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  1. As the title says, please use this thread for all the new Audirvãna Studio discussions. I can't share the press release yet - "Information under embargo until Sunday 9 May 18:00 CET"
  2. Still holding on to MQA at this point is no different from politicians who never admit they were wrong. They find ways to twist and turn to justify their previous actions and points of view. Meanwhile, the rest of the world looks on, uncomfortably, as they squirm to answer questions. Is it really that hard to look at all the evidence now and change one’s mind? Seems pretty straight forward, plus then one gets to be right (for those who have a hard time being wrong).
  3. Enough nonsense. Nobody wants to read two grown adults fight online. Get back on topic.
  4. Another tactic used by scammers is to bring up topics outside of the industry in which one is speaking. Example, Bob bringing up the “benefits” of MQA to record labels, while talking to the RMAF audience. Who is going to call him out? Nobody in that crowd. It will be interesting to see how much MQA talks about consumer demand and other total consumer-side topics at a professional engineering “conference.” Ask anyone with integrity, the toughest audiences are those in the same field who are experts. You can’t pull the wool over their eyes. Thus, speaking to experts about a topic that’
  5. Yep. When people have zero credibility left, they frequently try to get as close to it as possible and hope that those listening to the presentation associate the good credibility of others with them. Yes, Vicki is very smart and is a nice person with whom I’ve exchanged emails (agreeing and disagreeing), but when credibility rubs off onto others who need it, it’s hard to get back. I hope she is the voice of reason in that infomercial. She has the chops to call out every claim by MQA, if MQA dares to raise them.
  6. Sites are just like the people who found / run them. We all have our issues, pros, cons, etc...
  7. Does anyone know how to force Aurender Conductor to update my list of Qobuz favorite albums?
  8. Of course, nobody would be foolish enough to slam the entire organization.
  9. Welcome to the fourteenth installment of our Meet the Audiophile Style Community series. All previous installments can be found here, in the series index. Please send me a message, email, or telegram if you'd like to participate. The response so far has been wonderful. It ranges from hardcore audiophiles to those who are more interested in numbers and graphs, and even people in the industry are eager to participate. This series is all about getting to know everyone and sharing a bit about yourself that others will find interesting. Thanks for participating. I look forw
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