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  1. Maybe the people in the audience can start beating on tables, and shouting all while interrupting the presenter , sound familiar.
  2. Open everyday. What they have done the University of Fla has Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience and University of Ga & Georgia Aquariums has Marineland Dolphin Adventure. I'm about 5 miles south.
  3. Wow, a little chilly We are suffering down here
  4. I think so, but the thread I knew about is so far off track it must OK stuff.😀
  5. I saw a question on another site. IF you have a US account, how many devices does you'r account support ? Also are any smart TV's supported ?
  6. Been there and done that LOL
  7. Nice review and thanks Chris. Any tonal comparison between G1 and these devices; the Aurender A100s and the Directstream.
  8. That's for sure. MY stuff is turned off, even though I have whole house protection, etc.. Living in the lightning capital of the US, well I just don't take chances anymore.
  9. Yep pretty accurate of what happen. The MQA presence at Chris's presentation looked like kids fighting over a ball. Not very mature from a consumers view.
  10. Can you instruct me on the best way to do a digital capture of a music file, software to use etc... Windows machine 7-64 here. Thanks in advance.
  11. Any particular track, I've played this selection from front tot back on my Lumin and no drop outs, clicks or stuttering
  12. I've got Two WD Ext drives, and after 3 years they are still working fine ( knocking on wood )
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