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  1. I never miss a Ken Burns Documentary, love Peter Coyote's narration.
  2. You gotta love what Schitt Audio brings to the affordable Hi Fi market. They make great products. Steaming is the future in my opinion, plus with steaming much of the music is already volume leveled so you don't have to constantly raise and lower your amp volume. What ever you choose, make sure you demo the speakers first. Speakers will have the greatest impact on the sound you'll hear. So get that right first. As far as your stored music goes, if you can get by with your old Mac with Roon and the streaming services, your set. Then for the time being just use those services. Maybe you can create one portable hard drive with the music that the streaming services don't have and your other drives are for archives. Unfortunately their endless options for storing and serving music. Finding the right solution for your needs takes time. So do as much research as you can before investing your hard earned cash. Roon's product partner page will help you see who supports Roon software. https://roonlabs.com/partners.html, You can click on any of these companies listed and it'll take you to there website for further research. Many are pricey but it's worth looking into. And yes, if you were to buy the LS50W then there is no need for an external DAC or amp. If you can find a way to demo these with subs you'll be amazed. Not trying to sell these of course, but it is pretty close to KISS.
  3. I had a pair of Legacy Calibre's with a REL sub, PS Audio DSD DAC with a PS Audio BHK 250. The Sound was really good except for something missing from the extreme top end that I couldn't figure out. Fast forward to a health issue that led me to sell most of my equipment off. What I ended up settling on after careful thought, are the KEF's LS50W. I wanted some sort of all-in-one that was Roon friendly. This seem to fit the bill. When I gave a first listen I was stunned at how good these speakers sound. The Uni-Q driver array (aka concentric) is an amazing way to hear music, timing is perfect. Adding my sub-woofer to the mix made this small but dynamic sounding system complete. I stream a lot from Qobuz and use a little from own collection to round things off. I use a custom made tower PC with a NAS for storage. I've never used the LS50W's for real wireless streaming only the Ethernet connection gets used. So for a real simple set up LS50W speakers, a computer for Roon and streaming services (possibly music storage), a NAS and a sub-woofer to round things out. Hard wire everything with Ethernet connections and your set. Or just add these speakers to a second room for sound. Don't know if this helps, good luck. Shawn
  4. I would think the ones that were reviewed would be the headphones you should try. If I was the dealer I'd make sure you got a cheery picked pair for your listening pleasure. Both pairs would be the best test. Then send em' across the Pond for mansr to test 😉
  5. This is why no magazines give bad reviews, so they don't have to do deal with this. AudezeLLC even said he/they didn't mind a negative review, he was upset about other aspects of the review that were not potentially 100% correct, location of there business and a Technical Director. Neither has any impact on the review of the headphones themselves. So a new review of the product is useless. Then to offer more people to review these headphones in hoping to get positive reviews, means they were pretty upset about the negative review of the sound quality after all. I have nothing against either party here, ultimately Chris will make a decision on AudezeLLC offer. BTW, If I was looking at headphones in this price range, I would still listen to these and others before I made my decision. I take all reviews with a grain of salt.
  6. That's a terrible idea. So any negative review gets a retry. Someone please give a bad review of Wilson Audio speakers, I'd love to demo them in my home on the retry tour.
  7. Correct, 2 sizes bigger and smaller.
  8. In some sense, this review makes me want to demo the headphones now more then ever. If anything, this is what consumers have to deal with everyday. I'm sure we've all bought something that we thought was going to work or be fantastic, only to be extremely let down. Then thinking it was broke or malfunctioning returned it, tried a new one and were let down again. Unfortunately it happens, and it often leaves a sour taste in your mouth towards that product or manufacture. Such is life. Ever heard of the REL subwoofers catching fire? 😉
  9. He was 0 for 2 on reviewing these headphones and gave his impression. Was he supposed to keep returning them until one passed. Maybe 1 for 3, or 1 for 6. He just told it like it is.
  10. Like a hair stylist, Chris could come over to your house and take a little treble of the top, leave the reflections on the sides and clean up the mess in the back.
  11. Wow, brutally honest. How refreshing. Thanks, Sonis
  12. Hell ya it does! Full range speakers or speakers with subs are a must. The song Invincible Is truly epic. It has an amazing guitar riff that starts around 6:45, it slowly morphs around and then at the 7:40 mark it completely changes, hypnotizes you, then the fun begins around the 9:35 mark. Probably the best Jam of the whole album. Crank it up folks! Chocolate Chip Trip is essentially a drum solo for those who appreciate percussion's.
  13. Full lyrics are here https://loudwire.com/tool-fear-inoculum-album-lyrics-every-song/
  14. Nice story Chris, young and no responsibilities. Wasn’t Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit blammed for some of the riots there?
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