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  1. Hi Guys - I figured out a way to show specific topic moderators on the top of each thread that's moderated. Check out the screenshot.
  2. This could be related to notifications. If you logout, notifications are all disabled. If you have time, try it logged out.
  3. Does it happen on this page - https://invisioncommunity.com/discover/
  4. I just changed the javascript to load Just before </body> tag if you're using the Premium theme.
  5. Very cool @mitchco. Thanks for both the objective and subjective reviews!
  6. Hi @left channel I just made a major change to how the site loads. Please let me know if this resolves the issue for you.
  7. Excellent. This should make it much easier to track down. I don't expect people to go through this workaround.
  8. Hi @left channel Can you do me a favor, next time this happens, try putting your cursor into the URL / address bard to highlight it and just hit enter to load the same URL. Let me know if this works. On a Windows machine I am experiencing some similar, but not the same, behavior as you. When I click a link form the activity stream it's loading a comment further up the thread. If I just reload the page by doing what I described above, the correct comment loads. Not that this is a solution, but I want to know if it's the same issue as you.
  9. I was working on some other issues today and want to make sure I work on this one the most efficient way. Can you let me know the steps you take to reproduce this one, browser, OS? Thanks a ton. SORRY, I see it above.
  10. I just disabled anything to do with sound. Please check now. Some members like to hear a notification when they receive a reply etc... I disabled it to see if it fixes your issue.
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