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Found 29 results

  1. I recently started my trial for Roon - and love it so far. I also made the jump into Qobuz. CUrrently I have an IMac, running iTunes, running into a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus into EMotiva powered Speakers. I also have several; Apple Airport Express routers spread around the house using toslink to cvarious DACs and amps-speakers or powered speakers. I have about two terabytes of ripped AIFF files on a local drive to my iMac. A few questions: AFAIK, AirPlay tops out at 16/44 - true? So - if I want to stream high res files - from Qobuz, or if I buy 24/96 tracks - my current setup will down convert to 16/44 because of Airplay/? Is there a way to stream to a WIFI-SUB/or Toslink endpoint that allows for hi-res WIFI Streaming? I see a lot of love here for various Raspberry Pi endpoint solutions. Since I already have amp/powered speakers and Dacs - is that a good option for me - perhaps with a hat that isn’t a dac or an amp, like some of the Allo solutions? Budget is an issue at present- so I’d rather not get one of the Blusound units, e.g. Can I do that with my current setup using the iMac as the Roon Core? With local files +Qobuz hi-res streaming, controlled from my iPhone? If I were to upgrade my equipment, and get a dedicated Roon Core - since my 2016 iMac is my main work machine - is a NUC running Roon Rock the best solution for the $$. Thanks!
  2. Hello All, When I select Airplay as my Audio Device in Audirvana Plus, I get sound from my Apple TV but not Airport Express on the same network. Is there any way to choose AE and/or ATV like in iTunes?
  3. Sometimes, exactly very often, I lose airpaly signal in my ipad, iphone..imac...to send the music to apple tv 2. It does not appear the icon. And later maybe appears. I can not understant what's going on. I don't think is a problem with the wifi, because I can get music from my HD connected to the router. Has anybody else the same problem? Any help? My apple tv is jailbroken with black atv2. And I try it with itunes, spotify, another players.... Thank you.
  4. Introducing the Chord Poly Wireless Streaming Module Mojo just got smarter – Connect. Play Go. with Poly – the Wireless Network SD Playback Module. Poly allows the award-award wining Mojo DAC/Headphone amplifier to become a high resolution wireless network music player, streamer, and SD card playback device, removing the need for a wired link. It’s based on a condensed high-level PC, with data server, DNLA streamer, Wi-Fi hub, Bluetooth module, and SD card reader/player. Poly acts as a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hub and can access music in a number of ways including streaming over Wi-Fi, network storage devices (NAS) and collections stored on SD cards (using MPD). Bluetooth connectivity and AirPlay functionality provide real flexibility with smartphones and enable multiple Mojo/Poly combinations to be used throughout the home, providing a high-quality multi-room streaming playback solution. Poly removes the original need for a wired link between the smartphone and Mojo, and is controlled wirelessly from Android and iOS apps on your phone. When connected to Mojo, Poly conveniently slips into pockets, bags and handbags — it doesn’t need to be hand-carried or regularly checked like other players. Poly is compatible with the latest high-resolution-audio file types and supports PCM files up to 768kHz resolution and DSD64 to DSD512 (Octa-DSD). Poly’s high-quality SD card reader/player frees up smartphone memory and storage, so vast libraries no longer need be kept locally on phones. Poly integrates with advanced music players such as Roon (excluding SD access) and supported file types (at the time of writing) include: ACC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, OGG VORBIS, ALAC, WMA and MP3. The device includes a rechargeable LiPo battery giving around nine hours playback from a sub-four-hour charge using the device’s fast-charging circuit; both Mojo and Poly can be simultaneously charged. How to Add a Network to Poly How to Connect to Roon DLNA Playback Micro SD Card Playback Apple AirPlay Playback Bluetooth Playback For more information on the Chord Poly or Chord Mojo, visit here and here
  5. I use Audirvana for critical listening on my main system, but when I want multi-room playback to other stereos in adjacent rooms, I am limited to iTunes with AirPlay. The remote Airport Express units I am using are 16/44 direct analog-out into integrated amps. Would inexpensive dacs, connected to the Airports by digital-optical improve SQ much? Anyone doing this?
