) I was thinking of suggesting to them that they investigate. I am in NH for the summer, and will probably pursue this in the fall. Thanks again for the great review
  10. Wow! If this is matching the rest of your stable, it's a major breakthrough in price/performance on the high end. 1.5-2X better? I bought my Yggy for $2K after you opined that it performed like a $15K DAC. Maybe it's time for a $15K DAC?
  11. A fair point on the complexity this would entail. But the relatively stratospheric price of the Phoenix or the spaghetti make the question central. An extra $5-7K on a non-USB server or DAC instead of the USB solution should take us to a whole different level of sound.
  12. Lots of great info here. But it makes me uncomfortable from a journalistic perspective that this is billed as a comparison when the author had only one set of speakers to hear. Kind of makes it feel like DT and AS are flipping the bird to Kanto. It makes me even more uncomfortable that there's an extensive hurry up and buy now come on at the end of what purports to be an objective review.
  13. I had my pair for about a week. They were awesome, just as Chris reviews. But the dynamics that Chris notes towards the end of his review were too much for me--the speed combined with the range was often like an explosion. I was constantly fidgeting with the volume to avoid a headache, and I thought I would hurt my hearing over time. It was like owning a Ferrari for a week.
  14. I've been holding back on a streamer, in large part because I cannot imagine the sound quality matching a local file on my server. How would you compare the G1's streams to a local file in terms of sound?
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