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  1. Rachmaninov could knock out a good tune, so can Stephen Hough. Lazar Berman? Live at Carnegie Hall? https://www.discogs.com/Lazar-Berman-Live-At-Carnegie-Hall/release/4994590
  2. This reads like an advert. Mini, cheap marketing campaign dressed as something else. To me.
  3. Just for the record, Meridian used "tilt" on their digital active speakers D600s in the late 80's.
  4. John Swenson (whoever he is ;)) Explains elaborates a few points here- https://uptoneaudio.com/pages/j-swenson-tech-corner
  5. Just reading that VNS can help older people learn Mandarin (better) as it enables them to hear certain tones (used in Mandarin) more clearly. Obviously anyone not fully appreciating MQA might want to try it (ironic- I'm from the UK)! Actually, I wonder if it's cheaper than spending more money on power supplies? British humour...
  6. Wasn’t he a regular and valued contributor here until he was got at...by...
  7. The CISCO would give you the option of fibre-optics later.
  8. Try a CISCO 2960 (15 bucks? but get the right one). It's a cheap experiment. I found a very noticeable jump in SQ. That lead to other things.
  9. The exoticaudiodesign link didn't work for me either. You don't sound like an Audio pro, I'm used to hearing more respect amongst competitors or people of co interest. Also interested to hear your responses to mourip's questions.
  10. Out of curiosity, how bad can it be to have a piano in the room? Clearly it's going to sing but apart from the theory, any practical experience?
  11. Is this topic that a layman could dip into in a meaningful way? I watched plissken's YouTube video (1 of 3) and picked up bits and pieces. How many beers would it take for a 101 and how would I get them there? I'm interested but past it... EEVBlog for routers? (I'd leave the accent though)
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