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  1. Indeed. But the streamer usually works. The computer, not so much. Just had a meeting of our audio club. Our host has everything (music/movies) on his computer. During our meeting he only had to reboot once. a triumph! Computer Audio is fine if you like to tinker or you are a computer scientist. For the rest of us........
  2. Told you so. "Upgrades" are the bane of computer audio. Get thee to a streamer. Please never use a computer for music.
  3. I run my Node 2i into my PS Audio DAC. The DAC indicates the resolution! BlueOS needs improvement. Sometimes I have to search Amazon Music on one iPad and then load the music on Blue. So it goes.
  4. Thank you very much @Jud As far as I know, iTunes will be replaced with an App in the near future. I am sure all the DACs in the free world will then stop working because some 22 year old code monkey in Cupertino forgot something. Beware!
  5. I have the PS Audio set up (as described above). Best in the business. And they issue updates to the DAC every so often. Today (Audiophile Day BTW) I just uploaded the the latest update. For Free! Right now enjoying some Bob Moses. Well.....my Salk subwoofers are enjoying Bob Moses. Profound.
  6. Nothing wrong with CDs. Just another format. Don’t forget the Russians, the chi-coms or the mullahs can take down your internet anytime they want. So it may be wise to have physical back-up. I recommend: Life during wartime. Talking heads.
  7. Quick update, so far the N2i (WiFi) is stable. SQ is acceptable. Blue OS is not very good, but it is functional. All the complaints listed above and on other sites concerning Blue OS are true. Maybe we will get a major upgrade someday. Hope springs eternal.
  8. Legendary drummer Ginger Baker has been hospitalized. He has had various health problems over the years. A difficult man, but a great drummer. The bio-documentary "Berware of Mr. Baker" is recommended.
  9. The audiophile is never happy. For years we have been complaining about MP3, lossy files and other crimes against music. Now we are able to listen to at least CD quality music on several services. I call that a victory. Over time the concerns listed above will be resolved.
  10. On the new Abby Road the bass has been enhanced. According to Mike F. at Stereophile.
  11. Hummm.....let me fix this for you: Turntable ➡️ Amplifier ➡️ Speakers Look mom, no computer!
  12. Good to know! I am not a cable guy. But I do like components that are well made. Improvement in SQ? I am dubious.
  13. With many thanks to @crn3371 and @Leroy Bad, I now have Amazon HR running on the N2i. My issues were mostly caused by my own ignorance of the Bluesound and Amazon Music swamp. I am now testing system stability. Sound quality (SQ) is satisfactory given the stock power cord and cables. if my WiFi and N2i remain stable, I will modestly upgrade the wires.
  14. Update, according to @Leroy Bad I have not been steaming HD yet.. i will have to figure out how to sign up for the HD service.
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