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  1. Contrary to a recent post. It is our nature to actively and enthusiastically seek out and promote what we enjoy. One of the bigger lessons in streaming/sales availability is if you find something out of the ordinary available, BUY! Two seconds later it could revert forever back into unattainability in any format. Of course listen first to assure quality.
  2. This 'object' was loosely placed on their design table early on in the US launch. Both as means to track catalog progress and monitor inflections. In time ability to focus on changes in this large of a catalog body amortized. On the whole I think Qobuz does a lot better job recognizing the nature of streaming than many of us attempting to offer helpful suggestions. The larger picture is knowing where we stop making listening a job and go at it with softer intent, leisure. Mind I'm wagging a finger at myself, not you. I do still hope you'll consider those two objectives abo
  3. I believe this is what a younger relative is currently facing with education becoming a virtual snooze followed by homework. Using a medium known to be disruptive to human patterns their teachers attempt nuance and polish they should be attaining using multiple choice mixed media quizzes. 🥺🤯 🙂
  4. Chris, you misunderstood. It's taking a bit of effort, but I really don't think explaining would have any meaningful impact on your understanding. Your dadpants are firmly rising upwards.
  5. Wildly OT: Ignorance of pop fluff distractions en route to desired section? Absolutely, even with your nonsensical preconditioning of 'scene' and relics. This has all the hallmarks of A NEW THREAD!!
  6. In the thick of it, you say. Decompress I say. Not pack more into an increasingly smaller timeframe. You get enough of that. Make some time for yourself... to sit back and relax enough to enjoy these, razor slim currently, moments seems like exceedingly important life advice. Much less aiding you in understanding how more contented others approach music, or food, or anything else which feeds the soul. Quite likely there will be a button you can press that sets the machine in motion on Qobuz given the mass calls for it. Not sure there is a perfect an
  7. It is? There might be some misunderstanding if you were operating off the premise that type of product was being unreservedly promoted. What is potentially worthy of some developed interest is progress in the digital realm. Ability to play back DSD at rates it was issued on disc or above a decade or more later seems realistic enough to pass the sniff test. Practical even. Essentially lower grade pro-sumer and given placement I'm driven to wonder if not quite in line with your complaint quoted above per marketing overruling implementation. Tacked on feature set enable
  8. Again conversationally. Windows as an OS stood firm on their business leaning design aspects while iOS ramped up the media and design features. W7 implements almost no modern programming or widely accepted protocols for media usage. W10 is at least slightly better and is nearing EOL (meaning by this point it's pretty simple to clean out/block from calling home especially if you start off without unneeded language packs). What I was trying to get across is you can load W10 on your current laptop and it will work better! With no hardware changes to realize greater efficiency and a raft of o
  9. It's me not him (note his entry was to jibe at my post). AKA don't feed the trolls or associate with deeply uncool people. You have raised some reasonable concerns and asked for reasonable explanations. Up to this point I resisted jumping in (for reason stated above) to sort out a few things. This forum was... vocal and involved enough to register with Qobuz when they decided to enter the US market. Most longer term members that subscribe quietly enjoy listening and that's that. Which leaves room for both new interested parties and negativity in broad swathes.
  10. Aggrieved elements leaking into my previous message may have been imparted by an act of downloading multiple GB of WMA 🤢 at a point of the day I was prepared to not deal with computers any further. SOP in every case except questions of sex is to select the "other" option and proceed directly to affirming reception of what is needed.
  11. For the sake of conversation, could you explain your reasoning for continued use of Windows 7. A legacy OS for which mass support has ended. Though I agree it was a high point of the M$ releases. The world and modern computing have moved on to a degree tech support "venting" when new programs freeze is a bit underinformed in my opinion. If this is a computing power/memory/hardware concern. I can assure you it need not be for your dedicated audio laptop. Any number of people here could give you concise instructions on how to effect the move to W10. Just as a wakeup call I'm
  12. Hang in there John, you never know when you're right on the edge of nailing it down.
  13. Last night I spent the requisite amount of time to individually select every playback software option in the first drop down menu preceding downloading of purchased content (Qobuz Store using an up to date browser). In the current environment there is not a single option across any OS or player option which allows setting WAV as format files will downloaded in. This would be a non-issue if selecting an option similar to "[OS] Other" stored format selected in second dropdown menu into memory like every other account settings option. If not already present, I'd appreciate this being added to
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