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  1. Been using them for a long long time, and never have I had any issues, with shipping, packaging , ordering accuracy. I'm staying with them, one whoops doesn't change my trust in a vendor, If that was the case I wouldn't have any place to shop, including drug stores, super markets, etc... With this day in age of Covid and limited work force in businesses, who knows whats can occur.
  2. The Lumin X1 uses Dual ES9038Pro's. The Lumin T2 uses Dual ES9028Pro's
  3. Agree. My wife has been playing piano for 48 years. Plays her baby grand every day. A few years ago she commented on a recording by Charlie Haden Nightfall and noted it sure sounds more realistic on the Vapor speakers than the Salons. More clarity, more natural. . We also tried a bit of music by Bach on a Steinway / Jeffrey Biegel. Not sure it the RAAL tweeter and the sub had a lot to do with that but she likes the book shelf's.
  4. Since Qobuz started the download plan, I've pretty much not used HD tracks anymore and sadly Acoustic Sounds ( got a letter from AS as I buy a lot of LP's from them) . But I still get my LP's from AS.
  5. You should be in a room with my PASS amp, pure class A, great in the winter, I move it out in the spring and summer months and use a AB amp.
  6. Saw him many a time at festivals. One heck of a guitar player. Always clean.
  7. Hey One and a half, Yamaha made some very high end stuff back in the day. IT appears they caught up with the likes of Denon and Marantz and Pioneer and went the HT route. But now they are trying to get back into the 2 chl game. All of these companies made some very nice 2 chl products back in the day. The Marantz tube 8b and the Model 9 still bring good money on the market.
  8. Regarding Yamaha, I remember this monster, I always wanted one.
  9. I've heard the Andros Deluxe 2 with my TT , nice but a little out of my budget at the moment. I also demo'd a used Luxman EQ500 that I can pick up for 3300. Nothing wrong with my Manley with upgraded tubes just wanted to try something else, as my Manley is 2012 vintage.
  10. Not sure how tidal is ditching MQA when in Nov 2020 they announced this "https://www.forbes.com/sites/marksparrow/2020/11/12/millions-of-mqa-tracks-coming-to-tidal-masters-from-warner-music/?sh=a9dcaef23c25 A some way out there quote " “Not only can members hear music exactly as their favourite artists recorded it, but with recent platform enhancements, the experience is as seamless as ever." Not sure how that can be . Elvis and the Beatles or all of my fav artist DID NOT RECORD their music in MQA.
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