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  1. I have a Fluke and an old Simpson 260
  2. Agree Chris. Listeners listen to what they like, they like their system regardless of what some might want them to think. It ain't about them that's for sure. Like you said, who cares, only the ones that want you to be just like them. 😉
  3. Just get you some of that pretty Techflex sleeving and you could say you paid $1000 for that power cable.😀
  4. I tell ya, he is like that in person, speedy non-stop its like he has drank a load of espresso
  5. Yes and its true, pull power cord the music is lifeless, meaningless with the feeling of its just not there 😀
  6. I think Y'all are. For me, when I go to a store and want to listen to an amp or amps, I'm listening to gear at that moment. Now when I get home and add that amp to my system, for a while I'm still listening to how that amp sounds with my other equipment.. Then once the amp has settled in, its all about the music.
  7. That's what I do, since I actually listen to music on everything from a car radio, headphones, ear phones, my HT system and my 2 chl system and it can be any kind of music from anyone, so I guess I'm not an audiophile. Whew what a relief
  8. We can only hope, but why should real logical people stoop to the same childless mentally that was shown at Chris's presentation. I think we are better than that, no I know we are better than that.
  9. Don't worry the smoke and mirror show will be performed to only support MQA and no doubt bash the truth which has been shown here many, many times.
  10. So to put it correctly, no you haven’t heard his system in person so you are just speculating.
  11. Have you actually heard his system at his place in person ?
  12. Hey you are normal. I'm right there with you, and I have a lot of Nikon camera equipment as well.
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