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  1. I'm using optical Rendus to feed each QB-9, then into a Constellation Audio preamp, then into the direct input of the Constellation monoblocks. This input bypasses a gain stage because it isn't needed with this preamp. The whole setup sounds really good. I haven't had a QB-9 in my system for many years. I'm very impressed.
  2. I had a cable that when connected caused issues just like those seen by mercman. It wasn't a 2.7 vs 2.8 issue.
  3. It bypasses because the signal upstream is strong enough. That seems to function the way mans is suggesting can be preferred.
  4. This is how my Constellation amplifiers work. They have an input option that bypasses a gain stage in the amp. It works great when connected to a good preamp or DAC with a good output stage.
  5. This area isn't in my wheelhouse, so excuse the dumb questions. I don't see why reducing it late is an issue, if improving the signal to noise ratio early on is a good thing. Does amplifying it early on harm the sound quality?
  6. I meant it more with respect to asking questions to MQA ltd. Ask a simple question and the answer will be a roundabout containing half-truths and fodder for the believers.
  7. When it comes to MQA, be careful asking question to which you don't already know the answer :~)
  8. It seems like this sentence requires readers to respond, "Thank you dear leader."
  9. Doesn’t that mean you signal to noise ratio is really off, meaning not much signal?
  10. That was my reaction as well, but am dying to know if there is any reasoning.
  11. Here’s one I haven’t heard before. Is there a logical reason why this could be true? I’m still not going to start spinning discs, but just wondering about the idea. 9. Playing CDs from the beginning (Image credit: Photo by Soonios Pro from Pexels) ”So, how come a CD sounds better if you stop it and then press play, rather than playing it from pause? Because, dear readers, we can assure you they do...” https://www.whathifi.com/features/hi-fi-tricks-you-might-not-believe-affect-sound-quality-but-they-do
  12. Try a different USB cable. Don’t laugh, I’ve done it.
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