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  1. Hi @Miska Not working. I made some changes to help avoid having same host names. I've also been more specific/clear about what each device is running, to help troubleshoot. Now I have: - 9900K running Ubuntu Focal LTS running your latest custom kernel and hqplayerd_4.20.0-54_amd64.deb - UpBoard Gateway running naa-4112-x64.7z - connected to Macbook via micro-B cable - microRendu running NAA 4.1.1 - connected to RME ADI-2 via USB cable So now there's no chance of issues with two devices running HQ
  2. No the NAA being UpBoard Gateway but I didn't have NAA image on it as I didn't know if that actually supported USB Class Audio input, so I put HQP OS on it and it works just as NAA without any license key. Ok noted. I'll give it a try tomorrow. I definitely don't want to have to modify hqplayerd.xml if I don't have to.
  3. On the 'Input' page on the NAA running HQP OS. Is that not correct? Noted but can you help me with where the correct input and devices are. It's no problem if I need another NAA, I have RPi4 I can use. So I have: - HQP OS 9900K playing only to networked backend - UpBoard Gateway NAA - connected to Macbook via micro-B cable - RPi4 NAA - connected to RME ADI-2 via USB cable 1. On HQP OS for network backend I choose RPi4 NAA ADI-2 DAC ? I don't choose any 'Input' here correct? 2.
  4. Is there a particular sequence that needs to be followed between HQPe Server and NAA, to get the USB Class Audio input working Appreciate any tips
  5. Hi @Miska So I have HQP OS on both my 9900K server (with license) and Up Board Gateway (as NAA, no license). On UpBoard Gateway: I choose input as "USB Audio Class 2". This has a micro B usb cable going to my Mac. Also has a USB cable going to RME ADI-2 DAC. And on 9900K HQPe I choose network backed is the NAA ADI-2 USB Audio. But on Mac I only see the following as soundcard ("Playback Inactive") Is there anything above that stands out as wrong If I run the UpBoard as server and choose ALSA backe
  6. True, also DAC dependant. I found DSD upsampling sounded too soft with iFi DACs (from iDAC2 to Pro iDSD). But not too soft with my V2 RME-ADI-2 in 'DSD Direct' mode. Modulator makes big difference I found too - ASDM7 vs ASDM7EC . DSD still sounds smoother than PCM for me but that might be due to lack of anti aliasing images!
  7. From that article, he seems to be talking about you guys ! You're all famous 😁
  8. I was replying to and quoting someones comments about upsampled PCM1.5MHz vs DSD256 to the Holo DAC. Both cases talking about upsampling. Specifically their comment about DSD sounding softer in that regard.
  9. This is a comment I often see from the anti-DSD crowd , that DSD sounds soft
  10. They're obviously seeing all the chatter about the increasing amount of MQA-CD stuff on TIDAL recently and attempting to clarify....
  11. To make it worth his while, send him the entire DAVE DAC ... He can't listen to a state of the art DAC with just it's PSU ! LOL It would be cruel to just ask him to measure and deny him a chance to listen 😢
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