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  1. My local library does it all the time. 😊
  2. Hi John, Could you PM the locations to me? I'm especially interested in the ABBA recordings. Thanks.
  3. You can get one embellished with black or white crystals from Swarovski.
  4. LOL. I wondered about Paul -- this explains a lot.
  5. Like an oxygen bar or a casino, all you need do is to keep pumping oxygen into the room. The music will sound better, the food will taste better, the women will look prettier and you'll remain awake much longer.😊
  6. It looks like Sony has made a firmware update to their top-of-the-line Walkman so it can do MQA: https://www.sony.com/electronics/walkman/nw-wm1z. I'm wondering how much "bloom" this model has? 😁 (I bet $900 for the NW-ZX507 is looking like a bargain now. 😀) Apparently, Sony is introducing a couple of other streaming walkmans (no mention of MQA): https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/339210 https://www.maxim.com/gear/sony-releases-2-new-versions-of-the-walkman-2019-9
  7. What happened is that 1.3.8 automatically upgraded to 1.3.9. Upon starting up 1.3.9, it checked for an installed "3.5" and when finding it, refused to start and displayed a dialog box saying I should uninstall it (1.3.9). See @damien78 post above. I went to Programs and Features to uninstall 1.3.9. This removed 1.3.9 but did not remove "3.5" (which is currently at 3.4.912 -- this is the latest according to @damien78). Note that I had 3.4.912 installed before any of this happened. There is now no versions of Audirvana listed under Programs and Features. This is as it should be, since 3.4.912 is a Windows "universal app". You can see it under Settings -> Apps.
  8. Did you know Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and/or Brian Kernighan?
  9. The old version for Windows (1.28 ?) has stopped working. I still have the beta version 3.4.912. Is this now out of beta? And is there a 3.5 version?
  10. Sounds like DSOTM is the new Hotel California, LOL.
  11. No worry -- this is a Cajun phrase.
  12. Given that MQA "continues to expand rapidly within China", perhaps it's time for MQA Ltd. to kick in that DRM? 😉
  13. It's an alternative form. Both are correct.
  14. I could use a rack like the one pictured. Anyone know what brand/model it is?
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