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  1. OTOH, recent data show that the universe s expanding FASTER than expected by theory. That may explain the high noise levels that keep infesting our bits.
  2. You are correct in that marce did not conduct a controlled experiment on A vs. B to make his stmt. That is called science (in case you skipped high school or something) Instead, he is relying on his considerable expertise in very hi-tech fields. The US Supreme Court interprets how expertise gets into a trial, and it is weighted more highly than someone without expertise. In my view, if marce is 'guilty' of anything it is being too careful (e.g. importing two noise concerns in batteries from very high level edge of engineering areas into computer audio). people are being re-ridiculed because they ridiculed others first (who are scientists or engineers with extensive experience in relevant areas to sound reproduction) either that or their stmt. evince beliefs that are far, far beyond the pale Posts claiming that scientists do not have open minds are also off base. A scientist has an open mind ot new information (data) but it is not open like a screen door in a submarine. No experiment, no science. Comparisons here to anti-5G and anti-VAXers are completely appropriate. Sadly.
  3. actually, I have a fair amount of experience in the "electronics area" -- not that a Sand storm would know
  4. not moot if noise can get into the DAC from a power supply or noise on the AC line; or if noise is transmitted to a susceptible DAC along the USB cable the controversy is about how much noise & by what route (besides the typical audiophool magical thimking) if you follow the precautionary principle (balanced with some avoidance or wallet lightening) then it makes a lot of sense to try galvanic isolation on the USB cable, at least whether you 'need' a special low noise PS (and a LPS or good SMPS) may depend not just on the characteristics of your DAC, but on the type of music you listen to most -- I suspect that symphonic music might want lower noise than say Legends of the Wah-wah Pedal
  5. you don't seem to understand my post - I listed 2 very low cost labor countries in Europe
  6. Gold Standard DBTs is a stock phrase he has used for years
  7. careful - some of the anti-VAXers on this thread think science and engineering is a "disruptive comment" you must never challenge the muffy army with facts
  8. Louis - thanks for responding in this thread. Ultimately, I'd like to see a DAC-off listening test -- you can take on Peter... or one of the others mentioned above. I am also curious if you tried using Lignostone?
  9. but maybe made in Romania or Bulgaria, no matter where the designer lives...
  10. It is like a mouse in a cage - they need locomotor activity. If they don't get it naturally, they will run on a wheel. The journey goes nowhere, but the mice still enjoy it. Or.... maybe... the mice have already done everything obvious already...
  11. I am glad that both of the manxx people did this test. It is certainly a step in the right direction. And that is true even if manxx #1 got lucky, or if some bias was present besides SQ or if the files really did sound different. But if the files do have a different sound then that is an extraordinary result, and further investigation is needed.
  12. the cost of the parts was subtracted out in the post up above the huge amount left over must represent R&D + pure profit I expect per unit profits to be much higher on a product that sells to a small market but... how much is going to "excess profits"?? a comparison test with a $10k DAC or a $5k DAC is what's needed
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