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  1. “Everything Matters”. Yes, but I maintain the recording matters more. A good recording sounds....well, good. A bad (or poor) recording is not going to be improved on any format. I would advise more attention be paid to sourcing outstanding recordings than ultra expensive equipment.
  2. I have no doubt about Mr. Young's affiliation: To wit: One of the great NY songs: And maybe Marlon Brando Will be there by the fire We'll sit and talk of Hollywood And the good things there for hire And the Astrodome and the first tepee Marlon Brando, Pocahontas and me Marlon Brando, Pocahontas and me Pocahontas.
  3. Oh George. Mr Young sez that your brain is under assault because of missing bits and bytes and you are worried about politics? Get thee to vinyl and, as the Jefferson Airplane once said: "Feed Your Head". Ok, Ok, lets cut the payment down to $500. and call it a day.
  4. Oh yes, those Aztecs were brutal. And those Europeans did such a good job of enslaving the natives. And those wonderful Priests who made sure that most of the codex(s?) were burned. No good guys back then. In fact, I would like to see Spain and Portugal cut a $1000. check to each surviving native person from Mexico to Chile. We could call it reparations!
  5. A quote from Neil: (from the Boing Boing site) "The compressed, hollow sound of free streaming music was a big step down from the CD and a huge step down from vinyl." "We are poisoning ourselves with degraded sound. The development of our brains is led by our senses; take away too many of the necessary cues, and we are trapped inside a room with no doors or windows. Substituting smoothed-out algorithms for the contingent complexity of biological existence is bad for us." "Engineers often responded to the smaller size and lower quality of these packages by using cheap engineering tricks like masking the softer parts of the song as loud as the loudest parts. This flattened out the sound of recording and fooled listeners's brains into ignoring the stuff that wasn't there anymore" (MQA?) And further: "It is an insult to the human mind and the human soul" I can't argue with Neil. Plastic nano particles are in the rain and in the snow, no fish is plastic free, governments are worthless. Hate is ascendant, big insurance companies have tame police forces chasing "insurance fraud", people actually purchase surveillance devices and place them in their homes. Right wing dictators cut down the rain forest. And now we know why, low rez compressed music has destroyed our brains.
  6. I never thought Chris was fat. Well maybe a tad chubby, but fat? Come on!
  7. When I sing in the bathroom. It is just horrible. Further, when I attempted to learn the harmonica, my cat would howl like a banshee. How is it that a person who loves music has no talent for playing an instrument or singing?
  8. So the take - a - way is: A good recording will sound good. Red Book / Hi Rez, no problem, If it is good, then it is good. I think we are on to something.
  9. Take away. Don't buy any Class D until 2030. The up grades are coming so fast that any purchase will be a waste of money.


    Lebanese Blond is a song. Right?
  11. "Post Technical" I love it. Just like Post Truth!
  12. We come from the land of the ice and snowFrom the midnight sun where the hot springs flowThe hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new landTo fight the horde and sing, and cryValhalla, I am coming I could not understand any of it.......
  13. COSTCO Citibank card. They pay me! 4% rebate on gas, 3% on travel etc. Pay it off every month and watch your rebate balance grow.
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