  6. This week I installed iOS 10.1 on my iPhone and iPad. Call me an idiot, but when firmware upgrades present itself, I'm always hitting the install button. This morning I want to start listening on my Auralic Aries from an Apple Music from my iPad, using AirPlay, and somehow the Aries doesn't appear anymore on my iPad as AirPlay playback device. Checking the same on my iPhone, and also there, the Aries is not appearing. Could it be that iOS 10.1 again changed something in the Airplay implementation, causing the Aries not to be compatible anymore? Does anyone else have this problem? Firmware installed on my Aries is also the latest one, version 4.0 I believe.
  7. Apple gave us Airplay so we can stream music to several speaker systems. This is ideal if you want to hear your music in different rooms in the house. I bought a B&W Z2 speaker for in the kitchen. We were very happy with it until I installed Pure Music on my Mac. Suddenly there was no more music streaming in the kitchen. Naturally I blamed PM for this. More so because the Internet-radio music that I stream from my iPad through the Mac was received well in the kitchen. Then I learned that Apple is to be blamed. One can stream to more then one speaker set through iTunes, but not if another program is used to play your music. In that case one has to chose only one speaker set. There is is a workaround solution, though. It is called Airfoil. See: Rogue Amoeba | Airfoil I installed it and it works perfect. Two speaker sets playing at once. My HiFi stereo set (with PM) and the B&W Z2 in different rooms. There is also a remote app for iPhone or IPad to control Airfoil. This is may not be big news for many of you but since I had struggled for a long time with this 'problem' I thought I might publish this here.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and have been reading a lot of your posts. I'm considering redoing my hifi setup and would love a bit of advice. The general project is this: - I mainly listen to music on Spotify, some mp3's, a few LPs - I'd like to have a very simple setup that the whole family can use - I'd like to be able to control it wirelessly - I'd like to have a hifi setup in the living-room, and have some music in the bathroom What I own: a pair of Jamo Cornet 40 speakers (that I enjoy), an old Technics SU-300 2x30W amp (that I would not regret too much), a Spotify premium account, a macbook air and iPad. I also have a turntable and vinyls but use them rarely. What I'm considering: - Full Sonos setup with Connect:Amp and existing speakers in the living room + Play:3 in the bathroom. It sounds simple, the main drawback I see is lack of versatility for other sources, and also I really like the desktop Spotify app (apps, radio etc) and the Sonos Spotify doesn't seem as good - Airplay solution based around an Airport Express in the Living, and possibly an Airplay speaker in the bathroom. My main concern here is that I'm afraid of dropouts in sound. I've been testing a bit the system and have experienced dropouts, which are a deal beaker to me - More traditionnal solution with ceiling speakers in the bathroom, but it might be too much of a hassle. What are your recommandations for a full setup? What should I use, Sonos or Airplay? Thanks a lot. Vincentim.
  9. Hi there I have a Neuhaus T-2 tube amp powering two Mordaunt-Short bookshelf speakers (Mezzo 2) using an Airport express to feed it my iTunes and Spotify music via AirPlay. I now want to replace the amplifier by a tube amp with integrated AirPlay connectivity over Wi-Fi. Any suggestion for a model/brand with decent tube amp part and good D/A converter? Price range 500 to 1500 US$. Would be a plus if the model would visually show of the tubes. :-) Thanks for any pointers!
