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  1. A surprising interlude of birdsong in the title piece from an album I put on last night.
  2. Type or paste into file explorer. "Control Panel\Hardware and Sound"
  3. Play all the files you needed to own and play with everything else. Toys break, games get outgrown, playgrounds get overgrown, balls go flat, and sometimes escaping dress clothes to kick a clod of dirt around or chase a hoop with a stick reveals itself as innately more satisfying anyways. Nowadays a 6 year old could program that, chart foodstuffs to maximize favorite meals, and satisfy any number of other infantile concerns. We're talking about measuring server capacity by the acre. 💪
  4. @Kal Rubinson W7 with all the little helper programs to make the environment similar to iOS of that period even slightly a possibility? I understand what your situation is, even with such a direct path in a one off use like this it has a very slim chance of success, but it hadn't been mentioned.
  5. @TubeLover at some point constantly switching and needing to learn the ins and outs of a streaming service hampers enjoyment. The unsettled landscape leads to selling youth and the promise of formative experiences. Or in the case of those writing about high end audio developments formative...
  6. @Nenon , good to see someone else taking up the server board/ECC RAM idea. Oddly enough this lead me back in the opposite direction to cross off gaming motherboards with double capacity DIMM and a few other ideas. The HQP EC quandary is providing plenty of time to think over what if any positive effects are possible. That ASUS board being mighty rare and $$$ if you can find and import it adds another layer of intrigue. To check off it not being any better of hardware for our use.
  7. A few hours of listening sampling this 33 disc set.
  8. Actually both this and the disc containing 3 & 4.
  9. Yes, the discussion was quite levelheaded.
  10. The subject of (particularly US) rockstars as leaders in the political arena is one I should restrain myself from entering into. Please continue your very interesting posts without fear of interruption.
  11. I'm investigating strawberry wine and fondue while listening in a dark wood paneled room as an advanced course of study. To discover how ABBA was meant to sound good on inferior playback equipment. Disprove my logic on immersion. After reading through the days posts and giving the latest round a quick listen. So sure of being outclassed here the option to sit and observe silently is looking increasingly prudent. Good on @sandyk for taking a seat in front near the podium.
  12. Sorry to hear this. Not surprising, not uncommon, but still a lamentable predicament for a mobile you didn't have any desire to replace.
  13. Just in case @The Computer Audiophile thought I was kidding him (and making a joke). OK, more seriously. This recording of the centennial concert of America's first cathedral includes the newly renovated historic organ and some choral forces.
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