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  1. Augér died shortly after this very personal recording of these six songs based on poems by Elizabeth Barret Browning composed for and with her by Libby Larsen. By a rather considerable margin they stand out above the other songs which were collected from recordings at the Aspen Music Festival to fill out the album.
  2. rando

    HQ Player

    Much appreciated fix. After playing around with Client a bit more I can see how it upset a few trained to expect having more robust programming per the full cadre of management features not related to filters/SQ. Editing in the Desktop Library spreadsheet can be a little tedious at times. Say hunting down (nonfunctional) $jU784fhU.m3u8 in 10TB spread across a few drives. When all you really want to do is remove the file after discovering it inside Client. By locating the root folder/subfolder on disk or from being logged into the Library. 😵
  3. rando

    HQ Player

    I'm slightly curious how the, apparently well received, thought to display the filter/format settings previously located above dropdown menus will be re-implemented. Overwhelmingly, the work cleaning up UI From 3 showed. Locked visible means of (Desktop) interaction detract focus away intuitively. Path of least resistance in this new version release was directly in line with the depiction of long days fraught with immediacy. My do I hope whatever is feeding this spillway doesn't get diverted or drawn down by those standing along the banks discussing beauty and reflections. Those first few miles of clean meltwater haven't been imprisoned yet. Nor have I considered one iota of classical through them. I've found when programmers are exhibiting defensive signs. Never make helpful suggestions at the finishing point of spartan and unsolicited feedback. ⌛
  4. Access to the "breakroom" is considerably improved in that image! The larger part of my doubts concerning your multiple uses of the top level in your home have been rescinded. Absence of fiber optic twinkling stars or some other break with austerity notwithstanding. 👤
  5. My first guess surprised me by being incorrect. Working my way through this set of Haydn string quartets.
  6. It comes down to suggesting the credible work you and others have committed to might languish if it travels forward bereft a form others can do something with. Baby needs to be socialized and all the discomfort that implies.
  7. The TOS on this forum has a strong basis in civil conduct. The (recent) enforcement of it has certainly allowed a fair amount of parading with sharp sticks in the MQA theatre of conflict. Especially when it personally reflected on CC's place of business, position in the industry, or his own thoughts and actions here or outside the site. Certainly the highest argument for civility here actually has dealings with these print/online publications. Perhaps if more was said here that was printable. Censure (of infighting, egos, therapeutic releases of anger, etc.) wouldn't hold him back. Or at the very least that is a reasonable thought to keep in mind if success is valued by more than the few souls putting their own names out there. Insightful as this thread has been. It really has, at points, thanks to solid investigation and doggedness. Dirty jokes nobody else was brave or stupid or sharp enough to seize upon easily grow more relevant than the process of discovery. Hardly reputable and definitely not behavior with any civil purpose. I've more than a few longstanding unanswered questions revolving around this the AS thread is unlikely to answer . Fed by a desire of informative reasons for the push on such a small and highly educated segment of (Hi-Fi) consumers. Tantalizing a SV or Asian buyer of exclusive nothings into buying MQA whole to complete the journey into cheap accessibility for the unwashed masses in a specific regional market they can control? Slow dissemination of paper trails and discoverable traits are on the opposite end of digestion from the thinking breathing end that has to face investors and a board. Still, all that prodding from behind has to trouble intestinal fortitude. Picking through his nervous droppings (For anyone still noseblind to why the cheerleader keeps getting banned in a pique of disgust to girdle morale) promotes an environment which lacks many niceties consistent with this little brouhaha sitdown in the company of successfully courted MQA personnel having even the least amount of appeal. I'll suggest that as another reasonable thought to keep in mind. Since it might not be present in the conversation thus far. This place may have decided it has no need for civility. Don't discount it's existence in the uppermost organ controlling any arm poised to deal a mortal blow.
  8. Try changing the error sensitivity before cancelling rip and associated settings in dbpoweramp. EAC suggests trying the fastest insecure ripping mode on troublesome discs (more relevant to perfect condition CD-R releases). Experimenting with the results of this on both programs can sometimes produce acceptable results with damaged discs by comparing known problematic time signatures the program hung up otherwise.
  9. rando

    HQ Player

    @Miska I tread carefully here. This is a question not a demand or complaint. The preferences screen appears to have tripped up at least the above poster on IOS. None of my Windows laptops built in screens allow portrait mode (putting me in the same position). As is I see no way to save desired settings without hooking up an external screen (which cuts off 4/5 of the OK button leaving just enough to register a mouse click). Would adding a scroll slider be something you would consider or is there a solution already in place we are missing? I do understand this is related to making the program usable natively on higher resolution devices.
  10. Phoned it in. Accrue. Not sure why my post didn't get erased along with the rest.
  11. Swabbing < Bobbing !?? Tut tut, miscalculations on this order exact a cost that grows harder to justify as they steadily accrew.
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