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  1. Check eBay, there are often cool misprints available.
  2. If I had to guess, I'd say the band has no clue and the label was under contract with mQa to put out its entire catalog in mQa.
  3. Same price for a version that will be unplayable in the way it was designed. Even if people love mQa, it makes no sense to pay for the mQa version because it will go away someday (soon?). Perhaps those are the people who love to re-purchase their libraries for a new format.
  4. Thanks. I'm working with the support team to figure out what's happening.
  5. These two follow up reviews might be interesting to you. https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/objective-audeze-lcd-4z-headphone-review-with-measurements-r839/ https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/subjective-audeze-lcd-4z-headphone-review-r840/
  6. Not knowing exactly how you use JRiver I can’t be sure if you’ll run into issues. JRiver sees HQPe and can send to it just like it does other UPnP renderers. I’d say test the trial of HQPe.
  7. There's a possible issue with the "ignore topic" feature. It's disabled currently, but I hope to re-enable it very soon.
  8. @cambridgehank Can you try to upload another image? I made a change behind the scenes.
  9. I tested using JRiver with HQP embedded. It works, but has the same issues as the other UPnP servers/control points when it comes to gapless.
  10. From the article: "The way I mounted the speakers to the stands will enable me to remove them for the winter easily." They are around, but can't get into this coop. I laid chicken wire under the ground, coming out from the coop two feet. Any animal that digs, hits the wire and gives up.
  11. Ok, I see the error behind the scenes. What type of file are you trying to upload? Is it HEIC rather than jpg, png, etc...?
  12. Hi Guys, I received the HiFi Rose RS250 for review yesterday. It's an interesting device. Much more to come. https://eng.hifirose.com/RS250-info
  13. It’s made by a company named Just Mobile. https://just-mobile.com/collections/ipad/products/encore
  14. Check out what @Miska wrote! #HQPlayer4Embedded 4.26.0 released! ASDM5ECv2 and ASDM7ECv2 modulators, PCM gain compensation and RIAA EQ plugin. Improved web interface. Control API improvements. Sound quality and streaming improvements. Bug fixes. HQPlayer OS now ships with HQPWV. CUDA supported on FC34.
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