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  1. Can you list your top 5? Or are you going to settle for a pair of Bose 901 😁
  2. With the ending of the big show Sunday night, here's a cover of the theme song by some metal and country guitarist.
  3. Have fun, it’s supposed to rain all weekend.
  4. This may be interesting to listen to while attending the show https://www.soundandvision.com/content/atmos-remix-kind-blue-premiere-munich
  5. How apropos to have the song Nothing Else Matters playing while in the Elac room. Good timing. Metallica and high end audio, they must have been using my playlist. Now If you could just play some Smashing Pumpkins.
  6. I have a JBL wireless speaker that I use on the patio, garage or kitchen. I send Roon through my iphone either Bluetooth or a simple 3.5mm (auxiliary in) cord connection. You could use an iphone, ipad or a cheap tablet found at your local pawn shop or craigslist. When I first started using Roon before Apple products were supported for audio zones, I bought a used Roon recommended tablet as a zone device for this scenario. I paid just under $70.
  7. The Elac Navis bookshelf speakers are self powered only. They retail for $2000, look into one of the iFi DSD DACs that are very affordable and your set. The Elac's are new so it will be hard to find a used pair but DACs are a dime a dozen used. Just find one with all your input needs. https://tmraudio.com/speakers/bookshelf-monitors/?sort=pricedesc https://ifi-audio.com/
  8. I used both services top tiers for awhile with a MQA dac. Qobuz in general sounded better and I knew what I was getting. With MQA nothing is clearly labeled or truthful. Qobuz is straightforward and won me over.
  9. The Yamaha speakers have a ethernet connection, thus nullifying the need of the microRendu. As long as you're using the usb or ethernet connection on the speaker, you'll be able to playback your DSD files up to 5.6Mhz. I have the LS50W Nocturne speakers and use Roon software, I just plug into the ethernet connection and I'm good to go. I don't listen to DSD so this isn't a factor for me. I also have a microRendu but my last 2 DACs have come with ethernet connection, so the Rendu has been collecting dust for awhile. The LS50 has superb sound for the size, I compliment them with a REl sub to round things off. https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/speaker_systems/nx-n500/specs.html#product-tabs
  10. PS Audio will be debuting their first speaker the AN3. Purely in it's infant stages but available this fall. I think they might also be showing a flagship DAC called the TSS, named after Ted Smith, their in house digital guru. If I heard correctly they'll be located on the main floor behind the registration booths.
  11. I was looking for a soundbar about 6 months ago. I researched everything out there and tried in my house many of the higher end models that were available from Martin Logan, Samsung, Sony, Yamaha and Bluesound. I was looking for just TV sound playback and had no need for any gimmicky stuff like bluetooth streaming. Having the Goldenear XXL center channel speaker in my main HT setup, I knew nothing would come close to the sound that this could reproduce. So the hunt was on, and I was extremely disappointed with every model I tried. Most soundbars couldn't get loud enough or simply sounded too tinny. Those that had surround speakers sound terrible and were barely noticeable when pushed to the max. The room I was testing them in is a 3 season porch about 15 X 30 feet, so not small by any means but not too big either. Plus there's 4 walls with only sliding glass doors for openings. Martin Logan sounded the best but couldn't get loud enough and there remote control couldn't sync with Comcast's remote or Logitech's. So my next step was looking for passive soundbars. I have several receivers, subwoofers and surround speakers collecting dust, so maybe this is the best route to go. To make a long story short I settled on Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50 passive soundbar. It was the best sounding to me and is fairly cheap these days if you can find one. I have a Marantz receiver, a REl sub and couple of Klipsch speakers to round things off. Best set up for me. The SSA-50 is a bit gimmicky with foe surround channels built in the the soundbar. So there is L/C/R and then L/R surround all built into the soundbar. It's well built and weighs 30 lbs. It has a good frequency sweep of 50-30 Hz which is far better then most soundbars will give you. I'm still looking for a better all in one package that can eliminate the receiver but I haven't found one yet. There are a couple of brands that sell sound bars for $5000 but that's ridiculous. A receiver and dedicated speakers even at entry level prices far outperforms any current soundbar. At least that's my disappointing and high expectation conclusion. I was hoping there would be more dedicated sound bars by reputable speaker companies but there are simply very little too choose from. Good luck researching, Shawn
  12. Hey Chris, at Axpona PS Audio will be demoing their first speaker prototype, the AN3. You may have been or not, following their Youtube videos on this speaker or on their forum, but here's some rough specs. AMT tweeter, AMT midrange, 12" side loaded woofer (Servo Controlled with DSP), 6" or 8" mid bass coupler. About 200lbs, $12,000. The AN2 and AN1 will be bigger and more expensive. Availability maybe this fall. Here's a video with the actual speakers they'll be bringing to the show
  13. Eddie's the best. I love listening to his tirades over the lack of Rock and Metal bands in the Rock and Roll HAll of Fame.
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