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  1. I believe your objection to Volumio is described in this sentence: "Within the development of myVolumio the use of plug-ins for native Qobuz and Tidal has become a supplementary paid service." That is a valid and important point for anyone wanting either service. I only use the Pi for my own music from NAS, and I don't use Volumio as a controller. I use Music Station with WIndows and QMusic with Android. These QNAP programs are able to control my sms-200, RPi and Chromecast Audio streamers. Your description of how to configure piCorePlayer above is the reason I won't be trying pCP again. Frankly the explanation is half Greek to me. Volumio setup is dead simple and it does everything I need. I just wanted to try something different to see if it was better. I wrestled with Moode for most of the day before trying pCp. I need to stay with Volumio.
  2. Never mind, configuring is too messy, back to Volumio.
  3. I'm trying to configure piCOREplayer on my Raspberry Pi. It's asking for a Network Disk mount point, /mnt/ <Mount Point> the name of the mount point for the drive. Alpha-numeric pathnames required (up to 32 characters). Do not use hardware device names like sda1 or mmcblk0. I tried the path to my NAS music folder, Z:\Music and many variations, no luck. It keeps saying "Please match the requested format". What do I need to enter?
  4. I have a new LG G8 phone, rated for 128GB. The folders do not appear to be empty, there is 60GB showing in Properties, but music is only showing in a few files. Most folders are empty according to Windows, viewing hidden files makes no difference. The SD card checker that @yamamoto2002 recommended indicates the card is damaged: Error writing file 'F:\1.h2w', offset 0x0. It is still possible to verify the test data written up to this point. (The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. Code 1117) Warning: Only 1000 of 127968 MByte tested. Writing speed: 0.00 KByte/s H2testw v1.4
  5. Thanks for the replies. I had bought two cheap 128GB micro SD cards, from China via Amazon. I ran H2testw on one and SD Card Formatter on the other, then loaded each with 60GB of music. Same result; Properties shows 60GB loaded, I can see the artist file folders, most are empty when I open them. I threw both cards in the trash and ordered SanDisk.
  6. Not sure how that is relevant. The SHD has a highly configurable crossover, Dirac capabilities and four onboard DAC's as its claim to fame. As far as I can tell the Volumio you mention has none of the above
  7. I downloaded files to a mini SD card. It took several hours to copy about 100GB to the 124GB card. I loaded the card to my phone and played some music. For some reason it was only playing from two artists. I looked at the software and sure enough, those were the only files it could see. I moved the card to my laptop, and Properties indicates it is almost full. I can see the artist names, but when I click on one, it says it's empty. My laptop says the SD is damaged and needs to be scanned but when I try, it just hangs. Any idea how to fix this?
  8. The PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell has had some rave reviews: https://www.psaudio.com/products/stellar-gain-cell/
  9. Having owned both, I believe the difference would be obvious in most any system. They sound quite different. The Class A is laid back and organic IME, the S much brighter and more forward sounding. Both are highly detailed and spacious. I much preferred the Class A in my system.
  10. I suspect you are reading Audio "Science" Review? I bought the D50s for my headphone system, partly because I had the matching linear power supply and partly due to great measurements. I did not like the sound at all, pace and rhythm were poorly reproduced, which made music sound boring. I have two cheaper DAC's that sound better. Adding a tube pre behind the D50S will not address the problem. I suggest you try to audition a better DAC with preamp capability.
  11. I have an Audiolab 8200CD. The designer calls it a DAC with built-in CD tray. For streaming, I use a range extender in bridge mode, connected via ethernet to an sMS-200 renderer, streaming zero compression FLAC files from my NAS, via USB to the DAC. Until recently, CD sounded slightly better to me than streaming (streaming had slightly tighter bass, CD had slightly better transparency). SOtM implemented a couple of firmware updates that improved the sound. They also suggested to use 100BASE-T instead of 1000BASE-T, which made a nice difference. I DIY'ed the Neo upgrade on the sMS. The situation has now changed, and I have a slight preference for the streamer. in addition to the built-in CD-ROM tray in the Audiolab, I own an Oppo 980H universal player and Cambridge Audio DiskMagic transport. With both connected via Coax, the Oppo is OK, but clearly a step behind due to slightly opaque sound and compressed soundstage. The DacMagic transport has the most refined sound of the three, but the inboard CD tray has better PRaT, which is more important to me.
  12. Interesting. I wasn't the spec had changed. From the SOtM sits" PCM 32bit/768KHz max, DSDx512 max
  13. John Westlake, my favourite digital designer is an objectivist. "As far as I'm concerned, in the case above, if you want "Best measurements", then buy the cheaper unit and be Happy and "Laugh" at the rest of us but DON"T dare say the new design sounds worst because in some areas it has poorer measured performance...You will be surprised how many (it not all) designer I know will privately agree that standard "static" measurements have little refection on sound quality (try as they might to measure and "quantify" sound quality) " https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/331363-ak4499eq-dac-25.html#post6130649 John Westlake designs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_A._Westlake#Designs
  14. I hadn't noticed you have the Mutec. It seems to be similar in function to the tx-USB.
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