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  1. My understanding of the purpose of the UPS is to allow for a safe and orderly shut down. At some point, the batteries will run out of juice and the connected gear will crash. I shut the system down before that can happen. I'm not sure how long the UPS would keep going, I've never tried. I think the NAS may be able to detect low voltage and power down on its own. My practice so far has been to shut down if the power is out for more than about 15 minutes, which is very safe. Maybe I"m being too cautious.
  2. My modem, NAS and router are on a UPS. I have wireless devices all over the house, battery backups for all would be impossible, especially the TV's.
  3. We had a two-hour power outage yesterday. I suspect they're having trouble with ground water from the spring melt. While power was off, I unplugged all devices. When power returned, I restarted the modem, router, NAS, extenders and 11 receiving devices in that order. No IP conflicts or trouble with wi-fi on any of the devices for the first time ever, but the procedure was bothersome, especially since the NAS takes so damned long to shut down and start up. There are times when we have a few short power interruptions in a row. I'd hate to go through this every time. My router assigns IP addresses in the 100-199 range. Of the receiving devices, only the sms-200 has a static IP now (#57), but I intend to assign static IP's to the more problematic devices. Thanks again for the replies.
  4. Thanks guys, I did have address duplication after the event and wondered about assigning more static addresses. I'm still having trouble maintaining the connection to my TV's and my main laptop. I will investigate how to assign static IP to these and the Pi. I have Fing which has been invaluable in troubleshooting.
  5. I know one is not supposed to unplug a computer without powering down. With the Pi this time, and the sms-200 at other times, I seem to have no choice. The device is not showing up in the network, and doesn't have a power button. The sms has a reset button, but I assume that would do a lot more than power down.
  6. We had a series of short power outages two days ago. The modem, router and NAS are on UPS, but the outage caused several of devices to drop off my network. I have had to do a lot of booting and rebooting of the NAS, router and devices. The worst was Raspberry Pi. Volumio mobile couldn't find it, so I could not turn it off with the software command. I had to unplug it and when it came back, there was only a blank page. I had to re-image the SD card. Is there a recommended procedure for attacking this issue? Should I turn everything off from upstream to down, then start up from the other end?
  7. 😦 That haircut video was scary as hell!
  8. I liked the Avantgarde, Esoteric, Transparent, Harmonic Resolution recording best, but I would be very unhappy with that sound in my home system. iPhone recordings are interesting but terribly limited in SQ. I don't doubt it sounded awesome in real life. The Avantgarde Zero TA based system had horrendous sibilance and I don't think that can be blamed on the recording, since the other systems did not have the same problem.
  9. Nice dynamics but a boomy in the recording. And that was not music, more like sound effects.
  10. I was using Chromecast Audio in my secondary system into an iFi iOne DAC. I replaced it with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ because the Chromecast was experiencing dropouts and making little popping noises with hi-rez files (anything above 48kHz sample rate). The RPI plays all files up to 176/24 and 2X DSD with no dropouts or noise. Note that amirm did not test CCA at higher sample rates. Archimago did and found high levels of jitter at 96/24. I would say that CCA sounded a little better than the basic RPI, both powered by an iFi iPower 5V. The RPI had a more robust sound but PRaT was not good, and that is my main criterion for good sound. Adding separate power to the DAC moved the RPI ahead sonically. I am now powering the RPI with a cheap Canakit SMPS and the the RPI with the SMPS that came with CCA. I moved the CCA streamer to my downstairs system, connected via glass Toslink to an Audiolab 8200CD/DAC/preamp. Again I heard popping noises on hi-rez files and sometimes even when streaming Google Play music. Fortunately the Audiolab has a firmware setting for managing higher levels of jitter. I set it to Medium and have had no further issues. I only use CCA in my main system to cast Google Play music. For streaming from my NAS, I use an sms-200 with Welborne Labs PS-Reg via USB into the Audiolab. Chromecast is connected to a USB port in the sms, so in effect, both are powered by the Welbone Labs PSU. CCA sounds OK in this system but the sms has a more powerful and detailed sound.
  11. Maybe Chord? https://www.chord.co.uk/xlr-vs-rca/ Counter argument from Benchmark: https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/balanced-vs-unbalanced-analog-interfaces
  12. Congratulations Ben. Did you ever post your project on DIYaudio? It is a much more suitable and knowledgeable forum for this sort of thing.
  13. I have no idea what you mean by "audiophile bass", but no bass is a major shortcoming in an expensive system. For me. You can feel bass drum whacks and thumping electric bass in a rock or jazz band. My headphones (Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro), can play infrasonic bass frequencies. My speakers only go do down to 30 Hz, but the tactile bass impact from my speaker system (dual 6.5" midwoofers in sealed cabinets, dual sealed 10" subs), puts any headphone to shame. The system you linked is all about soundstage, and pristine mids & highs. Bass is AWOL. That takes excitement away from the music. For me.
  14. I'm sure the soundstage is amazing, as reported by the interviewer (are pianos supposed to float? 😯). However, listening to the YouTube / video camera version through another system, in a different room, cannot even remotely reproduce the effect. I am always intrigued by systems with exotic or unusual sources, amps, and speaker technologies. I would love to hear this system, but I would not have made the same equipment choices... no bass!!! @The Computer Audiophile said "I'll take Pearl Jam on an AM radio if that's all I can get, but on a beautiful HiFi system that sounds spectacular, all is right with the world." To that, I say AMEN!
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