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  1. If I was designing product, I wouldn't use Wikipedia as my source of published industry standards, especially when it's only listed as "The most common nominal level for professional equipment is +4 dBu (by convention, decibel values are written with an explicit sign symbol). For consumer equipment it is −10 dBV, which is used to reduce manufacturing costs." Do you know of any standards organization that has published an accepted line level standard?
  2. Can you link to this documented as the recognized standard?
  3. He has to. He told me, “We’ve spent millions of dollars on this.” As if I should just go with it because his investors have lost a lot of money so far.
  4. You have to ask yourself, what’s in it for people to support MQA like this. Money, access, and perceived power.
  5. Looks like Roon has issues with my 20 bit / 1,536 kHz PGGB content.
  6. I would love to have the option to sort my local albums on the Aurender by Date Added. This is really convenient for finding one's newest content and it creates a nice way to see a music collection develop over time.
  7. Episode 15 is up and being delivered to all the podcast platforms right now. We are happy to announce the Audiophile Style podcast is one of very few podcast now available via the Samsung Free app on many Samsung devices. In this episode I interview McIntosh Group Co-CEO Jeff Poggi about growing up in a small town in Massachusetts, getting his MBA at Duke, working for Harmon and Bose before joining McIntosh. We talk extensively about the new McIntosh Group car audio partnership with Jeep and Maserati. Jeff goes into great detail about the process of working with major auto manufact
  8. Qobuz is available in many more countries than just the US. Qobuz is currently available in 18 countries Australia Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States
  9. Thread cleaned up, including several of my own off-topic inducing posts. Back to PGGB.
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