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  1. If you did use a receiver and all your speakers are powered, you have to make sure that the receiver is equipped with PRE OUTs to hook up your powered monitors. You would be hooking everything up to the 5.1 or 7.1 RCA outputs on back of the receiver. Then the Dragonfly would be connected to say like the CD RCA inputs on the receiver. When playing music you can usually choose a setting on the receivers surround modes to play music through all speakers, instead of some gimmicky surround sound mode. Unfortunately you won't be able to get true surround sound from the Dragonfly. It only outputs 2 channel signals. So if your watching a movie downloaded to your computer it will be converted to 2 channel sound. Now the receiver can take that signal and perform some magic but it won't be true surround sound, if that matters to you.
  2. Sure, you can try anything you want. Most are hear for 2 channel audio. As a gamer I would think that a good pair headphones is all your looking for. A good set of headphones can be an amazing experience. But there's nothing wrong with trying a few things before changing your rig.
  3. Unfortunately you can only use one set of speakers at a time. When use a external DAC like the Dragonfly or any other DAC for that matter your bypassing the internal DAC in the computer and usually converting just the right and left channels, just like using headphones or a set of speakers for stereo imaging. You could not hook three of these up at the same time. Why would you? A good pair of headphones or speakers is all you need to achieve great sound. I guess you could use a Y-splitter off the ends of the RCA connector to connect another pair of speakers but again, one set of properly placed speakers can achieve great sound.
  4. There's a 1000 ways to skin a cat, so goes this journey to get music off your computer to a set of speakers. One way to do it is to use a better external DAC instead of your computer's then to your speakers. So something like Audioquest's Dragonfly to your speakers is not only cheap but will be a significant upgrade to your computers DAC. There are 3 versions of this DAC. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_703DGNFLYB/AudioQuest-DragonFly-Black-v1-5.html You can connect it to your speakers from something like this. There are 100s of these connectors on the web, this is just an example. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/YRA154--hosa-yra-154-stereo-breakout-3.5mm-trs-to-dual-rcaf-6-inch
  5. I hear what your saying. It would be nice to think that nothing ahead of this great product should make a difference. The only thing I would add, is that when the regen was added there was a change in sound. Was/is it better or worse? To our reviewer it made it better. On another system it may not be as noticeable or dramatic. I've read in other threads that the regen (in any of it's variations) didn't make any changes to the sound of there system. Convenience of wiring through my house is why I bought one (regen). BTW, excellent review/mini series @ray-dude
  6. I'd be curious if anyone could get a hold of an old Krell amplifier like this, or a high powered one and try it out.
  7. I just watched this limited time video. It's outstanding, Prince was an amazing performer. The video link says it's only good through Sunday. I pulled up my Qobuz account and followed along with the set list that's with the new live version streaming release. https://www.loopinsight.com/2020/05/14/travel-back-in-time-with-prince-and-the-revolution/
  8. Thinking out loud here, would it be wise not to listen to these headphones during an electrical storm. Or a big ass thunderstorm. I’ve got a great view of both downtown St. Paul. And Minneapolis and watch storms roll in an hour away while listening to music or watching tv. I can just imagine a lightning strike and having my head vaporize 🤯
  9. You could also consider a portable PA system. You could add a microphone if the classroom size was big enough like a gymnasium. You would still want a Presonus to split out the signal.
  10. You, of all people didn't buy a lifetime subscription. Please rationalize this one to me.
  11. She was beautiful back then. The like you said, the crazy happened.
  12. Sounds like a new basement project. It's a lot cheaper to do home theater (component wise) vs 2 channel. You don't need top of the line anything to feel immersed in the sound. Quality sure, top of the line no need for that. We try so hard for 2 channel setups to feel right there at the recording, whereas home theater setups do that with ease. Although it never hurts to go all in. Take a second, third and forth home mortgage out and then call Admit One Home Theater😉
  13. Dam. I thought corrected that in the edit. 3/28.
  14. Just before Minnesota went on shut down on 3/32/20, I went to my local guitar shop to buy a new guitar and amp. I'm always trading and buying new guitars. In fact I'm far better at that, then playing the dam thing. Anyways, a week after I bought that guitar, a different version of this guitar arrived at the shop and I wanted it. Unfortunately with the lock down, this was unattainable. After mulling over what to do for just over a month, I reached out to the store for an exchange. The guitar shop has been selling online since the lock down but contacting them personally was only through an e-mail service. This process took about 4 days to come to fruition and yesterday was that day. To paraphrase, The Holy Sh$t Moment. Even though the store was under curbside pick up, I needed to go inside to pay for the transaction. I was trading in 2 guitars and buying 2 more guitars. When in the store (using social distancing and wearing a mask) I was blown away by the amount of merchandise they had sold during the lock down. Over half the guitar stock was gone. About a third of the amps have been sold. It was amazing. All I could think about was the inspiration (or boredom) that many musicians have felt during this lock down. Now for the why. When talking to the salesman about all the sales they've had, he said nearly 90% is due to he government stimulus package. But on top of that it's the $600 unemployment bonus that those who are unemployed are receiving. Customers are calling in and blatantly saying the the government is paying for this one. So much for paying your bills. The other main factor was being drunk while making that purchase, knowing they have this extra money in their accounts. The salesman said right a way, "Don't get me started" on that $600 bonus. As he stated "I'm busting my ass, while everyone else who worked here is making more money then me." I had to agree. I work for a sizable production facility and much of the factory is closed on Fridays except the area I work in. Those who are off on Friday get to claim unemployment for that day and get the bonus. Almost all the those employees who are still there, are needless say, pissed. I have no problem with the bonus if your fully laid off or just working one or two days out of your regularly 40 hour schedule. Our government at times just tosses cash around without considering what their doing. Just like the stimulus checks going to dead people. My Dad died nearly 2 months ago and he didn't receive a check, nor should he. But how are people getting checks after being dead for over a year. Rant over. Anyways, stimulus checks are great for those who are in need. It's also benefiting businesses like this guitar shop, who had there best month in sales on record. I hope we get out of this pandemic lock down soon nation wide. I'm not a protester of this lock down or anything else (too time consuming). I personally would be happy to wear a mask anywhere I go for shopping purposes. I have to wear a mask all day at work, so I've come accustomed to the inconvenience. Lets just hope the curve flattens, vaccines arrive ahead of time and musicians keep recording music for release. Shawn
  15. A couple from Liz Phair, notice the nip slip. She didn't realize it until the album came out.
  16. One of the all time greatest rock albums. I'm not a huge AC/DC fan but that's one album I always listen to from front to back.
  17. This one is just disturbing. Although "Free Ride" and "Frankenstein" came from this album .
  18. I’ve even used them on short stands to raise a pair of speakers to ear level. Having a pair in your audio tool kit is not a bad thing. It’s like having a SPL meter. You’ll never know when you need it.
  19. Good price for brand new stands. Compare at Guitar Center or Sweetwater https://electronics.woot.com/offers/isoacoustics-subwoofer-or-speaker-isolation-stand-1?ref=w_cnt_lnd_cat_elec_4_5 I use a pair for my KEF LS50W, love em.
  20. And this is exactly what Chris is saying. Where's the definitive proof? It goes both ways. I too would like to see MQA disappear.
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