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  1. P.S. you keep suggesting that my conflicts of interest with advertisers has something to do with what I say. Either come up with some facts or stop the libelous bloviating.
  2. For some reason I don’t believe you. Perhaps it’s your demand for voter fraud investigations or excuse me, the nearly nonexistent measurement discrepancy. If there was actually an issue here to crusade about, I’d be in your camp all the way. To me it just seems like you’re a measurement monger. That’s totally fine, just not my style.
  3. The other ones I’ve tried from there didn’t thrill me compared to my pick and I’ve long forgotten which ones they are :~(
  4. I almost posted that you forgot to remind everyone that Schiit send Amir components now. Then you saved me at the end. So, if I have it straight, your off on this tangent because one component measured differently from what a manufacturer claimed? One component! And, we still don’t know what was different from the claims vs measurements. I still think your crusade is for other reasons than keeping manufacturers honest. One product wasn’t right!
  5. The deal with Amazon Music HD is not that HiFi companies are ignoring it, more like Amazon is ignoring HiFI companies. Amazon is notoriously difficult to work with and doesn't even respond to most HiFi companies attempts to communicate with Amazon.
  6. It absolutely does. It's also nice to put on almost anything she does, and not worry too much about it being inappropriate.
  7. Interesting last sentence. Perhaps the popularity is based on being entertained by an entertainer. I guess this could explain the popularity of the band Kiss as well
  8. Hi Guys, today is a new day. So what if Eric Clapton didn't wear a mask while recording cocaine, high on cocaine. It's tough to snort coke through the mask. Let's all get beyond this off topic discussion that I had a part in starting. Sorry for kicking us off the rails (no pun intended), but consider this a righting of the ship. All further off-topic comments will be removed.
  9. Hi Stefano, let's take a step back and cool off a bit. This way we can all hopefully get somewhere. I'm sure you're aware that Jussi is one of the leading experts in the world with respect to computer based audio. You may not know, that he's one of the nicest and most honest people in this entire industry. This doesn't mean that we must always except his answers as facts, but proving he is incorrect on this type of stuff will take some serious research. Jussi eats, sleeps, and breathes this stuff. I understand your frustration, I really do, but I don't believe aiming
  10. I see the mention of Yes and thought I’d lighten the mood with a tweet that nearly made me spit out my tea. Too funny.
  11. We accept items from all over the world and are currently listing many international items.
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