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  1. Hi mitchco, did you use your Crown or Nelson Pass amp with the LS50 in this review? Also, what amp are you using now with your LS50 in nearfield setup? Thanks!
  2. Hi @mitchco Do you have the impulse response measurement of your LS50 + 2 x subs, using Audiolense digital EQ? I assume it came out looking pretty close to perfect?
  3. Hi @The Computer Audiophile Could you please fix all the images in this article (if possible)?
  4. Wow, thanks so much Thierry! So your 1st method above is for when using 2 x mono files and your 2nd method above is for combining the 2 mono files into stereo with Audacity? What program do you recommend your customers on macOS? Rogue Amoeba SoundSource works well? It seems much simpler than AudioHijack and by the same company. Thanks again !
  5. Hi Does anyone know of convolver VST plugins for macOS ? I'm looking to use FIR filters to convolve Spotify/Pandora/Netflix audio , through AudioHijack/SoundSource which accept VST plugins
  6. asdf1000

    HQ Player

    My casual observation for HQPlayer: 20 / 1000 And 10 out of that 20 is me 😁
  7. Fair question. Roon staff don't frequent this forum much. Better asking their support on their forum for definitive answer. I saw similar older queries on their forum but no recent replies from their support.
  8. https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_What_audio_file_formats_does_Roon_support%3F
  9. asdf1000

    HQ Player

    If you're using HQP you're already one of the cool kids. After that, use HQP in whichever way sounds best to your ears !
  10. asdf1000

    HQ Player

    New version of Audiolense out now, supporting up to 400kHz and mono WAV file output.
  11. Yeh he said “Point is that the analog output from both DACs is not the same” He’s not talking about what differences can and can’t be heard. He’s saying he can show measurements that the DACs will have different analogue outputs. There’s nothing controversial about this. The controversy is all in what differences can and can’t be heard (when looking at measurements above 20kHz) but I’m not going there. That topic has been bashed on every audio forum for years.
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    HQ Player

    Why would that make you feel disappointed !?
  13. asdf1000

    HQ Player

    Have you tried ext2 filter? It's really great for everything !
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