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  1. I like this thread better when Christopher stepped in and banned the virulent and irrepressible MQA protester. Nobody actually had a worthwhile complaint against the desirable effects of awaiting another clever reappearance. There was wit and zeal to the affair otherwise lacking in the petty argumentative waves of replies that produced a higher amount of bans than any other thread in recent memory. Now I'm left wondering if by some odd stroke of imaginative reconstruction someone is going to discover Lee was actually trying to explain a solution MQA offered before it was needed. Mansr and others did a commendable job investigating the technical side of MQA. I've yet to see much of the practical or insightful implications that weren't doom and gloom. It would certainly go against the back thumping self-congratulatory anti-tudes if that pokey little British manufacturer, despite struggling to stay afloat, was making a longsighted play worthy of their previously good name. I'm at least willing to entertain entertaining ideas over defamatory antics.
  2. I honestly had a laugh at the all seeing eye being joined by the all hearing ear. Earlimunati confirmed. 👁️ I missed the warring camps phase of CA (thankfully!). All to often I still do see instances where a dyed in the wool objectivist gets lost in the wishy washy ethereal aspect of a subjectivist problem. Instead of harnessing their instinctual ability to pinpoint where a subtlety divergent from common, though high level, knowledge explains the baffled reaction. I say that with full recognition there are probably more members/readers here who have immense knowledge of the human and electronic deliberations that must occur to realize personal satisfaction in one's system.
  3. This one had a pretty messy lifetime. Not going to go into it beyond saying the band stole this to use as cover art. Supposedly. It certainly spruced up interest in both parties goods. For those wondering, mid 80's Madonna outsider art.
  4. "I'll thump your bass you little B3$%^R%$" Best Birthday card I've ever given my mom. Luckily nobody held back on laughing for her sake when they figured out what she shrieked at me about when she opened it and read that.
  5. The Mancini tribute is one track on this album. Amazon Ebay Since you seem to have a very definite affliction for soundtracks. I'm guessing you knew about this place (sold out of this disc). AllMusic review And finally Discogs ($ instead of $$)
  6. @coot Glad focus is returning to his professional skill set instead of nationality or which side of the fence he'd fall on if fell upon. @AnotherSpin Swastikas are a Christian symbol possibly near the same age as an upright cross. Don't let circumstance deceive you into thinking us likely to celebrate any violent organization. Nor forget the consequences of leaving them unchecked. In my younger years I might have posted something like a Solti and Gergiev World Orchestra for Peace album. Or maybe some Karajan Gold (Lizst and heavy on the lead role one supposes). Would have to politely ask myself to cut it out though. So @Paul R here is a pretty fantastic collection taking in some pretty deep lows and airy heights. Full of hope and wonder.
  7. Shhh!!! Oh, it might be too late now. You disturbed them. Shame that as I thought we were going to bear witness to a mating ritual, gestation, and gloriously compiled birth upon the ground of AS. Such an unpredictable and heralded event simply can't be anticipated by clearing suitable environs free of predators. Tremulous concerns still rock the air. If by chance it happens. I hope they issue it a code name name bearing your mark of 10 years in excellence.
  8. Try adding 70 F to that screenshot for the actual temp at AS HQ today. @The Computer Audiophile you have the room aboard and appear to have interested yourself in using home stereo equipment as heavily as possible. Load up the TAD and put a sign in the window. Every mile will be a rolling audition for potential buyers. By the time you can get that plan into effect freezing temps will be no more.
  9. US Amazon carries it (not very helpful for you probably). The orchestra doesn't offer web sales on the English version of their site, but surely they must realize some income directly. The used channels such as Discogs are probably afloat with forgotten mementos such as this disc. I think you are not overly serious. Musicians are almost certainly first rate culled from more prestigious bodies with holes in their schedule. Repertoire and audience participation don't strike me as being of particular interest though. Traditionally we post the full album here of entries into the bird music thread.
  10. From my Album of the Evening. Strauss ladeled on the birdsong in this polka alternately reflective of a scenic woods and heavy implications of the scenic wonders to be found at a tavern of the same name.
  11. Some Continental members might grin at this one. Good live sound not so heavy on the oom-pah people started audibly shifting in their chairs and getting choked up.
  12. RvB isn't quite back on the form we love but this one bears mention.
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