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  1. appreciate the suggestion, no DSD not an issue. Time to research😉
  2. I've acquired 2nd hand a JS2, which greatly simplified my digital source solution. But that leaves me with a superfluous LPS 1.2 now that an endpoint NUC is no longer best sound. I'm wondering if their are any good NOS DAC choices that an LPS 1.2 could power? I've been leaning towards a Gumby for a while but its cheap looking AC power supply section makes me uncomfortable
  3. NAS/USB stick/HD I find too slow/mushy on transients, but many others prefer over the leanness/brightness of external SSD/class 10 SDXC media. I'm finding that the fully RAM loaded Stylus player with buffer enabled has mostly corrected these issues for my SDXC media use where the earlier RAM loaded beta version without "boot drive independence" did not.
  4. so a configuration verification here; do you use NAS storage solution or are you using directly attached storage media? based on your outcomes, I'm suspecting NAS.
  5. KB sounds like FUD mongering to me. I've had no issues over the past few days swapping between Roon/Stylus, swapping NAS/HD/SDXC storage for comparison media testing. The only quirk I've seen is unpredictable time to refresh media db and one issue where when I added the NAS storage via Roon first, Stylus said the drive was already attached but didn't show it as available to add to library... removing in Roon and rebooting cleared the problem. Does explain why cache wasn't audible to me in use, i.e doesn't work in RAM root. But that just makes it a "department of redundancy department" exercise since "100% buffer" makes it unneeded if you have enough RAM. Guess I'll add that 2nd 8b RAM stick back in. I did have a non RAM loaded version of Euphony "brick" in the past with only 8gb of RAM, my suspicion is that happens when buffer is enabled and playlist exceeds RAM availability, have been careful since about my playlist size.
  6. Mmm, our experiences are differing again. Can you be specific on your issues with use of loading app data? So far I’ve found it essential for use of direct attached storage and Optane not particularly necessary. Admittedly Stylus has beaten Roon down to where I avoid it
  7. These settings are available with Euphony Stylus player, does not apply to Roon player for Euphony. Under Music Service, other music options you will find "Buffer before play =100%" Under Library, Miscellaneous options you will find "use cache"
  8. RAM root loads the needed OS and (when enabled) configuration files to RAM so that no disk access is required for Euphony program to run. For whatever reason Euphony states you can't access the My Music directory in RAM root mode. If you enable the buffer option it will move your track completely to RAM before playback; drive activity during playback degrades good audio. Enabling also the cache option ( located on boot drive) is useful if you have a very fast boot drive (Optane like solution) or slow external media. Data will be buffered faster. Think media disk access= electrical noise pollution of the NUC. I recommend using an external media drive and USB boot to RAM root with buffer enabled. That should allow cleanest NUC environment. I have an Optane SSD as boot drive but found it and the cache option "nice to haves" vs the "must have" options of RAM root and buffer. The better your power supply, the better your end result. Note that music db synch can be a little funky with Euphony; as in tell it your drives, then go have a cup of coffee... should have all your media found if you allow several minutes.
  9. 8 gb. Euphony does caution about the size of Roons database but I haven't had issues with a terabyte of mostly CD quality music. .
  10. Euphony is licensed by email address and hardware fingerprint. Apparently you purchased your license with wireless disabled ( as I did) and enabling wifi afterwards changed your hardware fingerprint(new mobo HW found). You should be able to change your license to the newer fingerprint with both ethernet and wifi enabled. if not thats their registration defect and we may all need to pitch in on a dissatisfied owner support ticket campaign...
  11. Curious if anyone else is noting this with latest RAM loaded version of Euphony where all can be loaded in RAM? Using buffer and cache options with RAM load, I've been able to eliminate an edgy discordant overtone on CD quality choral passages with external SSD/SDXC media direct attached to server, NAS and direct attached media now sound pretty much the same vs different when run off USB or Optane disk.
  12. so basically you have no standards for truthful reporting...
  13. I suspect its a Volumio misconfiguration issue. You should see the Allo Digione board as an available output device in Volumio and it needs to be selected as the audio output. What do you see as available audio devices and what is selected?
  14. I'd like to try running a NUC 7PJYH as music NAS but it only supports UEFI boot, could not get the ISO from FreeNAS to boot when burned to USB stick . Anyone have a suggestion on a freeware UEFI supporting NAS solution that I could burn to USB boot stick and install to a local SSD?
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