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  1. Even if it works you will still be nagged by the question of would it have worked better with the recommended voltage...
  2. Hardware quality matters... wasn’t that impressed with the Allo devices as other than budget entry level devices. SoTM builds good gear
  3. I can't say the thrill is gone... its just that I balk at paying over $500 for a cartridge where 1 unexpected sneeze during a track change can make $$$ go up in smoke.
  4. Ah, correct. I always thought SMB sounded better than UPNP with my Oppo 103, nice to realize that Roon and Stylus went same direction. Just disabled the default media server as an unneeded running app.
  5. Just got the notice that CAF like many other audio shows is canceled for this year, copy of notice below =========================================================================================== Capital Audiofest Cancels 2020 and Confirms 2021 Show Dates July 5, 2020, Rockville MD To all friends of The Capital Audiofest: We apologize for our silence but are happy to announce that the Capital Audiofest (CAF) has finalized an agreement with the Hilton Hotel that allows us to move the show from 2020 to 2021 without any issues. We feel it is better to wait a year in order to provide everyone with the same CAF qualities inclusive of protections and safeguards rather than cobble together a lesser show. We greatly appreciate everyone being patient in this difficult time and want you and your families to be safe and able to return to CAF in 2021. The official dates are now November 5-7, 2021, and want all vendors to know that their rooms are there for you to return to. Please let us know your intent so we can hold your place. See you all in 2021. Sincerely, Gary Gill, Capital Audiofest, LLC Founder and Director [email protected] About Capital Audiofest (CAF) Capital Audiofest is the East Coast’s largest and longest running consumer high-end audio show and the only show in the Mid-Atlantic region. Started in 2010 by Gary Gill, CAF presents a wide range of music reproduction products for the enthusiast, from start-up and cutting edge technologies to cost-no-object aspirational gear, and everything in between. Capital Audiofest offers a fun and congenial weekend for the whole family, including live music, seminars and presentations and tastings from local distilleries. Capital Audiofest 2021 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852, United States Alternate Contact for more information: Christina Yuin [email protected] 917-238-0764 www.capitalaudiofest.com [email protected]
  6. Depends on what you use for software... the generic Synology media server is all you need for Roon or Stylus. I'd stick with NAS, the OS and hardware are purpose built for 24x7 file server. Use the Mac as a USB endpoint device connected to a DAC, thats its claim to fame and keep using the iPad as a controller.
  7. Euphony apparently defaults to SMB1, I had to enable that for it to find my Synology NAS shared music files. If you navigate in Diskstation to File Services/ SMB/AFP/NFS /Advanced Settings, you should see a Min and Max SMB option, the Min should be changed to SMB1. Also "Music" is normally the complete logical share name, try using that for path instead of "volume1/music" I note that in Euphony you can also change the Samba Option from 1.0 to 2.1 and 3.0 when adding a network drive, don't know if that corresponds to SMB version, hadn't noticed it until now. Maybe someone who understands Samba can chime in?
  8. Assuming you have media server enabled at the NAS, you should be able to enter the nas IP address\”music share name” to attach with “guest” as login ID, no password needed. There’s a media server protocol that defaults to 2.0 with Synology, I had to change it to also support 1.0 to successfully attach my NAS music directory. Will look up the name when I get home.
  9. I had LS50's about a year ago. They sounded better with the Prima Luna tube amp than the MOSFET modified Hafler DH200. So you may want to try a tube amp instead of your SS (Class D?) amp
  10. I first used the MZ2 as a preamp into the Prima Luna integrated to replace the aging CJ PV10A. CJ gear is euphonic but they do a great job of keeping it under control so that its seductive vs brazen. Later I used it with the Hafler DH200 as pre-amp when I realized that the Prima Luna amp didn't control the Magnepans well. Now I use it as an integrated amp because its 1 watt gives more musical detail and realism than the 100 watts of the Hafler. You won't get a lean sound from a MZ2, what you will get is a natural sound without technicolor additives. Your tone colors will have the solidity that all tube amps provide but if you like your music rubenesque, the MZ2 isn't going to add on something thats not in the original. What matters to me is that the MZ2 makes it easy to find any music I play interesting because it fully exposes what its fed, doesn't exaggerate one area at the cost of covering up another part of the music. weight and solidity... not a problem if you buy better than the stock SMPS.
  11. I've used SoTM SPS500, HDPlex200W and lastly the Uptone Audio JS-2 to power the MZ2. The first 2 were improvements over a stock power supply but for use past 12 on the volume dial with speakers they weren't that clean, didn't provide enough volume powering inefficient Magnepan 1.7's. Using a JS2 I'm comfortably powering the 1.7's now at about 2 on a volume dial which has a max volume position at 4 in a 12x12 room. It won't do for massive orchestra war horses or loud rock but I'm biding my time, the 1 watt I get from it outperforms the amplifier sections I've had before for clarity, which were a 60 watt Bryston B60 integrated, a 50 watt Prima Luna Premium integrated and a 100 watt musical concepts modded Hafler DH200. Eventually I will shell out for something in the class of a Pass XA25 but the space heater nature of class A in a 12x12 room has me looking for a cooler running but equal quality amplifier. If planning to use just for preamp or headphones the LTA LPS should do just fine, the current draw is just not that high and the unit won't "run out of steam" past 12 on the volume knob which is what I experienced with their SMPS
  12. Is it possible your router has multicast disabled? I had a problem like you describe with an Aries mini and that was the cause.
  13. Ouch. NOS 12AX7 tubes are hard to get and expensive, I could never afford NOS 12AX7 when I had the PV10A. You may want to try rolling in some new Tungsol tubes, I liked them best out of the current common pre tubes vs the GL's and EH's. Telefunken remains my favorite NOS 12xx tube for neutrality and transient response or the rare Holland Bugle Boys if you can find them. The Telefunken 12AU7's are still out there, I have 2 extra pairs squirreled away among the 50+ pairs of different NOS 12AU7/12AT7 tubes Ive tried. I have some NOS RCA clear top 12AU7's, 6SN7, they do have a nice top end. But I'm just not willing to pay $100+ for NOS 12AX7 tubes.
  14. the lowest bass is a felt pressure wave. Easiest way to experience the effect is drop a heavy textbook flat on a cement floor or be in the audience when the concert bass drum is used. Two pieces of music I use for test, Reference Recordings, Fanfare for the Common Man, track 1 or soundtrack to "Princess Mononoke" track 1, both have loud concert bass drum passages. A lot of gear seem to truncate these frequencies, probably because smaller speakers can't handle them well.
  15. Thanks! never seen this reviewer before but great format and comparing it to Manley gets my attention.
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