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  1. davide256

    Silclear Contact Enhancer: A Cautionary Tale

    Tweek and Deoxit are close to a thin oil in nature, easy to apply and clean off any excess with a Qtip. Silclear was paste like, very messy and got runnier as it got warmer. Hated working with it as it would generate cotton candy like threads when you pulled back an applicator.
  2. davide256

    Silclear Contact Enhancer: A Cautionary Tale

    I can say that when I first tried Tweek and Deoxit it was very easy to observe reduced background noise by treating contacts on one side and turning amplification up to where you could first hear faint pops and ticks.. the untreated side was always worse than the treated side. But I haven't observed any other benefits. Since vacuum tube pins do oxidize I don't use tubes without treating them. As to Silclear, tried it once, but did not continue as it looked like an accident waiting to happen... never had any migration/contamination issues with Tweek or Deoxit
  3. Does it have a good investigation of noise effects on digital circuitry for audio/ Ethernet and D/A conversion? If not, it probably doesn't get past the limitations of digital music before 2010.
  4. I have played with silver for fuses, speaker wire, component interconnects and digital cables. It made the biggest difference in treble clarity for digital coax and USB where square wave integrity matters. In analog use it was not so clear cut. Now you have me wondering if we should all use gold for our DC cables or persuade @PeterSt to offer the Lush2 in a silver wire configuration...groan.
  5. @auricgoldfinger is using silver wiring in a DC power connector. There is no frequency dependent interaction at a frequency of 0.
  6. davide256

    software "sound quality"

    OS and software execution design matters as much as hardware. My Windows server/ microRendu setup was thrashed by using Audiolinux on same PC server and a Pentium NUC endpoint. So you can't trust that all OS solutions are equal. Player applications on the other hand seem to be a personal choice
  7. davide256

    Is 100 Mbit/s Ethernet enough for audio?

    100Mbit per second is ~ 10MB per second if you round for link transmission overhead. You will have issues with streaming quad DSD and even double rate DSD may hiccup. Stick with Gbps interfaces
  8. davide256

    Article: SOtM sNH-10G Network Switch Review

    All LPS's are not equal, I have several. And use the second tap of my Ghent cable off SPS500 to power a simple Netgear switch because it does reduce digital irritants. The OP should have compared using his inexpensive switch powered off the SPS500 to the SoTM... I doubt the differences would be that great. And to the usual flat earthers sneering, pull your head out of the sand and focus on the circuit noise issues, not Ethernet frames.
  9. davide256

    App to test your Hifi - TestHifi

    hmm, wonder whether it will have a tube or solid state distortion bias? 😁
  10. Purchased January 2012, with factory phono pre option. The 4 original pre-amp section tube film capacitors have been replaced with TFTF VCap’s. The unit works nicely, I am selling because I changed to solid state amp last year for my Magnepans. There is some wear on the unit, 2 nicks in the enamel next to the top of the tube cage and some small dings in the enameled edges next to the power tube sockets caused by power tube swapping. Link to Prima Luna's information on the amplifier https://www.primaluna-usa.com/prologue-premium-integrated/ Included in the sale are 4 original Prima Luna 12AU7 tubes- basically unused as I used my collection of NOS pre tubes 4 original Prima Luna EL 34 tubes – these have about 40 hours on them, I ordered KT-88’s the week I received the unit and stopped using these after receiving the KT88’s 4 used Gold Lion KT-88’s – these have several hundred hours on them. As far as I can tell from listening, these are still fine, after using for a year I moved on to KT120/150 power tubes Power cord, remote control, owner’s manual, and original packaging also included. This is an easy amplifier for tube swapping and the HT direct to amp input allows you a graceful upgrade path to separate pre-amp later. Price $1500 via Paypal plus shipping, no seller Paypal fees to buyer. Domestic US buyer preferred, Canada also a possibility. Pictures below, apologies for any glare in the pictures.
  11. davide256

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    the only wrinkle being that if you are running AL endpoint with the USB drive removed after boot, there won't be a media drive to save to. What happens if the drive isn't there, i.e. can you just insert it later for unattended save?
  12. davide256

    What kind of headphones should I choose?

    headphones are a bit like cars. Most of us appreciate comfort and ease in use. But some value "acceleration and road grip" as more important. You have to know yourself in choosing headphones.... are you a "daily driver" or do you live to drive your performance vehicle to its limits on the weekend?
  13. davide256

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    Thats why you need extra RAM beyond just whats required to run AL... the DB gets stored in RAM. You also have to remember to do a RAM save before rebooting/shutting down AL, else your Roon changes/history wont be saved and if a Roon software update is pending you should not boot to RAM so that all the changes are made to the source USB drive onetime vs having to update the RAM image every time. So more complex to manage but well worth it.
  14. davide256

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    The empirical result for me was that it made a bigger difference using AL for Roon server vs PC/Win10/Fidelizer Pro than switching from microRendu to NUC/AL endpoint.