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  1. Doesn't sound like you need to change anything if you have at least 16gb of free drive space left. Perhaps put the money into a NAS instead as you will eventually exceed the storage space of the external drive and that way you will no longer have an external drive injecting noise into the mac mini.
  2. From their site, I've used both headless and LXQT. LXQT is a user friendly GUI for those like me who don't know Linux and find editing files in headless painful 😉 Audiolinux lxqt 1 year support with image $ 59 Audiolinux headless 1 year support with image $ 59 Audiolinux Raspberry 1 year support with image* $ 59 Audiolinux lxqt unlimited time support $ 119 Audiolinux headless unlimited time support $ 119 Audiolinux all versions unlimited time support** $ 219 Audiolinux USB stick/SD card with shipping $ 119
  3. Euphony is machine specific license, if you upgrade machines you contact them with the new hardware key generated and they will transfer the license. You can use any NUC hardware from Pentium to i7 with Euphony, assuming good power supply the faster processor will win out for SQ. Agree on the server UI for Euphony Stylus, running Roonserver under Euphony is the better GUI. But you should compare Euphony as endpoint vs the SoTM SMS200, I started with SMS200, went to microRendu then to Euphony NUC as I improved my endpoint SQ.
  4. AL comes with Roonserver, you will usually have to update Roonserver the first time it runs. USB and wired Ethernet should be recognized during initial boot, if not contact Piero for advice. Best to get your setup as you want it before trying RAM mode. The defaults for user prompt timeouts can make boot slow (~2 minutes) when running headless
  5. Improving the hardware doesn't deal with the OS/app limitations. If they offer a future product that can use AL or Euphony I could get excited but not if the product is still hobbled by proprietary Sonicorbiter OS
  6. There are many happy people running AL and/or Euphony on NUC endpoints that used to swear by Sonore rendus. I'm just one of them. It's been about a year since this thread made me a convert.
  7. You will be disappointed with the Allo route. I've used RPI 3, Allo USBridge/Digione, they could approach a microRendu in SQ with good PS but the cheaper hardware limited how clean the sound was. Discovering NUC/Audiolinux was transformative, just left the microRendu in the dust for depth of detail. On the NUC route I've evolved from Pentium to I3 to I7 using Uptone Audio PS's and each step up in processor for endpoint improved resolution even with the low CPU utilization of PCM playback. My only regret on the NUC side is lack of a PCIE slot for a dedicated USB card .I've replaced USB out power from the NUC with 5v from an LPS 1.2 which was a significant SQ gain but suspect that the HW quality of the "comes with" USB ports have some penalties for audio
  8. In the FWIW column I prefer Qobuz as I use streaming services for mobile listening, and on an iPhone Qobuz easily bests Tidal using Audeze Sine DX or Shure 840 headphones. I also enjoy Qubuz using Euphony Stylus or Roon for main system, doesn't match the depth of detail from local NAS source but is a great way to determine worthwhile recording purchases
  9. I still have my 1985 Nitty Gritty machine. It does an acceptable job... but any fluid solution without ultrasonic agitation will leave residue in the groove as well as "critters" growing on the vinyl. This is one of the better buys for those who have serious collections/playback systems https://upscaleaudio.com/products/kirmuss-audio-in-the-groove-ultrasonic-record-cleaner-upscale-audio-edition
  10. mmm, I'm not excited about streaming to my LG TV... I was hoping that we would get native Stylus server to Stylus endpoint streaming capability. Or am I missing something?
  11. I would suggest doing an A/B comparison of the Mac as Stylus server connected to the DAC vs current setup. If I had to assign numbers, I'd say 80% of my improvement comes from using Stylus as endpoint DAC connection and the other 20% from when I use Stylus as a 1 box solution.
  12. I suspect another reason for the 100~200 break in period is that one also ends up reevaluating the rest of the system set up, exposing weaknesses or mismatch that was unnoticed before as you try to optimize the new purchase. This takes time to identify comparison options, do A/B swapping and revise the system for best performance
  13. hmm, that sounds more like a "faux" redneck. Real redneck trucks out here are work vehicles, lots of rust and scrapes from farm and job site use. And "bumpers" are used frequently for that purpose, perfect accessory for smashing CD players
  14. Is it possible that your switch is second hand and was not reset to factory defaults by the seller?
  15. GIGO define what you like,budget, playback chain. There is no "smackdown" with headphones, just the question of what works well within your equipment and budget constraints... raise or lower the bar on system/budget and the answer changes.
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