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  1. I know @Miska has shared measurements showing Holo Spring2 measures best with DSD256 input. Someone has shown similar measurement showing it measures best with DSD256 input: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/wolfx700-measurements-of-holo-audio-spring-2-lv2.10678/post-296723 It's always nice to see additional verification.
  2. Hi Tim (if you're still here). I've been looking for a Holo DSD DAC but with headamp output (analogue volume control). Is this what Serene will be? Or no DAC inside Serene?
  3. At which DSD rate? Only with DSD512?
  4. Can you copy and paste exactly what you asked them? And copy and paste exactly their reply?
  5. DAC mode does not mean by-pass DSP. DAC mode means fixed volume level (non-variable volume). What Topping needs to confirm is “DSD Direct” mode, as per AKM DAC chip datasheet..
  6. @Miska we'll need to wait for the manual but apparently this upcoming AKM chip based Topping DAC will allow DSD Direct mode... https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/topping-e30-dac-review.12119/post-353611 It measures well and will be USD130...
  7. Which AMD offerings have you excited in number of cores and clock speeds?
  8. Thanks! What other embedded hardware could/should this feature also work with?
  9. Hi @Miska What hardware and cable can get this working: HQPlayer 4 Embedded 4.15.0 released! Improved support for USB Audio Class 2 inputs to make HQPlayer look like a USB DAC, starting on Debian Buster with a custom kernel (on applicable hardware) I remember trying with Up Board Gateway and it didn’t work at all. Apart from that , any other hardware that you’ve tested ?
  10. Exactly - if performance compares well to those, it’s definitely interesting.
  11. £6600, €6600, $8900 If it is the best solution for HQP with headphones (with measurements at least matching any separate DAC and amp combo) I'm interested too.
  12. Thanks Jussi! I need read up on what this balanced volume control is. Maybe I will copy you and pair it with ADI-2 DAC
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