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  1. I have some strong ideas about which names could be ascribed to the characters noted in Bob Dylan's "Just Like Tom Thumb Blues" . So without offending the terms of service here, I would just like to say that Dylan certainly had a knack for predicting the future. Now all the authorities They just stand around and boast How they blackmailed the sergeant-at-arms Into leaving his post And picking up Angel who Just arrived here from the coast Who looked so fine at first But left looking just like a ghost
  2. Snark? Sorry I did not make it clear that I was referring to the music, not necessarily the version.
  3. Don't make them like that anymore!
  4. Music Services are subscription based. You have to pay them on a periodic basis. There is also free "internet radio" you can find on your computer. Some services have free options if you don't mind advertisements. I do not know which services are available in Turkey. All countries do not have access to all services. You can plug some headphones into your computer or you can use wireless headphones. Please research to see if your computer and your headphones will connect properly. As you progress up from the $300 range you can look at headphone amplifiers which c
  5. This is a trend in the music business. (Dylan, Young and others) There was a recent article listing some of the advantages the artist / songwriter gains by selling at this point in time. I do not have the article to link, but I think it had to do with taxes and inheritance law.
  6. Yes. I understand. But with all our engineering and science can we overcome poor recording practices or the quirks of our home environment?
  7. Replication of findings is most difficult in the case of audio hardware or software. How can you state with any certainty that amplifier X or cable Y will sound the same when it is transported from one environment to another? In the vast wasteland of audio journalism the only constant is that good recordings sound, well...good and poor recordings sound not so good. Some audio enthusiasts like MQA some don’t. Trust your own ears, no one can help you, not the reviewer, not the salesperson and certainly not the AES. You may spend the equivalent of the GNP of a failed th
  8. OMG .. .. I thought this was a MQ-anon free zone. I guess Chris forgot to set his spam filters.
  9. Agree 100%, Mercedes also went down this troubling road, took the GLE cut off the square parts and now markets it as a coupe. Drove both the Mercedes and the Porsche, thought the Porsche was better.
  10. sports suv kinda. can't carry mulch in a 911.
  11. I got a key of D Seydel Noble Harmonica! and a Porsche Cayenne (Coupe) (on order for god knows when next year if the virus allows or not whatever....maybe.)
  12. @fas42has never been in the military. Here is my supervisor telling my squad to get to work. You F'ers best get your F'n ass down to the F'n motor pool and pull maintenance on LE 6 before I kick your F'n ass all the way to Sunday. Ah the good old days.
  13. Absolute Sound? More like Absolute BS. They should be ashamed to "print" such crap.
  14. You are one of the good ones doc. I always enjoy your comments. Happy 2021 to all.
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