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  1. I dearly hope if someone manages to code a solution to this stoppage they name the script... pROOn. 🤭
  2. It would've been of the utmost help to have promoted the true face of your dilemma from the outset. 6TB drives were nowhere near as common in 2014. By nowhere near I mean scarce and highly expensive first adapter level - might be great or might collect on the warranty a half dozen times - lottery rolls. Seasonic also rolls out a fair few units. The models you mentioned aren't watchwords for danger. Unless you bought grey market or refurbished they should've had a warranty.
  3. WD Red were silently switched to SMR. Massive blowback, you should follow such leads up. A rash of bad PSU have infiltrated the market in recent years. Again following up with model used would provide context.
  4. Were these WD Red SMR or CMR? Did they run a 24 hour or longer test on all drives out of the box? Seasonic Gold? If so I think he has company. Especially if this happened on shutdown/startup. In any event I'd make sure it wasn't the PSU before installing new drives.
  5. I fear you misunderstood my use of the term "New York minute" as derogative. When it was meant to imply an immediate solution may not be stored in the head of a member here. Verbally take me to task for stepping into the void if you must. It isn't impractical to inquire if you have taken some common sense steps at some point between your first and latest message. Best of luck
  6. Would be decisive if one was able to isolate what disconnect is responsible. Exact element present in other apps your A&K appears to remove in order to maintain core functionality when running Qobuz. Even if you've lost interest 'in a New York minute.'
  7. Too much too much, I'm restoring a critical part of my redacted post from above. Q: Theoretically... you meet this maskless woman in a crowded local bar and she point blank tells you her name is Britney Spears. Do you believe her to be a world class beauty? Being honest, would you have picked her out at first sight? Would you even believe her without the accouterments of stardom on display around her? Ahahahahahmmmm, NO!
  8. You've come a long ways in this regard over recent years/iterations. During which you rightly prioritized (testing, testing, testing...) cross platform stability and internal functionality, but most importantly SQ! None of which is easy to accomplish in a 1/2/3 (I think you finally hired someone(s)?) man shop dealing with all the major OS environments.
  9. The warning that I received, you may take with however many grains of salt you wish, that the black acid that is circulating around us, is specifically not too good. It's suggested that you do stay away from that; of course, it's your own trip, so, be my guest.
  10. The obvious checklist (fully turning off and restarting phone, clearing cache(s), stopping all apps, checking for updates that took full control, etc.) was performed?
  11. Official Qobuz Issues Thread There are plenty of other places to discuss your personal attitudes, moods, reactions, and produce outrageous editorials.
  12. Wondering if anyone here might have thoughts on impact of Helium/SED/??? on sound quality for a storage or backup drive. Never stepped outside the rather mundane and proven tech for spinning HDD. I've looked around for a number of years at cold storage drives etc. without ever trying anything personally. Honestly I was afraid to commit and find even after running a drive in it sounded awful. Maybe the shucking lottery holds some good options for our purposes? +8TB range still seems to be dominated by industrial, security minded, technology. 512e/4K seems unavoidable in a dec
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