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  1. Now Mick Fleetwood sold his shares https://music.mxdwn.com/2021/01/17/news/bmg-acquires-mick-fleetwood-catalog-interest/
  2. Pop star Shakira is yet another https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/publishing/9510370/shakira-sells-song-catalog-hipgnosis/
  3. If I were looking at Genelec I'd consider the One line up. https://www.genelec.com/theones https://www.sweetwater.com/genelec-the-ones/series?sortBy=production_products_price_asc
  4. There's always Genelec and you know the house resident to contact here about those.
  5. The LS50's and the Tune Tots are roughly the same size but that's all relative. If it gives you the sound your looking for so be it. From some of your pictures Chris you probably have enough space to try them out on the desk and near field monitoring can sound amazing. The best near field set up I had was a pair of Mackie hr824mkii studio monitors. I used this for recording guitar mostly but man in the sweet spot you'd be floored when listening to music and watching videos. I could have cared less about how it looked at the time.
  6. Lets get him to max out his credit cards. Isn't audio fun.
  7. Have you seen the price of that Apple monitor he's getting. We haven't even begun the cable situation yet🙂
  8. The Tune Tots were set up in the room on the right where the 1.7 and 3.7 are usually set up. The Mini's were in the headphone room, if I recall on the left side first side room. It's been long time since I've been there though. Can always call. Those Tots packed a punch for their size. Of course the Tots were connected to all Audio Research preamps and amps at the time.
  9. It's been awhile since I was there but Audio Perfection has had both of these on display. May be worth checking out.
  10. The KEF's LS50 anything may be to big for your desktop. I tried my wireless versions for awhile on my desk but ended up using them on stands about 3 feet behind the desk, then back to there usual set up. The smaller versions would work fine. Lets go big first, Wilson TuneTot's in matching color to your main speakers. If you have an integrated amp that your sharing with your Raal's then this could work. I'd also suggest Magnepan's Mini Maggie system. This could be your all electrostatic desk environment system. If you'd like you can borrow my iLoud MTM speakers and se
  11. Are you looking for a all in one speaker? Like Dac and amp. Or just powered?
  12. In the Industry Jim Winey - Magnepan Paul McGowan - PS Audio, ask about their DSD recording studio Sean Oliver - I second this one Steve Guttenberg - lots of stories For fun Joe Rogan - Good luck with this one Eddie Vedder - I don't know if your ready for this one 😉 Neil Young
  13. There are plenty of threads on this subject on this site. Kii three's and Dutch & Dutch 8C have numerous threads about the inner workings of the device, many with creators/engineers commenting in the threads, plus reviews.
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