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  1. Additional thoughts. These headphones make evaluating components dead simple. Sure, switching amps should sound different, but this is on another level. The SR1a are like laboratory tools that enable the sound of the electronics pass through to one's ears amazingly. It's really cool. From the Schiit Vidars in mono, to the Audio Research VT 80SE, and now to the McIntosh MC275. All very different sounding experiences through the SR1a (as it should be). I'll have a Boulder 866 integrated with digital input board in here when it's completely ready for review. This should give me a completely different presentation than what I've heard already. Can't wait. http://boulderamp.com/products/866-integrated/
  2. Put new tubes into the MC275 and have it powering the SR1a now. I can see many people falling in love with this sound. Currently it isn't my first choice due to a bit more bloom than I'm used to, but these tubes have about 20 minutes on them and I haven't given it much time with different music etc... The sound remains magical though.
  3. Oh yes. The amps need enough power to drive these things. Plus, the headphones are so revealing that amps with deficiencies stand out like a sore thumb. The Sr1a has really opened a new world of headphone playback with "traditional" amplifiers and it's pretty dang cool.
  4. Wow, the MFSL version of Little Wing through the ARC amp is something to behold.
  5. Great idea. One step at a time and we'll get there. Won't be too much "trouble."
  6. It’s amazing through the Wilsons but not at this time of night. Headphones right now.
  7. Same here. When we met, she was playing CDs through the $29.99 DVD player connected to her 25" tube TV's speakers.
  8. I'm sure it could, but my main system has never sounded better. I consider myself very fortunate.
  9. Yes, absolutely. The J-R is tough to get right now though. P.S. The tubes for my McIntosh MC275 arrived this afternoon as well.
  10. The Audio Research amp is in place and boy is it luscious or should I say lush-ious :~)
  11. We use Google Analytics for our tracking code. The amount of data Google actually gives us as publishers is incredibly small compared to what it collects. Over the years this data has also become close to meaningless as it's blocked so easily. When I look at the percentage of readers who block Google Analytics code here on AS, I frequently ask myself why I still have it enabled.
  12. Hi Norton, please keep in mind people are only trying to help and doing so by giving their valuable free time.
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