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  1. Hi @Miska For accessing the HQPe settings via web browser, could you do something like what Andre Gillis has done with the Rendu's, where you don't need to know the IP address to find a Rendu. You can just go to sonicorbiter.com and it works. Could you do something similar for Embedded / HQP OS?
  2. Those Swedes like Max Martin are real people, they're not computers or AI. Title of this thread is: "computers murdered modern music" Not Swedes murdered modern music.
  3. Thanks, I've been aware of this but the OP mentioned Taylor Swift specifically, so I was interested in the source of that info.
  4. Spotify's evil algorithm recommend this great album to me. Can you kindly share any evidence of this, regarding Taylor Swift?
  5. I always leave output mode set to SDM. Because most of my listening zones are for upsampled DSD256. But even when playing to my one PCM-only zone (AVR with Allo DigiOne), I never had to change output mode. It would always just automatically force PCM. Except now with sinc-L for some reason. Yes, probably also related to no sound, only with sinc-L filter. It looks to be keeping output to DSD256x48, not forcing to PCM. Will check and revert.
  6. Hi @Miska Running HQPe 4.18.1 it seems that when I play DSD tracks to my PCM-only zone (Allo DigiOne feeding Denon AVR) with sinc-L filter, it doesn't automatically force output mode to PCM the way it does with other filters. HQPe output mode set to SDM (always is). With other filters, HQP would always convert to PCM automatically with DSD content, without having to change output mode at the top of the config page. Is this a minor bug? Have a look at the signal path below
  7. Hi John S I thought you preferred the simple power strips without surge protection? But that one seems to have surge protection?
  8. With respect, you posted both of the below comments in the same post, but it's not accurate: "the ONLY reason to ever use HQPlayer in my mind is to get DSD" and "I have no experience with HQ Player. So, - it would be wrong to comment on it in any way."
  9. Is there something about USB3 spec that means ferrites are not required? I’ve struggled to find them but like you, I use many USB2 cables with ferrites built-in
  10. I don’t see anything there that says their USB cable is Belden. I do know their ethernet cables are.
  11. Hi mitchco, did you use your Crown or Nelson Pass amp with the LS50 in this review? Also, what amp are you using now with your LS50 in nearfield setup? Thanks!
  12. Hi @mitchco Do you have the impulse response measurement of your LS50 + 2 x subs, using Audiolense digital EQ? I assume it came out looking pretty close to perfect?
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