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  1. their frowns are really the smiles of people standing upside down not sure if that is the cause of their noise fetishes or not
  2. Here in the States, FM, years ago, became essentially useless to those not near a PBS or similar station. I have 3 high quality FM stations in a town of 166,000 people; one is all classical.
  3. you'd need pretty crummy transformers/setup to get hearable noise via an optical PS
  4. Yes, it had a joking component and a science component. 2 humorless australians crapped on it and a humorless mihnasotan censored the entire thread I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  5. no way does it create a point source
  6. no diff. when tried - maybe I need a super expensive one? I am currently doing a long term comparison (not yet a test) of an ESS vs. an R2R DAC - both < $1,000 also on the traveling Okto DAC list...
  7. wrong thread - the one discussed was deleted by Con
  8. No. Besides that I am not capable of banning you from any thread.
  9. The safety of the consumer needs to be accounted for but also the safety of a service tech who will need to run it w/o the case one. Yes, inexcusable.
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