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  1. thanks, I've book marked the post. It will make it easier to part with some gear and not worry that I might regret it later 😥
  2. @hifi25nl As someone who had to deal with customer pain from "the law of unintended consequences" in software updates, I highly recommend that you also not move anything from beta status to production status without a reasonable standard bake in interval. Issues can take time to rise to the top and sort out from user problems vs software defect. Even bug fixes can cause more issues than they solve.
  3. I guess what I'd like to see is a comparison of a PC using something like a JCAT USB FEMTO as endpoint machine with AL vs AL/NUC endpoint using built in USB. I don't see anything special about the hardware quality in an endpoint NUC, just good hardware integration. My suspicion is that an independently powered well made USB card in a decent endpoint machine will best NUC. Hopefully we can get a CA member who already has one of these or an alternative to give it a shot and report in.
  4. davide256

    CD players are back ?

  5. davide256

    Allo digione instability

    check the DietPi forums for help , if under voltage is occurring you will see it in an alarm file. I suspect that you are doing something that maxes out CPU. Starting questions would be 1) are you using an RPI3? 2) are you using wired Ethernet connection vs more trouble prone wireless?
  6. davide256

    Still better SQ from CD.... Help..

    An adult response would have been to offer a better link...
  7. davide256

    Can you improve on this NUC spec for Roon and W10?

    You really owe it to yourself to try AL as Roonserver OS... I predict you won't want to go back to Windows and Roon. I know I don't. And as long as your BIOS is UEFI you can boot from USB stick, leaving your windows installation unaffected. And unlike Rock, AL is not hardware limited, use any machine with i5 or better CPU for good Roon performance streaming to your SMS200.
  8. davide256

    Still better SQ from CD.... Help..

    whats that saying about a flying pig " its not how well it flew but the fact that it flew at all that is surprising". I consider AL and NUC the 2018 equivalent of the original AR turntable.... cheap and works damn well for USB out. Holding on to my microRendu at the moment in hopes that someday AL gets ported to it.
  9. davide256

    Still better SQ from CD.... Help..

    this is a bit user friendlier without getting into the weeds of technology hardware limitations and what can go wrong https://www.explainthatstuff.com/cdplayers.html
  10. davide256

    Still better SQ from CD.... Help..

    the cost driver for traditional design CD player quality isn't that different from that of analog turntables.... a good isolated transport solution and avoidance of motor caused micro speed anomalies in the audible bandwidth range make it very expensive to get right. With computers you can read the data off media disk as an ordinary data file so you don't have to worry about media drive isolation and speed accuracy. But you still have to worry about how well the OS and hardware maintain clocking under electrical/thermal stress during hard drive file conversion to USB audio. Some recent CD players have resorted to buffering track files, behaving like a computer to eliminate dependency on transport quality. Using a RAM only streamer endpoint allows you to eliminate media drive read caused electrical/thermal impacts on USB conversion clocking integrity.
  11. davide256

    Still better SQ from CD.... Help..

    You are welcome. One of the quirks of AL and a good power supply is that devices like iFi Micro USB and ISO Regen become no longer needed,,, seems whatever they were fixing before, AL and good power supply takes care of without them.
  12. davide256

    Still better SQ from CD.... Help..

    The least expensive starting point would be to buy/install Audiolinux on your NUC (has roonserver support) and use it to improve your Roonserver SQ. http://www.audio-linux.com/ 1) buy the $99 option for both LXQT and headless. LXQT is a GUI so much easier to the neophyte to use at the server end, install /configure it on the i7 NUC . Or use the headless version if you feel comfortable with Linux 2) USB to DAC is very power supply quality sensitive, consider buying a Paul Hynes SR4 or Uptone Audio JS-2 to power the USB source device. Uptone Audio LPS 1.2 is also very good but does not have the amperage to power an i7 NUC. 3) consider a Pentium NUC endpoint running AL headless and Roonbridge at some future point... a USB endpoint without drives improves SQ 4) replace the Supra cable, an Uptone Audio USPCB at $35 sounds so much better.... beats my Supra, Vertere and Wireworld Starlight cables. there is good CA user advice on how to optimize a NUC running Audiiolinux here
  13. davide256

    Roon self pauses

    A 2010 product is at least 3 generations behind in USB technology, I can't even find anything to verify that its uses asynchronous USB... DAC's of that era were still using the older Microsoft audio USB implementation. Are you perchance using an HDMI connection from Mac to DX5 for audio? Since the DX5 was intended as a disc player it lacks the typical coax input that would permit a newer asynch USB solution to be used.
  14. Has anyone found a device with a better hardware implementation than NUC which can be used with AL as Roon endpoint? I do find it freaky/worrisome that just removing the USB drive after boot to RAM makes such a difference. And intriguing that an RPI can come so close to Pentium NUC as endpoint. Still hoping that Sonore makes AL an option for xRendu...