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  1. Sloop John B

    Kate Bush remasters... 24/44.1

    Certainly I’d be happy with those MusicScope traces. As far as I understand these only indicate whether the life has been squeezed out of the dynamics and this certainly isn’t the case. So not butchered which is a relief. I might just look into purchasing box #1. .sjb
  2. Nice to read a warts and all review. Many thanks Bob, even if the lyric embellished text would not necessarily be my preferred writing or reading experience. I had feared hagiography but got a balanced account of your experience. .sjb
  3. Sloop John B

    Article: Roon Vs. JRiver | Clash of the Titans

    Great in-depth review, thanks. It it was Roon that convinced me to finally sell my CDP as once I had it set up I just gradually stopped using the CDP. .sjb
  4. Sloop John B

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    Can I wish you the very best of luck with this new “style”. My main virtual residence is Pink Fish, so I don’t think the name actually makes much difference but dropping the computer from the title does make sense. .sjb
  5. Sloop John B

    Is It Time For Moderators?

    I'm only here now and again, whether it's a moderation issue or not I can't tell. FWIW I don't think OP moderation is such a good idea as you end up with possibly hundreds of "moderators" with quite different views. If I answer a post and am moderated by the OP, I'll most likely just leave here forever. Having a few trusted members as moderators is a good idea and works very well on PFM. .sjb
  6. Sloop John B

    micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    Ahem......... Loose USB cable, must have come partially dislodged whilst attaching BNC cable! .sjb
  7. Sloop John B

    micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    I’m trying to connect ultraRendu to my Chord Hugo TT via a Singxer SU-1 using BNC from Singxer to Hugo. However the ultraRendu does not see the Hugo at all. It it works direct USB to Hugo but following that last 1% it was suggested to me that the Hugo BNC input was marginally better than its USB. Is is this just not possible or am I missing something simple in configuration? thanks, .sjb
  8. Sloop John B

    HQ Player

  9. Sloop John B

    HQ Player

    @Miska is the new poly-sinc- ext2 a less CPU demanding version of poly-sinc- ext or is it a completely different filter, I’m not 100% sure from the new manual. What at is the relevance of the Nyquist cut off? .sjb
  10. Sloop John B

    HQ Player

    @Miska can you list which filters are non-apodizing and explain the sonic differences (sonic preferably) between apodizing and non-apodizing? thanks, .sjb
  11. Sloop John B

    HQ Player

    I’ve always wondered what is the best filter for brickwalled CDs which in reality (well my reality anyway) are irretrievable, but perhaps a certain filter un- nastys them more than others, do you have an opinion on this ( subjective or objective, I don’t mind). .sjb
  12. Sloop John B

    Chords New M -Scaler

    Would it not be easier to change the title of the thread? Chord M scaler upsampling vs software upsampling - in theory and practice. And then start a new “official” chord m-scaler thread with just the on topic posts moved to it? .sjb
  13. Sloop John B

    Chords New M -Scaler

    Indeed it is strange that for some enthusiasts the proof of the pudding is not in the eating but rather in assessing the recipe. .sjb
  14. Sloop John B

    Chords New M -Scaler

    Can I suggest you take the opportunity created by all this publicity and create a new filter or alter a current one and call it xxxxxxx-2MT. (or 1MT). I realise you have previously questioned the usefulness of the TAPs numeration but it seems to have caught the imagination. I was always a bit amazed at how many DAVE owners were using HQP and maybe just maybe this is why the upscaler has come into existence? It’s a great opportunity to sell more HQP as if there was a 1MT filter happy users like me could spread the word out there in other Hifi fora where HQP is barely known. .sjb
  15. Sloop John B

    Chords New M -Scaler

    It’s a tough job but I suppose someone has to do it. .sjb