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  1. Not an expert? In this thread you wrote: That sounds like the tone of an expert.
  2. But @miguelito was really convinced the optical output jitter is a serious problem with his Rossini. Perhaps you can explain how this is a non-issue for HQPlayer... Perhaps it may be a non-issue for some DACs in similar way too...
  3. That's not relevant here though. I never mentioned coax... Toslink may have more jitter than other interfaces but if the DAC (Rossini in your case) can handle it, it should be a non-issue (apart from sample rate limitation of course)? So it does come down to Rossini, perhaps? You even mentioned the DirectStream DAC jitter rejection, so you acknowledged TOSlink performance may be DAC dependant, right?
  4. It can only be jitter, as it is electrically de-coupled. So Rossini doesn't do well with jitter on TOSlink input?
  5. Noted. They have 2.5 months to get their act together. Fingers crossed.
  6. It launched with a 90 day free trial? For new users?
  7. Are you able to demo a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 DAC? I've had it working fine with an iOS Roon endpoint, even PCM 768kHz. Whether it works for you at 768k will be highly dependent on your WiFi network... If you can do a home demo (like 30 day free trial) that would be ideal
  8. Hi @The Computer Audiophile Have you since been able to reach anyone at Amazon? Or do you only have access to the same Support as the rest of us? Would be nice to know if they consider the lack of 'exclusive mode' on their official apps, an issue or not. Spotify and Apple Music don't care. I would hope with a 'HD' streaming option that Amazon would care but who knows. Would be nice to ask them about Roon too...
  9. Disappointing. Also disappointing is the fact that Alexa Cast is limited to lossy only? Hopefully that’s not to force people to use Alexa Voice.
  10. What would be the difference with an el cheapo CD player with TOSlink output? Is lower jitter beneficial when connecting to HQP server? I remember you mentioned jitter is not a concern with Chomecast Audio's optical output feeding HQPe input.
  11. Holy moly. So clean ! How does Spring2 perform with your recently adopted TIM measurements? And ASR style 32 tones test? With DSD256 of course.
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