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  1. I'd definitely put a scope on it - if it's an old one, you can set up a digital camera to take slo mo movies of the screen and see if there is a pattern at certain times of day. I was able to get the local utility to come out and put a datalogger on my meter. I'm also the 2nd house from the pole transformer. Are you well inside an R-1 zone?
  2. I trust Cambridge and the people i know there much more than your many, many anecdotal people.
  3. and really expensive shovels
  4. ah yes - I've seen Bay area houses. When I was living in SFO I took BART out to Berkeley one day and looked down ... couldn't figure out what was so odd at first, then realized: the houses had yards! with grass! some tmts. can be bought that look like an art hanging - you just mount them on a wall at the reflection point I agree $17k is a very substantial amount - and about the same as you have in Ayre equipment. At that level I only see 2 other things to work on: 1. find the very best masterings/releases of albums you like 2. see if you have any EMF noise issues - besides the unit on order, you can run a dedicated line, turn off noisy lights (Fl, maybe LEDs), move the HiFi to a different AC circuit and column on your panel
  5. my other question re the digital output from the DacMagic is if you are sending digital out, then where is it being turned into analog? sounds like the Yamaha is doing that?
  6. ok - I'm a put 3/4 of the $$ into speakers guy how are you on room tmts.?
  7. that's because Holy Water has reduced surface tension - lets you get down in the groove and boogie
  8. The... ah.. mainstream media of audiophilia often takes some hits here, so I thought we could post some positive things one of the best tidbits I ever saw in Stereophile is referring to a previously purchased speaker as the Symphonic Bombast (in the products of the year intro)
  9. Welcome! is (1) your home HiFi system or just for the TV/video setup? if the former, I'd get some speakers first if you want to stay with a surround system for regular (stereo) listening, then I'd use whatever @Kal Rubinson uses for speakers.
  10. do CTI releases qualify as audiophile recordings ? IIRC, they had quite good SQ
  11. you will need to use USB - I asked Cambridge a few questions a couple of years ago, and they told me their USB implementation is not affected by noise on the USB line, that their power supply is fine and more expensive LPS will not help, and that roller balls under the DAC are not needed. You can always experiment of course. as a matter of course, I use balanced analog outputs - it is good practice even if you don't need it if you are using a digital output, then what are you using as a DAC? no idea re volume control but can change it, then change it back, do a power cycle reset, etc. the DacMagic was widely acclaimed when it was introduced - George posted once that it was no longer leading edge, but you may or may not hear an audible change if buy a new DAC
  12. have you tried comparing with any other methods? I relied on the DiscWasher system back in the late Holocene...
  13. If HP were resurrected and saw the current TAS he'd no doubt file a lawsuit, or kill himself.
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