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  1. I hear ya. Back in 2000 I had bought, Eric Clapton The Autobiography, hardcover book. After reading it, I sent it to my sister across the U.S. The post office charged me $19 for shipping. I had already put a letter, a check and time spent wrapping the book together, so I reluctantly paid the price. Never again. She could have bought the book for that price back then. BTW it's a great read. If you like Clapton you'll also want to read Pattie Boyd's book, Wonderful Today. It's her life story with George Harrison, Eric Clapton, The Stones, etc.. I think no other woman alive
  2. The Adam A7X are on clearance at the WOOT site this morning, $571.59 per speaker, normally $749.99 (Guitar Center, Sweetwater). https://sellout.woot.com/offers/adam-audio-powered-studio-monitor?ref=w_cnt_lnd_cat_elec_12_4
  3. Audiophiles are way to critical about sound quality, when it comes to recording live events. I wish more sound bits were captured at events like this, where Chris was just at. It's not about getting the best sound. It's about getting the vibe in the room. I watch a ton of guitar, guitar amps and effects reviews. No one is saying your hearing the absolute best quality while watching those video's on YouTube. The nice thing is as guitarist go, they don't have to explain this every time they create a video. It's just a rough estimation of what something may sound like. They do have the ben
  4. I wouldn't be to critical about it. It's about improving with no rehearsal. The musicians who were playing with him, loved it. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/tom-petty-prince-hall-of-fame/ For a different point of view on solos. Here's 3 different versions of the "Stairway to Heaven" solo. Kind of fun to watch created by Rick Beato.
  5. That's a quite the cover, given the song title shown 🤫
  6. On Jack White’s second song he uses a custom made EVH guitar made to Jack’s spec. A little tribute to Eddie himself. Both songs show off Jack’s brilliance as a guitar player. The second song is very bluesy ala early Led Zepplin.
  7. I can’t speak for Chris but their debut album Ten, made them who they are. It’s a classic album and should be listened to from start to finish, just as an album should be. It’s about 53 minutes depending the version you have. There’s a lot a diversity on that album, within the grunge sound. 4 songs were mega hits on the radio/MTV but it’s the other songs that I’m attracted to. I won’t tell you the hits, that’s for you decide, if you even like this kind of music. Way to have an open mind, rock on. Shawn
  8. I’d be curious to know how many audiophiles use more then 3-4 inputs. For me, in my main system it’s one, with Roon combining my streaming service. I’m sure some use a variety of inputs but 10 analog inputs, c’mon. I do have a friend that has a CD player, SACD player, a DAT, Reel to Reel, and 2 two turntables hooked up to a audio research pre but 99% of the time he streams from a Lumin network player. He says he keeps the other devices for show. It does look cool in his setup.
  9. For surround sound or quality surround sound, your kind of out of luck. Companies just don't seem to make these components for computer use. I was giving, as a gift, the Bose Companion 20. It has a nice volume controller on/off button but the sound is only ok. I've used my KEFLS50W for awhile as desk top monitors but they need to be about a foot or two behind the desk for the best results. The best sound I've ever had off the computer (for computer use only, YouTube, Guitar recording ect..) was a pair of Mackie 824mkii speakers. Again these were about three feet from my ears
  10. Upon further thinking, I'd probably just buy a new pair, if what Steve Guttenberg claims is that great of an upgrade in sound quality. Maybe just get the Meta so I can try different amps with them. When I first purchased these speakers, I said to myself that I'd never sell them because I could put them in any room. I bought the Nocturne pair for the gimmicky glow design, most of my friends love that look, as I do.
  11. So they can be grouped together with other zones. Right now they can’t.
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