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  1. also, cockroaches avoid light
  2. not sure, but your mix might escape their copyright - i.e. "a new work"
  3. that isn't music - have some common sense
  4. it didn't tell you anything about musical content, only sound (ultrasound) content
  5. sure, but is it enough? what would a true audiophile do?
  6. if it just had to run you would need resistors either
  7. Thanks - sent the first link to my partner in (moutarde) crime here is the best mustard (without truffles): I will never tell anyone that they will never want anything higher resolution than 16/44.1 ... I might tell them to test various nit/bit rates on their lighting system or personal hygiene / music selections
  8. re " to close my eyes and feel like I’m at a live performance. To promote the hallucination of “being there”." do this mean you are going Kal-ish? multi-channel... my (theoretical or conceptual) problem with relying on the mastering engineer is that the mastering may be be directed at a delivery system that differs from my delivery system (e.g. the egregious spectre of mastered for iPhooey, or mp3) then there is the ability to lift veils in the future as in the Dick's Pxxx example above I agree that the masters should be preserved.
  9. my point (as crazy-audiophiliac as it sounds) is that if burn-in exists for a Class D design, maybe - just maybe - a purely resistive load will not accomplish burn-in
  10. the biggie with NG, methane, etc. is the large amount that leaks into the atmosphere here is one of the many drones outfitted with a methane detector to pinpoint the location of leaks:
  11. "But wait!! There's more!!!" your speakers are not a purely resistive load, so will the resistor have the same effect on 'burn-in' as the complex impedance presented by the speakers??? 👻
  12. @jabbr - while I appreciate your caution in preservation of everything, does your desired goal exclude all processing, even processing that is clearly euphonic? e.g. Dave's Picks (and some of the later Dick's Picks) uses processing to give a more euphonic sound then there is the issue of purely digital recordings, where some ultrasonics may negatively affect 'euphonicity' I think we need to clearly distinguish recording from delivery. and BTW, I'd pick a Fallot mustard every time - unless I could use the best mustard from Provence* (or those ones in the foil tubes) * yes, I DID do a blind taste test on the Provence vs. the Fallot - 2 different humans; 3 trials each
  13. my dolphin told me there was no musical content up there who told YOU otherwise?
  14. methane is CH4 so it increases "carbon" in the atmosphere, but methane, while a powerful GHG, doesn't last in the atmosphere like CO2 does it's good to keep it out of the atmosphere of course yes, UPS has a test program with Tesla (& others) - my point is that a delivery truck is nearly an ideal use for an EV as vs. long-haul
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