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  1. I respect your comment. Pricing is not something I brought up in this discussion though. So it's 'problem' of a different kind, for some people. Technical performance, the Chord stuff is very very good (not only because Chord marketing says, but 3rd party measurements). Just like some much more affordable products too.
  2. Seen 3rd party measurements to show no snake oil ;-) Kimber Kable however... :-)
  3. Have you pulled up the Modi 1 measurements yet?
  4. Yes that's exactly what I said obviously. I wrote it. And here's important added background. I could make the call Amir got it wrong because I had additional 3rd party data to look at to make the call. What I have been saying from the beginning I'd like to see more 3rd party measurements, not less... Common sense says more source is better than just more from Amir. I said numerous times that I have been a fan of Stereophile (JA's measurements) and SoundStage (DS measurements) way before ASR forum existed... In the case of Mojo at the time I had:
  5. And as mentioned a gazzillion times, Schiit bought their own APx555 and now publish measurements on their website. And now send stuff to ASR to measure... So Kudos to them.
  6. Can't link to ASR on your forum but have a look on ASR for Modi 1 , as one example. You ignored (conveniently) a lot of previous examples when you asked for examples, so I'm not spending much energy to help someone with selective hearing.
  7. Yes this is the comment from a disingenuous person, 11 pages ago: Hilarious. Still waiting for a valid comment from you. Give you examples and you just ask for more examples.
  8. Ok this is the path you wanted to go. Your guise of trying to defend against Amir's comments about you and your forum sponsors is disingenuous it seems. No matter how you spin it. We can both agree to disagree on it.
  9. I asked for this thread to be closed 11 pages ago so... Chris wanted to it kept open so who is most excited? Or on the defensive... As as mentioned at least a dozen times in this thread:
  10. Exactly, I mentioned being a fan of JA and DS at Soundstage just a couple pages back, way before ASR existed. I like seeing 3rd party measurements in general but I imagine Chris is excited about ASR after being mentioned in one of the videos (link below). And he mentions I'm on some sort of crusade but conveniently forgets back on page 7 of this thread, I let him have the last word and asked him to close this thread (I started this thread). He said "in reality you have another motive." Strange... So yet another silly argument so easily dismisse
  11. Ah so you conveniently ignored the Schiit Audio example (early on)? Kudos to them recently though. They've been posting their own APx555 measurements a while now on their own website. And sending stuff to ASR recently. Forgetting about ASR completely - one thing you ignored was the gazzilion times I said I'd love for more manufacturers to post their own set of measurements. Nothing to do with ASR. And you wonder why I need to repeat things. You deliberately ignore points and then question the same points. Rob Watts posted his APx555 Chord Mojo me
  12. Wow. This is definitely a disappointing attempted change in direction for you. I expected better from the forum boss to be honest.
  13. Lol interesting way to (try to) change the discussion. You should have locked the thread the first time I asked , wayyy back ;-) I even gave you the last word back then !
  14. This is a hilarious reply. People reading this will see how silly it is. "Remember, specifications come from measurements. Many more companies than listed above publish specifications... so a measurement or variety of, can be used to verify...." Of course you would write that. You are mentioned in one of his YouTube videos. So it would be difficult for you to write impartially about ASR... obviously. People can see and appreciate this. No matter how a defence is spun. What is actually strange is people
  15. I never said every model anyway... And I wouldn't call HD800 and HD800S "rare"....
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