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  1. Well, (a) she prefers headphones to hot tubs, and (b) one of us would need a hot tub time machine to make that age-appropriate.
  2. Yes we'll be all acoustic today, lol. My battery bank will run critical systems for 18 hours. That includes the refrigerator, microwave, central lighting, security, computing, and communications. In our local climate we do not consider heating and A/C a critical system; the house is very well insulated, the internal temperature is moderated by a basement (rare in this area), and we can live without our radiant heat (in floors that retain heat for a while anyway) and without our split-system A/C for at least a day or so. No natural gas, the cars are electric, and I usually owe nothing or at most one month's small power bill at the end of each year, previously to PG&E and now Silicon Valley Clean Energy.
  3. PG&E's being like a spoiled brat having a temper tantrum. Blamed for problems, they're taking their toys and going home. The interim solution here is 42 solar panels and a battery backup bank for critical systems. Dismantling PG&E is going to take time. New local power companies give me hope.
  4. Well, shortly after launch they announced Echo Studio to go with this service (and Atmos, and Sony 360). They'd like you to buy those in pairs, thank you very much. Also at launch they announced they'd partnered with quite a few hardware brands that can deliver Music HD via HEOS, BluOS, etc., all of which Amazon just happens to resell.
  5. They've also partnered with HEOS, Play-Fi, and others. They want you to buy electronics through Amazon, and have no interest in helping us build RasPi solutions or anything else fun and DIY. Also, currently they support only "standard quality" for Chromecast Audio. See this report on HEOS and CCA, and my response re CCA below that:
  6. Thanks for your report! Re just the Chromecast Audio section, the head of Amazon Music HD has stated that they do not (yet?) support Chromecast. The Amazon Help page says they support CCA only in "Standard quality": https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GNPY8ZGH6BMS7UJQ
  7. The systems I suggested would be even easier. I really like mine. Hope you're looking at those right now.
  8. You may want to consider turnkey music server from Small Green Computer https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/audio-server Those no-brainer solutions come with built-in support for Sonos and Roon, and within Roon there's support for Bluesound and Sonos endpoints as I'm sure you know. I have the lowest-cost server on that list, the microJukebox, but I only run LMS. Basic Roon features will run on the microJukebox, but most Roon users would go for one of the more powerful choices I'm sure.
  9. Thanks. I've noticed that if the post I'm trying to get to is at or near the top of the page, then I'll often be taken so high on the page I don't see the post. But usually I'll be taken to the bottom of the page, well below all posts. I don't recall how to get to the list in your screen shot above, believe it or not. I see this problem by clicking on an item in the notification menu (under the bell icon), or via an item in the "Unread Content" list, or an item in an Activity stream including subsets like "Content I follow". Win 10, Firefox Quantum 69.0.1
  10. That fixed it! Thank you. (The other problem I reported persists however: when I clicked on the Notification of your "Try now" post, I was taken to the bottom of the page and had to scroll up to the post.)
  11. I'm trying to make a small change to my profile's Audio System section, but it refuses to save. The CAPTCHA presents a checkmark, but then I am taken back to the editor and do not see the change I just made. Also, while I'm here: for quite some time now, when I click on a post listed in an Activity stream, I am taken to the bottom of the page and must scroll up looking for that post and/or the blue line that indicates the start of new posts. Win 10, Firefox Quantum 69.0.1.
  12. No worries. Your confusion arose because you were not confused. 🙂 But for many people the distinction is not at all clear. I've answered that "download vs. download" question several times on three or four forums so far.
  13. I fail to see what is not correct. I wrote "that 'download' library works only within the app" without going into further detail.
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