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  1. Music written and performed inside a concentration camp.
  2. @Norton ASR rarely gets me interested in audio toys. Musiland MU3 struck me as interesting and I see their website has been updated with it. Not sure on availability or release to channels we might access for international shipping.
  3. Dr. Scott, I'll suggest a line nearer asking us to consume a live Fieldmouse and/or The Bats "Calm Before the Storm" would've been a much wittier and abrupt preamble to unleashing your scientific bent upon the playlist. Deadheads gonna Deadhead
  4. I'm absolutely sure the only person whose input he was going to settle for lives in a Nordic country many miles from him or his system integrator. In the absence of any social or enthusiast cues. I did in fact take his intent to play no active part in the selection, shopping, or construction of a multiple use box right through to it's most natural end. A paid shopping consultant that would take him the distance. Your commendation, late as it is in coming to the fore, would not have impacted this in the least.
  5. Expected a link to somewhere you had digitally print "Audiophile Style" on them for you. Next time.
  6. What is suspending the granite slabs off the carpet? Unrelated, a warning your wife was out of town would've almost certainly avoided your prized fruit being bruised.
  7. Interesting, do you listen to Indian Classical or ventured into this from the Ry Cooder side?
  8. My attraction here stems from awareness the impermanence of US structures. This still young nation has yet to allow but a very few structures be built to, or as is the apparent case here, survive two centuries time unmolested. I find it deeply offensive this room would be destroyed in favor of a sub-basement auditorium lacking well conceived ability to provide enjoyment to large numbers, not so large there wasn't rampant competition, in a comfortably welcoming environment nobody could help but find pleasant. It's suggested replacement nothing more than an uncomfortable, bland and voluminous rental space for overamplified sound to die in at obscenely large hourly rates. A storage room for unwanted things; Musical, human, and otherwise. Outside concerns dealing with reproduction of live music. Idea those entrusted with the continued existence of this museum lack the wherewithal to insist throwing a cloche over this property is repulsively hebetudinous. Take the initiative of numerous other institutions faced with de-accessioning or finding the funds to open a farther flung new location. Grow more exclusive and more accessible in order to preserve and move forward at one stroke. Cannot imagine there being a more directly stated motive for avoiding entropy of cultural treasures and carefully built up resources. Even the construction of ugly, useless acoustical spaces provide enjoyment through disseminating where things went so catastrophically wrong. Hubris of trading money to overwhelmingly destroy any semblance of class never has a good taste. Someone(s) appear to be feeling rather inadequate in the short term here.
  9. Making a break with new construction using modern acoustic solutions to bring attention to a space which very well might disappear shortly. The John Russell Pope designed Frick Music Room, part of the Frick Collection located in NYC, is under threat of being demolished to fulfill a planned expansion which faces adverse voices of protest from multiple quarters. For over 80 years it has served as a home for chamber music and recitals of national and international importance. The most popular and longest running music series was free to the public for most of this time. Disney distractions and beaming screens staying at a remove hint towards the steadily high quality of performers capable of drawing crowds while other venues struggle to find relevance. Well suited performance spaces are already facing increased pressure due to the remodeling of Lincoln Center's David Geffen Hall. Losing two well established concert halls in one year impacts even a city as large as New York negatively. This being 2020, there is a website established for multiple concerned parties to express their outrage and well founded reasoning in opposition to the plans being sold by Frick investors and trustees.
  10. I binned three audiophile recordings/remasters today. All new in the wrapper, two still are after tasting the first. Let me take this chance to congratulate our international corporate masters on their success casting a plague upon all current/future copies of the immense catalogs they own and everything else they soon will. DR reductions here, innocuous mastering decisions there, reusing old copy about master tapes when the flawed previous cd mastering was source, a drab of this followed by a drib of that.
  11. I think the gif from that MTV Unplugged performance said a lot about what they were facing. Much has been written and said about this series, by those involved or in attendance, that could be looked up. At least PJ can't complain it lent them inconsistent results. This level of homogeneity between an example official studio, stadium, and small venue acoustic recording could only result from control over production being exerted. If not offer proof rock stars enjoy their cinq à sept more than most.
  12. Could you please detail both your vinyl playback chain and the amount of times your (as unopened as it is complete, I surmise) PJ vinyl collection has been played. I'm willing to follow this conversation to the AS Vinyl sub-forum to avoid a lengthy in depth conversation here. The comment @Solstice380 made, not assessing how wonderful it sounds, about DR of a live studio recording using acoustic instruments had merit. Even if the delivery and subsequent responses were tinged with irrepressible amounts of smirking. In the last month I've bought a few PJ cd's; "20" and "Rearviewmirror" (Greatest Hits). Both albums contain a DR6 and a DR7 disc. Neither unexpected nor broadly out of line with the particular qualities of their other recordings/live performances. I enjoyed it for what it is and didn't wish for something on the order of a Beatles/RS re-imagining in an unbelievable quality the band duly swears is authentic and of impeccable provenance. Original CD release, not pristine vinyl or a modern remastering.
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