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  1. Very interesting. I am a big believer in quality isolation and very good power cords. The Kiis actually surprised me with how (relatively) insensitive to power cords they were--it's not that they didn't improve things, they did--just not as much as I expected. But isolation is just so important--and it seems to be at least as much the case here as in my other systems.
  2. I wonder about performance a little.... I put my CONTROL *and* my ultraRendu on a grip of Black Ravioli (BR) isolation and the improvement in sound was substantial. (I don't want to oversell it, the differences weren't night and day, it was just what it was before, only noticeably better in virtually all sonically relevant dimensions--though, especially, soundstage depth.) So I worry about it when people put their CONTROLS on little, fidgety stands and wonder how that might affect performance. Reasons to doubt the generalizability of my results: 1. I de-coupled the CONTROL and the ultraRendu (and LPS1 PSU) all at the same time. So it's not really possible to tell which these unit's isolation had the largest impact on the perceived sound quality--maybe it wasn't the CONTROL at all, but the rendu or the PSU. I'm so happy with the improvement, I have very little interest in experimenting with them one at a time at the moment (maybe at some time in the future... when I'm very bored). 2. Unlike the Amazon stand which sits on what appears to be a very substantial rack, my CONTROL sat on the top of my glass-topped desk, which rings like a bell. If I had to bet, whatever the benefits of the BR, I suspect that the biggest improvement was just getting the gear off the desk; it's likely that there would be less perceived improvement in your situation. 3. Since the CONTROL is (still) on my desk, sitting on the BR less than two feet from my right hand, I can see the display very easily at all times. It's possible that the desire to see the display from across the room might, in your case, outweigh any benefits you might get by better isolating the CONTROL. But, all that said, as the CONTROL is the conduit for all of your digital inputs, I would imagine that isolating it (with BR, Stillpoints, Iso-Acoustics, or whatever your prefered solution might be) would potentially be a worthwhile improvement to SQ. Just a thought. Oh, and I freakin' love the red.
  3. Hey Blade, you know as much as I do at the moment. BUT, what I can say is that my speakers definitely do not have that six-hole pattern as in the image above. They just have four (quote small, like the middle) bolts/screws in the four corners. I cannot say whether or how the four larger bolts from the old, six-hole pattern line-up with the four-hole pattern with which I am working. I have to say that I am still a little concerned about the rigid connection to the wall... I just put my Kii CONTROL and ultraRendu and LPS1 on a Black Ravioli base and footers and have been really impressed with the improvements (not night and day, mind you--just what was there before, only better). It would sort of be a step backwards to put the speakers onto a worse situation than they are right now on my Arden desktop stands (esp. since, essentially, the whole audio system sits in the speaker cabinet). But I do love the form factor... gotta talk to my dealer and find out how much and then make a decision.
  4. FYI. I contacted Kii and got this response about the wall mounts, for anyone who is interested. (Interestingly, as far as I know, I own the very first consumer pair of Kii THREEs imported into the U.S., but I checked and I have only the 4-screw pattern... I guess the very, very early one's were only destined for Europe (or maybe U.S. dealer display.))
  5. I love the red. I've said it before: the only thing I regret about buying my Kii THREEs was getting the boring, base grey. I'd really like a do-over on that decision. Still curious about vibration issues and how you're supposed to anchor to a drywall wall. I'll post back if/when I learn any more.
  6. Haha. When I get the chance, I'll drop a note to the US importer, Grace Design, and ask them what's the deal. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. VERY interesting. #1, thanks for the info. #2 are these from Kii or from a third party for Kii. #3, and lastly, it looks like the pre-drilled holes would be far too wide to get both sides into a stud. Is one expected to use, day, drywall anchors? I am hanging a moderately heavy TV on my wall with only two drywall anchors (Wingits Super Duty Anchors), so I have no concern that these would hold the weight. But I wonder how good the vibration isolation would be if you were mounting to a non-structural part of the room....? Thanks for the info., any more is much appreciated!
