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  1. How can it be when you've found it funny in the past?
  2. How can it be when you've found it funny in the past?
  3. This is how I use measurements. To shortlist what I demo and then decide with my own ears (subjective personal preferences). I use various sources of measurements, ASR, JA at Stereophile, DS at SoundStage, HiFi News mag and more. I mentioned this earlier in the thread, even before I asked for this thread to be closed on page 7 of this thread, because the thread had served it's purpose and was going in a direction I did not like ... that evidence is in writing below... The Audiophile Stylist thought it was a good idea to keep the thread going, strangely.
  4. @Miska did you have the title & authors of the TIM paper you mentioned, so I could search.
  5. Out of interest, have you seen/witnessed these (highly trained) operators hear things at abnormally low levels? That software misses?
  6. And that includes above 20 kHz and up to 100 kHz, at -120 dB level?
  7. Over there, for years he's been posting about how his connected "golfing buddies" (his actual words) have said Spotify will never go into lossless. And that Spotify did their market research. Clearly their market research didn't factor in one of the other Big 4 making the first move like I told him many times years ago... He was also told by PC Audiophile in that thread to stop making things up. See below. So I'm amused that he's chimed in here. On this ASR thread here, I've asked PC Audiophile to comment on specific examples of measurements... not chats with golfing b
  8. It's clearly just this. He's nicely tried to dodge the key and on-topic questions. The Denon AVR example - how did ASR's measurements not benefit the consumer? The Vinnie Rossie Ultracapacitor power supply example - how did ASR's proof that this did not do what the manufacturer claimed, not help consumers? If he actually addresses these I can give more examples...
  9. Couldn't be more factually incorrect. I put in writing to PC Audiophile that he could have the last word. Please read. Then try again to paint a fake motives picture. Just like PC Audiophile, conveniently ignoring facts. He clearly thought everything after this on page 7 was beneficial, despite even more requests from me to shut it down.
  10. If that's the way you like to behave then take it to another thread please. Stick to the ASR measurements discussion or please go find a different thread somewhere else to gaslight. Appalling. Here, play the ball not the man or find something else to do.
  11. I said sports not ice skating 😁 Just kidding! Everyone relax
  12. I think you're reading too much into this. As per my reply above, I simply took issue with some things he wrote. Mostly after page 7. Here is what I wrote on page 7, in case you didn't reach that page. How you can think this post is "having a piss at Chri's leg" well I'm afraid I'd have to disagree. But it's there for all to read and interpret I guess. You mention "motives"... the below example really shows my ill intentioned motives ... Thanks for chiming in though.
  13. I'm not sure if you've played a lot of sports but I always 'play the ball, not the man'. Meaning I don't care who Chris is. I look at what he writes. If I believe he's being disingenuous with what he writes, then I am free to discuss that with him. And he can do the same to me. And we hash it out like adults. I don't care about Amir the person. I've written that for over 20 pages. Please go back and familiarise. I see value in the measurements he provides, as well as JA at Stereophile, SoundStage measurements, Erin's Corner on YouTube, HiFi News
  14. I even put it in bold for you but you missed it. Needs a copy and paste it seems: The verifications (measurements) don't lie ;-) the measurements are the measurements but if one doubts, they are there for people to try and reproduce if in doubt History has shown us that words... can lie :-) I've done the same verification measurements as mitchco and he is bang on, all the time. A great asset, to various forums, including here and ASR.
  15. Beyond what I already wrote (I don't see any benefit in another circular discussion on this) I personally don't care about the written articles anyway. Except.... mitchco's... His verification (measurements) of different DSP correction solutions is Hall of Fame material.
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