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  1. Looking forward to your impressions when you are ready to give them. Honestly, the price of the BXT relative to the THREEs, is a little bit of a tough pill to swallow--given that it just extends the dynamic range of an already full range design. But I suppose if you look at the numbers of drivers, amps, size of the cabinet, etc., it makes some sense... it is what it is, I guess.
  2. Congratulations! Did you buy the THREE and the BTX as a set or did you audition them separately? I'm very satisfied with my THREE's as it, but I'm very curious about what new the BTX would bring to the table.... It'd better be a lot, since they cost more than the full-range THREE's by themselves!
  3. Thanks for the mini-review, barrows. I really (really) love the mbl-sound too, I bought the first pair of 121's in the country, way back in the day. But they are just not reasonable with my new commitment to a minimalist aesthetic (... or pocket book). But, man, they sound wonderful! mbl, PLEASE make you G*d darn speakers (or, at least, the monitors) digital-active with network inputs... and I will come back, I promise. I will find the cash!
  4. That view is fantastic! My local Kii dealer carries only Kubala Sosna, so I tried those without comparing to other, high-end power cables. The differences were clearly audible (vs. stock), though not massive; as a big believer in the power of power cables, I was actually surprised that the improvement wasn't greater. But, as I said, the difference was audible--and clearly worthwhile (to me!), since I bought a pair of KS Emotions. Subsequent listening has suggested that it was a good choice as (to my ears), the KS has bested similarly priced offerings from Shunyata (though, admittedly, these were from the last generation) and Nordost. YMMV, but I do think that improvements can definitely be had by upgrading the PCs.
  5. ... I have to agree with firedog, your evaluation methods are, honestly, bizarre. Comparing them to infinitely more complex, DEQX, multi-sub set-ups when comparing bass on the one hand, and then calling them "tech-fidgety" when comparing them to (... an Apple HomePod?) on the other makes you seem crazy. Or like you've got a crazy axe to grind. These are not the best speakers in the world (I've heard better) and they are probably not for everyone either. But your "comparisons" just raise more questions than give answers. In terms of studio use, while I cannot speak as to which major professional studios use the Kii's (many likely use more expensive, soffited, monitors anyway), as far as pros' perceptions go, Sound on Sound gave them a rave review and a visit to Gear Slutz will show massive positive buzz and user experience with these monitors (lots of equally positive buzz on the D&Ds there too).
  6. I'm certainly not knocking your tastes--or anyone else's. But, personally, I really love some of the wilder colors I've seen floating around the internet (maybe someone should start a company doing vinyl wraps for speakers like people are doing on cars these days). That said, you're probably right: resale will likely be higher in gray than with a more "quirky" color.
  7. ... I've (almost) never wanted for more bass with my Kii's. But then, one never knows what they're missing until they get their next shiny object.
  8. Thanks for the great review. I wonder how much closer the BXT system would get you to your big subs' bass performance...it'll be interesting too to hear what you think of these vs. the D&Ds, they are clear competitors in a category of, really, only two speakers at the moment (not having seen the D&D in person, I was really shocked to see how BIG they are--and I thought the Kii's were pretty large monitor speakers!). Also, love that blue color! The only regret I have with buying my own my Kii's is that I went with the rather dull, stock gray color. Every time I see a pair in an adventurous colorway, I get (very) jealous.
  9. When I first got my Kii's, they actually had the earlier, pre-release firmware loaded on them and so the limiter warning light was defaulted to "on." I was surprised how limited they were (how often the light went on). Don't get me wrong, you have to really push them for this to happen (for instance, playing 808 drum samples at high volume) but, when pushed, their limits were hit often. When limited, they just don't play as loud as called for, they don't actually clip, so they were not "unpleasant" sounding when this happened--I can only imagine I was missing something in their ultimate dynamic range (without a reference, I can't even say how much bass I was missing). Notwithstanding, I can really see the point to the BXT and/or an external sub with certain applications and/or musical tastes. (BTW, if you're curious about how much you might "need" the BXTs or a sub, you can turn the warning lights on in the CONTROL software, though I chose to leave them off--if the limiting wasn't sonically distracting on its own, I didn't see the benefit in distracting myself with a little red light when trying to enjoy my music.)
  10. Sorry to perhaps disagree with the majority, but I liked the last video review . I said in the comments from the last one that maybe that vid. didn't take the maximum advantage of the format, but I still think it's an evolving thing and I put my vote (whatever little that's worth) towards more videos in the future. HAVE A HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE!
  11. Thanks Chris, informative and professional as always. Unlike some others, I really like the idea of video reviews, though I don't think that this one was all it could be (SURE--easy for me to say since, unlike you, I've contributed exactly zero reviews to the community, written or video!). Anyway, I just think that a video could give the reader/viewer just so much better of an idea of the experience of use/ownership than your written words. For example, when you showed the back of the Naim and we could see how tight the speaker cable area was with the bananas plugged in, you really got a sense of what it would be like to own and/or set up the unit; that would be very difficult to convey equally well with words alone. On the other hand, although you did "spin" the volume control in the video, the novelty of the control seems like it could have been better served with, say, an overhead shot showing the control and top display in action, along with a little more voice over narration. I guess what I am saying is that (as much extra work as I am sure it would be and, again, easy for me to say), seeing you actually interact with the unit(s) under review, instead of just watching you talk about it, would really be beneficial and really make the video format worthwhile. Finally, THANK YOU, for not making us watch you play music through your (review) system (like some other video reviewers insist on doing). How or why anyone would think that music played back through a review system, captured (fallibly) on your mic(s), uploaded to and compressed by Youtube and then played back in our room through our system would be a worthwhile exercise or give anyone any idea of what you were hearing first hand is beyond me. There is no way we will ever hear what you hear... though, via video, we can see (close to) what you see, and that could be great! I, for one, think that video reviews could be very, very cool. Keep up the great work.
  12. Interesting. Well, that's an opinion shared by no one.
  13. Barrows, I agree! So... let me not talk about the THEEs for a second (sorry, but it's a closely related product)! Anyway, any thoughts about the Grimm MU1 streamer as the ultimate digital source component for the Kii THREEs (with or without BXT)? EXPENSIVE, yes, but it seems like it has a lot of Kii-friendly, cutting-edge tech in the box. Given Bruno Putzeys' (and most of the Kii team's) involvement with Grimm, this streamer seems like it could fill in the final missing link for Kii (the source), while still keeping it "all in the family." (Granted, I've seen no mention of Putzey's involvement with the MU1 but, certainly, the design teams must be aware of what the other is doing). Note the AES output.... Looks pretty too:
  14. + 1. I've head different sounding speakers... and, honestly, better speakers (at many, many times the price). But how someone would find the Kii's "anemic and artificial" is beyond me (OTOH, I have not heard them in the show conditions @ High End, so who knows--maybe they sound exactly that bad in that room, but certainly not in mine). Also, thanks for the posting the great pictures, Pure Vinyl Club, (I see no problems with the picture-quality from here)! I wish the THREEs and the BXT had a docking system so the cable management was truly clean, but what they've done with the rear connectors is about as good as I suppose could be managed in the absence of such a thing. It does go some way to mitigate my fears about creating a "rat's nest" of wires behind the stack....
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