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  1. Thanks for the review, While i like the simplicity of powered speakers, in my case, my bedroom desk is my man cave and the only place where i can listen to music, so i went all out with separates 😉 to enjoy headphones and passive speakers. Since 2012 Ive used Mini Maggies, Audience the One, ATC SCM-7 and my current are Mark Sota Cesti MB. Agree with you 100% on needed non fatiguing speakers for near field. For me thats a must. Another popular option on the passive side are the Herbeth P3ESR.
  2. ATC SCM7 MK3 View Classified Great condition pair of ATC SCM7 Cherry wood just over a year old. Lightly used in a desktop set up. Original packaging and manuals included. Seller maelob Date 07/02/20 Price 1,000.00 USD Category Speakers
  3. maelob

    ATC SCM7 MK3

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    Great condition pair of ATC SCM7 Cherry wood just over a year old. Lightly used in a desktop set up. Original packaging and manuals included.

    1,000.00 USD

  4. I just pulled the trigger on the Verite open to compliment my Sony Z1R and Aeon2C. can't wait
  5. Great all rounder DAC - If you are looking for a great Pre-amp that also serve as a DAC and headphone amp this should be in your list. I think the sound of the DAC is very neutral but I am no expert. The headphones amp drives my Senn 58X, Sony Z1R and Aeon2C with plenty of power. I am really satisfied, sure there are probably better DACs and headphone amps but to be honest, one of the reasons I bought it was the great customer service and knowing that you will be taking care off if something ever happens to the DAC. I feel like part of a family with this company. For prospective buyers, do n
  6. wow just wow, love the detailed comparison and just telling the reader the differences in particular songs. On of the best reviews Ive read in a while. Great job.
  7. Thanks for posting, I am looking an open headphone for classical and these ones seem like a good candidate. will do more research on them.
  8. Wow thank you for the impressions, I wish more reviewers do this kins of shootout all the time. I was thinking on getting the Abyss but the Empyrean are really nice.
  9. Best advice i can give you is to go your local hifi store or even (magnolia best buy) and listen to some stuff to see how it compares. Also online speakers manufacturers have some good home demo deals with easy returns. I personally like EMOTIVA. just my two cents.
  10. Nice system, also like the organization of all your records and cds, really cool
  11. Wow man, congratulations thats a dream system, enjoy it for years to come.
  12. Hello everybody first post in a long long time - planning to get the shanti and digione - just want to make sure I understand connections - 1A to clean side and 3A for dirty side.
  13. I am always looking for value, would something like this work as an external LPS for the Liberty?, it is 12v 6A https://www.parts-express.com/12-vdc-6a-switching-grounded-ac-power-adapter-with-25-x-55mm-center-plug--120-079
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