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  1. Be aware that the column browser is gone in the iTunes successor Music. Really sucks & I’ll pretty much have to switch to some other software now.
  2. I'd call the statement ambiguous - it might be that the Japanese market is viable for MQA. Onkyo did adopt MQA both in hardware and content distribution. It's a special market and big enough to generate revenue. Let' see what comes from this.
  3. Thx for having my little mind blown: "Ich fühle Luft von anderem Planeten."
  4. What a tease! More info pls!
  5. Do I get it right that the kinda dying MQA-debate is about to get a Neil Young-sized life-infusion? Fun! MQA PR-peeps perhaps are reciting the "there is no bad publicity"-mantra in group chants right now.
  6. Another option would be Passlabs XA25. Don’t let the 25w label fool you, these things have juice and can drive 803s well. Class A and great sound.
  7. Linn‘s Exact digital crossover and room correction is available for 803s. The effect is rather remarkable but you’d need a Linn streamer, an Exaktbox and 8 channels of amplification for it. There are several options offered by Linn to facilitate that. I have heard one of these systems at a demo and it was very good. Give it a try if you find a demo. Also have a look at the Linn site for more info.
  8. Thx everybody! As for using the computer directly: this is a no-go as it's used as an office machine and hooked up to external monitor, printer and other periphery. Also it's about 7m from the desk to the stereo. An ethernet connection is in place and the NAS is in a different room. I need to be able to play from both the NAS and the computer as the latter sometimes has more recent files. My NAS is superslow and a full-index after adding files takes hours. As for the hardware. Having looked through the available offerings and a B3+ with PSU, case, card etc comes to about €75.-. A Hifiberry DAC+ Pro complete bundle is €110.- I am leaning towards the latter as it would free the Focusrite from this duty and also look cleaner. Not sure about the sound difference but I guess if it's significant I could still just relegate the Raspi to transport mode. Any thoughts on the Hifiberry vs Focusrite and Hifiberry in general?
  9. The Mac sits on a desk on the opposite side of the room. Got Ethernet as wireless streaming never worked reliably. The 6i6 is from my partner who’s a classical musician and uses it to record rehearsals. But since it’s only used in that functionality about once a month and sounds better than the Airport Express we used so far it became our DAC in the study .
  10. Thx Cebolla - very helpful! Any tips on the HE-side of things: Pi Zero or full Raspberry? The Zero does not seem to come with a USB-A port and would need an adapter from USB-mini. DAC is a Focusrite 6i6. Standard USB , no DSD and none needed.
  11. Could anybody give me a quick rundown on the minimal requirements for an Raspi-based USB-Audio transport?! My setup is as follows: Macbook/NAS -> ethernet -> transport -> USB-DAC -> powered speakers. Basically I need a Raspberry providing USB-output to the DAC, ideally accepting Airplay and or files served via Mimimserver or similar from the NA/Macbook. Would a Pi Zero suffice or is a normal Raspberry necessary? Tips for bundles (available in Europe) are welcome. Are there any tips with regards to software? Also any tips with regards to enclosures? Thx!
  12. Guttenberg has an MQA-episode on his channel and it certainly ticks all the boxes: "white glove treatment for artists" (2:00) etc. Also watch the Tidal-representatives reaction when Guttenbergs says "it is really true there is artists involvement in the final process" at 2:50. Comedy gold The comments under the video are interesting too.
  13. Thank you and I put it here because it might not be off topic at all. The A in MQA stands for Authentication. “Provenance” in MQA speak. That’s all bull as we know but it you want to prevent the metadata issues described in the articles a mechanism providing cryptographic attribution for the rights holders would come in handy. I am not sure if the current implementation allows for unique identifiers to be buried in the lowest bit but if not it would be trivial to implement. Mansr or Archimago could probably answer if MQA already includes this.
  14. Interesting articles on the role of metadata for streaming royalties: https://9to5mac.com/2019/05/31/royalties-from-streaming-music/ https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2017/08/03/music-industry-royalty-black-box/ So let's make a bet how long it will take MQA and/or MQA shills to pick this up and spin MQA as a solution! I'd guess we'll read something no later than end of June 2019.
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