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  1. Lovely music, many thanks... hadn’t listened to him for decades
  2. There is only one change that is worth it in the final analysis.... does the music become more engaging and fun.....with the EtherRegen not only does it pass that test .... it seems to be its signature across all sorts of musical styles! I’d planned to read my book tonight... well that’s gone!!
  3. I like your suggestions Lucie... many thanks ... I love Omar Sosa, Paolo Fresu (and saw them in Edinburgh with Trilok Gurtu...sublime and separately Arild Anderson with Tommy Smith and Vinaccia, also very good as is their album Mira and Live at Belleville. I deliberately prefaced my review assessment with my earlier post on musical content for reasons which will become apparent..... I have followed this thread from its beginning and noted one dissenter from the positive reviews to date. I also noted the failure to find any measurable benefits in the ASR forum. This lowered my expectations of the Uptone product making any audible change. I approached the product with caution having found the earlier IsoRegen only achieved a problem for my DAC of the time finding the input. A simultaneous problem (unrelated!) with my router means I have only recently been able to fully assess the EtherRegen, despite its arrival here in mid December. My setup is DrayTek router > Audiostore Nova 2019 SSD LPS > Bridged output > Ether Regen A > Ether Regen B > Simaudio 780D streamer DAC > Moon P8/W8 analogue amp > Martin Logan Spire Electrostatics and Velodyne DD+ 12 subwoofer eq’d below 200Hz I have noted the following changes in the music since the ER - with stock power supply- was inserted into my system. A delightful overall sweetness of tone, a broader palette of tonal colours, more accurate rendition of spatial cues and more prolonged reverberation (where present on the recording, obviously!). It also more accurately responds to micro dynamics in the music. Furthermore it presents the music in a way which is significantly purer and requires the brain to do significantly less processing to separate the music from the totality of the sounds emanating from the loudspeakers. This results in significantly more engagement in the musical intent of performers and composers - the beauty of the music and its meaning is thereby revealed for you to enjoy. This description whilst as clear as I can make it also is addressing areas both profoundly related to musical enjoyment and at the same time prone to modification by higher perceptual functions than those such as frequency response, for example. It therefore is necessary in my view to listen over many sessions, ( as I have done before coming to the above distillation) in order to control for alterations in mood skewing one’s assessment. But I am clear that the above findings are consistent in my system (and in spite of a top line DAC which has femto clocking advanced circuit design, meticulous attention to power supplies and measures extremely well). And so...the changes brought about by the Ether Regen whilst in some ways are subtle.......profoundly alter how comprehensible, enjoyable and fun is the music that flows from your speakers. Sorry for long post..... Buy one and enjoy....
  4. Michel Petrucciani Trio Live in Tokyo...... Gary Burton “Libertango” ....Llio Rhydderch (Glorious Welsh triple harp player) all testing my EtherRegen ....... and the outcome.....
  5. Lovely band .... as a thank you I recommend Tomasz Stanko “Lontano” ..... may order an ER tomorrow!
  6. Given your fluctuating experiences with the eR since installing, and the above quote.....have you tried removing the eR and having a long listen to your original setup? Would be interesting, thanks!
  7. I noticed a strange issue since 2.7 where the system crashes and on restarting, confirming the DAC connection I have to then unselect the output (squeezelite in this case) in my app switcher then reselect it and bingo ... happy sounds! Just in case it helps.
  8. Qobuz works a treat via Audirvana and MPD/DLNA setting in the App Switcher...
  9. Quite happy with 2.6........I am waiting until properly sorted. Good luck.
  10. Yet another vote for the written word, please. +1 to “life’s too short” message
  11. Belated reply to Cat....I use Audirvana and Tidal but both make my MacBook create a lot of fan noise! BTW I also use Squeezebox as good for Radio Paradise FLAC, and BBC iPlayer Extra
  12. Reflecting on this further I find it frustrating that customers who have been promised MQA unfolding in v2.6 and after an announcement at CES are potentially to be deprived of this option which you have working in beta testing. Decoded MQA files I’ve listened to offer significantly better sound quality than their 44.1 counterparts via Tidal and the catalogue is growing.
  13. No problems with first unfold in Audirvana or Tidal so why should there be for SonicOrbiter.....?
  14. Yes... I also urge you to continue. Whatever the views on MQA playing MQA masters via Tidal sounds great. Naysayers will attribute that to that to the master and not MQA, but they in the main are special. So please go ahead. There is also the consideration that you have given us to expect it... From what you’ve said it’s an option that can be turned off anyway.
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