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  1. hmmm , any bad actors out there that need to be embarrassed with a go fund me page to better protect their archive?
  2. Received the HDPlex yesterday, have it hooked up as follows 19V to NUC8i3BEH displacing Breeze Audio LPS 12V to Microzotl 2 displacing SoTM SPS500 5V to Lexar SR2 SDXC media stack displacing iFi 5V supply NUC7PJYH remains on LPS 1.2 but will swap with the remaining HDPlex 5V output later for comparison swapped the Microzotl 2 PS last, immediate difference for the better in quiet and delicacy vs SPS500. Nothing obvious with the other changes so will take me about a week to play around and A/B test before additional comments.
  3. Sibilance can be annoying but I never experienced it as an attribute of a power supply. Digital interconnects, DAC, source solution did contribute. But I do hear what I would call an "edginess" from lesser power supplies, as though the treble has been treated with the audio equivalent of hot sauce. The Cranberries recordings are an excellent test for exciting sibilance... if you can play their music and have it sound bright without sibilance, your digital source chain has tamed the sibilance beast.
  4. That very statement tells me you are a con man. There are no "depth" cues with mono and I've heard one of the best mono setups possible. A good mono setup can make you aware that the imaging and depth of stereo is sizzle, not the steak.
  5. I suggest you delete (ie edit out) your question here and put it where it belongs in the Allo Club support forum.... Allo isn't going to be reading it here.
  6. ... 50% of the time I can't update headless, have to reinstall new image. The latest issue is after disabling RAMRoot, doing system/app/menu updates and then trying to re-enable RAMroot I get UUID not found?? Configuration was pretty basic, Roon endpoint on headless, no extreme modes, copied using original USB stick menu to have unique DNS/WINS name. Prior image dated from April. Tried RAMroot remove, still getting UUID not found when I try to enable. Is there an easy way to change hostname at initial install vs install then copy? Maybe add a menu item for install, "choose default hostname {Audiolinux} or overwrite to proceed" That would make fresh install less time consuming for a 2 NUC solution update
  7. Ahh, I see that you also use Roon... which will also sound better if you have a good USB endpoint. @PeterSt hes not there yet for separate USB cable if he is using the Hegel as an all-in-one box solution in UPNP mode with Roon ... but as soon as he steps into an external USB source the Lush 2 does come into play (as well as the possibility to use Roon RAAT protocol with a native Roon endpoint)😉
  8. Ok. I've now read the product description of the Hegel D190... its an integrated amp/DAC/DLNA endpoint The Harbeth C7-ES3 is a mid sized speaker From all I've read Hegel builds fine analog electronics, low risk there for bass capability, ditto for the Harbeth's. If your source solution passes good bass signal, you should hear it down to 40 hz. Most likely problem area is the digital section of the Hegel, especially the DLNA endpoint function as streaming tech has rapidly evolved over the past 5 years. I would suggest that you compare an external DLNA USB input to check your system bass, perhaps you can borrow an Aurender, or Lumin USB source from a local dealer? If you feel comfortable with DIY, Audiolinux headless as DLNA endpoint running on a NUC with good PS works very well but less likely you can "borrow" to compare. I can tell you that its common for source solutions not to do justice to bass intonation... sound "blenderized", fake.
  9. may be too late, only so much time allowed to edit after a post. Consider it a plea for future posts. Composing off line is a great way to organize thoughts but one has to be careful about font size after pasting if you don't want the audience to feel they are being "shouted at" (or worse "whispered to")
  10. Please adjust your font size to standard
  11. FWIW I have SoTM SPS500 Uptone Audio LPS 1.2 iFi 5v Breeze Audio LPS will be swapping these around on NUC's and external media drives to compare with the HDPlex when it arrives this week
  12. 50/50 at this point whether you are barking up the wrong tree for your bass issues 1) what speakers are you using? 2) what source solution and what recording is demonstrating to you this lack? IME source solutions are often a culprit for poor bass below 50 hz
  13. mmm, I sold mine post Audio Linux... did wonders with earlier Roon endpoints but degraded sound with an AL/NUC based Roon endpoint. And I am using an Eitr which is the current USB input board for Schiit DAC's.
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