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  1. there's that Bottlehead kit too fun wiring project and you can make up your own color scheme or substitute electro-welding for the usual SQ-killing solder joints used on most manf'd cables
  2. Just admit we've already formed a band - the "Disruptors" - and are launching our own Utube channel later this year Jessica Alba's skin care products are an advertiser
  3. of course, but production values, mastering, and acoustics are not audiophile phodder - we need to stick to cables or power supplies
  4. was he so obnoxious that 2 entire pages of posts were deleted? no - that was you
  5. AQ there is horrendous - they are still building coal plants too - but my point above is they are working hard on greener technologies & deployment, and are trying hard to drag people out of abject poverty (hence more coal; but less coal than if they were greening things up) I expect that China will caremore about protecting IP when they have their own IP to protect and BTW in the early/mid-1800s the US was the el cheapo manf. country for a huge flow of goods to Europe - cheap crummy junk - mostly furniture we see the same thing in post WWII Japan - cheap junk, replaced by the JIS system, the pioneering efforts of Soichiro Honda and others in other industries and.. there was also the rise of quality manf. in Taiwan and an ad campaign "It's very well made in Taiwan" so I think a lot of this is endemic to economic asymmetries
  6. depends on if you have Shakti Stones under it
  7. contra Chris's 2+2 post above, I do think that credentials - i.e. expertise - is of some value. The ultimate is a series of valid experiments (esp. if epidemiological data are confirmed by mechanistic models - as in the London cholera example, I've posted a couple of times). Below that is the testimony of qualified experts - the US Court system recognizes this hierarchy for evidentiary matters.
  8. I agree Sandy's post is on topic here, if a bit overly accepting of anecdotal reports.
  9. but won't a Vreg introduce noise by its operation? (admittedly, I have not wired up one since the early '80s...)
  10. super cheap labor will be worthless once the super cheap robots arrive I agree re the IP theft However, China has done a lot to reduce GHGs (from what a pure coal fired power economy would be given the growth in demand there) Finally, I have to point out the superior SQ of analog coal-fired power. PV is digital and sux
  11. Alternatively, Putin's Puppet is doing anything he can to destroy America and the Western Alliance... oh wait, OT lemmee see... the tax cut for the rich allows us to buy fancy AC power cables, and the trade war will bring manf. of them closer to, or in the US
  12. you forgot Kal - tho I don't know if he has an appt. up near Harlem but AFAIK his forte is not in electronics (not that all of SQ resides in electronics) JA2 has a PhD in physics but no academic appt. - why he isn't knowledgeable in this area is up to the reader to guess JA1 used to teach high school and has a MS or MA in something, maybe physics
  13. You could read up on electronics and then try to figure out how any appreciable noise gets past the transformer. OTOH, you may enjoy the DC power cable thread I started. I suggest there are far more effective areas to work on for better SQ
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