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  1. I thought the theory was that the characteristics of the ADC in the original studio recording are compensated for by (filtering) in the replaying DAC. So yeah, sausage.
  2. Well put...kinds sums it up nicely.
  3. For balance, innocent readers may want to see the other side of the argument, which is the opposite of what you said above. All innocent readers get is the tired views of anti-MQA campaigners who have been at it for years/become jaded/done no good/are in it to the death/make stuff up. By all means take Warners down.
  4. Interested should someone want to move their PF on.
  5. I'm in Blighty, no time for that sort of stuff. Life to live.
  6. You are doing but it needs some work. You need to read the post, it's quite clear. You made a bit of a faux pas, I get that. Own it though.
  7. No Chris, you're the one who's confused, we're talking about the Mona Lisa, not MQA. There is more detail in the Mona Lisa, did you look at the link? Modern technology revealing more information, was that your point? You asked need I say more, I just wanted to confirm what you were going on about?
  8. Are you referring to the recent forensic work which has revealed more details of the Mona Lisa? https://news.artnet.com/art-world/mona-lisa-hidden-drawing-photos-1911271 Is this what you mean, that modern technology's revealed more information about the painting the allows us to appreciate it more? Or am I getting confused? Yes please, go further.
  9. Not really it's very tired stuff, very lame. But hey, keep on banging the drum, nobody's listening.
  10. Doesn't bother me, the campaign isn't working guys.
  11. And great for some. Great that you feel you're a saviour. Moderately patronising though.
  12. I don't want anybody to do anything. You're a bit late to this party, this stuff has been being said for the last few years, to no real effect. Very repetitive, year after year, same old mantra...
  13. I've got 4000 plus CDs. None of them are infected. I listen to music on a hifi system. I'm not taxed. If you want to spend your time with fairly ridiculous analogies and preach your new faith, that's your business.
  14. You don't get a choice, that's the whole point? MQA tax, yeah sure, paying taxes so people don't have to work, nah.
  15. ? It was your point, MQA isn't a tax I pay. The campaign is soooo tedious.
  16. I pay tax for things I never benefit from every day. Nothing new there.
  17. I'm not sure that's the point, if you can't hear that it's lossy, what difference does that fact make? There's no resurgence in the anti-MQA BS, it never stopped.
  18. Rachmaninov could knock out a good tune, so can Stephen Hough. Lazar Berman? Live at Carnegie Hall? https://www.discogs.com/Lazar-Berman-Live-At-Carnegie-Hall/release/4994590
  19. This reads like an advert. Mini, cheap marketing campaign dressed as something else. To me.
  20. Just for the record, Meridian used "tilt" on their digital active speakers D600s in the late 80's.
  21. John Swenson (whoever he is ;)) Explains elaborates a few points here- https://uptoneaudio.com/pages/j-swenson-tech-corner
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