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  1. If you had to pay for something. JRiver software does this, just have to configure your router, plenty of info on there forums. Also Western Digital Cloud storage devices do this. I have both. JRiver is a lot easier and I think (not certain) you can import playlists, you'd have to research this.
  2. How about this. They no longer make this device but there are others like it. I had one and it worked great, has its limitations though. https://www.musicalfidelity.com/support/discontinued-products/vSeries/v-link192
  3. Rick Beato's YouTube channel is very entertaining to watch. He has a variety of content and being a producer/musician provides a lot of insight on the recording process. I've been a subscriber since he started that series. As I was a young kid in the seventies Boston was my first favorite band and my first purchased album. Rush and Led Zeppelin were soon to follow.
  4. Who chooses a profile name like StreamHiRes, then promotes MQA as HiRes. Oxymoronish, I'd say.
  5. I wonder if they count every new car purchaser that has Sirius as a subscriber? Even if they never use it or pay for it.
  6. I agree, worst quality. Content is fine. I still wouldn’t pay for it.
  7. You could have just drove to Magnepan and handed them that check 😀
  8. Chris, did you get to hear those Wisdom speakers? If so, do you remember what model. I've always wanted hear their take on planar magnetic technology but they have very few venders nationwide.
  9. bgentry, have a look at studio monitors specifically. Many come with built in eq settings for bass and treble, desktop/stand placement and distance from the surrounding walls. Places like Guitar Center have several to choose from. You can find them used there or at pawn shops or other guitar shops cheap. I use a pair of Mackie HR624 MKII to for my computer desktop setup and they sound great.
  10. I love the digital technology allowing the automatic or manual sheet music scrolling. Flipping the page back in the day was a chore.
  11. Can you list your top 5? Or are you going to settle for a pair of Bose 901 😁
  12. With the ending of the big show Sunday night, here's a cover of the theme song by some metal and country guitarist.
  13. Have fun, it’s supposed to rain all weekend.
  14. This may be interesting to listen to while attending the show https://www.soundandvision.com/content/atmos-remix-kind-blue-premiere-munich
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