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  1. For every version of Windows 10, I have been able to send bit perfect files to my DAC. I have also been able to upsample using HQPlayer (although I stopped doing this on a regular basis). Only twice did I run into a problem in the early days of Windows 10 -- one instance involved Windows replacing my sound driver with a Windows version, and in the other instance, one driver for a particular DAC/AMP combo that I had for about 1 week stopped working -- the driver was somewhat flakey but did work on a subsequent update to Windows (I tested this at the dealer's site with my laptop, since I had
  2. See post (with link) by UKPhil above.
  3. It looks like Mytek has dropped the "professional" line.
  4. Why is he dressed like the fat lady in the opera?
  5. It's a 2019 remaster. So they do make them like that.
  6. You mean the LP and not the CDs or downloads?
  7. Discogs does rely upon users to build the database. You would think this is an area where the labels could offer a significant contribution -- instead they give us MQA.
  8. Are you using the iso2dsd software to create the tracks from the iso file? I never had this problem with iso2dsd, not to say it couldn't happen.
  9. Yes. With Mp3tag, the software can search the MusicBrainz and/or the Discogs database. Also, for more accuracy, you can look up the album manually in Discogs, then populate the DISCOGS_RELEASE_ID tag with the Discogs number. Then with Mp3tag, it can fetch the metadata for that exact album/release.
  10. What you need is an RCA breakout box. Perhaps a Google search will lead to specific products and reviews?
  11. Why didn't Tidal just stick with standard Redbook?
  12. https://fluvalaquatics.com/ca/lighting/the-benefits-of-blue-light/
  13. Maybe this helps: https://www.psaudio.com/ps_how/how-to-find-and-fix-hum/
  14. NDA's are MQA Ltd's way of quieting suppressive persons.
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