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  1. @Miska with latest HQPe update, what is your average CPU running speed now with your i7-8086K? ext2 + ASDM7EC + DSD256 Has this dropped a bit? A bit closer to 4.0 GHz running speed now with latest update?
  2. Noted. Do you normally recommend Ubuntu Server over Debian Server, for running HQPe? Some more optimizations with Ubuntu Server?
  3. But EC5 is ok? Should be, with same 8086K as Jussi.
  4. Ah, that's consistent with Outlaw then. I think @k6davis also had issues with latest HQP OS? But Ubuntu Server + HQPe works ok for both of them.
  5. HQP OS is what failed with Outlaw's i7-8086. Not sure if he has tested latest 4.11.2 though.
  6. Hi @Miska An update on the above. After yesterday’s HQPe update, loading is significantly better. I rarely see a single core above 80% now !
  7. Is HQP OS working for you on that machine?
  8. Ok if you trialled Linux Desktop, then none of these are actually Embedded. So that's why it was confusing when you said you had issues with Embedded. You haven't actually used Embedded. But some others have had issues with HQP OS (bootable USB) too.
  9. Ok you kept saying Embedded.... So Embedded is actually working fine for you, on Linux... HQP OS is not Embedded - it's the USB bootable OS.
  10. Have you tried the USB bootable image, HQP OS?
  11. What do you mean it can run on Linux. Embedded runs on Linux .
  12. ASDM7EC is modulator, not filter... what filter are you struggling with? And what SDM (DSD) rate? What do you mean it can run on Linux. Embedded runs on Linux .
  13. What exactly was wrong at your end? I'm not following all the HQP threads... mainly just this one. And what's the specs of your machine
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