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  1. They did. I've linked to it and made an idiot proof description multiple times in this thread. The most recent being only two pages previous. The larger question is if you actually have a metadata problem before taking the step of reporting it.
  2. rando

    Corona Virus

    I appreciate this turnabout. There is a fine line between forcing a wedge where a crack exists that needs to be given attention and using language that isn't conducive towards, is in fact leading towards invective, discovery and resolution. My hope is that line wasn't crossed attempting to fire your attention away from the "me" who was correct and posed no risk. Or at least minimal and would take action to reduce it further. Even among those in the larger population who would take those steps. A high percentage of them being distracted into mistakes exist. Without any personal stake existing any more. I can point towards Target as of this morning taking numerous steps in the direction outlined that includes banning sales and use of cloth bags.
  3. rando

    Corona Virus

    So don't follow. At least consider taking "me" out of the equation and applying the idea to the population at large. Even if this is of secondary, tertiary, or an even more distant concern compared to the never pleasant circumstance of walking away from encountering someone wetter than you entered it. Grocery stores, and those brave enough to show up to work, are doing anything possible to protect them and their work environment. To remove any chance of infection entering the one place even the locales with militia patrolling the streets allow a break in curfew to visit.
  4. rando

    Corona Virus

    These are rapidly being warned against using as they are considerably more suspect than long ago made pallets of bags the store itself provides. Largely for the reason stated below. That surface include the one place almost everything heavy than the air lands on. The one you walk into your elderly or infirmed family member's residence on. Drop your supplies on to take your shoes off. Probably should be treating just as seriously as your hands and face. Cleaning the floor and not what potentially transferred Covid-19 to it is concerning. That includes the fabric shopping bags you picked up off it to go shopping.
  5. Is that an issue or an anomaly? Were you unable to play the album, log in, lost some vital functionality, .... Using the search function would have provided the requisite amount of insight towards what the only and inevitable answer to you could be. They are already involved in the slow process of removing all the repeated listings that got through for one reason or another while incorporating the large amount of daily new entries from the labels.
  6. Something tells me Monday morning is not going to be devoted to skimming the forums or casually checking up on unpublished new releases this week. If you are a true fan my suggestion is to send Qobuz an email and please be patient. The option I referred to is better left for non-time critical additions.
  7. The following was provided by a member of the US Qobuz team for reporting of metadata related issues. 1. Open the desired album in your web browser inside the Qobuz player. Copy the highlighted album identifier at the end of the link. 2. Navigate to this page on the French Qobuz site and paste the string from above directly behind "?p=". 3. In the provided box type in the metadata issue you have discovered along with other pertinent facts such as the correct information.
  8. Just wanted to thank Qobuz for instituting a means to submit releases missing from their US catalog. Sincerely, Someone in your target audience the service was built around
  9. Liked, but you know much better than to visit TH. If not for their... for the tracking and other despicable business practices they engage in.
  10. @David Craff I opened up the web player this morning and went to change some account settings. Namely to change the email connected to my account. Clicking on the "Modify My Account" button takes me to the screen posted below instead of the usual login. I usefully closed two popup boxes to make clear what loaded underneath. This is not a time critical behavior in my case. The music never stopped playing. An email provider locked me out, negligibly under the guise of security, to gain information I will not willingly share.
  11. Ahhhh, we were so close to watching this come back around to matters closer to our daily aims. Namely installing "Contra-rotating" as a buzzword of no small import to be pulled out in the thick of doubletalk and attempts to spin other's arguments in both directions in a balanced manner. ✈️
  12. Another window into rarely explored corners of European composition, Serbian Composers.
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