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  1. Who said it had to be reviews? I'd watch Peter building things if he managed a sneaky product placement by wiring in a Lush somehow in each video. "...and there we are, Garden Lights. Just change pins to get any one of thousands of lighting patterns."
  2. I would like to respectfully request a porn/gore/satanist filter be applied from the front page onwards. Couldn't care less how many, how often, or especially how hard campaigning for prominent location of this material is persistently labored after. Those wishing to consume such material should be forced to select an option which shows results of this nature. There are very good reasons why every public search engine and nearly every other site subject to visits by minors or others sensitive to this type of material handle the issue in that manner. Not the other way around. T
  3. Better yet is using an external (USB) optical drive with good vibration dampening. No internal laptop drive is going to provide the same level of quality and noise reduction as a good external one. Which is a different topic than investigating odd behaviors.
  4. I do as well. New works written for MS in this form would be equally welcome. 40% capacity audiences (and stages) could favor this type of arrangement sonically.
  5. @Temporal_Dissident So close, you were so close. 🤖
  6. @pdvm Please suggest a recording of this composition you would rate highly*. Went from thrilled at seeing Bottesini, to noticing it was a competition (dry technical perfection), back to enjoyment. A few concerns per her stature imposing physical limitations did crop up in technical sections [03:22]. As a student her technique is quite impressive and unique. Excels and only rarely falls to the level of overcoming when listening with ears instead of eyes. Thank you (a second time) for posting this. *Loose request, far from complaint or insistence.
  7. Option A it was. Had a hunch parts number would reveal that. Mysteries like this can be maddening. Glad you found some resolution. If you like I can point you in the right direction to find all other HP drives suggested as working in that laptop.
  8. This meeting should've been an email PM. 💦 " Better be a gentleman or you'll turn me off"
  9. Some words have meaning. Better chosen words hold many more.
  10. I hold out hope for improvements. Removal of flowery hyperbolic marketing biased language from your diet might promote appearance of better understanding all that lies without. 😙
  11. I understand the need for a less complex explanation. Allow me to send you a private response laying out in very clear terms my intent.
  12. Not all messages are meant for all ears. This one was aimed towards a set of members who had drifted away or simply rediverted focus once certain conditions set in. The gist of it was focusing on finer elements that weren't so prevalent in the EU. Interesting. Surely the Music subforums would love to hear more about this. However, the metadata and all other album material appear quite complete on Qobuz.
  13. For those not sure what message was being delivered above. Not entirely sure why Lang Lang or Dragon Songs were undiscoverable using any refinement of the search engine on Qobuz. In any country on any platform. Exactly what type of sarcasm and biting wit were being used to cut through down to an obvious defect. In direct contrast with calls for positive respectful conduct enriching of a much desired platform for high res streaming. A request was authored which could not be respected at the time. Provide a clear report on our search capability with examples including research,
  14. I know you are too busy for nonsense. Still I have to ask if you could provide an example of this change? When your first big update to search capability was launched (well over a year ago) I considered tabling the issue of Asian and other less traditionally used characters. Since that point I've noticed my set of test search strings have repeatedly produced better and better results. K-Pop, yes, but more so contributions to genres your catalog is historically strong on such as classical and jazz. Catalog searches well outside popular culture awareness your serv
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