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  1. No probs. I am a great Linn Klimax enthusiast. See you on The Wam! M
  2. Interesting article, and nice to know I have the 'best' version 😉
  3. Hi Abolive, I have just bought a Linn Klimax DS/1 renew. Linn have supported the setting up of a Linn community on The WigWam, which i would recommend. My last pre-Linn front end included: Audiolinux (AL) + NUC backend (LMS), powered by LPSUs via LT3045s >> Audiolinux + NUC backend (Squeezelite), powered by LPSUs via LT3045s >> SingXer F1 >> Audionote 2.1 DAC NUC = Next Unit Computing. Small Intel boxes - not all of them work well in this context. The issue was that I had a system that was spread over three shelves (just the front end), had two 6A LPSUs running 24/7 and a spaghetti of cables. The DS reduced all this to one shelf. Sound Quality The Klimax is more detailed. The AN is slightly richer, not hugely but rather subtly and with respect to vocals especially. But, BOTH setups give me sonic thrills; if in rather different places. Enjoy BOTH equally. Sound Optimisation (SO) As I am sure you know Sound Optimisation is a nice added extra. The effect is noticeable, and the sound staging is very precise. With studio recordings the music sticks rather closer to the speakers than with the NUC/AN, but with natural acoustic material it is both precise and well spaced. I have played with SO v1 & v2 (cloud based), having read through the SO Thread on the WigWam. I bought the Renew from an ex-dealer who kindly bought it over and did the v1 settings, which I saved and then used as a base from which to tweak. I logged onto the Linn site and set up a few v2 profiles, which I initially preferred at my beginner/superficial level ......BUT, Paulssurround has a thread on The WigWam on SO v1 which I used to set up a new profile, and this is the profile I find myself returning to constantly. Servers With Audiolinux/NUC I found that I got a real step up with different server software, and where files are hosted. Currently I have three sources: Qobuz; Synology NAS running Minimserver; and Audiostore Prestige 2 (think NUC) running Audiolinux, files on 4 x 512GB USB sticks. Before going into the variation I have tried I have found the Linn to be REMARKABLY unresponsive to server and file changes, all rather small beer differences. Minimserver: NAS vs NUC/AL = I have a slight preference for the NUC/AL ....but I wouldn't miss one over the other particularly. NAS Minimserver vs NUC/AL Logitech Media Server = No real difference. With the Naim NS01 there was a definite uptick using wav over flac. I read that potentially Linn sounds better with flac ......not to my ears. With Minimserver I did try upscaling files to 24/192; Whilst I enjoyed this initially I found that it introduced a sharpness into vocals that I really didn't like, so I am back to unscaled. On the WigWam Linn Club there is a thread about CAT8 (Supra) working very well, not tried this myself. Hope this is of interest. M
  4. Listening to 'Testifyin’ ! Live at the Village Vanguard' ....................WOW!!!! Thanks. M
  5. Hi, I'm unsure of how a thread containing many people can be 'honest', and if you find some people's honesty upsetting then all you can do is call it out on a case by case basis. However, your discomfort CANNOT be allowed to cloud other peoples right to state their case freely as that may be the TRUTH. This is a highly subjective area and ANY person who enters into a public forum when it is an area from which they make money will, rightly in my opinion, be viewed differently from an average Joe. I would like to see business owners asked to identify themselves and be marked as such, as happens on some other fora. Any such business owner MUST be very careful in what they choose to contribute. Mr Uptone is an is a good example of a person who tries to walk this line, and occasionally oversteps it but is quick to acknowledge or at least accept the admins judgement. M
  6. Beinf someone who LOVES great solutions at cheaper prices I have been bowled over by the quality and cost of the NUC/AL solution, which i have found I prefer to the SOtM (200 ultra / txUSB / sps500), the ultraRendu and the dCS Netwoek Bridge; although useability may not be quiet as straightforward. To get the best from these solutions an OCD level of attention is needed to such things as grounding AND power. Whilst good solutions are available from specialist manufacturers, at a price, I have preferred to follow in the footsteps of others by using a combination of R-Core LPSUs (Zero Zone) in my case + LT3045s. This was further improved when Rob, currently posting on usaaudiomart experimented with Power Over Ethernet (PoE). The effect of running DC though a CAT7 cable, the right ones, is very good. Rob then extended the idea by altering a PoE switch to allow the running of +ve and -ve through separate cables, and using ALL the cable pairs. He has fully documented this work for others to repeat ....but also will sell the altered switches to people such as I who are not