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  1. So, the new Mac Pro is configurable on Apple's website. It sure looks cool, but at $52,000+ for all the options it makes HiFi look cheap. Then, considering the life of a computer compared to a HiFi component, it makes HiFi look like an investment :~) https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-mac/mac-pro/
  2. I've had an engineer, who designed some of the tests currently used to measure components, tell me the exact same thing.
  3. This is truly an amazing display of exactly what this article is about.
  4. @crenca how is your war on Christmas going this year. Talk about consumerism. Perhaps we can table the HiFi discussion until you finish your more important and larger business. 😀
  5. With all due respect, please share some of what's in your glass. 😉
  6. I never said that. I made a comment out crenca's doubling down on patronizing comments. As if we are all kids here who need to be taken to school by him.
  7. There are quite a few people here who do this for their day jobs and just want to play around with their audio components and listen to music to get away from scientific searching. This is a hobby. Nobody here is curing cancer on AS, although they may be trying in their day jobs. Edit: I was thinking about this more. I love researching this stuff and consulting with experts. However, this isn't the case with everything I do. When I go out to eat, sometimes I just want to eat a good meal without worrying about how the lettuce was grown, if the workers are paid well, etc... It's all about having a time and place for everything.
  8. I believe facts are facts and opinions are opinions. The issue I usually have is when facts or data are used in a manner that uses opinion to justify use of the facts and when conclusions are reached that don't follow the facts. In this way the conclusions are opinions based on facts, but the facts don't add up. I have no data to back up my opinion, but I'm willing to bet most people here understand the facts as presented by those smart enough to know them, but they disagree with the application of the facts and conclusions reached.
  9. I used the example of this is how I feed my family because it illustrates how much time I spend here on the site and my reason for being as active as the person I was talking to via this thread. I don't believe I said I won't care about making any money. I likely said as long as I can feed my family I'm good with it. I'm not out to get rich, even if that was possible in online niche publishing.
  10. I don't have any fear, I just want to see people enjoy themselves here. I suppose one could catastrophize and say I fear subjective AS users being run away from the site by an objective mob and I end up living in a van down by the river, but that's not based in reality for me. I think everyone should see value in his honest editorial. If one doesn't agree at least it shows the reasoning and thought process of someone who doesn't think like you. It's all valuable. Given this is the lucrative world of niche online publishing, I expect to be swimming in my gold coins, a la Scrooge McDuck, later this evening because of this editorial. Honestly, I don't even take Bill's speculation seriously.
  11. The situation is probably different around the world. I Minneapolis I can go to a store to get cables at all price points and at all levels of what yo'd call real engineering to snake oil. This isn't a big city with a burgeoning HiFi market either. Online "anyone" can get cables you'd consider "good" without much risk. Amazon is one place, but monoprice is also good. I don' think it's as dire as you purport above. I can respect that if it's what you truly believe. I don't believe there is evidence to support it, but that's OK. Do you know when innovation in HiFi proceeded at a faster pace?
  12. You can't honestly believe yourself on that can you? Do you really think any of the manufacturers fro which you purchase equipment are going to stop engineering efforts toward innovation and start producing as you call them "decrapifiers?" If yes, then you're motivated by a fear of losing access to "good" components? I searching for motivation to help me understand. It isn't you specifically. Correct, those fears are unfounded.
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