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  1. I'm curious if you also got the JCAT ethernet card? And what you power the PC with? Never got any musical myself out of a PC with ATX power supply like Seasonic or fanless Rosewill.
  2. Short of getting some Apacer memory I've pretty much reached the end of what makes sense to me to tweak with my existing Euphony server. So the question above. I'm wondering if I there is a NAS I should move to next from the DS214Play I currently use? My only real system complaint now is that treble transients are softened/lost compared to local HD or listening to Qobuz over iPhone to headphones or main system. Local attached storage remains a poor second vs NAS for midrange tone color and details but its not clear to me if any different NAS could improve transients/treble with Euphony Stylus/Roonserver
  3. I tried silver fuses once... the lack of any audible improvement and the cost to replace dissuaded me from future experiments 😉.
  4. Powering your server with a JS-2 trumps using the ISO Regen... I sold mine as no longer helpful somewhere about the time I went from HDPlex 200w to JS-2 powering NUC. The cost of an ISO Regen + LPS 1.2 + 2nd Lush 2 USB cable is equivalent to the price of a JS-2... and the JS-2 as a DC power supply is unlikely to obsolesce as your system improves
  5. The equipment you have looks like you are early on this experiential journey and a lot wont make sense until you have a trained ear and experience with the hobby and better gear. You may want to go audition a well designed off the shelf solution, like the Innuos Zen MK III to understand what is possible. Audio shows are a great way to get up to speed on gear and costs http://www.innuos.com/en/catalog/go/zen-mk3-1tb-hdd-black
  6. This is power supply dependent. Ever since I acquired a JS-2 I've been able to run full speed with an 8i7BNH, throttling sounds harsher.
  7. Doubt it... but they also don't use single processor board servers built for consumer checkbooks 😉 A server in a data center has multiple CPU boards, memory, capable of running multiple virtual machines. Not sure though what the disk access hardware solution is, has to be independent and mirrored to meet uptime availability requirements, hot swap needs.
  8. Beginning to sound like this thread has moved on from NUC's to a phase II DIY PC build with specialized USB and Ethernet cards (PS also of course). Makes me wish for a new CAP server thread as the part I find hard is evaluating which MOBO to start with on any next project
  9. best to verify if its even on the network. If you have a windows PC you can use a shareware program called "Advanced IP Scanner" to find the machines on your network.. if you see one called Euphony, thats the IP address you want to use in your browser. Be very sure you aren't shooting yourself in the foot by having the PC and Euphony on different LAN segments
  10. Unfortunately class A amps are also "space heaters" 😉 Heard anything you like near 50 watts other than Pass?
  11. I found that having local music storage degraded the midrange compared to sourcing files from NAS. And that WiFi was of lesser sound quality than wired Ethernet.
  12. @adamaley I see the same thing trying to run Roon in RAM, not an issue in normal mode. But Euphony Stylus server resolves better so I only use Roon now when I want to experiment or am curious about album/composer information. If your machine supports an Optane drive, thats a better route than running in RAM
  13. Thx for the picture. Consider some maple shade iso blocks to raise the amp off the floor and/or separate the pre from the amp for good ventilation + vibration isolation. Sets of 4 run $36 each. https://shop.mapleshadestore.com/Mapleshade-Isoblock-Sets_p_1224.html
  14. Can you borrow a NAS and source your files from NAS for comparison? I've not found PC Roonserver to sound as good for music media storage as my Synology NAS; its easy in Roon to define your NAS as a network drive.
  15. one of the virtues of not running Roon from RAM where you always have to remember to RAM save 😉
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