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  1. Use Balena Etcher to write the image to the card, put the card into the Pi, then power it on. Done.
  2. You could just download an official HQP NAA image to write to the SD card and be done with it.
  3. Your Pi needs to run NAA. Then HQP will see it. Roon outputs to HQP, HQP outputs to NAA.
  4. I enjoy your disagreement. Thanks for posting. Now I’m going on vacation (unrelated to this discussion). To Ely, MN for the week :~)
  5. Hey Paul, I just went outside to feed the chickens and step away from this discussion a bit. I then realized that I’d much rather have this discussion with you over a beverage at a local pub or something. It’s hard to remain cogent on a forum, interrupted by life, then other stuff, then posting, etc... You’re a very logical guy who I’m sure I’d love to talk to in person. Sure we have differences but that can be the fun part. I’m sure we could’ve gotten much further and possibly enjoyed the discussion. Such is online life. Enjoy your Sunday.
  6. We won’t get anywhere on this one. I look at it as, either measurements matter or they don’t. Picking and choosing which unhearable measurements matter, doesn’t make sense to me unless one is pushing an agenda.
  7. You’re the only one speaking for the class of people I’m addressing with this thread. How about this. Have you ever looked at measurements for audiophile switches before purchasing a switch? I’m going to guess no because you don’t think switches can have an effect on sound quality. Yet, I’ll have to pry measurements of other things that can’t effect sound quality from your cold dead hands. Can you see why I think this is hypocritical?
  8. I’m not protecting anyone. I’m just asking you to accept reality you guys go nuts for that which can’t be heard. You go nuts for low DAC measurements and you go nuts for products that you consider snake oil even though they measure very well (look at some audiophile switch measurements). However, your going nuts is completely opposite depending the product.
  9. I’m saying that the hypocrisy bugs me. Measurements below human hearing are supposedly good, but only when discussing products that objectivists believe in. I wish you knew all the people I’ve met over the years. They aren’t straw men and women. They are real people. The only reason we keep going down this path is because you’re pushing for unhearable stuff just like you say subjectivists do with USB cables. But, the level of hypocrisy that enables you to like one and not the other bugs me.
  10. I think you know how lithe real world works, but are purposely ignoring it. Joe Sixpack does a Google search for a product he’s interested in. He find the Stereophile review with measurements. There you have it. Took about 0.0002 seconds if Google is correct. I’m not protecting anyone. I’m just exposing hypocrisy when I see it. You likely also know that there are numerous ways to interpret these measurements. Yet, you think all my friends who are busy with other things in their lives, saving other people’s lives in the ER, and just don’t have much free time, should educate themselves on all these measurements that really are meaningless for the practical use of the product. I get it, you like products that push the envelope further even though it has no relevance to your use of the product.
  11. If you’re going to argue for things that don’t matter, why stop anywhere. Let’s include the color of the DAC in the measurements. It has a much to do with the sound quality as a measurement that doesn’t impact the DAC’s performance to human ears.
  12. I think your someone somewhere argument falls pretty flat. It’s more like the 1% of people who use these components actually understand that the measurement is meaningless to all but those who get their kicks off engineering.
  13. I don’t have a list. Perhaps people who use those DACs will know and people who produce Linux devices will know which DACs they don’t support. I had an Auralic device that required Windows. I had a different manufacturer’s device that made noise at high rate DSD on Linux. It was supposed to be supported but there were some issues that didn’t present themselves on Windows. I don’t know the current status so I’ll withhold the name for fear of getting accosted.
  14. Serious question. DAC ABC has a noise floor of -150 dB DAC XYZ has a noise floor of -140 dB Will the average consumer be mislead into thinking something about these two DACs that the measurements don’t say? I respect whatever opinion you have.
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