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  1. I have a Emotiva XPA-2 which I'm not currently not using. A while back I was looking for a new amplifier to run my Goldenear Triton 5's and/or my Legacy Calibre speakers. At the time I ended up with PS Audio Stellar 700 mono blocks (class D) which gave those speakers far deeper bass response then the Emotiva amp ever could. The mids were about the same and the treble was a little laid back compared to the Emotiva amp. Through a series of calls I was able to upgrade to PS Audio's BHK 250 stereo amplifier and that amp gave me the bass response of the Stellar 700's and the mid range clarity and treble that I was looking for. During this evaluation a friend of mine borrowed me his Parasound A21 (older model) amplifier. This amplifier was fantastic for the price. It far outweighed the Emotiva in punch and dynamics. I thick part of that was the class A operation until you pass 10 watts. I only had it in my system for about a week then went back to PS Audio's BHK's. I would imagine the John Curl line of amps by Parasound (JC) would be as good or better then PS Audio's. If I was to go back to amp/speaker setup, I'd consider the JC 1+ as my last amplifier. In the future I'm looking at all in one setups (Kii's, D&D, B&O). For the money Emotiva is great for power and price, especially in a home theater setup. I'd seriously consider PS Audio's class D amps. But you will be very happy with Parasounds amplification. Hopefully you can demo any amp your considering with your Emotiva. PS Audio allows this. Not trying to influence you toward PS Audio, it's just a comparison of what I had at the time. I also love that Parasound has auto start up and shut down with their amps, along with standard 12 volt triggers. This is important if your just running a DAC straight into your amps. Good Luck, Shawn
  2. Whatever floats your boat will work. Will you get fine detail from the drivers in these PA speakers? Most likely not. Will it make sound? Yep. Will it get loud? Sure. I'd look at a Crown amplifier for these speakers. Something from the XLS line. Not sure if this link worked https://www.guitarcenter.com/product-comparison
  3. ShawnC

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    The Alan Parsons Project, Children of the Moon
  4. Jesus Chris, is that a picture of your attic or an audio dealer 😉
  5. Only 6 seats left, not together and in the front row only. $12.50 I passed on it.
  6. I've always thought the notion of trying to capture that actual performance of an artist, in the studio or live, is bullshit compared to actually seeing that live performance. You just need to enjoy what was put on a record/disc/download and then go see it live. I've never compared the two or have been driven to find equipment or source material to reproduce what I've heard live. Not sure why so many audiophiles think this way. I'm not saying you think this way. Your last line is what it's all about, "enjoy what I have and search out live performance locally."
  7. I'm able to stream straight from Qobuz but as usual not from Roon yet. Usually takes a day or so for new content to be available. Anyways as James Hetfield would say "Metal up your A**".
  8. Metallica has finally figured it out. Or have they, 2 albums. It's a start.
  9. I'm not a member of those prepay ticket theaters, but I have tomorrow off work and can stop by the theater and find out more about it. I live here in the east metro so it's no problem.
  10. My mistake, it's the one by Fleet Farm, off of Hwy 36 and 694. Look under country not state and scroll down to Oakdale (not in order). Probably not official yet. https://pearljam.com/onenightonly/screenings/?country=US
  11. Are you going? It's at the Oakdale Marcus theater. Tickets not for sale yet on the website. It's right off 694 and 10th st. in Oakdale. The major 94/694/494 interchange is only 1/4 mile away, so easy too get to after going through dwnt St. Paul.
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    Foo Fighters, Virginia Moon
  13. Many have raved about the Innuos line of products. http://www.innuos.com/en/catalog/go/music-servers-mk3 You can find several threads on this site dedicated to there products.
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    Norah Jones, Shoot the Moon
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    I don't think we've had Neil Young yet
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