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  1. The Qobuz app is unusable on a low-power Celeron I use as a streaming endpoint. The Tidal app works OK there. But I normally access both of them via LMS/Squeezebox (with the new Material skin), which runs smoothly on that PC and all other devices here.
  2. The Stereophile article on the 2018 release says: "As reported by Norwegian journalist Jan Omdahl in December 2015, the 2015 restoration was flawed. In particular, while the recording's original pitch had been A=442Hz, the restoration was tuned to A=446Hz, and there was noticeable wow."
  3. Thanks @Miska. Pro-Ject is not known for regular firmware updates, that's certain. Anyway as agreed above, the best solution to these problems is... Qobuz! 🙂
  4. Yes it always worked correctly in the official Tidal app for me too, even on my Pro-Ject S2D. The problem was that the Qobuz app is not designed up to support MQA, and until we started mentioning the problem to Qobuz reps and managers they were apparently unaware such an album had somehow been placed on their service. An album like this is a strange beast in other ways too. It of course should work in the official Tidal app. But when playing it through the Tidal plugin for LMS, which does not support MQA and normally delivers all "Masters" as 16/44.1, this one comes through as MQA (though as 176k./green).
  5. Well it was a slow process, apparently: https://www.stereophile.com/content/recording-april-2018-fairytales-original-master-edition-mqa
  6. I just noticed that the MQA CD we were discussing above, Radka Toneff's Fairytales, has been removed from Qobuz. I see four of her other albums (on the UK service; zero in the US), as well as more albums from the same Odin label, so perhaps Qobuz management agreed with us that this one was a problem. It is still available on Tidal, where it will stream bit perfectly and be decoded or not without problems. Fairytales was voted the best Norwegian jazz album of all time in 1982, and I'd still vote for it too if asked. I do not know if Odin, the official label of the Norwegian Jazz Federation, has decided to go all MQA like 2L. Apparently remastering the original recording required a great deal of recovery work, so perhaps this was a unique situation, but folks from 2L and MQA were involved: https://www.stereophile.com/content/recording-april-2018-fairytales-original-master-edition-mqa
  7. Clearly the preferred solution in this thread is not MQB. It's Qobuz! 🙂 Blaming everything on MQA Ltd. is convenient for Pro-Ject, but then how have other small companies managed to create more robust solutions? Perhaps through better testing and better developer management? Purists may not like Mytek's solution, but the fact remains that when several of us tested one of the worst possible situations (an unexpected upsampled monstrosity of an MQA CD on Qobuz), a Mytek DAC succeeded in locking on or falling back to 24/48 and remaining stable, while the Pro-Ject S2D failed.
  8. Bill just confirmed on the RP forum that if the "stream" subdomain isn't properly redirecting you for some reason, we can substitute one of these direct links: "icy-4 and icy-5 will directly call our servers in London, icy-6 or icy-8 in Texas, icy-7 in Virginia". So for example, http://icy-4.radioparadise.com/mellow-flac for the Mellow Mix via a London server.
  9. Try exiting Squeezelite and iPeng, waiting a bit, then retrying. Perhaps also restart LMS. Then the new metadata API should be synced up. This is working well for me via Favorites, and I expect Michael will add it to the plugin soon. Edit: also update the RP plugin. I think Michael delivered the change in there, even though these two things aren't obviously related, and I just noticed you may not have done that.
  10. Interesting. I asked Bill why he's using an Ogg container, and he responded that it's necessary to relay via Icecast. I haven't bugged him about this further, as APIs seem to be the way he does the infrastructure for all his applications, and at this point Michael has it working in LMS. Michael has asked us to test via LMS Favorites for now, but I expect he'll add both streams to the plugin soon because it's working great!
  11. They've been making turntables for decades. Computer audio is a relatively new thing for them.
  12. 2.12 did reduce the number of drop-outs but did not completely solve the problem. This DAC is still known to be more sensitive than most to imperfections in an MQA signal, and for not falling back smoothly to an undecoded format when that happens. Having said that, @Jumpwire your situation seems worse than most and I'd be interested to hear if the above MQB suggestion helps. And a solution for getting full MQA unfolding from your system might be adding a USB clean-up accessory, with options ranging in price from a Jitterbug to a Wyrd to an ISO REGEN.
  13. Interesting. I just clicked on the link a couple times. The first time it redirected to "icy-8", and the second time to "icy-6". So the "stream" subdomain probably just redirects to different servers as needed for load balancing. No guarantee icy-6 will continue to work, but if it stops then you know where to check. I'm concerned now that Roon doesn't allow that redirect though. Any other Roon owners seeing this?
  14. For those working on custom apps, the api to add metadata to these streams has been posted on the RP forum: > BillG wrote: > > That's now available here: https://api.radioparadise.com/api/now_playing > > For alt mixes (currently 'mellow', others in the future) add ?chan=1 > > The 'time' value is the time in seconds until the current song ends, to be used to calculate the refresh time.
  15. It's working fine for me now. I don't have Roon, but perhaps that was just a temporary glitch at the source?
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