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  1. I get that but if they want to stay relevant I'd start including/designing Ethernet based connections. You can always allow Roon to do the heavy lifting, Like in Bel Canto's Black series, PS Audio DACs ect. I won't purchase a future product DAC, Integrated Pre., without it. Ethernet has simplified cabling for me. I agree there are a lot of great ethernet sources out there. I'm still amazed that McIntosh and other brands make products with so many inputs that aren't solely dedicated to home theater. I don't know anyone anymore that use more then 3 inputs (DAC or stream, Phone and tape) and digital is usually the default go to. My ultimate solution would be a Kii or Dutch like product (with full frequency range) Roon capable, DSP and a nice remote. I'm still amazed at the sound and how simple the setup is on my Kef LS50s with a REl sub are. If KEF made a floor standing (full range) model of this design I'm done.
  2. It would be nice to see McIntosh get involved in the Ethernet connection world. That addition to the there DAC modulus would be enticing.
  3. What is the point of your post?
  4. On the desk top application, update your app, then in the center at the top it says modify your account. That will open another window, click change plan, your now there with options to change from monthly to yearly.
  5. Yes, just one plan for everyone. If you become a Sublime member you get discounts on purchasing downloads from their site. This is explained in the video posted earlier.
  6. Thanks for the review, I have a chance at winning this DAC through Sweetwater's Win Your Wish List Giveaway. Just create an account and make a wish list up to $5000. Odds of winning are of course impossible but you never know. I added Focal's SoloBe 40th Anniversary studio monitors, some cables and SurgeX 1810 power conditioner/protector. Another list I have is all guitar related stuff. If I win, I was going to use it as a computer desk all around DAC, for casual music listening, YouTube Videos, guitar software editing, ect...
  7. No time for hiking Camelback? Kind of reminds me of B&O stores.
  8. You should be fine with that upgraded speaker. That receiver is rated at 100 watts with one channel driven. Most likely all channels driven is somewhere around 55 watts or less. That other center channel is rated for 150 watts, which you'll never use. So there's no worry about blowing it out. Only if you crank the volume 24/7 will you damage either unit.
  9. Replace “this thread”with MQA and it’s perfect.
  10. His emails are as if he asked a room full monkeys to type something out and the first semi-coherent response is what's sent. Mind boggling.
  11. After following several threads on this website related to this topic and now listening to this podcast, I'm still not sure what people are finding interesting about this new streamer. I'll pass and stick with Qobuz. With Qobuz I know exactly what I'm getting (excluding 100% provenance) and how to get bit perfect play back every time I use it.
  12. If your using a local network, try unplugging your router and see if there was some sync problem. Comcast just automatically update my speed again this week, without hiccups. Now I get 500 download and 15 upload. Good luck trouble shooting.
  13. I never miss a Ken Burns Documentary, love Peter Coyote's narration.
  14. You gotta love what Schitt Audio brings to the affordable Hi Fi market. They make great products. Steaming is the future in my opinion, plus with steaming much of the music is already volume leveled so you don't have to constantly raise and lower your amp volume. What ever you choose, make sure you demo the speakers first. Speakers will have the greatest impact on the sound you'll hear. So get that right first. As far as your stored music goes, if you can get by with your old Mac with Roon and the streaming services, your set. Then for the time being just use those services. Maybe you can create one portable hard drive with the music that the streaming services don't have and your other drives are for archives. Unfortunately their endless options for storing and serving music. Finding the right solution for your needs takes time. So do as much research as you can before investing your hard earned cash. Roon's product partner page will help you see who supports Roon software. https://roonlabs.com/partners.html, You can click on any of these companies listed and it'll take you to there website for further research. Many are pricey but it's worth looking into. And yes, if you were to buy the LS50W then there is no need for an external DAC or amp. If you can find a way to demo these with subs you'll be amazed. Not trying to sell these of course, but it is pretty close to KISS.
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