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  1. Licensing is a strange beast. I can start my own file storage service and allow people to play their music without any licensing.
  2. I just downloaded that file and the driver is there. ARC_DAC8.1.28.dmg
  3. Sonus Faber just announced a big brother to this speaker, called the Maxima Amator. Looks stunning!
  4. Sonus Faber just announced the new Maxima Amator and I love the look! I had the Minima Amator in my system for this review (LINK) and loved those, so these larger versions should be even better sounding. Quite a bit more money, but that's to be expected with such a larger cabinet and more components. I can't get over how cool the back of this speaker looks, with the exposed crossover. SONUS FABER ADDS NEW MAXIMA AMATOR TO HERITAGE COLLECTION The New Two-Way Floor Stander Model Pays Homage to Brand’s Italian
  5. Thanks @DuckToller for the review and comparisons. I'm a sucker for Mazzy Star and had no clue David Roback started his first band here at Carlton College in Minnesota. Thanks for the added details.
  6. Thanks David. I would start with FLAC, WAV, and AIFF and just read the metadata tags. VOX does this pretty well. More can come later, such as DSD and multi channel etc...
  7. VOX already allows this and is working on Qobuz integration according to its support forum. I don’t see where the issue is.
  8. Same font size. Now your just at the hands of Google to serve you the font called Inter.
  9. Hi Qobuz team, just a feature request that popped into my head this afternoon. It would be great if the Qobuz client could see my ripped CDs and content purchased elsewhere / downloaded. But, rather than point Qobuz at my NAS or local drive, I want Qobuz to upload my collection to the cloud. This would make it available anywhere, provide a great backup, as well as other things. Charge whatever you need. For $5 per month I get unlimited storage through the VOX app, but would rather use the Qobuz client for this.
  10. The people behind these products are what matters. They design, build, and support them. I’d never buy a great product from a substandard company. In fact, I’ve passed on many. If money, time, and supporting good companies matters to people, then reviews that discuss the companies should matter. Anyone want to purchase an LH Labs product? The products seemed great, but the people at the company walked away with millions of customers’ dollars without delivering the products. Want to purchase an original Wilson WAMM that needs some love? People line up to get these
  11. No worries Alan. I suppose one could say this about my review of the RAAL-requisite SR1a headphones as well because I absolutely fell in love with them. I enjoyed reading about Danny’s enjoyment of the XVX. Not everyone will feel this way and that’s what makes the world go round :~)
  12. Let me correct that, “And yet they thought it would make money to release MQA-CD cds to the consumer ...”
  13. I found this thing that looks kind of cool https://www.audimute.com/isole-sound-barrier-sheet
  14. Hi Guys, I'd like to block the sound going through the door to my listening room. I can't replace the door right now, but can probably afford a simple solution. Anyone done this or have good advice for doing this? The door is down a stairwell and doesn't need to absorb or reflect in the same way as the acoustic panels in my listening space.
  15. Perhaps because only four people would buy it. Someday MQA will go away because no technology is around forever. Who wants to be stuck with crippled music?
  16. There certainly are limits for such items like the DragonFly and the power it has to upsample and supported sample rates, but for the most part I believe a DAC must just look at the selected filter and final sample rate specified in the file and use it. Such a convoluted way of doing things.
  17. MQA certification mandates the DAC upsample doesn't it?
  18. It's a 24/48 file that the hardware is instructed to upsample by MQA indicators inside the file.
  19. It's a national holiday here in the US, so I'm guessing @AriMargolis has some time off.
  20. Hi @PeterSt, I looked at the font size and don't know what the issue is. The font sizes are 14px with both Google fonts (the original setup) and without Google fonts (current setup). What size font do you see in your browser? Which font family is being used? Here's what I see. The only different is removal of the Google font called "Inter"
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