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  1. Hi JC - I inquired about my friend’s AB switch to see if he’d sell it. No dice 😢
  2. Yes, this is what AS is all about. I encourage people to use the “report post” function. It alerts me to posts immediately. It’s a great way for the community to work together to increase our enjoyment of this wonderful hobby. Thanks for your contributions to AS for the last (nearly) nine years.
  3. Absolutely not. I was only trying to help everyone in the hobby by asking you to give us one tiny bit of information.
  4. I need to be pointed to at least two dots to connect them. Perhaps the objectivists are turning subjective when it fits their narratives.
  5. Two wrongs make a right? Mine were based on personal information, about a specific person. Your claims are based on something we have no idea about. You made them up for all we know. You can't even say a single public forum where this behavior takes place?
  6. Those making assertions should at least be willing to back them up if asked.
  7. Hi Bob - Kirk is the moderator of the "Apple" forum here on AS. I'm sure it's nothing personal that you guys can't resolve here in public or via PM. You're both good guys.
  8. That’s a good observation. He realizes Tidal isn’t working for him.
  9. No, my options aren't what you state. I'm using common sense and average logic to look at the conclusions drawn and saying one doesn't follow the other.
  10. The second data point is very convoluted. Does anyone know which Ethernet card is in the Matrix DAC and how it handles incoming data? Would be actually helpful to say "these results are valid with card XYZ, but the results were a bit different using card ABC." Only if this is true. But, based on one small slice of data people have decided Alex should be out of business. Great logic people. Not directed at you @thumb5, thanks for the info.
  11. Absolutely. I think you cut off my quote a bit early. I said it doesn't make me right or wrong. I agree with you. Based on a history of incorrect tests, especially with products designed by John Swenson, and a clear bias against a few companies, and a clear hidden agenda favoring other companies (Berkeley, MQA), and the fact that this test used the most convoluted signal path imaginable (when a much more simple one with less variables could've also been tested), and the fact that wide-ranging conclusions were drawn from very narrow "evidence," I'm incredibly skeptical. If this test was rigorous and the conclusions followed from the evidence, I'd be totally onboard.
  12. No back peddling here. There's company marketing speak and there's reality. This is the nature of life since the first "lady of the night" advertised herself. The oldest profession is marketing. This is the exact situation I was talking about earlier. There are ways to run a test, to achieve a result that may not be the same if run another way. Engineers know how to test things under ideal conditions and less than ideal conditions. I real test would have taken into account some variables and actually tried to produce a result other than the one that was wished for. This thing smells even worse the more I know about it.
  13. For the most part yes. I have an issue with conclusions made from the measurements. I'm willing to give ASR the benefit of the doubt that those are the measurement Amir came up with. I'm not willing to believe the procedure isn't flawed like some of his other measurements. I just don't have the skills, time, and equipment to refute it. This doesn't make me wrong and it doesn't make me right. What it does for me is cause me to be very cautious about making conclusions based on anything from ASR. By the way, thanks for your post. it was well reasoned and stated to make it easy to have a discussion with you about it. Wow. I wrongly assumed that the testing methodology used an Ethernet cable from the ER straight to a DAC's Ethernet input. Placing a computer in between the ER and the DAC seems to me to be crazy, if one wants to isolate variables. I would never make a conclusion based on this information. I hadn't read that bolded information about the ER. Interesting. However, don't you think someone running a test of a device would want to eliminate as many variable as possible, before concluding the device is a sham, the proprietor is a charlatan, and people who like it are audiophools? I think the ER should be tested with several DACs that contain different cards from StreamUnlimited, ConversDigital, Merging Technologies, etc... before anyone should make a conclusion about its efficacy. That's just me, a non-scientist, non-engineer, who likes to have all the information before judging and defaming a business.
  14. Wow, I can't believe all the objectivists haven't taken him to task for conducting a sighted listening test and subjectively pumping up his distaste for the product by concluding with a triple redundant, "No difference. None. Nothing." Where are all the #HashTagHeros to demand his resignation?
  15. Everyone has bias. Accepting anything on blind faith is a recipe for disaster. If you don't see flaws, it shouldn't then follow that there aren't any and that the conclusions are 100% valid.
  16. Everyone has biases. I don't have the skills or equipment to conduct a test rigorous enough that I'd sign my name on. I'd love to read the results of such a test on any component. Would be interesting. Money isn't a goal of mine in the least. I'd lose all the advertising quickly if I could still pay my bills. It seems you no longer have an interest in this site. Feel free to leave rather than cause undeserved trouble. I'm sure the guys at HA will welcome you with open arms.
  17. I've answered those questions previously in this thread. Your bias seems to cause you to take his measurements at face value. I'm not biased in favor of my advertisers, but I am biased in favor of the AS Community. In fact we've lost thousands of dollars over the last year for not being biased toward advertisers. If my bias is too much for you, I can live with that. P.S. I actually don't know anything about the EtherRegen. When it was mentioned above that a Schiit product was used to test it, I had to see if there was some kind of optical or USB output in the ER.
  18. Hi JC, I believe this is possible now. A friend had one of these made for him and said it was transparent. This guy is a stickler if there ever was one.
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