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  1. So pre-ringing is very important for this? So minimum phase with no pre-ringing is bad?
  2. I use it for this forum, for 3 other forums, for my NAS, for Amazon, for Facebook, Skype/Microsoft. Plus Google.
  3. Good point - I wasn’t aware. Yes grab one asap then.
  4. Nice! I would still wait 6 months, in case there is a revision (or "stepping" number) like the 9900K had.
  5. My 9900K runs HQP Embedded EC modulators at DSD256 and runs Roon Server, without any issues, for a few months now. But with 9900KS coming soon (soon-ish?) if one can hold off a few months, I would just wait a bit. Unless you found a 9900K for a really really cheap deal.
  6. Have you considered the coming i9-9900KS ? It might be better for HQP with all cores running at 5GHz - especially with the EC modulators and if you want to run another audio program at the same time on the same machine, like Roon (example only).
  7. Yep. I was never able to reproduce the Mojo white noise blast with my Hugo2 - even fed PCM705/768kHz. So more reason for me to guess Mojo2 should be better in that regard.
  8. I've had that blast whenever I tried to feed Mojo PCM768kHz (with HQPlayer). That white noise blast is never fun with headphones! I enjoy HQPlayer with other DACs - I stopped using HQP with Mojo. With Mojo I use TOSlink input and it's great, up to PCM 192kHz no issues.
  9. For USB, better to wait for Mojo2 which will probably have the ground plane ferrite bead like it’s bigger brother Hugo2. I have a Mojo and use it’s Toslink input.... zero incoming RF issues. And jitter is a non-issue...
  10. Do you consider a USB cable with built-in ferrite bead to have the same HF noise/ RF filtering effectiveness as the ground plane ferrite bead method you describe in your link?
  11. Yes I quoted you from that link.
  12. But is a USB cable with ferrite bead the same as the ground plane ferrite bead to filter RF, that @marce mentions in that link? He mentions: " isolation of the ground plane using ferrite beads to form a definite moat, this avoids any capacitive coupling between the input and the output. " And I know this is what Hugo2 has and Mojo doesn't have - on USB data input... Hugo2 doesn't have galvanic isolation on it's USB input and doesn't have anywhere near Mojo's sensitivity. Hugo2 does have ground plane ferrite bead on USB data input.
  13. " isolation of the ground plane using ferrite beads to form a definite moat, this avoids any capacitive coupling between the input and the output. " @Miska this is exactly what Hugo2 USB data input has and Mojo's USB data input doesn't have - ground ferrite bead isolation. Mojo came first. Safe to assume Mojo2 will have it.
  14. Rob Watts has said he did extensive RF filtering on Mojo's power (microUSB) input, not as much on the data USB input. He said for Hugo2 (which came later) he did extensive noise filtering on both USB inputs. So one can probably expect a Mojo2 to do similar and be less sensitive to USB source.
  15. Not an expert? In this thread you wrote: That sounds like the tone of an expert.
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