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  1. I bought a PlayPoint Mark I and e32 Mark II second-hand, added the Teddy Pardo LPS. Really happy with this combo, operationally and sonically.
  2. None that I've found. I can only listen on Chromecast devices, my Windows desktop system and Android phone.
  3. The AC Purifier only provides a very small improvement to any individual component, but provides that tiny improvement to everything that is plugged into the same circuit. I use an AC Purifier in my main system, plugged into a Furman power conditioner, with all my front end gear.
  4. Free trial period and only $12.95 monthly afterwards (for Prime subscribers anyway, not sure about the details). Awesome! https://www.amazon.ca/music/unlimited
  5. I agree, that's what I working on for the past few minutes. The USB 5V bus from my laptop is crap. I replaced the Belkin USB 3.0 cable with a dual-head Ghent Audio 2.0 cable, power leg connected to the iPower 5V. Initially, there was a huge gap between the Eitr and my sMS-200 Neo with Welborne Labs LPS. They are close at this point. One day I will replace the superior LPS on the sms-200 with an iPower and see how close they are on even ground.
  6. Thanks @Charente. Looks like you saved me some grief. From the manual, which I had not read: Power Input. Connect only to the Schiit-supplied 6VAC wall-wart, or bad things may happen.
  7. I fried a Sabaj Da2 simply by touching it in the dry season. The zap from my finger killed it, never made a sound again. I received my Eitr just over an hour ago, hooked up to the Dell laptop and Audiolab DAC in my headphone system. Initially a little disappointing, lacking body and a little hashy in the mids and treble. I expect break-in will improve things somewhat. I added an iFi iPurifier2 and got a nice improvement; blacker background, more body, smoother mids and treble. The iPurifier is definitely staying. I'll use the Schiit wall wart for now, then try the iFi
  8. Pacino has become a cartoon caricature of himself. Hooah!
  9. I replaced the Yorkville Sound DLX cables in my headphone system with their Studio One version, which is only a few dollars more, and sounds smoother. I can't find any fault with these cables at all. I borrowed a friend's crazy expensive Cardas Golden Reference XLR cables and prefer the Studio Ones for their neutrality.
  10. As I said, Rod Stewart has had his moments. I love Atlantic Crossing, but mostly Rod covers material by other, more talented artists, especially Tom Waits. The originals are mostly better. American Songbook really exposes his vocal shortcomings. He's an amazingly talented marketer with great taste in music. If you want to hear good interpretations of American classics by pop artists, try Moonlight Serenade by Carly SImon and But Beautiful by Boz Scaggs.
  11. I know for sure who is not the "Best Singer Of All Time". I just listened to It Had To Be You... The Great American Song Book, by Rod Stewart. OMG, talk about awful! I knew Rod was not very talented but he's had his moments. These old standards however, make his voice sound bad, really, really bad.
  12. John Siau of Benchmark Media Systems qualifies as an objectivist designer. "Measurements are the benchmarks that quantify the transparency of an audio product. As our name implies, Benchmark Media Systems is dedicated to the design and manufacture of transparent audio products. We strive to achieve the highest benchmarks in the industry. When we introduce a new product, it is designed to measure better than any competing product." The entire article is well worth a read: HOW SHOULD I BUY AN AUDIO SYSTEM? https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_not
  13. I used the Topping P50 LPS with the D50S.
  14. I was discouraged from buying the D10S due to my experience with a D50S, which sounded exactly as you describe. Attack/decay was slowed or softened, which had a negative impact on PRaT. I decided the Eitr would be a safer bet. I will try it with and without an iFi iPurifier2, and an iPower 5V SMPS.
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