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  1. Lovely band .... as a thank you I recommend Tomasz Stanko “Lontano” ..... may order an ER tomorrow!
  2. Given your fluctuating experiences with the eR since installing, and the above quote.....have you tried removing the eR and having a long listen to your original setup? Would be interesting, thanks!
  3. I noticed a strange issue since 2.7 where the system crashes and on restarting, confirming the DAC connection I have to then unselect the output (squeezelite in this case) in my app switcher then reselect it and bingo ... happy sounds! Just in case it helps.
  4. Qobuz works a treat via Audirvana and MPD/DLNA setting in the App Switcher...
  5. Quite happy with 2.6........I am waiting until properly sorted. Good luck.
  6. Yet another vote for the written word, please. +1 to “life’s too short” message
  7. Belated reply to Cat....I use Audirvana and Tidal but both make my MacBook create a lot of fan noise! BTW I also use Squeezebox as good for Radio Paradise FLAC, and BBC iPlayer Extra
  8. Reflecting on this further I find it frustrating that customers who have been promised MQA unfolding in v2.6 and after an announcement at CES are potentially to be deprived of this option which you have working in beta testing. Decoded MQA files I’ve listened to offer significantly better sound quality than their 44.1 counterparts via Tidal and the catalogue is growing.
  9. No problems with first unfold in Audirvana or Tidal so why should there be for SonicOrbiter.....?
  10. Yes... I also urge you to continue. Whatever the views on MQA playing MQA masters via Tidal sounds great. Naysayers will attribute that to that to the master and not MQA, but they in the main are special. So please go ahead. There is also the consideration that you have given us to expect it... From what you’ve said it’s an option that can be turned off anyway.
  11. I like using Audirvana running Tidal and Qobuz on MacBook desktop application. Plays MQA from Tidal first unfold via DLNA to UltraRendu. It won’t work via SqBox or ickstream as it needs to run on desktop platform. It runs very nicely indeed this way and the Audirvana remote App for iOS is very fine too, and allows you easily to see which Albums are MQA masters. Neat little logo that’s easier to spot than Tidal’s own “M” More details on Audirvana thread on this site
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