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  1. Saw him several times and he blew me away every time. Between him and Sharon passing away less than a year apart, the world has lost 2 amazing voices from incredible talents that started their music careers when most are winding theirs down.
  2. We've got a ton of open box and used gear to clear out. This list is only available on CA.com and not published on our site. Auralic Aries Mini Network Player- Was $499 / Open Box - $449 Auralic Altair Streaming DAC - Was $1899 / Sale $1520 Auralic Polaris Streaming Amp - Was $3799 / Sale $3040 Auralic LPSU - Was $299 Open Box - $260 Auralic Taurus Balanced Headphone amp - Was $1499 / Open Box - $1300 Auralic Vega DAC - Was $2799 / Open Box - $1999 Ayre Codex DAC/Headphone amp - Was $1999 / Used - $1600 Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 2 - Was $4995 / Open Box - $3500 Bryston BDA-2 DAC (silver) - $2695 - Used $1250 Bryston BUC-1 USB Converter - Was $850 / Open Box $600 Chord - Hugo TT DAC (silver) - Was $3995 / Used $3400 Cardas Clear USB cable (0.5m) - Was $140 / Open Box - $100 Cardas Clear USB cable (1m) - Was $160 / Open Box - $115 EMM Labs DAC2x* - Was $15995 / Used - $7000 *can be upgraded to the latest version for an additional $1750 To purchase anything from this list or for more info please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-844-242-6272
  3. If you prefer a more analog sound, the T1 and A1 are fantastic options. The T1 had a recent price drop that puts it at $4,000, which imo makes it a much more competitive product. I feel the performance difference between the T1 and D1 absolutely justifies the added expense of the T1 over the D1 w/ Sbooster BOTW power supply.
  4. GTT is the US distributor. They should have all the latest info on its US release, as well as where you can obtain one locally. http://www.gttaudio.com/Home.html
  5. Also, can anyone comment on their relationship with Tesla? Did they actually provide the audio system for the Model S? My understanding is that a number of manufacturers like Mark Levinson have used lucrative automotive contracts to leverage their high-end audio components business, so I'm wondering if LH Labs is attempting to do the same.
  6. They sure did, yet t people kept giving them money despite their track record.
  7. That's unfortunate you feel this way. The Audioengine folks are really great people and certainly had nothing to do with how LH Labs ran their business.
  8. I'd definitely only bolt them to speakers and not a component. This will allow you to play around with the positioning under a component and tweak them to your liking.
  9. I used JRMC for years and now I'm strictly Roon and haven't looked back. It's by far the best user experience available.
  10. It's how much you have to pay me to listen to a Dave Mathews track. I kid, I kid.
  11. M2Tech EVO DAC Two Plus is a solid DAC at under $1K and can be further improved with the addition of the EVO Clock and Power Supply.
  12. If I recall, InsomniaX was another OSX app that would force your Mac to stay awake. I haven't needed to use it for awhile, but I remember it worked well and was unobtrusive.
  13. No problem. The 8 Series aesthetic reminds me of the Musical Fidelity M Series. I personally don't mind the look and have always appreciated Ayre's clean front panel. I'm also curious as to how this will stack up performance-wise to the AX-5, which I personally own and is my gold standard for integrated amps. Since Ayre has always been very consistent with the performance of their lines, I imagine both of these new pieces will compete with just about anything near and probably above their price points.
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