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  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent. A fly on the wall. Stories like those form the recording sessions of our favorite artists, engineers, producers, and mixers. Now that's entertainment. Nice job Chris.
  2. It seems like an easy solution to just pick a coupe of go to products and be done with it but it's amazing how complicated it can get. Home theater bypass are found in a lot of products but adding tube amps instead of solid state really limits things. There are some companies to look at though. Audio Research like you mention have HT pass through, PS Audio I think has it in their Preamp and their DACs convert everything to DSD which gives off a more warm like feeling (I've owned the Direct Stream Senior DAC). McIntosh I think uses HT and Parasound only solid state though. Unfort
  3. You could still use your Marantz Pre for surround stuff when playing movies or SACDs but add a DAC that has a built in pre with home theater bypass or a preamp that has a home theater bypass. A while back I did this with my Marantz receiver. I had a favorite DAC at the time a Bel Canto 2.7 and a stereo amp that I used for 2 channel listening. You hook up the L,R front speaker pre outs from your Marantz into the inputs on a dedicated DAC or Pre amp with home theater bypass. Then when listening to music choose your source on the DAC or Pre amp and when watching a movie or anything
  4. I spend about half my time on the web viewing audiophile stuff and the other half guitar related stuff. A guitarist chasing his tone is as bad as an audiophile searching for theirs. YouTube is indispensable for this addiction. I do find it funny how audiophiles scuff at the notion of hearing a YouTube video of a music system at a trade show, a dealers show room or a home system. Where as guitarists just know (without having to retell everyone watching the video) that the video their watching is compressed. Your getting the idea of the sound which is close, not an exact replica.
  5. Happy Birthday Eric 😃, the thread that just keeps giving. https://www.iheart.com/content/2021-03-30-17-things-you-need-to-know-about-birthday-boy-eric-clapton/?mid=597488&rid=57303380&sc=email&pname=newsletter&cid=NATIONAL&keyid=National iHeart Daily Classic Rock&campid=headline4_readmore
  6. Great interview Chris. Thanks Charles for the flashback memories of some of those Grunge concerts that I attended back then. Love those photos, especially the stories that are attached to them. It was truly a special time in rock history and my youth.
  7. These might work. I use their bigger brother the MTM monitors. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/iloudmm/index.php?p=info
  8. Excellent review. A refreshing way to see how the common apartment dweller deals with limitations and genres of music that they (you) enjoy that are not considered of audiophile grade. Kudos to you.
  9. I'm sorry page 1 for me starts with that post. So I'm missing 6 pages. I Keep trying to get the first 6 pages but their missing.
  10. I thought you started this thread to prove that Amir wasn't a woman. If you had clearly stated what your intent of this thread was, then the results may be more to your liking.
  11. The only problem then with this thread is just change the name of the artist and or genre of music and there we go. I don't think Frank Sinatra is very great because, I don't think Louis Armstrong is very good, and here we go. Obviously this was meant to get reactions form both sides of the court. I don't think anyone is trying to change anyone else's opinions but maybe just trying to enlightening them as to why others think they were or are great, not greatest. It's actually an interesting title to a column that someone could start. Explain why someone maybe considered great
  12. If she’s still selling albums and selling out venues into her late 50s 60s and 70s she might be.
  13. and to add to the story of Peter Green, is his now famous Les Paul guitar aka Greeny. If your a guitarists you already know the story but here's an article that sums it pretty well. https://www.thaliacapos.com/blogs/blog/one-legendary-guitar-three-legendary-owners-the-greeny-moore-les-paul
  14. If you just use the terminology is Clapton great as in the title of the thread, I think yes, he's achieved that title and well deserved as early as the mid seventies. Is he the greatest of all time, no. But he reigns among the greatest that have played the blues. The other thing to remember is that Clapton kept leaving bands that wanted to become popular. He wanted to be a blues player only. It was Jonh Mayall that told Clapton if you want to play what you want, then your gonna have to learn how to sing so you can play what you want. As far as popularity goes, Eric was and s
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