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  1. We know it's wrong to let this cable fire burn between usWe've got to stop this wild desire in you and in meSo we'll let the JSSG burn once again until the thrill is goneThen we'll sweep out the ashes in the morning…
  2. a space shade would divert $$ from PV deployment and R&D into carbon capture it does nothing to affect the GHGs in the atmosphere now and consequent effects for the next 40 years) it does nothing to affect ocean acidification
  3. spit out your bits
  4. https://phys.org/news/2019-10-scientists-dendrites-whiskers-lithium-batteries.html
  5. wasted words prove to warn
  6. Several people here have a fundamental misunderstanding of how digital signal transmission works. A primer to point to might help them. And, NO, it is not like water. Bruce Lee was like water tho.
  7. The Metrum Octave I DAC is a $600 unit, not that price is highly correlated with SQ... It would be interesting to know if it has an opto-isolator circuit built in.
  8. Let's stick to what you have listened to, not news about future plans. I'd like to keep this on topic
  9. Ralf11

    macOS catalina

    it's online - go to the bottom of their web page also, in case you didn't notice... Apple isn't exactly at the leading edge of technological advancement these days...
  10. Ralf11

    macOS catalina

    Lots of systems available used or as refurbs in the Apple Store. It won't be futile for several years.
  11. Davide - I'm curious if you recall which cables you tried with which DACs?
  12. I was just talking to a buddy at the USGS Nat'l Water Quality Lab - they have a bunch of mass spec.s etc. for contaminants analysis, and require several hours notice to do a shutdown to prevent harm. I guess everything will need a BPS as the US approaches 3rd world conditions...
  13. the roundness of the analogy LP inspired me to order in a pizza I hope everyone has their X-ray crystallography setups back up after power failures...
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