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  1. Thanks so much @JoshM. I can't believe you sold your Yggdrasil!
  2. In my experience your presumption is incorrect. There is no single best interface. My guess is that it was removed because the platform KEF is using doesn't have a USB input. I guessed that the StreamUnlimited platform is being used. no confirmation or denial from KEF in the email I received back. Just use the Ethernet or WiFi input and call it a day.
  3. Very true. Good thing it's not connected to my audio sub-panel :~)
  4. You likely want to edit your signature. https://audiophilestyle.com/settings/signature/
  5. Hi Guys, Over the weekend I installed what's now my new favorite power outlet. Perhaps it isn't the most HiFi outlet, but I'm not using it for my audio components. I'm using it for other items and anything that can be charged via USB. This isn't just any outlet with USB ports. It has up to 30 Watts (6 Amps) and supports Power Delivery (PD)! As you can see in the photo, I can charge my MacBook Pro with this outlet, even though the MBP power adapter is much more powerful. This outlet charges the laptop slower and will power it without charging while I'm using it. Goodbye external pow
  6. Hi Guys, feel free to manually set or remove your country flag here on AS. Here's the link - https://audiophilestyle.com/settings/country/
  7. It's now possible! I have my country flag showing, but it's not required. The settings are located here - https://audiophilestyle.com/settings/country/ For now it's just showing in the forum and on the user profile pages.
  8. I started a new thread for Heavy Metal music :~)
  9. Hi Guys, inspired by this thread, I decided to start a separate thread for people to post their favorite, great sounding heavy metal albums. I know the genre isn't typically used in HiFi demos and the genre can be a little undefined. Let's throw caution to the wind, ignore the HiFi intelligentsia, and have some fun with this one. Question: What are your favorite, great sounding heavy metal albums?
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