  8. I've got a lot of respect for @mitchco and what he says aligns very closely with what others have said--and what Kii recommends. That's why I wanted to be very careful to state that my experience was for my situation (and preferences) only. That said, my experiences have been quite different than his. I have very flexible desk stands (from Arden Audio) and it was very easy for me to do the recommended set-up: 0 rake, ears mid-way between the tweet and woofer. I did not like the sound of that at all. So, like I said, I've ended up with a (moderately) steep rake and the HF driver converging over my head (at the listening position). But YMMV, I have no idea why that sounds the best to me in my situation (it might even be because I'm delaying the "floor-bounce" off my desk and it has nothing at all to do with the drivers' alignment with my ears--I really cannot say). But, like I said @Bernstein, you can try to adjust your rake for free and see what you think... but I'm only willing to refund you what you paid me for my advice if you don't like the results! Hi @baconbrain, an adjustable wall mount sounds very interesting: I like the idea since it would free up (a lot of) desk space and maybe give me another near-field/desk-top option (even though I have no real complaints about the Arden stands I'm using now). But I have never heard of such an accessory from Kii--or from anyone else. Do you have a link and/or more info. on this thing? Thanks in advance.
  9. My setup is different than most: I'm using my THREEs as desktop monitor speakers. That said, I had issues similar to Bernstein, with image height not only too low, but also "squeezed down" in the vertical plane. I raked the speakers back considerably on the stands and now the mid-point between the tweeter and woofer converges considerably above my head... I thought they sounded great this way! But, since everyone (including Kii) says that your ears ought to be even with the mid-point between the tweeter and woofer, I adjusted them down (and back up and back down) and experimented a lot with rake angle. In the end, I ended up almost exactly where I started: with my ears about even with the bottoms of the physical woofers and the mid-point between the tweeter and woofer, accounting for rake, converging perhaps 12-16 inches over my head. I am not saying that this is the right set-up for everyone, esp. for those who are not listening at a desk in the extreme near-field. But I can 100% say: 1. Like Bernstein, I had image height issues; 2. The THREEs are extremely sensitive to ear-level/rake; 3. The best solution in my situation and to my ears have the speakers elevated (again, by angle, not by absolute height) considerably higher than Kii recommends. My advice to you Bernstein: give this solution a try. If it sucks, lower the rake angle again... the experiment is literally free!
  10. Looking forward to your impressions when you are ready to give them. Honestly, the price of the BXT relative to the THREEs, is a little bit of a tough pill to swallow--given that it just extends the dynamic range of an already full range design. But I suppose if you look at the numbers of drivers, amps, size of the cabinet, etc., it makes some sense... it is what it is, I guess.
  11. Congratulations! Did you buy the THREE and the BTX as a set or did you audition them separately? I'm very satisfied with my THREE's as it, but I'm very curious about what new the BTX would bring to the table.... It'd better be a lot, since they cost more than the full-range THREE's by themselves!
  12. Thanks for the mini-review, barrows. I really (really) love the mbl-sound too, I bought the first pair of 121's in the country, way back in the day. But they are just not reasonable with my new commitment to a minimalist aesthetic (... or pocket book). But, man, they sound wonderful! mbl, PLEASE make you G*d darn speakers (or, at least, the monitors) digital-active with network inputs... and I will come back, I promise. I will find the cash!
  13. That view is fantastic! My local Kii dealer carries only Kubala Sosna, so I tried those without comparing to other, high-end power cables. The differences were clearly audible (vs. stock), though not massive; as a big believer in the power of power cables, I was actually surprised that the improvement wasn't greater. But, as I said, the difference was audible--and clearly worthwhile (to me!), since I bought a pair of KS Emotions. Subsequent listening has suggested that it was a good choice as (to my ears), the KS has bested similarly priced offerings from Shunyata (though, admittedly, these were from the last generation) and Nordost. YMMV, but I do think that improvements can definitely be had by upgrading the PCs.
  14. ... I have to agree with firedog, your evaluation methods are, honestly, bizarre. Comparing them to infinitely more complex, DEQX, multi-sub set-ups when comparing bass on the one hand, and then calling them "tech-fidgety" when comparing them to (... an Apple HomePod?) on the other makes you seem crazy. Or like you've got a crazy axe to grind. These are not the best speakers in the world (I've heard better) and they are probably not for everyone either. But your "comparisons" just raise more questions than give answers. In terms of studio use, while I cannot speak as to which major professional studios use the Kii's (many likely use more expensive, soffited, monitors anyway), as far as pros' perceptions go, Sound on Sound gave them a rave review and a visit to Gear Slutz will show massive positive buzz and user experience with these monitors (lots of equally positive buzz on the D&Ds there too).
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