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  1. Nice story Chris, young and no responsibilities. Wasn’t Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit blammed for some of the riots there?
  2. https://apple.news/AlhIIER37Tu-CZEWZKi8LcQ Not sure if this link worked. Just some stats on Tool’s record breaking streaming debut.
  3. It's been awhile since I've been there bit Gluek's in downtown Minneapolis had a nice system in there bar. If you went there before a big concert in town they'd crank the shit out of it. People loved it. Ok, my group of friends loved it.
  4. A few years ago HDTracks made the same mistake. It was 3:00 a.m. on a Friday, there Email came through, went to the website to check out the metal category that was advertised and all the albums there were for $1.27. I bought 11 of them. Four of the bands I never heard of. An hour later the price was corrected.
  5. With that name on it, I’m sure it’s lowered the noise floor caused by the air conditioner 😁. You know there’s a lot more like that coming. Interesting company, it would be helpful to label all my X-Mass light extension cords.
  6. It's been awhile since I used Jriver streaming from home, but I could do all those things above and stream any album in full. It's just like using there regular software. They have had some mobile app problems in the past but I never did while using it. I was using an iPhone to stream when I did. What I liked about Jriver's playlists is that you can get really picky on how you want a playlist to be created. For example, I had a work out playlist that only played songs from Rock or Metal genres, they were 3 stars or better with over 200 beats per minute and were less than 5 minutes long in order to keep the music fresh and fast for the workout. I'm not trying push Jriver, just making sure you have all information correct. I use Roon only these days and for streaming I just found it's easier to load up the phone with songs and stream Qobuz or iHeart radio. It's been interesting to hear all the other services that you've been looking into. I hope Roon's next major update will include streaming, which they are working on. Good luck, Shawn
  7. Stopped at 4:23, when outside to watch the grass grow.
  8. A bot can be more creative. Although Con-a-Cock does have a ring to it.
  9. Finally! Listened to Maynard on the Joe Rogan Podcast earlier this week. He said they (Tool) were unaware or simply didn't care about what the hype was about streaming. Although he did say making band decisions or getting together to make a decision is like pulling teeth.
  10. Since it sits in a storage room, I use a tower PC (best bang for your buck) from Micro Center. It's there own line called Power Spec, G355. It comes with no needless bloatware from popular manufactures.
  11. If you had to pay for something. JRiver software does this, just have to configure your router, plenty of info on there forums. Also Western Digital Cloud storage devices do this. I have both. JRiver is a lot easier and I think (not certain) you can import playlists, you'd have to research this.
  12. How about this. They no longer make this device but there are others like it. I had one and it worked great, has its limitations though. https://www.musicalfidelity.com/support/discontinued-products/vSeries/v-link192
  13. Rick Beato's YouTube channel is very entertaining to watch. He has a variety of content and being a producer/musician provides a lot of insight on the recording process. I've been a subscriber since he started that series. As I was a young kid in the seventies Boston was my first favorite band and my first purchased album. Rush and Led Zeppelin were soon to follow.
  14. Who chooses a profile name like StreamHiRes, then promotes MQA as HiRes. Oxymoronish, I'd say.
  15. I wonder if they count every new car purchaser that has Sirius as a subscriber? Even if they never use it or pay for it.
  16. I agree, worst quality. Content is fine. I still wouldn’t pay for it.
  17. You could have just drove to Magnepan and handed them that check 😀
  18. Chris, did you get to hear those Wisdom speakers? If so, do you remember what model. I've always wanted hear their take on planar magnetic technology but they have very few venders nationwide.
  19. bgentry, have a look at studio monitors specifically. Many come with built in eq settings for bass and treble, desktop/stand placement and distance from the surrounding walls. Places like Guitar Center have several to choose from. You can find them used there or at pawn shops or other guitar shops cheap. I use a pair of Mackie HR624 MKII to for my computer desktop setup and they sound great.
  20. I love the digital technology allowing the automatic or manual sheet music scrolling. Flipping the page back in the day was a chore.
  21. Can you list your top 5? Or are you going to settle for a pair of Bose 901 😁
  22. With the ending of the big show Sunday night, here's a cover of the theme song by some metal and country guitarist.
  23. Have fun, it’s supposed to rain all weekend.
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