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  1. I don't think it makes a difference, because it all balances out at the end. Here's an extreme example of splitting on a % of streams basis--Let's say there are only 3 artists on Spotify--Taylor, Shakira, Bruno. And only two listeners--you and me. I listen to nothing but Taylor, you listen to nothing but Shakira--we both listen to 1,000 songs. At the end of the month, they put our $15 in a pot, and split it $7.50 to Taylor and $7.50 to Shakira.
  2. I read the article closely--both because I like math and because my son is an artist with a modest Spotify following. I agree with the general point that the industry is brutal for all but a few, but I disagree with you and the author on the math. I hope you'll advise if I am wrong (for my son's sake!) You point out that Taylor gets a sliver of your payments even if you don't listen to her. Good point. But this ignores that some people listen to Taylor every day, and she likely gets a smaller fraction of their fees than she is due. My understand of the math from the article--i
  3. HeadAmp has a wide selection of headphones, amps and DACs--I got my Stax from them. It may be the only place in the US that will let you try Stax The Cable Company has a lending library of headphones, cables and other gear. Have not used them, but the terms are great RAAL
  4. Hi Joel, Thank you for sharing a beautiful and personal story. The path to success is rarely a straight line Peter
  5. My experience is also that local is always better. Almost all of my music is CD rips into a Naim Uniti Core. I have tried numerous times to buy a streamer with equal sound quality, and as AudioDoctor notes, it is always a short comparison. Before I had the Uniti Core, I found downloads from Qobuz and HD Tracks equivalent to CDs, or at least within the margin of error, so I think it's the streaming process rather than the download vs CD. To me, the subliminal clues that Dave notes are what high end audio is all about, so that leaves me ripping CDs until they are no longer availab
  6. I'm OK without recognition, but would never be OK without a listen before buying. Google APL US dealers--it appears to be just Joel's living room. My sense is that we are a year or two away from being able to listen/buy. This is not a complaint of APL/Joel, just the hard reality of trying to break into a tough market. Let's hope this review helps! (Joel, if the rest of us come to visit, can we get a sandwich or at least some cookies?)
  7. Very cool! Thanks for the super write up, I especially appreciate the comparison to your own system. They sound like beautiful speakers, I will hope to find a place in in or near Mass to hear them
  8. austinpop? Austin Professor is more like it. Thanks for another great write up--I love your meticulous methodologies and comparisons. You anticipate all our second and third questions. I love my Stax 9S's, so I take it we have different tastes, but I am definitely coming around to the view that "no one headphone can meet a demanding audiophile’s needs" (HA!)
  9. Agreed. I readily upgraded to the Gen 2 for about the same price as this swap, but they pushed that as an unambiguous improvement. Plus, I am the kind of guy they are warning not to try the board swap at home, haha
  10. I have a Bifrost on a second system. It's a good DAC for the money, but the Yggy crushes it. They aren't really comparable products
  11. That's fair. Van the Man is awesome, no doubt. Absolutely one of the best, and reasonable people can disagree between Van and Bob. Also, I tried to be clear that I think it is Dylan's lyrics that are almost untouchable by other mortals, not his overall performance. One aspect of what I've been trying to say though is that a person can have a favorite band that they do not believe is the greatest band of all time. My favorite band is Steely Dan. But I think the best rock/pop band of all time is The Beatles.
  12. These are really good points. As audiophiles, we are typically trying to fool ourselves that the original music is in the room and that it is simultaneously the highest fidelity and most beautiful. A utopian dream. The boom box guys are not doing this--they are simply listening for their own definition of best possible sound. Even more in contrast is that certain indie artists make a conscious artistic decision to go for a "lo-fi" sound. This is part of the aesthetic. One example:
  13. These Michelin star critiques are kind of nit picky to the extent of missing the point, in a way similar to others that challenge our ability to rank art. No doubt that stars are awarded for more that food's taste alone. No doubt that each of us could find a chef a zero stars that we would prefer to a starred restaurant. But if any one of us who enjoyed fine dining visited 10 starred places and 10 randomly chosen other restaurants at similar price points, and then ranked them all, it's a good bet that the top 5 or 10 would be disproportionately starred. Rankings may n
  14. THANKS! This explains--from a knowledgeable expert, not some hack at home (like me)--the whole thing. This is not a long term strategic plan to offer three flavors. The Schiits realize the OG's days are numbered (it's probably sold more than they hoped), and they're smart, so they do not want to be beholden to one chip set again. They are positioning themselves to maintain the marque. We are now in a transition period with 3 excellent mid priced DACs. We'll be down to one or two as the long term plan.
  15. I do not think it's a scam--they are not scam-type guys. Pretty much the opposite. But I take your point in general. If they had a traditional marketing department, the guys there would be going bonkers because it is kind of confusing to have 3 to choose from without an apparent hierarchy
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