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  1. As the title says, this thread is for Qobuz issues.
  2. The Computer Audiophile

    MQA is Vaporware

    Not many people want to switch back to UPnP from RAAT either.
  3. The Computer Audiophile

    Album of the Evening

    I recently started listening to one complete album from start to finish every evening. It's really great to sit down, no Internet, no phone, no iPhone, no i-anything and close my evening out with uninterrupted music. There's nothing like closing out each day on a great note, no pun intended. I want to start this thread for people interested in doing the same thing. Listening to an album every evening and posting simply the artist and album information. Doesn't have to be a picture or the cover or a link or anything. It's more about enjoying this wonderful hobby. I'll start with my Album of the Evening for tonight: Artist: Boston Album: Boston
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    Audirvana Plus 3 for Windows (Official Thread)

    As the title says and per the request of the CA Community, here's the official A+ topic for Windows.
  5. The Computer Audiophile

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    Hi Guys - This thread is here to log any issues that you find with the site and to provide any feedback you wish. As usual, all feedback, good, bad, indifferent, is welcome. It has been a long weekend and I'm sure I missed a few things in my final run-through of the site. Please let me know what you find. In addition, I still have a lot of housekeeping to do and will get to it as soon as possible. A few issues I am working through: Front page articles need some of the code that didn't transfer over from the previous site removed (it's still visible in some articles). Article, not forum, attachments need to be re-attached (this will keep e busy for a while). Blog attachments need to be re-attached (this will also keep me busy for a while). I am creating URL redirect so some of the old URLs / web addresses will still work. Please let me know if you want your favorite thread to still work with the old URL (test to make sure I haven't created it already). Notes: Support for the iOS and Android apps has been discontinued. P.S. I still have access to the old site incase someone thinks they lost something.
  6. The Computer Audiophile

    Article: Yamaha NX-N500 Network Powered Speaker Review

    Great to hear the cable fixed it.
  7. The Computer Audiophile

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    You have to find an album from the label, then click the label in the album information. It's better than Tidal and Roon.
  8. The Computer Audiophile

    Launch Issues & Comments

    Thanks for the feedback. It really helps to hear from others. We have our heads buried in this all day every day and just know where everything is at.
  9. The Computer Audiophile

    Launch Issues & Comments

    Hi Guys - We'd love all the feedback you're willing to share, and maybe even the issues you find :~)
  10. The Computer Audiophile

    Launch Issues & Comments

    Hi Mav - Thanks for the post. 1. Agree. Unfortunately, our circle of influence is small when it comes for getting people to answer messages. 2. Agree 100%. We've made this part easier for people over the last year, but it's still more difficult than people can handle. For example, in the screenshot below there are instructions, but it's a bridge too far for people. Any ideas about how to make this easier are welcomes. 2. continued - When people change their minds on selling an item there isn't a way for them to "delist" that item as opposed to marking it sold. For now marking it sold is our only end user option, but we will happily take care of anyone's needs if they contact us. I know, over the course of a century those extra key strokes to contact us will add up, but it's all we have for now. Feed and ideas welcomed as always. Correct. Delisting an item is a tricky one because our system looks at inventory and says if it's greater than zero then it's available. If it's less than one it's sold. We'll have to figure out a way to handle this. Suggestions? If the item sells on a different venue we ask that people mark them item sold. This helps everyone. Our big thing with this is that we leave the price on sold items available forever as opposed to forcing people to sign up for another service or forcing people to just look at pricing info on other sites that don't show the condition of the item and pictures etc... It's a historical record. 1 and 2. Now that I think of it, there is a way for people to cancel a listing. If you click Save Draft it should take it down from the store. Not ideal and not intuitive. 3. Like everything in life there is a learning curve. You feedback is valuable and we use it to try to make things better and easier. Thanks. Always open to ideas.
  11. The Computer Audiophile

    Article: The Definitive Guide To Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

    Thanks for asking again, this one slipped down in my inbox. I have many thoughts surrounding this topic as I'm working with the Roon team and ASUS (separately) on an article about improving the speed of Roon. Anyway, I love that NAS. It has a great design. Yes, you can totally run Roon core on the QNAP NAS, but be forewarned that it can be slow if your library is large. I have 320,000 tracks and on some NAS units the slowness is just too much to handle. If you install Roon core on the NAS, and your satisfied with the speed, then you'll have no need for ROCK. However, if the speed isn't good enough, a ROCK running on a NUC may help you with this. There are some issues with running a ROCK / NUC and using a NAS to store the music. ROCK can't monitor the storage very well for new music and it's slower than locally attached storage such as a ROCK with USB or internal drive. You could always get a ROCK / NUC with local music and use the NAS to backup automatically. Pipeline as an endpoint could be nice.
  12. The Computer Audiophile

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Full stop. 😁
  13. The Computer Audiophile

    Article: Aurender Content Server ACS10 Full Review

    Confirmed 👍🏻
  14. The Computer Audiophile

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Hi Guys - Let’s keep this topic for Qobuz issues and start other topics for everything else.
  15. The Computer Audiophile

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    Hi Guys - I did some performance tuning this evening and I believe the site is a bit faster now. Let me know if you run into any issues.
  16. The Computer Audiophile

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    Hi Guys - In anticipation of Audirvana Plus 3, and seeing how large the AP 2.6 thread has become, I started this thread as the location for all AP 3 conversations.
  17. The Computer Audiophile

    MQA is Vaporware

    There’s an issue with Qobuz metadata. They are working to get it sorted so things appear in Roon better.
  18. The Computer Audiophile

    Assertions on DACs & Digital Audio

    This entire discussion is like deja vu. It mirrors the conversation my wife and I had a the breakfast table this morning 😁
  19. The Computer Audiophile

    Assertions on DACs & Digital Audio

    Per @Ralf11's request, he has been granted Moderator privileges for this topic as the OP.
  20. The Computer Audiophile

    Archimago and the TLS DS-1

    I only see a single statement that is out of bounds. The rest are assertions about his tests, not him as a person. I'd say "attacks on Archimago" is a mischaracterization of what's happening here. While you aren't the pot calling the kettle black, you're pretty close. You've dished out plenty of criticisms that fall inline with what's going on here. Can't people just let others communicate without incessantly attempting to prove something or right some wrong they believe has been committed? Can't people say their piece and get on with life? File your disagreement, state your facts, and call it a day. @Albrecht Your statement above is over the line and addresses @Archimago personally. Please stick with addressing his work, not him.