  10. So I pulled the trigger on a NAD M2. I use iTunes for my music. Everything ripped to Apple Lossless. I use an Apple TV to stream to my Hifi. I have used this solution for 2 years without a problem. I was using a Benchmark DAC pre to convert D to A. Now I am using the M2 of course. The ATV has an optical digital output and that is what I am using into the M2. Well, the M2 loses the signal from the ATV intermittently. It will play fine for say an hour and then for no reason the sound will start to cut in and out quickly. I spoke to my dealer and NAD and they think it might be a compatibility problem which is hard to believe. I reconnected the ATV to my Benchmark and used the NADs analog input and had no problems. I also tried an iPod dock with digital coax output into the NAD and it also had no problems. I've tried both toslink inputs and they both experience the problem. I still have all my old gear and I could just go back to that setup, the problem is, the M2 sounds bloody awesome and I'm comparing it to over $10k worth of electronics in my old system. I love the sound of the M2 and want to keep it. But I really like iTunes and I really like my Apple TV. It's cheap and it sounds better than you might think. I'm willing to buy a different streamer, but there doesn't seem to be any alternative other than Airport Express. I've started looking at music servers like the Bryston BDP-1, but man that would be a major change and a ton of work not to mention over $2k in expense. Any suggestions very much appreciated.
  11. I’ve been using the Allo DigiOne + Shairport Sync (https://github.com/mikebrady/shairport-sync) running on Volumio to play audio from and Apple TV over Airplay for TV and movies. This setup works very well from sound quality and lip sync perspective. Was wondering if other streamers such as Auralic Aries that support Airplay handle AV sync well? I’m looking for a step up in sound quality without sacrificing AV sync. ?
  12. Folks: I have a specific question about Audirvana Plus and some remote play issues. I am trying to play a 24/96 file and I want to pipe it over AirPlay to a remote system. The remote system works fine when I am playing iTunes with OR without Audirvana, so I know the basic setup is okay. When I play the files to my desktop computer (USB --> V-link 192 --> BiFrost --> etc.) everything works great. However when I try to play to a remote system via Airfoil, nothing. It could be that I just don't have Audirvana set up for that which is the likeliest; it could be that Audirvana won't play to a remote system which is possible but unlikely; it could be that Airfoil and Audirvana don't play well together which is most likely. The only solution I can think of is that I need to keep the files I'm trying to send through Audirvana and Airfoil to 16/44.1 but I haven't tried that yet - reluctant to purchase 16/44.1 files and I don't know how to get one off of iTunes... I'm sure it is something trivial but I just can't figure out what it is. If anyone has worked this kind of (I assume) mundane issue out, please advise. Thanks, Mike
  13. Hope this rumor turns out to be true. May be a step in the direction of supporting high res audio. Apple AirPlay Direct planned for September launch - Telegraph
  14. On Lion currently. I'm downloading Mountain Lion for OSX hoping Audionirvana will be able to talk to the AE then. Will this work, or do I need Apple TV?
  15. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help... I can't get AP 2.2 to play through Airplay to an Apple TV connected to a DAC. I was able to get it to work some weeks back, but no more. I have preferred audio device set to Airplay, I have Airplay NOT selected in iTunes and in Sound preferences I have audio output set to internal speakers. Thanks..
  16. Having a lot of trouble with the new AEX. I get split second drop outs every minute or so using both optical or analog out. I have tried every setting on both my extreme and express, manual channels, 2.4ghz vs 5 only, and still have the split second stutter about every minute. Any solution? setup: pc running latest itunes apple extreme router (latest) apple express router (latest) acting as an extender optical out to NAD d3020 OR analog out to powered speaker condition: split second "stutter" on both
  17. I posted this problem on Mac forum but didn't receive a solution and hope someone here might be able to help. It's been a while since I played music from my iPhone to my Bose stereo using Airplay. ( I have an Airport Express plugged into the Bose.) The interface on Music on my iPhone is new and different with the newest iPhone update and I can't find the icon to change it from playing music on the iPhone to "Diane's Airplay" which will be the Bose. I've looked in Music app and Settings under Music and the pull up on the iPhone. Wifi is ON on my iPhone. When I look at the pull up from the bottom of the phone I have a couple of choices: Airplay Mirroring with the the familiar icon but when I choose it the iPhone begins looking for my Apple TV. I don't have Apple TV. The other choice is "Airdrop Receiving Off". My old original iPad can still use Airplay to play music to my Bose and my MacBook Pro (Sierra) also works fine using Airplay. Any suggestions? I may have missed something obvious. I really wish things didn't change when I wasn't looking!! Thanks so much. Diane
  18. Hi, Do any of the iTunes alternatives (or piggybacks as some of them are) such as Audirvana, Pure Music, etc. work with Airport Express? Until I'm able to buy a mini to act as my music storage drive I'm stuck using MacBook Pro --> Airport Express --> DAC --> Receiver. I'd like to try the software to see if it helps make my music sound better but can't really use it if they don't support Airport Express. Thanks very much!
