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  1. I had no problem opening the version history, but it appears this is a minor build update to 5.8.0 and is not described there.
  2. Big fan and longtime supporter of Radio Paradise. Hard to imagine how I lived without them before, lol. Subscribers have just received an email from Bill and Rebecca celebrating RP's "21st birthday". That message notes that BlueOS devices can now receive RP in MQA. The RP forum has erupted accordingly, lol. I'll just keep listening to their CD-quality FLAC streams on my Schiit and NuPrime gear. The free RP app for LMS/Squeezebox works great!
  3. This has been discussed in this thread or the feature request thread or on another forum, I don't remember which, but the response was they understand that's annoying and it's on their list to improve.
  4. Theirs is 15 px. Sites with older demos, like the venerable TiVo Community Forum, seem to be at least 16 px.
  5. What I am seeing is this: at 110% zoom, the current default type size in each post is approximately the same as that on head-fi.org, while at 100% it is about the size of quotes and signatures on that site. Their demographics are a bit younger. Just saying.
  6. It is smaller, but I was on 110% already and probably would not have noticed if nobody mentioned it. I have good glasses I guess.
  7. Thank you David. The Qobuz app works with other ASIO drivers I've tried, just not with ASIO4ALL.
  8. I request support for the ASIO4ALL driver. Just tested with version 5.8 for Windows, and it still sounds terrible. I regularly use that driver with other music apps. Back to WASAPI Exclusive Mode. (Oh and by the way, "WASAPI" is not a word so it should not be written "Wasapi". But thanks for changing the spelling of "Favorites" in the US app. Very happy about that.)
  9. With the Qobuz apps, to use more than one device at a time you need a Family account. That allows up to six individual sub-accounts. Otherwise you're limited to only one device at a time, and I think three devices total. But as @firedog says above, third-party apps like Roon, Audirvana, or LMS/Squeezebox can stream to more than one endpoint at the same time. At this very moment I'm playing different albums via the Qobuz plugin for LMS to two endpoints: the Squeezelite-X app on my home office PC and a Squeezebox Touch device in the basement. Qobuz sees the server as one client, so I
  10. No joy, it's still happening. I open the weather app, look away, and when I look back it's the Qobuz app. I may just uninstall Qobuz; I mostly use it via UAPP anyway. Too bad, as the Qobuz app offers a lot of content and curation, although I'm not mobile much lately.
  11. An update on the above: I uninstalled and reinstalled the Qobuz app. That may have worked. This was weird and getting weirder: last night when I opened the weather app, Qobuz launched. Even weirder: I just realized I've owned Android phones for ten years now, starting with the Nexus One. Never had a problem like this before though.
  12. Anyone else experiencing random launching of the Qobuz Android app? This appears to be caused by actions in my Accuweather and NY Times apps. It is not set to "open links by default", and it is set to "ask every time" but it does not ask. It just opens to the last place I was in the app. The actions that launch it seem unrelated and inconsistent, so I am unable to reproduce the problem when I try, but I regularly find myself closing the Qobuz app as it launches while I'm trying to do something else. Version
  13. I understand and appreciate your position. Please just note I did not write "create", I wrote "translate and organize", and that people much smarter than me believe a certain level of human expression will always remain incomprehensible to machine intelligence. Anyway I would opt out of any attempt to record everything about my listening habits, just as I'm already opted out of map history, search history, and etc. I don't use capabilities some of the competitors already have because I find their results disappointing and the whole idea creepy, so if such features were added to Qobuz I wouldn
  14. Even Mr. Singularity himself, Ray Kurzweil, foresees limits in AI's ability to work with poetry and literature even as it reaches the ability to translate and organize nonfiction and even some types of fiction. I expect similar limitations in music. If Qobuz were like its competitors, I would not be here.
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