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  1. No mention of mQa in this one. Kind of surprising such a huge supporter of it now has a system that can’t reproduce it. https://headlinermagazine.net/spotlight/inside-morten-lindberg-immersive-genelec-studio.html
  2. It’s a feature of the unit that sets it apart. If I want just a Roon, Tidal, or Spotify endpoint, then the conversation changes.
  3. And this? http://www.cosworth.de/anzeigen_detail.php?id=7157
  4. And this ad is yours as well? https://comoficho.com/for-sale/speakers/kiso-hb-x1_16829
  5. Is this your ad too, on a Russian site? http://hifistereo.org/ads/19266/
  6. Are you a dealer? This photo is from a dealer showroom.
  7. People who work at Spotify watched my RMAF mQa presentation on YouTube. I know this because they told me. They clearly researched mQa for some reason.
  8. Love the humor Dan :~) Yeah, this is really interesting. @Archimago or @pkane2001 do you guys have any idea about this?
  9. Your post has been repeated dozens of times over the years and often the posts lead to pissing matches. We are just tired of BS. Don’t take it personally if you had good intentions.
  10. The oldest insult on the internet. You aren’t helping anyone or proving anything with that comment.
  11. I think it's a marketing and market positioning thing. Spotify's main competition is Apple Music. Spotify announced lossless CD quality. Then, Apple came out with lossless CD and high resolution. If Spotify just follows through on its lossless CD offering, it falls behind on the marketing check boxes and it can't subsidize its pricing through iPhones, iCloud services, etc...
  12. Thanks so much for the kind words Joel. These articles are fun to research and write :~)
  13. I highly recommend you read up on mQa and watch @GoldenOne’s videos. MQA consumes more bandwidth than pure PCM when compared Apples to Apples. It chops off information, adds it’s own proprietary encryption, then resamples it up to where it was before it chopped it off. The big thing for me is it reduces consumer choice. Roon users in Canada only have Tidal as an option for streaming. Tidal removed tons of pure PCM content and replaced it with mQa. Try streaming Tracy Chapman’s self titled album without mQa on Tidal. You can’t. It’s lossy as well. If you
  14. I’d say it’s all up to two things. mQa flys if: 1. Spotify uses it or 2. Labels force it upon streaming services or it dies.
  15. Anyone have an idea what these horizontal stripes are in the new 24/192 Qobuz Q Sessions album? https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/the-q-sessions-christian-mcbride/c4ku2vt3v36ja
  16. Please stay on topic or use these two built-in forum options if you have trouble.
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