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    Problems with 2018 Macs USB?

    Oh dear. There is more than one thread about MAC / DAC incompatibility on this site. I personally lost my W4S DAC 1 for over a month (years ago) after an ill advised update. W4Sound was not much help either. They told me to buy a DAC 2 to Fix my problem @ apx $2K if I remember correctly. If I had the time I would cite some of the old threads for you, but I am busy. This is my opinion and as such is not worth any stress.

    Problems with 2018 Macs USB?

    Apple has NEVER cared about quality sound. Never. There are various threads here concerning DACs not having the proper drivers after an "update". Don't forget the Apple workforce is populated by young people who have never heard a real stereo, much less an audiophile approved system. To these whippersnappers, a $25 ear bud is the high end.
  3. @PorkChop Good point. But if I were going to buy even a $250 player. I would at least check out the internet to read a few reviews.
  4. I doubt that anyone who would order "audiophile" gear, and, to the general public, specialized LH audio gear (existing or not), would not have at least a passing interest in audiophile forums.

    Article: Aurender Content Server ACS10 Full Review

    I wonder if the SSDs would be faster between album selection? "Probably the most annoying issue that I encountered with the ACS10 over the last couple months was a long delay between albums selection and the beginning of playback. This is only an issue for those of us who listening to an entire album, then browse for another album and add it to the queue for playback."

    Article: Aurender Content Server ACS10 Full Review

    Spinning Discs? How 20th Century. Count me out. Innous = Solid State Drives....yes.

    Loudness Wars get New York Times coverage

    What can a poor boy do? (Rolling Stones) Maybe we need an audio reproduction council, which could issue warning labels for media listing DR, etc. Tax record companies to pay for it.

    I Blame MQA

    As OP, I can say that the thread title was indeed snark. But in my defense: MQA is considered a crime against music. (by more that a few participants on this site) Illegal pressing of vinyl is certainly a crime against music, artists, etc. I was hoping I could inspire the South Wales Police to investigate the MQA cult, and find out what is going on over there.....
  9. Holy Smoke. This thread (16 pages!) indicates that we should stick with established Audio companies and stay away from crowd funded pie in the sky enterprises. I have nothing against startups, but I will wait until the gizmo is in production, a few reviews are written and the mantel of legitimacy shines like a golden beam from on high.

    I Blame MQA

    FROM THE AUDIO MATTERS WEB SITE: A counterfeiting operation that tapped into the growing appetite for music on vinyl has been taken down after a four-year investigation. Working with the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), South Wales Police discovered an illicit vinyl pressing facility, specialising in Northern Soul records, that is thought to have distributed “tens of thousands” of unauthorised represses, mainly through eBay and Amazon. Along with BPI officers, South Wales Police carried out a series of warrants at the home addresses of those prosecuted, in the process recovering 55,635 Infringing 7” vinyl records, 26 infringing 10” vinyl records, and 907 infringing 12” vinyl records, as well as 4,678 infringing CDs, 70 infringing music DVDs, and 8 DVD MP3s - the latter containing a total of 5,121 music tracks and 98 albums. Documentary exhibits, computer equipment exhibits, printed inlays, printed face labels, plain white cardboard /paper record sleeves were also examined, underlining the extent of their endeavours, including the fact they had commissioned the pressing of the vinyl. Many record labels, including Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music as well as smaller niche labels such as Rollercoaster Records and Ace Records, have been affected by the criminal enterprise, says the BPI. Though still niche in terms of its size within the overall recorded music market, vinyl enjoyed another stellar year in 2016, with over 3.2 million LPs sold – a 53 per cent rise on 2015 and the highest annual total in a quarter of a century. The depth of this revival is illustrated by the fact that over 30 titles sold more than 10,000 copies in 2016, compared to just 10 in 2015. LPs now account for nearly 5 per cent of the album market.

    The Audiophiles wife...

    I live in Arizona. I would need convincing that there are any people in Minnesota during the Winter. Because they are all here! The stores are full, the roads are crowded, the restaurant owners are happy. When Summer comes and it is over 110 for 10 days in a row and over 100 for a few months you could get rather lonely.
  12. Yes, but can you hear the baseline in "Watching the Detectives"? (Elvis Costello) A much more important question. Right?
  13. Wait.........I thought 92.3% of all audio was illusion? ~ What am I missing?

    On the Legal Beat

    Don't get me started on this subject. All our art, all our tech, all our earthly power. The FCC can't stop spam / robo calls to our telephones. But the FCC can bow to our corporate overlords and attempt to kill the internet as we know it. Shame.

    What's the consensus on ethernet cables?

    @mansr. Thanks.