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  1. That's when their downloads started sounding much better than Rhapsody streams. Wow, wasn't that long ago but seems like the Dark Ages now.
  2. It's like butthurt, especially at less than 320 kpbs. Or not. 🙂
  3. Published today on the web. Will be in the 8/24 NYT Sunday Magazine with the headline "Sound and Fury". Neil Young’s Lonely Quest to Save Music He says low-quality streaming is hurting our songs and our brains. Is he right? https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/20/magazine/neil-young-streaming-music.html "When you hear real music, you get lost in it, he added, 'because it sounds like God.' Spotify doesn’t sound like God. No one thinks that. It sounds like a rotating electric fan that someone bought at a hardware store."
  4. That new product was developed by or under the guidance of the designer of the S2D, who in the previous year urged us to use battery or linear PSUs in the meantime. Our results with third-party solutions should be able to tell you something about what an Accu Box might do for you. But our results have varied widely, due to differences in each user's local power, connections, and of course ears. Personally I hear little to no difference. I've seen some discussion of this product in the S2D thread on head-fi, though no specific reviews yet. But when we do see reports here or there, I expect the same range of results.
  5. What is your firmware version? (Press the Menu button, then press an arrow button twice.)
  6. Oh, and @Veovis the long answer should include this: Squeezer is fast and efficient, I use it all the time, but I get more enjoyment out of the LMS web app with the Material Skin plugin, which automatically adjusts to mobile or desktop as needed.
  7. We should probably move this discussion to its own thread, or over to slimdevices where there's a 255 page thread on edo. But the short answer is that LMS updates are good, you should at least be on 7.9 point something, and if edo gets removed it's trivial to reinstall it right from the Touch menu.
  8. One of my criteria was avoiding external power to the DAC, so that's another reason for no S/PDIF. I'd be interested in hearing your impressions with and without the linear PSU though. The Touch has an internal switching power circuit, which as far as I know negates any benefits from upgrading the PSU (other than replacing the stock adapter if it was malfunctioning), but stranger things have happened.
  9. Same as all the problems you see on the ultraRendu support thread here, posted by many users. It sees the DAC, it doesn't see the DAC, it needs an update, it fails to update, over and over again. If yours is working well, be happy and don't touch it, but I am not interested in explaining to guests that they have to sit there while I reboot everything, check the DAC diagnostics, etc. etc. Yes and he did make some improvements after our exchanges in the support thread, but in the end a better solution here was to change DACs. But then one day it lost track of that DAC too. After trying everything else as recommended in many posts on the support thread, I ran an update but it hung on a file somewhere in the middle of that update several times. Normally I enjoy working through technical problems just as much as I like music, but with guests waiting I gave up, moved my Sonicorbiter server into that spot for the day, then started planning a new configuration without the 'Rendu.
  10. As the Touch has an internal switching power circuit, upgrading its adapter won't do much for you as long as the adapter is working within specs. Upgrading the power supplies for your DACs could make a difference, but yes that really is a black hole. Three cheers for the Radio Paradise! Those folks do an amazing amount of work and produce high-quality programming, and in CD-quality FLAC too.
  11. USB of course. No reason to go through all that trouble otherwise. In fact I have three Touch units, connected to Schiit Modi 3 DACs. No USB hubs or external power to the DACs required.
  12. Odd. Sorry. Regardless, my ultraRendu remains lowest-ranked in my list. It fails to work at the least convenient moments, like when guests are expecting music. It regularly loses contact with the DAC (I've tried two), fails to complete updates, and generally requires coddling and fiddling. In contrast my Sonicorbiter server, an SGC Microjukebox, is a rock solid set-and-forget dream.
  13. I'm very happy with my Squeezebox Touch units, USB-enabled by edo. To me the DACs they're connected to make a larger difference to the sound, and amps have an even larger effect. That is the case for my Duet and PC-based endpoints as well. Like you I've also tried I an ultraRendu, powered by an LPS-1.2, in the media room here. The 'Rendu is at the bottom of my list too, though that's because it was so unstable and unreliable (unlike my Sonicorbiter server) I was never able to fully evaluate it. I replaced it with a small fanless PC and an ISO REGEN powered by that same LPS-1.2. So, my ranking is like this: • Squeezebox Touch with edo • Fanless PC, with ISO REGEN on LPS-1.2 • Laptop, with USB REGEN on stock PSU • Squeezebox Duet via coax out • ultraRendu on LPS-1.2
  14. @musicguy the answers you're getting are not unusual: even when being powered via an external PSU on a different jack, many devices still require the USB 5v line for full functionality. That includes a DAC or two, not just UpTone products. Doesn't make sense at first glance, but there you have it.
  15. As @DuckToller says, the Topping ticks all your boxes. Schiit products do not support DSD (except for one discontinued accessory limited to DSD64). They do not think much of DSD, nor do I, so I did not think of it at all, sorry.
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