  19. I have a new AV receiver (Denon AVR-x4100w) that offers several options for playing music from my PC. Since I share this system with my wife and my 2.5 year old son, I don't get a lot of time to experiment and do a lot of a/b testing. I wanted to get the opinions of the experienced members of this group about the relative sound quality I could expect from these three options: Digital audio over HDMI cable (iTunes or MediaMonkey Gold) AirPlay from PC to receiver (iTunes) DLNA from PC to reciever (MediaMonkey Gold or AssetUPNP) Most of the music stored on the PC is in ALAC, with some in MP3 and AAC. (For the sake of comparison, assume that everything is 16bit/44.1hz.) The PC is currently located in the same AV cabinet as the receiver. They are networked via wired gigabit ethernet. The PC hardware is nothing fancy, a ShuttleXPC SH67H3 barebones with i7 processor, 16GB ram, 64GB SSD for OS, 1.2TB HDD for media storage. Thanks in advance for any advice on which option would give the best sound quality. I'd also love to hear any tips for optimizing the setup (although my budget is very, very limited right now).
  20. I've been searching and searching for an AM/FM radio tuner that will send audio to airplay speakers. I'm hoping I'm just not a great Googler and that this product does exist but I can't seem to find it. Anyone have suggestions for anything (USB device to stand-alone component) that will integrate AM/FM radio signals into a system where two independent sets of speakers are driven from a centralized Mac Mini sending audio over WiFi to two Airport Expresses hooked into separate amplifiers? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Seems to me this is a product category someone should open.....
  21. I was about sell my Linn Sneaky because my music library is on iTunes and I was disappointed with uPnP servers and other alternatives like Kinsky requiring a lot of work to run properly. I google some minutes to see if Linn was releasing something else to simplify the use of my library. And yes, I find that Linn released SONGCAST; the introduction on the Linn site states: "Songcast for Mac will allow your Mac to send audio to any Songcast receiver in your home. When Songcast is switched on, any audio that is produced by any application running on your Mac will be sent to selected Songcast receivers. For example, the audio from iTunes, Spotify, Safari can now be sent to any Linn DS in your home". I have to say that I was interested but sceptic as Linn software has been often buggy. But I give a tray: I download and installed Songcast in my Mac running Lion (10.7.3) I download and launch the last version of Linn Konfig for Mac In Konfig an update of the firmware was proposed; this should enable Songcast capability on my Sneaky. I Updated. In Konfig I look on the "configuration" tab on the sneaky and set Songcast specific configuration: Sources/Songcast; Visible = Yes Startup Source = Songcast I open the Songcast preferences and I find my device listed on it. I turn Songcast ON. I open iTunes and start paying a track ..... and THAT WORKS !!... WOW the Linn sound was there !! This time Linn developers made a remarkable job. Sneaky not to be sold any more ! One question remains: I was expecting that iTunes do not detect songcast in a way similar to Airfoil (as it is not claimed to be an Airplay application) but it is not the case. In the "speakers" menu on iTunes I see: Borne NAD is an airport device connected to a NAD amplifier. This is OK (and work without interference also) AND there is the Main Room Sneaky which is identified by iTunes as an Airport Express device. Even if the "Main Room Sneaky" is not selected the music is being sent properly to the Sneaky. Someone have more information about this ??
