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  1. Looks like installation of the USB audio driver wan't successful, thus the error.
  2. Some error this morning that I haven't noticed previously on my Windows 10 NAA protocol error: clASIOEngine::DeviceLookup(): lDrvs < 0
  3. Press release follows. Seriously, it's $199. These guys are crazy. Hey all, It’s really under-selling it to say that our new Modius “may not be the DAC you want, but it’s the DAC you need.” So I won’t say that again. Here’s the deal: we have a new DAC. It’s called Modius. As in “Modius Maximus.” As in “a bigger, better, badder-ass Modi.” It has 4 inputs, including our own Unison USB™ and AES. It has balanced and single-ended outputs. It’s based on the excellent AK4493 D/A converter and a whole pile of precision parts, including a 200MHz, 32-bit Microchip microprocessor, the TI LME49724 balanced amp and the OPA1662, and thin-film capacitors and resistors. It runs off USB power. It’s designed and built in California. And it’s $199. Yes. $199. Yes, designed and built right here in California (and maybe Utah in the future.) Aaaand yes, as always, we are completely and utterly insane. Modius product page: https://www.schiit.com/products/modius Modius press release: https://www.schiit.com/about/news/introducing-modius Modius chapter: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/schiit-happened-the-story-of-the-worlds-most-improbable-start-up.701900/page-3991#post-15651815 Modius stacks perfectly under any past or current Asgard, Valhalla, Jotunheim, or Lyr. But it’s also a great DAC for pretty much any system, even if you don’t have one of our amps. Modius is available today at schiit.com in both black and silver finish.
  4. My answer on this topic from another thread: “One of Amir's other disciples created topics here specifically to bad mouth AS and attempt to get people to go to ASR. Thus, I created a rule to stop the links from working. I also put the word science in quotes because it's only fitting.”
  5. I use a QNAP right now and have had many other things in here. That 500GB at a time would be time consuming. I have 300,000 tracks stored locally. These are obviously separated into folders for artists and albums. It would be a challenge to keep track of everything for a restore should the need arise.
  6. No iSCSI from a Roon Nucleus or any HiFi device unfortunately. May not be a problem in this case though. That recovery sounds kind of strange. I can backup 20TB, but only get 500GB back?
  7. Last time I talked to them, there were serious limits on how it could be used. Do you know if this is still the case? Can I install an app on QNAP and upload 20TB to them? I couldn't do this previously.
  8. Everyone knows the amount of money taken by MQA from HiFi consumers probably doesn’t cover the salaries at the company. The goal is much larger, but we’ve all been used to get them to the next phase.
  9. They probably hope to sell it to Dobly or the like, so it can be rebranded and used in areas Stuart and Jbara can’t penetrate.
  10. I highly recommend something like a QNAP or Synology NAS because it's simple to set them up to automatically reach out to your PC and grab the data for backup. You don't have to do anything. Attaching another external drive housing will require a Windows backup utility or your manual action. Neither of which will be ideal.
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