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  1. I love the model but the general public has spoken. It wants streaming. It’s willing to pay for streaming. It isn’t willing to pay much for it and it isn’t willing to purchase any more. Kind of a bummer.
  2. The great mQa sausage grinder in the sky uses AI to know if the album is artist or engineer approved. It just knows this stuff man. 🤣
  3. I really wish they'd do this. It would at least make me feel better that my money only went to artists who's music I played. I wonder if the labels will use Deezer as a test platform for this. That 16MM subs may actually be beneficial in this case. There's no way Spotify will be the guinea pig.
  4. Ah, I was looking at it as a flat rate per song paid to artists. Got ya Tom.
  5. Home entertainment has boomed during the pandemic. It logically follows that more music listening is being done. Shouldn't artist streaming revenue increase as well? Is that guy showing the artist income being down as a "look over here" move, when actually streaming should be paying more during the pandemic?
  6. Hi Guys, I just figured out a Roon issue and want to share the solution in case anyone else runs into this. I have an album that doesn't appear in my Roon library. Every other app sees it just fine. I removed it from the Roon music folder, re-added it, and did a bunch of other stuff with no luck. IN the screenshot below you can see the album When A Man Loves A Woman. This is the album. In this instance, I moved it form the "Takashi Mizuhashi Quartet" folder to the "Takashi Mizuhashi" folder and Roon could see it. Because this isn't how I want it and how it should be, I move dit ba
  7. I have two new Powernodes and use Qobuz through them frequently with the Bluesound app.
  8. I don't think Deezer actually does this. The company wants to. Do you know if they've implemented this yet?
  9. I've personally talked to streaming services that tell me this information. I'm not making it up or using info from another source. The rights holders hold all the cards as well. Spotify can't invent Sort of Blue and sell it as a competitor to Kind of Blue. If Spotify goes away tomorrow, it wouldn't be a big deal given there is so much competition. Either services take the deal or they don't. Also note, the labels double dip because of ownership in Spotify. Each individual rights holder doesn't go to services to dictate terms. The majors say here's the deal, do you want it?
  10. Some services don't deliver bit perfect audio streams. They claim high resolution or lossless CD quality, but there is DSP going on when using certain services and certain playback chains.
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