  22. I'm looking into taking my first steps into the world of media streaming devices with my eyes on the Onkyo CR-N755 hifi which has had received some very favourable reviews. The only stumbling block has been that I'm a Mac user and in order to stream my music library (ALAC and FLAC) to the unit would require a 3rd party DLNA server such as Twonky, or for me to purchase a NAS (which could cost almost as much as the hifi itself). I've asked around a bit and so far the best bit of advice I've had is that: a) The DLNA programs for Mac should work b) It might be a better idea to pay an extra £100 for something like the Marantz MCR603 which can support Apple Airplay I'm not sure if I can afford the extra £100, and I'm also not sure if it's worth it if I can stream music via DLNA to the Onkyo for just a little extra setup aggro. So I thought I'd open it up to the forum to hear your thoughts on the matter. Will the Onkyo be too much hassle or is the extra £100 for the Marantz too much for just a little extra convenience? I'm obviously also interested in sound quality but from what I gather from reviews, both are strong in this regard.
  23. Hello, I've been interested in network streaming for few years now, but have been constantly disappointed with the available control point apps for iOS. The hardware keeps getting better and better, but the software keeps lagging behind. Here's a summary of what I think is wrong: Browsing I shouldn't have to browse each media server in the layout presented by the server. This idea is an old one, from a time when a Palm Pilot was considered to be the ideal control point. We now have supercomputers in our pockets, but for some reason almost all of the software out there requires us to browse a directory layout, one folder at a time, to find a song to play. All of your connected music, from any number of media servers, should be fully indexed on the device for fast browsing, sorting and searching, and it should all be presented in a single, unified interface. Continued Playback When I exit the control point software to do something else on my phone (or to simply turn the screen off), playback of the queued up items should continue indefinitely. This sounds like a no-brainer, yet pretty much all of the software out there will stop playing when the current song is finished. Even worse, the lock screen controls are never available to show the current playback state. I don't believe you can have a good playback experience on a mobile device without this feature - it's just not possible. OpenHome can solve part of this problem, but only for a very limited number of devices. We need a generic solution for all devices. Gapless Playback This feature is limited to hardware devices that support it, but the majority of current apps ignore the feature entirely. I can't understand why, since the playback experience is so much better for those who own compatible devices. Output Support and Switching What if you own more than one network streamer from different hardware vendors, or some AirPlay or Chromecast devices in addition to your UPnP renderer? In many cases you would need to use a different control point for each type of renderer (If you can even find one that works for your source and renderer combination). This is crazy. I should be able to easily switch between all connected outputs (regardless of the streaming protocol), and maintain the current play queue and track position. Local Music Playback When I leave the house, I should be able to pick up playback where I left off. If I have the same library of music stored on my device (even if that music is stored in a lower quality format), I'd like to continue playback or be presented with the music I do have stored on the device to play something different. The interface should quickly and easily adapt to the change in connected sources, while maintaining a consistent experience. There's no reason I should have to use a different app for playback while I'm out and about. As a bonus, I should be able stream the music I have stored on my device to any external renderer. So that's my short list of what I wish I could find in an iOS app, and I have to believe that many of the readers here would agree with some or all of these items. After being continually disappointed with every app that I tried, I decided to do something about it. The result is a new iOS app called Glider Music Player that solves all of the above problems, and will hopefully do much more in the future. I would really love to hear any and all feedback about the app, or just your opinions on the current state of control point software for iOS. Thanks for listening!
