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  1. I wished I would have kept more stubs. I have a couple old ones like this but without the price. Metallica from 86’ is my oldest also saw Van Halen that year my first big concert, 7th grade. At Metallica I was a little scared of the crowd. The Thunderbird, classic meeting point.
  2. Service fee $49.40, what a joke. Still a good price all things considered Motley Crue at the top of their game in 1990, $18.54 tax included.
  3. Congratulations, a iconic band, in a iconic venue. Hopefully you don't have to take out a loan for ticket prices 😉.
  4. All these comments about speakers reminded me of the movie Ruthless People, with Judge Reinhold
  5. One of the greatest drummers ever. In my head he is the greatest. I started playing drums because of him. I wanted to learn how he created all those great beats and fills. Fortunate for my parents I was no good at, picked up the guitar and tried to learn Alex Lifeson solos, that turned out a little better. Almost every guy I know, has at least one time in their life, air drummed to Tom Sawyer. Roon will be queued up with Rush all weekend. R.I.P. Neil
  6. Nice works but I'm more of a Chihuly fan, if you have high enough ceilings https://www.chihuly.com/work
  7. It's probably hard to get rid of that constant Cosmic Radio Background that will be present in those speakers 😉
  8. Nirvana's, Smells Like Teen Spirit. The pre-chorus words morph from Hello to How Low. It was done intentionally though. Hello, Hello, Hello, How Low There's a documentary series called making the Album or something like that, and Butch Vig talks about this exact phrasing used on the making of the record Nevermind.
  9. Great review Mitch, I hope Magnepan uses these in there semi secret testing of the prototype Mini 30.7 woofer towers. Finally giving maggies the punch and dynamics I've always wanted from them.
  10. So, to expand on that, given say 4 amps from 4 different manufacturers that all meet the same criteria (class, power rating and gain) what could possibly be the reasons some may hear a difference? Would it be different types of capacitors, wiring, grounding ect,. What would be the the logical check list to figure out why we may hear a difference in amplifiers if it does exists? @mansr, often says a product "meets specs" or is within a given specification. So if a amplifier that meets specs with all its possible building components that create that amplifier, yet is made from different types of building materials (cooper, silver, aluminium, plastic ect..) but still meets specs, could this be the difference in what we hear, given the amp meets spec and current standard measurements? Then we can move on to Pre amps, DACs ect..
  11. Maybe so, I'm kind of a YouTube junkie, so that stuff interests me. I also appreciate it when reviewers show pictures of their setup with the product their reviewing, verses stock photos from the manufacturer.
  12. @The Computer Audiophile, How did you wire from your DAC or preamp to your left Amplifier? Seeing all your equipment is on the right side (except the left amp and speaker). did you go under the floor/carpeting or above the ceiling? I'm assuming your using XLR for the runs. I see a hole in the wall where it feeds from, just curious. Maybe you could post a short video of your current setup, walking us through your Audio chain and seeing the back of your equipment, speakers and room layout. Thanks, Shawn
  13. My recent adventures at a dealer in your neck of the woods mentioned that they weren't too confident in Meridian staying in business much longer (take it with a grain of salt). They wouldn't elaborate but unlike a Porsche 911 which looks much the same every new release but still refines itself with technology and mechanical prowess, Meridian has become very stagnate with there current lineup, only adding bespoke color offerings for their equipment. BTW how is Meridian doing financially these days? They still have that car market in Land Rovers and Jaguars right?
  14. There's no Albulm cover art work for Dokken's - Back for the Attack Breaking the Chains Under Lock and Key Any chance this can get fixed? This is the only misssing cover art I have.
  15. He’s probably upset that he didn’t get on Spotify’s list, of the most streamed artist of the last decade.
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