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    HQ Player

    I purposely refused an off topic promotional mention of any other program meeting the stated qualifications of bit perfect playback and not upsampling as a primary function.
  2. rando

    HQ Player

    I'm not Miska, but would this not be the only sensible way to remove software upsampling inside HQP? Personally I'd use a different bit perfect program instead of listening through HQP in this fashion. One without the expressed singular objective of upsampling inside it.
  3. Direct quote, intentionally used, obviously intending a different meaning than decrying has. Anyways, slapdash comments were expected from the usual reactionary quarters. Being K.O.'d.
  4. rando

    HQ Player

    If it is 16/44 PCM you choose PCM default output and 44.1 sample rate (/limit). Obviously, or not 😄, you would also select "none" under dither and filters in settings.
  5. From interview of Lothar Kerestedijian in May 2018 edition of Hifi Pig when asked about journalists in the US decrying MQA. "I call that "Fake News". The massive hype from States makes me sick." Too much in that statement applies to the daily goings on in this thread. Especially petty arguments breaking out over toning down the hype. Kindly try not to burn down the rest of this place if you would.
  6. Negative elevation and terminally flat terrain. Anything that gives a slight rise would be naturally considered life affirming. Before anyone gets upset. I'm quite fond of this country's people, cuisine, and by far cycling in the many varieties it exists. Would not care to live there.
  7. Yuja is, let's say, more lithe than breathtakingly beautiful. Aspects of which could be said to come through a recording of her playing. For all intents and purposes this is a successful modern update to well established repertoire. She changes nothing by adding life into her performances. What you appear to be contemplating after witnessing the video I posted is confusion. A "Con" leading you into believing a "Fusion" could have the least amount of merit. You'd be fooling yourself by committing to pursuit of something many times removed from even the low standing of derivative works. Simply because nothing had been created.
  8. Before the subject completely drops. Sexing up classical music for widespread commercial success and the gosh darn kids taking an interest that opens up the complete catalog for them. Let's check in on what Sony has conspired to release recently from modern classical composers.
  9. Basically why I suggested if nicer equipment is a reality in the future. To get something cheap and durable with decent SQ/features.
  10. Seems a pretty straightforward comparison between a decades old lossy format and a new improved lossy format. Which very few here or elsewhere would have problem being confronted with in a non-DRM prepped state that didn't also require manufacturers to give Bob access to their technical designs and place his own code inside, etc. Because in any guise it is a consumer replacement for mp3. Pardon, an overwrought attempt to replace mp3 in the minds of consumers with a premium/luxury/upscale format.
  11. He is located in an offshore location where Schitt is probably much harder to come by (or upgrade, or have warranty work performed..). As such we have somewhat guessed what other options may exist while ignoring his own list at our own hazard. @ahmed98 I'm going to return to my initial thought. Getting a solid lower end DAC that requires a minimum of user experience or tinkering to happily use. You are going to discover much that will benefit from investing less money and more thought while using lower end equipment. Listening to music in as many other systems, visiting audio stores or connecting with more people owning larger systems, and learning from what you hear could be a very important step. Cost is not directly related to sound quality. Expending your full budget on one item without a reasonable amount of confidence is nowhere near as productive as expending your full mental abilities towards learning and making informed decisions. Monetary or otherwise. If you decide that is one of the Topping devices we will wish you the same amount of enjoyment as if you had followed one our advice. Advice: Install Windows 10 on your 32 or 64 bit capable computer. It has much greater potential for producing good sound. Once you have a DAC try using some programs other than Foobar. The free version of Fidelizer may be eye opening if you have never explored OS optimization for instance.
  12. As promised here is the full text.
  13. Looking through some emails on a spamcatcher account today there was one pointing to an open call at MusicWeb for reviewers. Minimum 4 discs a month with one month to complete each submission. There was language suggesting you get to choose for yourself off a group distributed list and of course then own the discs. Might be a good opportunity for the right person(s) desirous of new and pre-release material. Quick phone search failed to yield results. Can post direct link tomorrow with contact info and full details.
  14. Yes, another resource for determining prices of the exact releases he owns.
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