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  1. I remember when song came out how many girls loved to rock out to the bands machine gun type sound at 4:14 -5:02. I picked this version over the actual video because of all the movie overdub footage in it.
  2. A stab in the dark here but when it stops, has the bit rate or sample rate changed.
  3. Love this amp. I just sold mine earlier this year for a little profit. That crunch channel is to die for. Unfortunately waaay to loud for me, even with the master volume and an additional Rockcrusher attenuator. Good luck with your sale
  4. @AudioDoctor If you find something you like, you might want to check out The Music Room for used gear. Here's a link to their Pre amp page in descending $ order. https://tmraudio.com/components/preamplifiers/?sort=pricedesc I look a couple times every week for new arrivals in the speakers, amps and DACs categories . Many hi and low end gear to glance at. I've purchased a few items from them in the past and have sold a few to them.
  5. @TubeLover, you can try this cable finder at Sweetwater. Choose patch cables, then pick your termination ends and see the results. I bought some Mogami gold for my PrePro years ago. https://www.sweetwater.com/shop/cables/finder.php
  6. I'm trying to help my sister find a better more useful audio setup at home. This needs to include a portable speaker, streaming service and tablet. She has done some research and I feel she did a pretty good job with her findings. She thinks Sonos would be a viable solution with something like Spotify and a non Apple tablet. I looked into Sonos and thought the Move speaker might be her best bet. From there, I need recommendations for a Android type tablet or alternative portable speaker. Budget as around $600 for everything. She's a non-audiophile so things like bit perfect are meaningless to her. The advantage to Sonos is that she can add more speakers when she wants and group them into their eco system.
  7. That'll be a nice option. I'm on the fence about the whole wireless hub thing. I'd rather it be all wired except for those who want to stream music from their phones to the hub. Just act as a receiver, preamp or DAC then hook it all up to the speakers.
  8. The lack of proper sub integration in most if of todays active speakers are a considerable drawback. When I scaled back my system, I made sure that the speakers I was looking for had a sub out feature, not many do. I currently have a pair of KEF LS50W and use the sub out with a REL sub also. Not ideal, but it sure makes a difference. I was looking at those A500 as with the A700 for deeper bass extension. But without the option to integrate a sub I've lost interest. There are some options but they get really expensive. Like running a Trinnov Amethyst preamp. There's always tried and true Genelec speakers that can run their subs. Heavenly Soundworks make claims to some low bass results with their stand mounts speakers. Then of course Kii and Dutch and Dutch. They again are on the pricier side of things. All depends on your budget. I do like Rel subs but the best way to hook them up are with a good ole amplifier.
  9. I love Volbeat, except that last album release. I always had a hard time describing their music genre to someone. Western Metal from Copenhagen, Love it. Although I might have say Country Western Metal or else my friends might think it's West Coast metal like the old East Coast/West Coast Rap wars of the 90s.
  10. Excellent, excellent, excellent. A fly on the wall. Stories like those form the recording sessions of our favorite artists, engineers, producers, and mixers. Now that's entertainment. Nice job Chris.
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