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  1. Bluesound and BluOS now support 24/192 from Amazon Music HD. Update your device is you haven't already today.
  2. Did you set your download and offline settings to the highest setting?
  3. Ah, I'd forgotten this was asked and answered.
  4. I wish I could answer, but it has been a while since I heard that combo.
  5. Yes, I'm sure that is the case. Back when I accepted Bob's invitations for dinner and phone calls, he treated me like he treats you and the rest of the old guard who are eating out of his hand. I'm not trolling you by asking reasonable questions. I have no idea why you're trying your best to not provide anyone a reasonable snippet of your content. You know as well as I do that the rights holder of your content couldn't care less if you provide a snippet of a track. In fact, they'd probably want it for publicity. A quick email is all that's needed to clear it. However, if your agreement is with Bob, we all know it will never happen because there is nothing to hide, thus hiding nothing by keeping it secret. It's an illusion of something to hide.
  6. Gus - You helped find an issue behind the scenes, that wasn't the fault of Bluesound, but will be fixed by a Bluesound patch in the next day or so. 24/192 will stream once the patch is delivered.
  7. Check the loudness enable/disable feature in the Amazon app.
  8. Between which parties is this private use agreement?
  9. Agree Charles. Also, Qobuz caters to us, and that's worth its weight in gold.
  10. Are all the VW dealerships responsible for accepting and selling cars with software workarounds to beat the emissions tests? I don't want to go down this rabbit hole, but one can't look at the spectral content of a file and deem the seller of that file guilty as charged if it doesn't reach above the immediately lower sample rate.. Most files at 24/192 have no content that a 44.1 file can't capture.
  11. This is laughable. A technology so impressive has never been so cloaked in secrecy and hidden from those willing to get onboard. If MQA had the goods, they'd be on billboards shouting it to the masses. "Hey look at this before and after!" Anyone remember all the SD vs HD demonstrations in every store that sold televisions or movies back in the day? Imagine if this would've been hidden and only those in the club were invited to see the difference. Doesn't make any sense does it.
  12. Bit perfect is still possible, but not an enjoyable process. Upsampling has nothing to do with the provider of content such as Amazon or HDtracks. It's the labels who deliver the content.
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