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  1. My thread is perfect. (infra) Yours, Sphinxis, is not. (supra)
  2. I love Wanda, but I think I will move to Costa Mesa.
  3. I resolve to ignore all cable news broadcasts and to spend my time listening to music. Best Wishes to fall for a wonderful 2020!
  4. God Bless the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!
  5. I think the quality of the recording is more important than all this expensive gear. Good recording sound good. They can sound a bit better on a inexpensive system that pleases the consumer.
  6. Oh WOW, my favorite album "Stereoista" by the Clash. .. .... wait. Never Mind.
  7. FIRST. "Won't Get Fooled Again" - The Who We'll be fighting in the streets With our children at out feet And the morals that they worship will be gone The men who spurred us on' sit in judgment of all wrong They decide and the shotgun sings the song. SECOND. Ringo tells the tale. As a very young boy how he and his mates would play in the bombed out buildings that dotted his neighborhood. Running and hiding from the older boys who wanted to beat up his gang and, I gather, dispensing a few beating himself it was rather a hard life for many of the kids who, later on, became our gods. I would guess that many of the younger folks on this site have no idea how bad things were in post war England. I maintain that hard times give us good music. The Who, The Stones, The Beatles et al. Not all of the lads had it as hard as the young Ringo, but you see my point. THIRD. Now that Putin and his troll army, aided by generous bribes to many in the pro-remain camp, have won the BREXIT war will a new, broken UK - soon to be further divided with Scotland and other regions looking at taking the United out of the Kingdom produce a new golden age of music? Hate, poverty and racism often provide us with art. We shall see.
  8. Computers are for email, not music. Get thee a streamer thingy.
  9. Snow? Whats that? Love from Tucson AZ! We actually do have snow on the mountains. I can see them from my pool.
  10. Indeed. But the streamer usually works. The computer, not so much. Just had a meeting of our audio club. Our host has everything (music/movies) on his computer. During our meeting he only had to reboot once. a triumph! Computer Audio is fine if you like to tinker or you are a computer scientist. For the rest of us........
  11. Told you so. "Upgrades" are the bane of computer audio. Get thee to a streamer. Please never use a computer for music.
  12. I run my Node 2i into my PS Audio DAC. The DAC indicates the resolution! BlueOS needs improvement. Sometimes I have to search Amazon Music on one iPad and then load the music on Blue. So it goes.
  13. Thank you very much @Jud As far as I know, iTunes will be replaced with an App in the near future. I am sure all the DACs in the free world will then stop working because some 22 year old code monkey in Cupertino forgot something. Beware!
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