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  1. Kernel Check appears above the update link, so I always do it first.
  2. AllMusic calls Primus a cross between Frank Zappa and Rush. Sounds about right to me. The Pressman:
  3. is "chasing perfect sound", according to the Audiophiliac. I don't much care for video reviews, and Guttenberg's are not well done, but the content of this one is brilliant, especially the summary statement: "We like what we like". What is the point of arguing for your particular set of likes over those of others? None, because we like what we like. There is no one true path to audio nirvana. https://www.youtube.com/embed/x43HQZ1G_Tw
  4. I asked a friend who builds amps for a rec on which cap to buy. He's had good luck with Nichicon and suggested this one: https://www.partsconnexion.com/NICHICON-76223.html All I had to do was bend the leads to fit it on the board, and sounds great.
  5. Maybe you need a range extender to boost the wi-fi signal?
  6. I've noticed there's often another update or two right immediately after the initial. I agree though, I'm thrilled with the firmware updates providing upgraded features and sonic improvements on my sms-200, even 3-1/2 years in.
  7. There's no indication of improved SQ in the 4.8 change log, but for the first time ever, streaming from my NAS has surpassed the internal CD drive in my CD/DAC/Preamp. THANK YOU SOTM!
  8. Sorry, I should have read your post more clearly. No USB drive. MPD yes, but files are on a NAS, via Wi-Fi to an extender, ethernet cable to sms-200. Nevertheless, I would recommend to repeat the 4.8 update.
  9. Updating to 4.8 went smoothly here, no issues at all. Something must have gone wrong .I would force a repeat, @ClothEars. I started to have trouble with 4.7 last week and forcing a repeat of the update fixed the problem.
  10. I do not run my monitors through the miniDSP, they run full range. The monitors are sealed, with a Q of 0.7 and roll off naturally, second-order Butterworth. The subs roll in at 80HzBW2, with Auto EQ and room correction via REW. PS My miniDSP 2x4 is the base model, ADC-DAC conversion at 24/48.
  11. I did that for a while and it sounded decent, but not great. I am now running my subs through a miniDSP 2x4, which allows me to implement a more versatile crossover and DSP with auto filters via REW. DSP filters and corrections brought the sound to a level not achievable with a traditional subwoofer crossover and amp. I am not aware of any way to implement DSP using high level sub inputs.
  12. That depends mostly on the DAC output capability and the load it will need to drive, i.e. the input impedance of the power amp and sub crossover. Initially I tried the above and was not satisfied. The sound was transparent and more detailed but music became boring (poor PRaT). I subsequently learned that the sub crossover I use has an input impedance of 6kΩ, and my power amps are 20kΩ. That's a combined load of 4.6kOhms. My DAC has very low input impedance, just a few ohms, but it could not provide sufficient current for this load. I found a solution though. I am running my monoblock power amps from the RCA outputs on my DAC/Pre. The DAC's XLR outputs are feeding a passive preamp with 50kΩ input impedance. The passive pre drives the sub crossover via RCA's. Combined load on the DAC is now 14kΩ. I am getting the best sound I've ever had. Brand new, my analog preamp cost three times as much as my DAC/Pre. Nevertheless, I prefer the sound directly from DAC to amps. I ripped all my LP's and sold the preamp. One other more minor caveat. When I used an RCA splitter in a previous bi-amped system. I could always hear a slight deterioration due to the (high quality) splitter and ended up not using it.
  13. It is not obvious to me what you mean. Can you clarify please?
  14. Tech specs I can get from the manufacturer or manual. By the end of a review, I need to feel that I know how the device sounds. You nailed that part in this review. I have a clear impression of the sound of the M10. Nice work!
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