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  1. It serves the benefit of those who sell exorbitantly priced but worthless products.
  2. I thought Sandy was removed from this thread - why are you addressing him?
  3. you define enjoyment differently that I do - falseness doesn't count in my book I suggest that YOU do a self-assessment, and think hard about your "livelihood" vs. claims of creating an "enjoyment space" for the deluded, as you have several times posted about these disparate issues.
  4. you said this place was your livelihood - now say it is not about money you need to make up your mind
  5. I agree that many lack self control and go off the rails screaming when someone points out that simple physics proves they are hearing confirmation bias, not sound.
  6. Have you ever been on a sports car forum?? Track times are always mentioned and compared.
  7. was he exonerated? or kicked out? I heard which, but it hard to keep track of all the bad actors and accusations...
  8. Sure but all your MPR stations are above average
  9. actually, Alex can - but the duty cycle is only about 20%
  10. Splitting posts made on a thread so that they no longer exist on that thread is clearly censorship I hope you realize that
  11. if you didn't understand the post you could have asked questions if you dislike PART of the Op in that thread you could have asked me to modify it you did neither but that isn't the point... you are censoring technical discussion with your new Stylist rules
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