confident with the soldering skills. I would describe the difference of adding PoE as primarily threefold: Bass The bass becomes easier to follow and adds some weight. Sound staging This increases. The different layers become expanded, so that the music is easier to listen into, and the different lines of instrumentation easier to follow; and High Frequencies Edge reduces. I have just received five pairs of Rob's PoE switches plus some of the Monoprice network cables, as the lengths I was able to get in the UK were impractical. I had one pair of the PoE switches (with Vanderseil cables) between my 6A 8v ZeroZone R-Core LPSU and my SingXer F1, stepped down via two LT3045s. This was being fed from my Celeron NUC + Audiolinux (no HDD), and sounds superb. Step 1: Add 2nd pair of PoE switches for the F1. These would become pair 1 and would run with Monoprice cables. Ideally Rob would advise using Audioquest cables on pair 2, but I wanted to hear the delta. Having installed the new pair 1 I have been listening over the last three days. In my case the move to the NUC + Audiolinux had allowed me to simplify my USB chain twixt NUC and F1 to simply my IFI Mercury 3.0 USB cable, with the power blocked. This did have a slight downside for my problematic tracks, whilst they were still enjoyable that excess edge did increase a tad, however the advantages of the NUC/AL more than made up for this, even on these tracks. So what was the effect of PoE switches 2 = PoE3.0 The first thing that struck me was the transparency of the upper frequencies, the detail that was being presented. The bass seemed somewhat constrained. I left the system to play for 24 hours. The bass returned, and the high frequency detail remained. I played through a sequence of the 'problem' tracks. MUCH better. Now returned to the situation with all the USB widgets, plus the added advantages of the NUC/AL with the widgets removed. Next steps: Allow the cables and switches to play in for a couple more days. Then add pair of audioquest cables on switch pair 2. That will then leave me two complete DC3.0 rigs to install. Potential uses are: 1. The NUC/AL used as my endpoint; 2. The PC/AL used to my LMS server; and/or 3. The USB3.0 hub that hosts my USB keys. What a pleasant problem! M
  7. Hi Rajiv, Good work. I would be tempted to bring the index further up, above the original first post. Thx for the work you do, M
  8. It's funny how experiences can differ; probably as I am using a straightforward LMS/Squeezelite-R2 solution. I find the setup works very stably, with excellent sound quality. I leave the NUC & LMS server on 24/7 and when I return I simply press play - 95% of the time. I have had to reboot my LMS server once. WRT the squeezelite settings: I have added the -a 50MB switch. I find that the sound is neutral and the bass VERY controlled. For instance, if I listen to a Hans Zimmer soundtrack he uses a lot of deep bass, both as drums and in pulses. These are now resolved so that other details are now clearly heard. But, the sound is neither warm nor toppy, hence my use of neutral. This does not mean that everything sounds great. For instance Queens 'Night at the Opera'. I have two versions on my system, a vinyl rop of the original album, recorded from my LP12 at 9624, and a DVD-A rip of the stereo 9424 track. The former sounds superb. The latter sounds perhaps a tad better in terms of the bass and drums, but some of the none-Mercury sung tracks are rather too sharp. M
  9. Hi Ray, I have to say I have gone in the opposite direction, I am building barricades around my vocab and am retreating more into Dickens and Trollope! I was talking to a youth group at the weekend who were discussing how many 'fleshy' friends they have, I said that ALL my friends are fleshy ....then started to think about various blogs I post into. Damn, the lines are getting blurred. ♄€↳ρ ♔€ ☈€☂ꍏ♗♫ ♔☿ ⓢꍏ♫♗☂☿! M
  10. One thing I forgot to mention was reverb and resonance, this took a nice step forward. This morning I added the -b 2GB : 2GB to the parameters; result? As before an very slight edge left, the resonance deepened and the bass popped even more. One of my review lists includes Slave to the Rythm, wow. When abov I say the bass pops I mean that it exhibits real depth and starts and stops, but the resonances it produces just go on, and on. Where before I may have got a feel now I am just sitting with a big grin. Later on I played Rite of Spring, it was not just that I was listening to the instruments it was as though I could feel them. And yet to get to this was not a one change process. It has been the culmination of a lot of small steps that has allowed me to see this end point (??) in part, but never has it all come together like this. I have some more PoE stuff arriving in teh not too distant future, i wonder whether things can be stretched that bit more? Thanks to the usual suspects here - bloody marvelous!! M
  11. Excellent, glad it all worked out well. What do you think of the sound quality change?
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