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  1. They can restrict based on the country of your credit card.
  2. Hi John,


    I have attached some wav files.  Hope this helps.



    1-05 Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2.wav 06 Billie Jean.wav 02 Dreams.wav 01 Missionary Man.wav

    1. John Dyson

      John Dyson

      Got them.   I am pretty sure we can get the metadata pass through by about Thur, Fri afternoon at the latest.   The goal would be to have a new version of the 'toy' ready by the weekend.   There will be a bit more documentation, minor refinement, but no calibration changes.

      I plan to document what the EQ modes really do -- so it gives a better 'feel' of what is going on.

      Going back to the forum and reading that -- will answer more there.

      Also, will be providing some possibly interesting demos tomorrow or so.




  3. @John Dyson I do understand the need for wav files and BEXT formats, etc, since the decoding tool must serve the professionals. Nonetheless, if it were possible to eliminate the necessity of having to feed the decoder with proprietary wav files and instead also allowed it to operate directly on (non-proprietary) flac files, that would be just wonderful! I know, I'm dreaming ...
  4. Is the default (without invoking the switch) --tone value = -13.30? Thanks!
  5. Maintaining metadata is a big deal -- I have a large "catalog" and each track has quite a bit of metadata -- having to recreate the metadata would be a major pain in the neck. (I rely on the metadata for various things including the operation of Roon, the specific source of the master, info on references to online databases, info on composers/songwriters, performers, production personnel, etc.) To avoid SoX, I ran the following: input: da-avx --input=infile.wav --output=outfile.wav --info=2 --fa --fgh2 --tone=-13.30 --basic I checked the output file ('outfile.wav') and most of the metadata (and album art) was missing with the exception of a bit of BEXT stuff. If you're interested, I could send you a wav file (or a sample of wav files) with the metadata. I could also send the flac files if you think that would be better. Thank you!
  6. By 'min' and 'max' do you mean -13.25 and -13.40, respectively?
  7. Simply adding the --info=2 switch did not work -- input: sox infile.flac --type=wav - | da-avx --fa=2 --tone=-12.90 –info=2 | sox - outfile.flac output: sox FAIL formats: can't open input `-': WAVE chunk fmt not found However, I did note that the decoder was working. OTH, adding --type=wav just before the '-' in the 2nd sox command did work! input: sox infile.flac --type=wav - | da-avx --fa=2 --tone=-13.30 --info=2 | sox --type=wav - outfile.flac output: Finished 'outfile.flac' played just fine in JRiver MC. Thank you. One thing I did notice was that the metadata and album art embedded in 'infile.flac' was not retained in 'outfile.flac'. Would there be anyway to retain this metadata, etc.?
  8. Lots of feet to choose from: https://www.parts-express.com/Search.aspx?keyword=feet&sitesearch=true What I don't understand is why a manufacturer would bother making (proprietary) plastic feet to imitate (somewhat unsuccessfully) the solid aluminum disks one finds under expensive equipment when they could have simply saved money and went with some "standard" equipment feet (like in the link I gave). That is to say, when are cheap plastic feet ever attractive?
  9. For previous versions, you said the --tone value will be between -12.80 and -12.95. Why did this change?
  10. @John Dyson Tried v.1.3.1B (windows). Everything seems OK so far but I am still having trouble with the SoX pipes -- I run this: sox infile.flac --type=wav - | da-avx --fa=2 --tone=-12.90 | sox - outfile.flac and I get this error: sox FAIL formats: can't open input `-': WAVE chunk fmt not found The same command works fine in Linux Mint so maybe this is a Windows issue? Cheers!
  11. Thanks for this and thanks for simplifying.
  12. You're confusing me here. You isolate the oscillator, etc. from EMI/EMF or any noise, not vibration.
  13. Is this (compatibility with hi rez) something new? E.g. see here https://www.whathifi.com/us/advice/how-to-play-hi-res-music-your-iphone-0 where they point to some issues. I've experienced (in the past) a problem playing a hi-res ALAC file on my iPad -- I don't use the iPad much so I don't know if the situation has been rectified in more recent times..
  14. I doubt vibration was ever a real issue. Nonetheless, maximum rigidity would be the aim here, regardless of how that's achieved (double chassis, cross-bars, or thick case, etc.) Certainly, copper and aluminum are not necessary for that. And cheap plastic feet will always be cheap plastic feet, despite calling them "anti-vibration feet".
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