  24. Hi folks, Firstly, wishing everyone here a very Happy New Year's Eve tonight! I've only recently started posting here, and am really grateful for the expert advice so far. This new "problem" is one that's been bugging me for a while, and I'm sure I'm missing a simple solution! THE BACKGROUND I currently have my main "Hifi" (Macbook/Audirvana/Hugo/Amp/Speakers) setup in my Living Room, have my music housed on my home server (Mac Mini/RAID) in my Study Room, and sometimes also listen to music at my Home Theater setup (Mac Mini/Plex or iTunes/Bose LifeStyle 535), which also serves to pipe music throughout my home in ceiling speakers. Everything is connected via Gigabit Ethernet. My home theater setup is a simple one, just a TV and a Bose LifeStyle 535 V35 receiver connected to both a local 5.1 surround sound speaker set and also to my home-wide speakers (ceiling speakers). In addition to the Mac Mini running Plex or iTunes mentioned above, sources for this also include my Blu-Ray player, Cable TV, Satellite TV, etc, and a: Toslink Optical from an Airport Express, which in turn gets its input from my main Hifi setup in my Living Room via AirPlay from Audirvana Plus 2.0 (in standalone mode). THE ISSUES The music coming through my home-wide speakers via the above last setup (Living Room Hifi Audirvana -> Airplay -> Ethernet -> Airport Express -> Toslink Optical -> Bose V35 Receiver -> Homewide amps and speakers) is pretty crappy at the moment (very muddy across the entire range). Just to be clear, I control the music via the Living Room Hifi Audirvana, i.e., I set the Bose V35 Receiver to channel the Airport Express source in "passive mode" (that is to say I turn the Bose on, set the source, and then go back to the Living Room). While the Bose V35 and the home speakers aren't fantastic by any means, the "normal" quality (e.g. from the local sources - Blu-Ray or even the local Mac Mini running Plex/iTunes) is still much better than what I am getting from the above path from my main Hifi. POSSIBLE CAUSES 1. Lack of a discrete DAC in the above path? 2. Downsampling by AirPlay/Airport Express of all files to 44/16? 3. Ethernet cabling quality (the contractor was supposed to have used Cat 6 GigE cabling but I haven't been able to verify...)? POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS CONSIDERED 1. At the Home Theater setup: Insert a DAC between the Airport Express and the Bose Receiver - But will not fix the AirPlay/Airport Express downsampling issue. 2. At the Living Room Hifi setup: change the source of the music going to the Home Theater, from Audirvana/Airplay, to Audirvana/USD/DAC (I'm currently using a Hugo) - But how to get the signal from the Hugo to the Home Theater system? 3. At the Home Theater setup: Get something like an Auralic Aries, with input via Ethernet and output via Toslink optical to the Bose Receiver - But from what I understand, I won't be able to simply "play" my music from the Living Room Hifi Macbook/Audirvana (where I have all my playlists etc set up, and control via Parallels on my iPad), i.e., I am guessing that the Aries would only allow me to control it via its own specialized (Lightning) App, to connect to music on my Study Room/Mac Mini/RAID. Or am I mistaken here? Can the Aries be set up to simply act as a passive conduit between my Living Room/Macbook/Audirvana and the Home Theater/Bose Receiver - in essence an "upgrade" to my existing Airport Express/Airplay connection? YOUR ADVICE REQUESTED My apologies for the long question! However I would really appreciate any advice, as to which of the above 3 solutions would be best - or if there is another fix that I haven't considered! Many, many thanks in advance! Art ____________________________________________ SETUP DETAILS Study Room (Home Server Setup) LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 RAID -> 2014 Mac Mini 8GB RAM OS X Server (Music Files stored here) -> Gigabit Ethernet -> Cisco Switch Living Room (Main Hifi Setup) Cisco Switch -> Gigabit Ethernet -> 2014 Macbook Air 13" 8GB RAM -> Audirvana Plus 2.0 in standalone mode -> a) Hugo -> Woo Audio WA5 SET Class A -> Audeze LCD-XC / KEF Speakers b) Airplay -> Gigabit Ethernet Home Theater TV and Bose LifeStyle 535 Receiver, with inputs from: a) Gigabit Ethernet -> Airplay -> Airport Express -> Toslink optical b) 2014 Mac Mini 8GB RAM -> iTunes / Plex c) Blu-Ray / Satellite / Cable etc The Bose Receive outputs through local 5.1 surround speakers and also to the home-wide speakers. NOTES - All Macs running OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite). - Assume I can't run RCA cables from my Main Hifi system DAC to the Home Theater (2 rooms away).
  25. Hello Today I sent Damien, the developer of Audirvana as detailed a report I could of Airplay being extremely intermittent. Personally I am using an AppleTV 2 not an Airport Express. As a workaround, I downgraded to Audirvana 1.4.1 using Time Machine. ----- If you want to chime here and let me know if you found a solution that would be great. My workaround is to use 1.4.1 for now. Cheers PS Audirvana is AMAZING!
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