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  1. Interesting. It seems it was worth asking the question then.
  2. asdf1000

    HQ Player

    That is non-2s right? So poly-sinc-xtr-mp will be more CPU intensive than ext2?
  3. asdf1000

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    Very interesting! Is that with PCM192kHz to DSD256 with ext2 and ASDM7EC ? Can anyone else running i9-9900K confirm cores are running at ~4.0 GHz? With PCM192kHz to DSD256 with ext2 and ASDM7EC @Ales Prochazka @JTS
  4. Same machine running HQP OS (USB bootable image) works fine with DXD to SDM256, ext2, ASDM7EC?
  5. When he said in the video that everything was properly grounded, the first thing I thought was his system is probably not properly grounded. There are many that think grounding everything is proper grounding. Just see the Swenson thread about SMPS grounding. That was intended for grounding a few specific network switches.. OR if you need to ground one PSU and looking for a DIY way. But I've seen people on numerous forums go and ground everything in their system. At the same time, I don't think iFi can be blamed for every system on the planet that's not properly grounded.
  6. Hi @Miska Is that because you run server mode of Ubuntu (no GUI)? Or because you’re using a separate GPU for CUDA offloading?
  7. Even playing to networked endpoint, NAA?
  8. An update. It seems some posts were removed, possibly due to inaccurate info. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/remote-possibilities-in-acoustic-music-and-location-recording/1252514-merging-anubis-15.html#post14152522
  9. Even the 110W TDP fanless Streacom DB4 case may not be suitable for 9700K. So DIY fanless may be off the table for both, for cases available right now. I'm pulling a number out of thin air here but I'd need to see a 140W fanless cass to feel comfortable with running 9700K at turbo speeds in a fanless case. Just to allow for some safety margin. Safest best (for a new build) for turbo speed performance seems to be active cooling.
  10. While waiting for the guru @Miskato see your question: Could the extra threads and extra cache of the 9900K help, for example for someone running Roon on the same machine? While extra cache may not help with just EC modulators, I’ve seen Miska mention more cache can help HQP performance.
  11. That’s because you run server edition of Ubuntu yes? Or because you’re using a separate GPU for CUDA offloading?
  12. Hi @Miska As the i7-8086K isn't available anymore, what would be your personal recommendation for a new build, to do ASDM7EC, DSD256, ext2, on Ubuntu Embedded? I understand your i7-8086K has max speed 5GHz, as does i9-9900K. Plus the i9-9900K has more cache which may help? Assume of course proper cooling, to allow max turbo speed.
  13. Brilliant write up. Is limiting the DSP to a certain range easy? Could you show a screenshot/photo of how/where these limits (whether 1kHz or 500Hz) are applied? Thanks again
  14. This was posted on the public Gearslutz forum. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/remote-possibilities-in-acoustic-music-and-location-recording/1252514-merging-anubis-15.html#post14151695 I've been too eager in the past with being an early adopter. These days I wait 12 months after the initial release before buying something. But I'm sure all customers will be well looked after. Still a hassle for the customer though, especially someone using these professionally.
  15. asdf1000

    HQ Player

    When using HQP, is the machine using any other programs at the same time? Or only HQP?
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