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  1. While I'm not into jazz, HDTT has a lot of 50/60's jazz tape transfers to digital https://www.highdeftapetransfers.com/collections/jazz-popular Listening now to the L'histoire du Soldat transfer in DSD256 just reviewed by Positive Feedback, very nice. https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/high-res-music-library/
  2. is there a process name for embedded HQPlayer that core isolation should be tried with as with gstp for Euphony? I searched the site and couldn't find a process name for HQPlayer
  3. "Memoirs of a Geisha" soundtrack (remastered), composed by John Williams. It's only 44khz but there's good texture, clarity, and instrumental variety with no sense of compression
  4. Sounds like a latency/buffer optimization problem as Internet radio will be more problematic for bandwidth/latency than Qobuz or local files. If it were a DAC synch issue, it would be random dropouts independent of source, so I don't think intermittent USB connectivity dropout is going to be the cause now.
  5. You may want to reseat/swap your USB cable to see if the problem disappears. If you have any powered devices in the USB path make sure their power connections are tightly seated.
  6. The topic is specious to me since a class D amp performs an analog task in the audio chain... the only thing that matters is whether it does it well. Since the Bel Canto 600M's have received high praise for a number of years I'd have to assume the approach has merit when competently engineered. And unlike class A or tubes wont roast you out of a smaller listening room 🙂
  7. BIOS gets a bit complex because its vendor specific, probably the simplest thing to do is try first in low power mode then change to high power mode. If you don't hear an appreciable difference you can leave it in high power mode and fiddle with the expert settings in Euphony to set max CPU frequency and to isolate processes to cores. USB 5v out matters, I couldn't hear any benefit from RAM mode with a NUC until I used an independent 5v source, believe your JCAT allows this so hopefully you will like RAM mode
  8. Since you are using Euphony, my experience is that no HD/SSD drives attached to the server, using a NAS sounds best. You may have to do some tweaking with CPU variables to find the cleanest sounding output.
  9. or if you have Qobuz you could just download from their selections what you like to your offline Qobuz directory. Works pretty well for iphone 7 over 5g wireless and storage capacity should surpasses the old ipods. You can download at your preferred rate up to original recording rate
  10. Thanks. It's amazing how many audiophile TT manufacturers still exist. just a testament to how digital has yet to surpass vinyl. Triangle was always one of those rare ones I heard about but never saw "in the wild".
  11. I've finally given in and purchased embedded HQPlayer to use with Stylus for up conversion. When I was using NOS DAC's limited to 192khz HQPlayer didn't really help but now that I have a DSD capable DAC with higher up-sampling rates, embedded HQPlayer really sharpens Stylus transient attack and complex melodic lines feel like they have gone from being drawn with edge smearing to sharp clean lines. Has me wondering if HQPlayer should be considered a "gateway drug" eventually leading to an M scaler addiction.🤑
  12. Ok, got to ask you on this one. You show no vinyl playback solution in your profile. what are you using as vinyl reference point? PS completely unrelated, are you happy with the Stratos amp? Thinking about purchasing one as a good match for Maggie 1.7's
  13. you can say what you like about the two. For me what matters is that 20 years from now my Phil Collins digital media will play back better than they do today and my Phil Collins vinyl recordings will be much the worse for wear. My only sadness is over analog recordings that don't make it over well to digital; the CD version of Sheffield's "West of Oz" is just a pale ghost of the original direct to disc.
  14. Last I knew voltage was same across drivers in parallel with only phase differences due to crossover C/L impedance. And I=v/r... if resistance of a driver is lower than another driver in parallel, it will have a higher current across it than the higher resistance driver.
  15. Your budget has you firmly in sound bar territory. I’d start looking at reviews, then go audition. Pay particular attention to bass clarity for the bass unit. You should be able to make a satisfactory choice within your budget buying a 2.1 sound bar solution.
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