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  1. I'm not touching you taking the bait and rekindling that old flame, Chris. In an entirely new category of defamation. What in the Sam Hill is your thinking behind this member reputation hullabaloo? Who cares, who needs it, who even thinks this matters when clearly post count is a demonstrative enough metric to gauge many vital items off of. It's all been downhill in this direction since some, probably well meaning, new member inadvisably gave you your first like in the "Album of the evening."
  2. Hard/completely unpower > reseat card > reinstall driver ?? There might also be a jumper on the card you can try.
  3. Glenn Gould 2020 → Drugged out, Thugged out, on a graffiti spree while some bustah lays down a sick rhyme. It all about those $on. Get your copies before it sells out in stores and online. Just a teaser, this might be the weakest joint on the album.
  4. Since you are on the topic of advertising and run the private server feeding it. "Le Tour de Sonore", the time has perhaps passed on this. Might I suggest "Giro d' Sonore" or maybe even "Pumpkin Sonore L____"
  5. Process lasso and everything else is reaching beyond officially recognized, nee designed specifically for at exclusion of all else, programs. With exclusion of HQP following direct recognition of what Jussi has accomplished. I was asking how 'roll your own' you are getting with Extreme Server these days.
  6. This boosts SQ noticeably compared to what exactly. Roon? TAS? Something else falling further outside the designed implementation?
  7. Been listening to this for a year. It was in pre-release and then pulled back twice I believe.
  8. Examination of the parent company and discoveries made during their selling off ARC might be instrumental in how one went about handling this unfortunate event. Coupled with workforce and supply issues. You may not like the answer but you owe it to yourself to uncover it.
  9. I lost(!) a copy of the Van Den Hul Carbon Recordings Marimba album. It was pretty fantastic.
  10. Weird, it wasn't there and when I restarted the laptop it reappeared.
  11. Man ia i pem evri samting @The Computer Audiophile We appear to have lost our button for returning to top of page.
  12. @The Computer Audiophile Normally this is preceded by a very basic text only version of the site loading. Site loads normally after a refresh or two. Then buggy behavior like perma-submit starts happening. Thought it was you adjusting things when it happened a couple times. Normally very early in the morning.
  13. Which is a complete aside to reminding you of the past. In the present, secure browsers and security software block these elements even if it means breaking the site for that user.
  14. I as well have no idea what you mean. You were already aware of the fact using IP address to broadcast location was labeled as creepy and made active users wary of using the site. You were already aware of the solution I proposed and implemented inside my own account.
  15. I think you mean creepy and prone towards making those active wary of your site if done in the nature you espoused. Anyone who wishes can change their "Junior Member" status to reflect their Internationally prominent location.
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