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  1. Update: just received an email from AXPONA that says in part "...we do not believe it would be wise to hold AXPONA in April 2021. We asked the Renaissance Schaumburg for later dates in the calendar year that could accommodate our entire event and we are pleased to announce our new dates will be August 27 – 29, 2021."
  2. I did that to get on the UK service from the US before they launched here, but I think Qobuz plugged that hole a while ago, and now check for your credit card or PayPal billing address. At least that's what seems to be happening to Europeans trying to register across borders.
  3. If you look closely at the track titles you'll notice they're all gray instead of black. That means they're not available for streaming except in 30-second MP3 samples. The "Available in" icon teases that maybe you can stream or buy the album in CD-quality, yet the Buy button is also grayed out and says it's not available for purchase either. @dmackta is there anything that can be done about a confusing situation like this? That album isn't really there.
  4. @LawrenceT the DAC in the Altair G1 is an ESS 9038Q2M. When you switched to the G2.1 through your EMM Labs equipment, you were probably hearing a warmer smoother sound. I suggest you try the Aurender A10.
  5. The Android app thing seems to be fixed. I just got an update that installed, it works, I can see it in the Play app, and the link via their website also works.
  6. Can't help you with that config, except to say plenty of people are using Kazoo to get hi-res streams. Try BubbleUPnP, which offers OpenHome compatibility and hi-res: https://www.hifizine.com/2019/07/stream-qobuz-to-anything/ I can only help with LMS, but I've seen a lot of posts on the others here.
  7. @brother love now you have two examples of how to use low-power PCs with Qobuz: LMS and OpenHome. As you'd have to do the same with Tidal — the only other service worth comparing with Qobuz — I suggest you have some fun exploring these alternatives, including BubbleUPnP for Linux.
  8. I hope you'll get a specific response from Qobuz here, but for now I can tell you that Tidal requires a 2.33GHz Pentium 4, Athlon 64 2800+, or faster, and the requirements for Qobuz seem to be at least that much and maybe more. I have tried to run the Qobuz app for Windows on a quad-core Celeron, and discovered that isn't enough power. I understand that optimizing for slower platforms is on their to-do list, but it's probably still far far down on that list. And I suspect it will never run on an Atom machine. I currently run LMS (Squeezebox Server) with the Qobuz app on
  9. Those are extremely different designs. Not just in streaming features, but also in the way they sound. For example, the Aurender A10 is designed around dual AKM DAC chips, while the Mytek Brooklyn is designed around an ESS DAC chip. When DAC hardware developers follow the design guidelines of those chip brands, an AKM-based DAC may have a warmer, smoother sound, while an ESS-based DAC may have a crisper, neutral sound. I prefer AKM and find ESS harsh and shrill, while others find ESS clear, stimulating, and essential to their enjoyment, and I'm sure there are many other subjective ways of desc
  10. Some have DLNA/UPnP it working; most do not. If you turned it on in the desktop app (Account > Music Playing > Listening Preferences) then you've seen the note that it's a beta, may not work correctly, and will benefit from your emailed reports. It may help them to know exactly which Denon devices you have there. If you search this topic for "Carplay" you'll find that it is very much still in "beta" too. All we can do is report the issues here and directly to Qobuz Support, and hope for the best.
  11. @happypappy I would probably use an UpTone power supply myself. But just to be clear, the Modius includes "Unison USB" which is a $200 add-on for other Schiitt DACs, and which they claim provides "complete electromagnetic and electrostatic isolation" as well as "low-noise re-clocking".
  12. I've recently seen several on eBay for well over $500 (and €500 too). Of course, those hadn't been bounced down a flight of underground steps, lol. What an emotional trauma that must have been!
  13. The Walkman, Forty Years On The gadget that taught the world to socially distance. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/the-walkman-forty-years-on
  14. Thank you. I found it on the US and UK websites: "Family members in the same home can share up to 6 Qobuz HD streaming accounts with 1 subscription. Try free for a month, then only $24.99/month." https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/music/streaming/offers/household → £24.99/month in the UK: https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/music/streaming/offers/household
  15. Thanks @dmackta! We appreciate you taking a look at those meta data and ingestion issues. As for the rest, last fall it sounded like many of those albums were likely to appear soon, but I'm sure since then Covid has slowed down even the biggest labels.
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