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  1. I use the wireless option on my BlueSound streamer. Sounds fine to me. A lot of us do not have he option of wired connection to the streamer.
  2. Rattle and hummmm. sorry......


    Call PS Audio, tell them what you want and see if they can come up with an affordable system! Thank me later.
  4. He was very kind to me. I am sad to see this news. RIP friend.
  5. I don't think my wife would like a cable running from my office to my Node2 in the great room. Someone would certainly trip over the cable. If only I had the problems describe above. So its das Leben.
  6. "Paul6001" posting at Audiogon makes the valid point that nothing sounds the same to any two (or more) listeners. Botton line, if your system sounds good to you. You have got it. No need to stress or spend large amounts of money on upgrades. As many wise audiophiles have posted here. Just enjoy the music. Paul 6001 (without his permission) states: Full lengthy post at Audiogon. Two observers simply do not experience sound in the same way. (Pretty much everything I’m going to say from this point on can be found in the references below. But those aren’t particul
  7. Expensive audio cables are snake oil. Compare and contrast. 500 words. Wake me up later. 500 clicks / comments on any audio site.
  8. I never got the Dead. But, then, there are a lot of bands I love that other folks never cared for. So I don't see a point to the OP's Post. I mean you could make any "I don't think X (Clapton) is that great.......or the Y (Dead) is overrated" statement and get clicks. Here, let me help you: Luxman amps sound too warm. The Stones are a cover band Vinyl sucks Expensive cables are snake oil Digital sucks
  9. I "produced" this clip at home. Just turned on the mic on my old iMac. Aside from the fact that I am a raw beginner on the harp....it sounds ok to me. 28day.mov
  10. Got it. I have no idea how the fan can screw up your quasi isolated stereo. Something somewhere is not hooked up correctly. Good luck.
  11. I don't think you should have he fan (bathroom) connected to the audio circuit at all. My reasoning, fans are bad. (noise, a host of other issues) No matter where they are in the chain. You would not want a fan in your audio computer, right?
  12. "Better is the enemy of good enough" Food for thought: I just ordered a new car. The Burmester sound system was a $5K+ option. The sales person told me that there is little or no value to the high end system when you trade the car in. Hum......
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