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  1. Why does it take a month for them to send you an MC462? Were you waiting for one to come off the production line?
  2. Normally, there's a big difference between microphone-in (pink jack) and line-in (blue jack) inputs. What you want is a line-in input on the PC, if you have it.
  3. There's quite a bit of difference between powering 50 ohm headphones and 600 ohm headphones. Presumably, there is a setting that can be changed, resulting in an ideal range of volume control movement, regardless of the headphones.
  4. 50 ohm isn't much --no doubt that the amp can adequately provide power. The real question here is if the current to the jack is adjustable (see the manual) so that there is reasonable movement in the volume control.
  5. Perhaps John will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that's possible. That is, "good" sound sharing the same frequency as "bad" sound (to be corrected), will be somewhat affected.
  6. Your album covers were 20-30 MB each? Wow. What resolution was that?
  7. It's not Justin Bieber. No tattoos on the arms. This is Bieber:
  8. https://lifehacker.com/why-do-media-companies-block-movies-music-and-tv-base-1509912540
  9. @mansrleft last February. Maybe you can catch him over at the ASR forum or his github?
  10. I know this. Mp3tag, like other taggers, displays a common name like Artist Sort rather than the technical name ARTISTSORT (for track artist sort order in Vorbis Comments) or TSOP (for track artist sort order in ID3). It is possible that Audirvana does copy the ARTISTSORT file tag and populate the "sort as" field in the Audirvana database the first time it encounters a new artist. However, thereafter, Audirvana ignores the ARTISTSORT file tag.
  11. @The Computer Audiophile, I just realized the tags you are looking for are not in the file. The "sort as" field exists only in the Audirvana database. The Artist Sort and Album Artist Sort file tags are ignored by Audirvana.
  12. I use Audirvana for Windows. Audirvana does not use the Artist Sort metadata tag within the file. If ii had, the sort order would be correct. Instead, Audirvana keeps it's own database. By default, the "sort as" in Audirvana is sometimes wrong. Yes, it can be changed from within Audirvana but if you have to do this for a lot of Artists, it is simply monotonous. The default "sort as" in Audirvana should be corrected and Audirvana should be programmed to read the Artist Sort file tag (as well as the Album Artist Sort file tag).
  13. You need a better tagger. I use MP3tag -- it has "Artist Sort" and "Album Artist Sort". If using a Mac, you'll need to find something else -- Kid3? Musicbrainz Picard?
  14. Back then, was the OS the System 7 something (or at least, classic Mac OS) -- famous for limited memory management and susceptible to conflicts among extensions that provide additional functionality, such as networking or support for a particular device, which was a factor in Apple's declining market share at the time.
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