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  1. So true, especially if it's the S2D and a bad MQA stream. With the Qobuz Windows app I've experienced dropouts and other issues on an MQA album ...which should not be there unless they've developed the app to handle it properly. HQPlayer to the rescue!
  2. With "passthrough" disabled the software decoding produces a purple/pink light and "MQB" on the display. In that mode filters remain disabled per MQA licensing requirements.
  3. @TomETS try downloading some free MQA files from the 2L Test Bench to assure yourself the S2D is working. As for Tidal, you've probably done this but I'm not certain: next to "Sound Output" click "(More settings)" and in there turn on Exclusive Mode, Force Volume, and Passthrough MQA.
  4. It's much more of a DIY thing for everyone involved. There's been a lot of interest and much activity over there. I can no longer remember the details though, sorry.
  5. His independent MDAC2 project is alive and well, with tons of discussion on pinkfishmedia. For Pro-Ject I think he was involved with more of the S2 line, including the Stream Box and Accu Box/Power Box products, but all that is over and done.
  6. It's sad that the article doesn't mention John Westlake at all, but as Pro-Ject no longer longer has a relationship with him they probably very studiously avoided any such discussion, focusing instead on their company founder and history, and on the product.
  7. The S2D has received a nice review in this month's Stereophile. Ken Micallef's write-up is positive, though a bit limited. It also did very well in John Atkinson's measurements, and has earned a Class A spot in Stereophile's Recommended Components.
  8. There have indeed been hardware and firmware issues galore, but it's still a very ambitious design for its price-point, and most owners seem very happy with it. There's a long thread on the product here, and more good info on head-fi, pinkfishmedia, and elsewhere.
  9. Indeed. This is mostly based on their measurements, published with this month's review of the S2D. The review itself is rather basic.
  10. Can't help you with Roon, sorry. I'm not quite sure what you're asking.
  11. When you launch the app, if there's an update it will tell you.
  12. The link to the web player seems to have disappeared from the Qobuz US website, but it's still available via play.qobuz.com
  13. The slowness of the Qobuz app for Windows? Not worth speculating about at this point, as they have all our reports and are working on an update. I'm now focused on the MQA problem, and am wondering which albums have caused dropouts for you. This is another Windows app defect, as I can play the same album through a third-party Qobuz app with no serious problems, though only Tidal fully decodes it.
  14. Filters are automatically disabled in MQA mode, and there's no way to turn off MQA mode. Enabling or disabling Distortion Compensation has no effect on this problem.
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