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  1. left channel

    Official TIDAL HIFI Streaming Issues Thread

    What's making this hard is you want MQA. For non-MQA streaming, I'd install the free LMS/Squeezebox Server on that little Atom PC, configure it remotely from my main PC, and control it remotely with my smartphone. But MQA is new, so your options are more limited right now. I'm not at all certain you'll get good results sending the audio via HDMI, and even less so with wireless. You can try it, but you'll probably wind up adding a USB DAC, especially if you want full 4x MQA decoding. And I've suggested a wireless keyboard controlling the stock Tidal app, but if you really want smartphone control you'll need a third-party app, and MQA-compatible options include Audirvana on a more powerful PC. So, with PC+DAC and maybe third-party software, you'll quickly be in the price range of that Bluesound which offers much less of a setup headache. I've mentioned various other options in previous posts while trying to limit the cost of new hardware, but the problem is that right now MQA is an audiophile thing, and home networking setups for that only go up in price from what I've suggested so far. Like Roon.
  2. left channel

    Qobuz USA launching soon!

    When did you sign up for the waiting list?
  3. left channel

    Qobuz USA launching soon!

    Will do! No Roon though. The official Windows app, the plug-in for LMS, the official Android app, and UAPP.
  4. left channel

    Qobuz USA launching soon!

    I've just received my Qobuz USA beta "Welcome" email! I'll be comparing it with my roaming UK account. More soon.
  5. left channel

    Article: Audiophile 5: Roon 1.6 in 5 Minutes

    Yesterday David Craff at Qobuz suggested this one for 5.1 streaming: https://open.qobuz.com/album/3149020215661 (Original post was on the Qobuz issues thread.)
  6. left channel

    Article: Roon 1.6 With Qobuz Integration and More

    About 1,850,000 more Hi-Res tracks on Qobuz than MQA tracks on Tidal. Qobuz content, discovery, and genre focus. Also their app design, for when you're not in Roon. Basically, Qobuz seems more meant for me.
  7. left channel

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Well, among many things: entirely different licensing rights, app content localization, local servers/network configuration, and local staffing. I have run companies in more than one country, and I have managed global product launches. Never again. 🙂
  8. When I play Tidal and other stuff through Squeezelite clients I'm using ASIO. Not sure I hear an improvement, and also there's no MQA in that app. But at this point I'm mostly streaming Qobuz anyway — and the Radio Paradise FLAC streams. I'll try switching between the ASIO and WASAPI options in the Qobuz app again as time allows.
  9. left channel

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    @bobbmd I did see that! And congratulations, I look forward to hearing your impressions of the beta!
  10. Mine looks similar. That Pro-Ject ASIO driver and many others are always available in your system. If you look instead at the list available via Account icon > Music Playing > Listening preferences, you'll find that one and other unfamiliar choices listed there, and other player apps often list even more. The pop-up menu you've opened in the screen shot above is an attempt at simplification similar to what the main Windows Control Panels and the Tidal app do: hide everything except connected hardware "Speakers". Something weird about the Pro-Ject ASIO driver causes the Qobuz app to display it there too, probably because it is the manufacturer's priority driver for that device. It works, but WASAPI is a newer driver standard and works great with the S2D too. Try Exclusive Mode, just like in Tidal. Oh, and welcome to the Light Side! (As opposed to the Dark Side.)
  11. left channel

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    No worries. You read a lot more carefully than whoever is in charge of that part of the app.
  12. left channel

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    @bobbmd that was not the issue we were discussing. Or at least that I was discussing. My point was simply this: a message that pops up in the Qobuz app is poorly written, and confused someone.
  13. left channel

    Qobuz USA launching soon!

    Depends if you buy Hi-Res or CD-quality. Not everyone can hear a difference, but if you do it's a big deal. Even if we can access the cache, it would be un-indexed and without titles. But it may be encrypted too. Rumor has it Qobuz and Roon have been in discussions. Or not. 🙂
  14. left channel

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    I get that. Then the next sentence says "If you are directly using the jack audio output it will limit to a quality close to CD 16-bit / 44.1 kHz". That sentence needs help, or better yet should be deleted. If you're not interested in translation and localization, fine, let's drop it but I'm having fun here.
  15. left channel

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    The first sentence is clear enough. It's the second one that confused @kmp6156 and I find the language translation issue interesting ("the" vs. "le"). The phone does not output music via USB without some sort of DAC or headphone adapter with a built-in DAC, right?