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  1. yes indeed switches has been discussed (pro and con) o this site.
  2. I don’t recall a discussion regarding audiophile routers. 1. Do they exist? 2. Any recommendations? thanks
  3. My theory is that any component which is well made will add to your enjoyment of our hobby. Now, will any “audiophile” item sound better? Maybe. In the case of wires and switches I think any improvements would be difficult to discern but your ears may be better than average.
  4. Richard Thompson sez: Now Nortons and Indians and Greeveses won't do They don't have a soul like a Vincent '52. Did Vincent make amplifiers in 1952?
  5. Recording Engineers sometime add pop and crackles just for fun. (Or the artist tells them to add some "vinyl" ambiance. Who knows what lurks in the heart of the studio?
  6. I should have specified that I have the PH 10. (with the optional outboard power supply.) Very nice product. Sounds great and not a budget buster.
  7. I think I might have a problem. My turntable (VPI Classic IV) has two tonearms. One Mono, one stereo. I bought the Gold Note Phono Pre Amp because I can input both arms into the pre and then have phono line out to the amp. So: Stereo Cart: Ortofon 2M Blace (Moving Magnet) Output voltage at 1000hz: 5 mv Mono Cart: Ortofon MC Cadenza Mono (Moving Coil) Output voltage at 1000hz: 450 uV As stated above all output from the Phono pre is connected to the "Line In: input on the Luxman Integrated Amp. Am I OK with the present set up?
  8. Could be a good direction for Apple, might nudge them toward better audio support!
  9. I have a Gold Note Phono Pre Amp. Which connection should I use on my Luxman integrated Amp? Connect the Phono Pre Amp into the "Phono" input on the Luxman? Connect the Phono Pre Amp into the "Line1" input on the Luxman? Thanks in advance.
  10. Just wait until IOS 14 (or whatever they call it) is released for Apple products. DACs will die, SONUS, BlueSound and other streamers will not be able to find your music and people will bitch. Just like the last time. And the time before.
  11. She don't love me She loves my automobile ZZ Top
  12. I never liked the speed adjusted volume. I found it distracting. I STILL have a 2001 Mercedes with this feature. My wife will not get rid of the damn thing so I can put a nice Porsche in the garage. My life sucks.
  13. "The loudest noise in a Rolls Royce at 60MPH is the clock" LA times newspaper ad circa 1963.
  14. Yet, I had an Audi A7 that had terrible road noise. Yes i know there is a $$$ difference between a 7 and an 8!
  15. She's a BRICK HOUSE mighty mighty Get down, Get down
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