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  1. I’m quite amazed that Mark has only received 122 submissions. Here is is a chance for us to contribute to the understanding of music reproduction and so few are bothered to take the test. It would appear reading between the lines that most of us cannot blindly tell a 24/96 track from a 16/44 one. This is not the result that an owner of a high res label would wish for so makes it all the more interesting. Mark particularly would like some under 40 ears to take the test. I would urge as many here as possible to take the challenge and add to ou
  2. Apologies if you took my post personally, I merely chose a few long threads as examples. I find them unwieldily, some others do, some don’t, that’s life. It makes AS less useful for me, but hey, who really cares about SJB except his mother and she could be jiving too. .sjb.
  3. Is it an editorial decision or something unique to the members here there are threads in practically every forum that were started several years previously which most of the other Hi-Fi fora I frequent don't have. I'm not doing a thesis, what am I meant to do with a 610 page thread? It would be easier if there was a super intelligent way to search threads but if there is it has passed me by. Does anyone else find these looooooong threads daunting and counter productive or should I just get my coat? .sjb
  4. Good call, my son spends a lot of his life on YouTube, it seems there may be something there for me also! .sjb
  5. Things seem to have been largely “cured” by one of the 3 changes I made. Firmware 6.1 static IP Turning off Lightening, well not having any folder being watched by it which is as close as I can see to turn it off as I only use Roon. .sjb
  6. Well I upgraded and set a static IP as you suggested. There is no indication in the release notes that 6.1 does anything for the freeze. This is morning once again the unit was unresponsive to remote but could be accessed and awoken via the wen interface which is a slight improvement. The freezing is not 100% reproducible so early days yet. .sjb
  7. I’m getting a few glitches with my Aries G2, mainly the unit freezing and the remote or front buttons not working. Sometimes roon can still control it, other times it needs a full power cycle. I find this is minimised by not sleeping the Aries and by scheduling a nightly reboot. How are G2 users finding their units for stability? I’m a bit disappointed as my unit reminds me of aeons ago when you’d have a dodgy driver in a PC and keep getting BSODs. .sjb
  8. Certainly I’d be happy with those MusicScope traces. As far as I understand these only indicate whether the life has been squeezed out of the dynamics and this certainly isn’t the case. So not butchered which is a relief. I might just look into purchasing box #1. .sjb
  9. Nice to read a warts and all review. Many thanks Bob, even if the lyric embellished text would not necessarily be my preferred writing or reading experience. I had feared hagiography but got a balanced account of your experience. .sjb
  10. Great in-depth review, thanks. It it was Roon that convinced me to finally sell my CDP as once I had it set up I just gradually stopped using the CDP. .sjb
  11. Can I wish you the very best of luck with this new “style”. My main virtual residence is Pink Fish, so I don’t think the name actually makes much difference but dropping the computer from the title does make sense. .sjb
  12. I'm only here now and again, whether it's a moderation issue or not I can't tell. FWIW I don't think OP moderation is such a good idea as you end up with possibly hundreds of "moderators" with quite different views. If I answer a post and am moderated by the OP, I'll most likely just leave here forever. Having a few trusted members as moderators is a good idea and works very well on PFM. .sjb
  13. Ahem......... Loose USB cable, must have come partially dislodged whilst attaching BNC cable! .sjb
  14. I’m trying to connect ultraRendu to my Chord Hugo TT via a Singxer SU-1 using BNC from Singxer to Hugo. However the ultraRendu does not see the Hugo at all. It it works direct USB to Hugo but following that last 1% it was suggested to me that the Hugo BNC input was marginally better than its USB. Is is this just not possible or am I missing something simple in configuration? thanks, .sjb
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