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  1. My sMS-200 came new with an 8GB card. Later firmware versions filled this card to the max, which was a problem. I was advised by SOtM to install a card with more memory, so I went with 16GB. The need for more storage came with V4.5. Which firmware version are you using?
  2. I have Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ in a secondary system. I chose Volumio over others like Moode, Rune and Picoreplayer because it was the easiest and most intuitive to set up. However, I use QNAP QMusic to play music. I find Volumio less flexible, and I have multiple playlists set up in QNAP for my all my audio systems, so this is my preferred setup. Sometimes I have both softwares running, because Volumio is quicker and more reliable for level control. This remote system was unstable, kept dropping off the network, until I connected via ethernet to an access point. It is now ro
  3. I've read a lot on this topic and I agree with @firedog, there is no consensus. It depends mostly on how heavy someone has gone into their main interest (and maybe mindset?). Since these technologies seem equally capable that's a win for streaming, for the reasons you mention; convenience and variety. Technically, USB and I2S done right are superior to CD/coax, because clocking is separate from the data stream and controlled by the DAC. Clocking has no effect on obvious things like bass or treble, but it affects PRaT, which is key to musicality and engagement. I have a
  4. Yes, the 2i2 will convert the digital USB signal to analog. Connect the analog outputs on the rear of the 2i2 to the RCA inputs of the new headphone amp. With the Magni, connect the Magni RCA output jacks to the RCA inputs on your speakers. If you are using a Magnius, you could connect from the Magnius single-ended (RCA) outputs or from the balanced (XLR) outputs of the headphone amp to your speakers. Set the 2i2 to fixed level if that is available. If not, set it partway and control the level with the headphone amp.
  5. I don't know how good or bad the DAC is on the 2i2. Clearly the headphone section is grossly underpowered for your headphones. For example the Schiit Magni 3+ can put 410mW into a 300Ω load. The Scarlett can only output 10mW into the same load. You absolutely need a headphone amp, not sure about a DAC. I'm a big Schiit Audio fan and would recommend either the Magni 3+ or Magnius for your application. The Magni can power headphones from the front panel headphone jack and speakers via RCA outputs on the rear panel. Plugging headphones in mutes the speaker outputs. The M
  6. I'm very happy with my XtremPro X1, but if I were to replace it, I would likely go for the Helm Bolt. https://twitteringmachines.com/the-dongle-dac-survey-part-2-the-reviews/
  7. My G8 manual says "tuned by Meridian". I don't know about DVD Audio, but they were seminal in the digital revolution in the eighties.
  8. Sorry, I don't know the hierarchy of LG phones, and I've never seen anyone comment on this.
  9. I'll put in a good word for the LG phones with Dual Quad DAC. I recently compared my G8 ThinQ to an Astell & Kern AK300 DAP, using three headphones; Sennheiser HD1, Grado GH4, Beyerdynamic DT 1990. I preferred the sound of the G8 with all of the headphones. The ThinQ had punchier sound, the AK300 was looser and darker, despite having a more powerful amp. Volume was maxed out at times on the phone when using the 250-ohm DT 1990, but the dual DAC still had more finesse. In addition, the phone supports a 1TB SD card, vs. only 256GB for the DAP. I found the operating sy
  10. Too bad your issue isn't resolved. Good luck tech support. USB 5V is constantly powered.
  11. I agree about the Senn HD 650, they're boring; bloated mid-bass, muted treble. Unless paired with a tube amp, in which case the HD 650 becomes pretty good but still not great. I recommend the Grado Hemp. It will bring the life back to your music. There are lots of reviews, all I've seen rave about the sound quality. Comparison Review: Grado HEMP and Audeze LCD1, Sennheiser HD6XX, and Hifiman Sundara headphones below. The HD 6XX is the Drop version of the HD 650, sounds the same.
  12. Possibly the firmware file needs to be extracted before use? I have an Audiolab 8200CD in my headphone system, which uses an earlier version of your DAC. When I use the Audiolab with my SOtM sMS-200, it plays back at the sample frequency of the recording (up to its limit of 96/24). When I use it with my Windows 10 laptop, the sample frequency does not change, it remains at the default setting of 48/24. If I play a higher res file, it doesn't make the ugly sounds you describe, but there are a lot of dropouts. I have to go into the Sound Control Panel, ADVANCED tab, and select 88.2/
  13. Having a PSU that is able to deliver more amps than necessary is not a problem. The device determines how much power it will draw. Incorrect voltage OTOH is likely to cause trouble, i.e. burned circuits or compromised performance. I wouldn't use anything but the specified voltage without consulting SOtM. EDIT: The actual spec is 6.5V to 9V, so an iFi iPower will be fine. Note though that the new iPower X is a much better power supply than the original.
  14. The Archer C9 router case is made of plastic. The case of the TL-SG108E switch and 580D ethernet access point are metal, but all three have plastic port housings.
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