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  1. Does the T2 upsample to DSD 512 or is its max DSD128.
  2. Just playing all my early rock albums. Something to do.
  3. Have a few hundred of CD's left and I going to keep them along with my LP's and just enjoy the music, streaming, CD's and LP's/
  4. Chris I support you 100% . After all, its you're site, you're rules. Ok by me.
  5. A Lumin fan since day one. Nice review Chris. ,
  6. Agree Amazon didn't get this big by being some fly by night company. IF it makes sense, and they see the interest which usually means the $$ received from customers they will do it right.
  7. Good move, better support and maybe they will cut the price a few bucks. 😀
  8. Got that right. Maybe they can't handle the truth.
  9. I even added a tube pre-amp which did help a little, but !. AV keep us updated. Chris
  10. The sound, I like the way Lumin uses the Wolfson dacs. The T2 was a little more bright/more detailed that I expected. The A1 and D1 just sounded a lot more like my LP's, a little warm. . Personal taste I guess.
  11. After I listened to the T2, I just decided I would keep my A1 and D1. I just like the way they sound.
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