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  1. I think it goes without saying there was no suspicion to that end.
  2. So you had a big blowout before the show then did way better drugs than you could've scored inside. Here's hoping you heal quick and avoid doing things that could make it happen again.
  3. Out of the clover and blue-eyed grass He turned them into the river lane; One after another he let them pass, Then fastened the meadow bars again. Under the willows and over the hill, He patiently followed their sober pace; The merry whistle for once was still, And something shadowed the sunny face. Only a boy! and his father had said He never could let his youngest go: Two already were lying dead, Under the skete of the Cow-strato Slightly paraphrased
  4. For the sake of clearing up any potential misunderstandings. I couldn't resist a bit of mischief after being directed to read the first post here. No ill will against @lasker98 should be read into it. I was quite amused to see our pocket dynamo monkerator's mode of response as well.
  5. I realize the simple format of my question aided the stabbing of fingers at the air. Tidal has wearisome SQ and even more wearisome catalog availability. I didn't ask about Tidal or EU options though. Or even example albums. Forget the unquoted section pertaining to remixes (there at least I got a clear and opinionated answer).
  6. After already being called upon to address the inane proposition a thread with ADD in the title could maintain focus. What would possess you to take the step of gelding Cats @christopher3393?
  7. Reading @Superdad's comment above I was anticipating his response being "Hot Tuna"
  8. "Festetics String Quartet", "Festetics Quartet", "Quatuor Festetics", and any other aliases I missed appear to return every album in the catalog if you simply type "Festetic" (no 's') inside the new search UI. Followed by numerous "Festliche" results it keyed in on placed below them. What should really interest you is how hard it is to fool taking liberties with foreign alphabets on a US keyboard and then misspelling the search term further. I've been amazed how mangled something can get and still show up halfway through typing it.
  9. Hmm, the options for rebuttal in post 1988 are truly fascinating. I sorta regret not being able to Rick Roll in 1987. Anyways, Not Worth Addressing with anger because breaking rules is My Prerogative. 😎😎
  10. Deeper or broader? Or both? In your opinion. Electronic is not a studio album heavy genre. Collecting November 2019 remixes worth listening to vs all November album releases would be a lopsided effort. With nearly every bit in both piles being new material.
  11. @David Craff Could you determine what is at cause for the results on this page. Starting late on Friday, and by midday yesterday, every track in "Appears on" was repopulated. Wholly replacing the correct list.
  12. Make everything go to 11. This ends any audio related argument.
  13. @The Computer Audiophile doubt you will be surprised I'm capable of being critical of design choices on your site(s). It's fine. Adjust as needed to assuage those with inability to change magnification level.
  14. @David Craff I can wholly understand not promoting the following's new album on the front page. I use it only as an example of search capability using the web player with new UI search (French(!), highly anticipated release due to (frankly the amount of distasteful pop cultural homages is more shocking) explicit promotional campaign stretching back a year, artist page containing full catalog present). Obvious NSFW warning SebastiAn Returns no direct result in first set or "See all Artists" one would naturally gravitate to as it is directly below search box. Returns no direct result adding "+ New Release" even if you select show all albums again. "Main Artist" or "Performer" finally get a relevant result (though an older one highlighting his turn to shock value over musicianship to separate himself from the crowd). This is an improvement over the old search UI as I was actually able to find the album without a highly convoluted time consuming brute force() attack on the database. That only finally produced the desired result due to knowing the label of release, finally being able to find another artist release on it, and then sorting through all of the label releases until finding either the artist or album in question. As an organic exercise of asking someone to find a single album they would like to hear. They gave up after 30 seconds and I kept going until I was sure to have exhausted any possibility of it existing (no outside search engines allowed... cheating). Ed Banger (ie record label of new release being searched for) Scrolling down in initial results produces a playlist and some interesting tracks to peruse along the way. "Search In: Label" produces the correct label! "See all albums" does not show all albums, does not show all albums by the desired artist (all of them released on this label), does not show the (still) partially available for streaming new album (Release is today's date), does show all three singles from new album! This worked well enough for the computer literacy of anyone in the age group most likely to be searching for an album of this character and commercial exposure level. I doubt either of us would have given up and, more importantly, been listening in under 10 seconds while browsing the rest of his oeuvre. If you ever find yourself at the start of an overhanging diagonal finger to small hands crack three pitches up. This artists music may waft across your consciousness. Along with a bunch of French terms very few reading this would comprehend.
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