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  1. If you don’t do upsampling, you might want to Google the Pi2AES. I’m tempted to play with one as an alternative to USB out
  2. Then you could consider either the mono Stratos amps, well reviewed by Absolute Sound or the PS Audio M700 monos, well reviewed by Stereophile, both running just below $3k. Well reviewed gear is far easier to resell later if you want to move on…
  3. Your speakers are moderately efficient so a 50 watt tube amp or 100 watt solid state amp should do fine. Per Stereophile the bass driver has 4 ohms impedance so you want an amp that’s stable at that impedance value. A Prima Luna tube amp should satisfy if acoustic music is your preference. If dynamics are more important consider Odyssey Khartago or Stratos which is still a class AB amp. Not knocking your earlier choices, I don’t know them. But be wary of the rush to cheaper Class D amplifiers by many manufacturers and be sure whatever you choose is stable at 4 ohms.
  4. Identify the speaker please... it’s impedance curve and efficiency are what determines a good amp match. Room size can also affect watt requirements.
  5. The nice thing about computer audio is that the sky is the limit for potential bit rates. Trying 768/32 right now. Couldn’t do that with a disc player, album sizes run ~ 30 GB
  6. Decided to dip my toes deeper in the Denafrips waters with an Ares II, will try to be patient and just use it for at least a week before adding the Iris DDC back in. Had been using Iris with Chord Mojo, even limited to 192/DSD64 over SPDIF it made the Mojo sound far better than same content over its USB input.
  7. Trying to figure out if the Denafrips Pontus/Venus/Terminator with dual AES/EBU inputs are an alternative to the dual BNC Chord solution. Anyone use this? Struggling to find a description/limitations.
  8. pretty much the vinyl equivalent of using a BIC turntable for source. Remember that this site was originally Computer Audiophile.... many of us have been on the journey for a while trying to do better than the low bar of off the shelf laptop/PC gear
  9. Is anyone successfully using 1536 out from Euphony NUC with their DAC/DDC? I noticed yesterday that Denafrips IRIS USB properties said it supported 1411/1536, am working fine up-sampled to 1411 over USB but the 1536 speed gives music with a lot of noise. Actual coax output speed for the Iris remains 192/24 but so far 1411 seems to reduce/eliminate treble irritants similar to DSD up-sampling. Trying to figure out if the problem with 1536 is NUC, USB cable (Lush 2) or the IRIS.
  10. I would suggest acquiring Apacer industrial/server grade RAM is a prerequisite before you try to test... found that a lot of irritants I was hearing were due to the Crucial RAM I originally installed.
  11. Noticed today in Euphony that it reported the USB input on Iris supported 1411 and 1536. Up sampled to 1411, worked fine, but the Iris doesn’t have a speed light to confirm. The 1536 didn’t work well, mixture of noise and music
  12. I'd consider this a better option.... its going to sound better because Innuos knows how to custom design their server hardware to get best sound. And its a Roon core server solution. The Zen Mini MKIII will allow you to play with both options on your existing Vega G1 ( USB direct/Roon endpoint) to see what you think before spending money on an upgrade./ change from the Vega G1... I suspect you will stay put after you hear what improving the source solution does https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2021/04/25/innuos-zen-mini-mk-3-music-server-with-lpsu-power-supply-review/
  13. These are good components Macbook : Rogue Cronus Magnum III tube amp : LS50 Metas : Kimber cable. This is most likely bottleneck for dynamics, timbre and background instrument clarity Bluesound Node 2i consider connecting your Tidal/Macbook directly to a Denafrips Ares II first. The newer USB implementation in Denafrips matters. Then compare with the Ares II connected via coax to the Node 2i. If one assumes that you will prefer the Macbook direct, and that streaming matters, a possible off the shelf next acquisition would
  14. The turntable part is good but the arm construction isn’t as good as a Rega RB300...too many resonating parts. Stick with a high compliance cartridge and that will compensate.. not the best arm choice with a heavier cartridge or stiff suspension (low compliance) cartridge. Sound should be better than a Rega IF the motor is in good shape and the suspension springs weren’t left bouncing in transit
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