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  1. Which is a complete aside to reminding you of the past. In the present, secure browsers and security software block these elements even if it means breaking the site for that user.
  2. I as well have no idea what you mean. You were already aware of the fact using IP address to broadcast location was labeled as creepy and made active users wary of using the site. You were already aware of the solution I proposed and implemented inside my own account.
  3. I think you mean creepy and prone towards making those active wary of your site if done in the nature you espoused. Anyone who wishes can change their "Junior Member" status to reflect their Internationally prominent location.
  4. How many of them did you see in close proximity to this box set playing? 🤪😵 Tend to avoid anything (re)mastered in this style. Speculation why it exists could be rampant and vigorously pursued. Personally prefer to just move on and not waste any more time on even good music that has been made unenjoyable. Same as with any other poorly conceived or realized release. Nothing to see hear*e Not so long ago a member here who, at least pre-Covid, lived in NYC had the outright balls to tell me there was no live music there worth listening to. Ha, I let that hang knowi
  5. If only it was that simple. Granted things would be spread thinner with a handful of phones and computers all on your home network. Think of how the banks and stockbrokers are lined up in NYC. .0001 seconds slower internet connection from the EU than the next guy closer to the front of the line is big money. Or maybe the .99 of a cent swindle where a guy figured out a way to collect all those not quite a penny into a central account.
  6. I think your issues are related to IP trickery that would be hard to dig into without actual test equipment. Mobile and home internet service continues to grow more questionable as all the kiddies buckle down to put their parents to shame during WFH meetings by managing to have 100 tabs open, actively play 3-4 games, watch live gaming streams, and keep up with a few dozen rooms on Discord. All with a camera on them as they appear to be paying attention to their teacher stuck in the corner of their third monitor in a locked window. If that didn't grab you by the shoulders and sh
  7. He's been sentenced to display the A for Audiophile. I'll politely thank you to never bring up the Scarlet Letter in open conversation again. (Hard as I try it is just impossible to resist ribbing Chris about his logo choices.)
  8. Resisted owning a single one of these in the 90's through yesterday. Today I bought three.
  9. It's gone now, but was present on every post of yours. In the last few minutes it disappeared along with dead space underneath the bookmark/quote buttons in excess of three times their height.
  10. Thanks. Club panel is your call, it's your site after all. Overall the site seems very responsive. Almost too much so. I received two notifications simultaneously and thought I was clicking on yours. Only to discover there was a second I was taken to. Which caused a few seconds of confusion. You might need to do some tweaking. Though I doubt this will happen often, it happened immediately.
  11. It sucks Chris. Everything sucks. The formatting, the entirety of changes you made. Seriously though, not sure I like a number of things. Most prominently is the missing button to return to top of page. Going to check a PM or switch to another part of the site was heavily impacted. "My Clubs" panel is an eyesore.
  12. Did you happen to catch his live streaming performance of Satie's "Vexations"?
  13. The rule of three backups is very important with digital; Working copy, on/offsite backup, offsite backup. Using your physical discs as either the second or third copy still means having two full copies on separate drives. Commercially available device or not this still applies. At roughly 700mb per disc calculate your current and future CD/Hi-Res/DSD storage needs. If the single copy TB number is much larger than any device in your budget. The already strong option Kal suggests gains favor. You don't need a fast or current processor, you don't fast storage or RAM (small SSD
  14. Artist: Bruce Hornsby & The Range Title (Format): The Way It Is (CD) Original Year: 1986 Label: RCA Release Country (Year): US (1986) Catalog Number: PCD1-5904 Barcode: 0 7863-55904-2 Number of Tracks: 09 External L
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