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  1. I don't know. Roon does get their fair share of mQa/Tidal customers. You can make a reasonable argument that without Tidal, mQa would not exist. Roon is irrelevant.
  2. Roon "supports" mQa/Tidal in exactly the same way Audirvana and Amarra does, as mentioned earlier. In the Roon forum you will find some mQa evangelists that are active posters -- they have no connection to Roon other than being customers. Similarly, you should also avoid Qobuz, Audirvana, and Amarra. And for consistency, that should be noted in your signature.
  3. Other than attracting mQa/Tidal folks by providing the facility to stream Tidal and decode mQa (just like Audirvana and Amarra), how is Roon actively promoting mQa? Many of the Roon staff previously worked for Meridian* but Roon no longer has ties with Meridian, other than to make Roon available (i.e. to help Meridian make their equipment Roon ready -- which they will do for any manufacturer that is willing to work with them). If Roon were to disappear, this would have only a negligible affect on Tidal or mQa. *Are you going to hold Meridian employees personally responsible (even
  4. I agree, if mQa is all or mainly what you'd be playing, no sense in buying high-end equipment.
  5. @KeenObserverwill need to start boycotting all the major labels, various audiophile music players (including Audirvana and Amarra), many makers of DACs, streamers, amps with DACs, CD players with an MQA decoder, etc., and Qobuz (which hosts some MQA-CD), as well as, various audiophile websites (I dare not mention any names) that have any promotional links to any of the aforementioned. 😀
  6. The URL has been removed. Tough crowd!
  7. I thought I made myself perfectly clear earlier. I have no connection to Roon nor am I receiving any benefits from referrerals. Roon doesn't promote mQa at all. Apparently, Danny from Roon doesn't even like it. But Roon does provide a service to subscribers who want mQa/Tidal. Earlier, I presented to you, the business argument why Roon would entertain mQa/Tidal subscribers. I have no influence over the business decisions made by Roon. Yes, Roon is a business, not an armchair activity. Did we not go through this before? So I reiterate, I am happy for those
  8. I thought this would be obvious. If you don't have any mQa files or mQa streams (e.g. Tidal), then this discussion is moot. Some folks expressed concerned about royalties being sent to mQa Ltd. by Roon and these folks may be streaming mQa through Tidal or they may be playing mQa files that are stored locally. Turning off the mQa core decoder in Roon stops any royalties from Roon to mQa Ltd.
  9. For me, there is no equivalent to Roon. And since what I paid for the lifetime billing is a sunk cost, Roon costs me nothing.
  10. To be clear, any user can disable the mQa decoder in Roon:
  11. *Edit: I see that Danny/Roon confirmed this on the Roon forum.
  12. You could still turn off the decoder in Roon, if you chose to use that software. 😃
  13. The DACs that received the approved vaccine come with a yellow light indicator. 😀
  14. Between these two individuals, Jim Jones was the charismatic one. In addition to mQa, perhaps I should also pronounce Tidal dead?
  15. Roon directly pays the royalties. Subscribers indirectly pay through subscription fees, which are likely offset by economies of scale (e.g. mQa and Tidal means more subscribers). Since I am a lifer, I am not incurring any incremental costs. The benefit I receive is somewhat questionable. When someone signs up for Roon using a referral link, the referrer receives one “referral credit”. Each “referral credit” can be converted into an extra 30 days of Roon tacked on to your current Roon subscription. However, since I am a lifer, I don't need an extra 30 days of Roon nor
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