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  1. From my Dealer: N20 The new model N20 is an upgraded-in-every-way N10, much like how the W20SE evolved from the original W20. All new circuit topologies inside and a fresh new cosmetic exterior make this a product sure to be a big success. N20 Highlights and Features: The brand new linear power supply for N20 utilizes 2 transformers, 4 cores, large audio-grade capacitors, and isolated grounding! It is extremely sophisticated and dead quiet! A power supply this good contributes immediately audible improvements to any audio component. Grounding for the SPDIF outputs is no
  2. I guess you have heard all the class D amps made, good for you.
  3. I enjoy my LP's and I enjoy my Digital.
  4. Wait till you see your ENT. or try another ENT to get in sooner. Don't play doctor on yourself, you could do more damage. .
  5. Maybe its you that is out of touch and not able to obtain something that is out of reach of your budget. But why should that matter and why should it be a negative that some people can obtain that audiophile equipment yacht status. I say God bless them for reaching a goal, budget or not. As far as most people don't care about high-quality audio, I say how do you know. You sure lumped most every person in some wild scheme you have, but you have no proof. Its just your opinion. What ! they have to be card carrying members of an audiophile club to know what high quality audio is, I
  6. Well done Chris. After all these years you are getting close
  7. A question with NO real answer. To many variables, age of listener, music type, recording period, live vs recorded etc.. I can say my sister or a friend vs a professional,
  8. Still have my Marantz 2270, Dual 1229 TT and KLH 7 speakers. All boxed up. The 2270 needs to go get its caps and speaker terminals replaced.
  9. Agree but some companies still add MQA to their DACS and streamers. I guess the want to suck a few dollars off the consumers.
  10. ZMF Vérité Closed Focal Stellia Sennheiser HD820 ZMF Eikon Focal Elegia
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