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  1. Post the rest of gear & what you are trying to get rid of for more specific help. Do you have a dedicated line? I had my AC power checked for noise by the electric utility and there is a thread I started on here. I am in an R-1 (single family houses) in the PNW US, and don't know what the power situation is in Yorkshire(?). I'll say again that if an AC power cord on any decent, much less Linn level unit, is a cause of noise something is way wrong. I saw some cables in the Audio Advisor catalog last night for > $1,000 - yet a Topaz isolation transformer (which really does work) can be had for only ~~ $600. Balanced power supply units will cost more. The plug mods above cost nothing or nearly so, and turning off certain LED lights, 'chopper' type light dimmers, and FL lights is free. AC power cord swaps are not very worthwhile, and neither are different interconnects, tho using balanced connections is.
  2. I'd like to test that thing vs. my Oppo...
  3. I use ™ also - works fine. Worked fine at least 2x to transfer everything from an old Mac to a new one. When the backup disc fills up - I move it off-site and buy a new one. I also put some files up in the cloud as backups.
  4. Miska - I hope you really do some TIM measurements. Not sure if you'll find anything with DACs, but... Be sure to wear period-correct clothing when doing it however.
  5. may be more testing or selection for specs. of more expensive units
  6. I am not biased at all. I don't see anything wrong with his methods, nor has anything been pointed out, even AFTER I asked about them Why don't YOU make some measurements if you don't like Amir's? I certainly have not seen you respond to those questions above. If your only goal is money then go ahead and turn this into an advertiser site. You seem to be on your way.
  7. if you want to see a real cancel culture then go look at the Amir Hate Thread - it is supposed to be listening impressions. You also did NOT answer my question. If you are biased in favor of your advertisers, your site is nothing but an ad itself.
  8. maybe you're just spaced out
  9. I just digitize my old photos the same way I digitize my old LPs - then I move them to different servers on the internet You would not believe the amount of vibrance, saturation, and dehazing that transfer over the internet gives to my audio files! And the photos get a lot more sibilance and bass impact too!
  10. Assuming arguendo that the above is true, how does it affect these measurements? Did his bias cause him to misread the noise analyzer? Did his bias lead him to mis-perform the measurements in some manner? Did his bias affect the screenshots he posted?
  11. Do you give any credence to the argument that the measurements should have been made with music playing?
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