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  1. It is an image that was used for promotional purposes by company manufacturing a product relevant to this discussion. Assertion is this, attractively made up to appear, damp and vulnerable woman has been rendered into that state by the emotional impact of said product. One can almost hear the strings gently coming to life.
  2. What is this the middle of Winter where all but 4 hours might as well be late at night and everything is chilled? Summer is reserved for after parties that happen in daylight. Observe. Naughty language warning
  3. rando

    Offline Upsampling

    I had a look at the recent changelog. @mansr's SOX is implemented as of version previous. Good to see him getting well deserved recognition. Going to try v. 1.102 when I get a chance since it seems the updates are less worrisome than I feared.
  4. rando

    Offline Upsampling

    I used it to some file conversion from various other lossless formats into wav as well as some trials with DSD. Can't remember if I did any DSD64 to higher rates. For sure tried making DSD files out of everything from mp3 to DXD. After sampling the alternatives I was happiest with results out of this program using the current at the time version. Not sure I like how often it gets updated or if this sentiment would apply to the current version. Main use I've found for it was rescuing ISO from SACD that ISO2DSD didn't like. Which it did admirably leaving me to wonder as to source of corruption XRECODE was able to deal with. Rather than drive myself crazy I just sat down to listen until the worry melted away.
  5. In single it is a very very low electrical charge. The danger, and why phone cord packaging states not to get it wet, is the lines can take a current if given one. More of a concern for linemen with bundles of wires, but angry pixies are angry pixies.
  6. @Teresa Shame on @lucretius for making fun of you. He appears to have forgotten what a treasure you are to the AS community. I'll suggest to the suitable authority handing him down a punishment of one or two gentle lashes with a cryogenically treated cable followed by a brief reeducation period listening to a physical disc.
  7. a national holiday and should treated it as such with easy acts of enjoyment free of common labors.
  8. So are you saying you do or not feel a $600 accessory charger mount for your Apple Wynd Plus Smart Air Purifier + $500 travel charger is in the cards for you? I hear their stores are already out of mandatory appointment slots so over and above is the word of mouth from those who've experienced a touch free experience unparalleled on this earth or mere android retailers.
  9. Nothing says quality audio reproduction like speakers hardwired to broadcast a low level "Alertness Tone" at all times while the car is in motion. 😧
  10. I'm curious what "🔉DJWGA-CAPTUREON" is in this screenshot?
  11. John, this works impeccably with every file I've tried. Every mistake I made along the way resulting in irregular odd sized metadata should no longer be at issue. Thank you again for forcing this update and investing the time on my behalf.
  12. Checksums are a mess. R16.6, R17, and EAC wav are all different. From (mostly) concurrent rips of unblemished CD. Wild. I'm going to make this my last post here unless John finds something relevant to his program he wishes to relate. A fact I'm considering highly unlikely.
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