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Found 14 results

  1. Wanted to check to see what everyones consensus is on an HDMI cable for audio purposes. I am currently using a Mac mini ---> Marantz AV7702 for my surround sound, movies, all channel stereo listening. Its currently connected using a generic HDMI cable. Most often when I listen to 2 channel hi-fi I am running the Mac Mini out USB via a Curious Cable USB to a PS Directstream DAC directly to my Primaluna Dialogue HP. Which I find to sound amazing. Love it. However, due to some temporary issues with my 2 channel setup, I am forced to run everything through my Marantz, which is currently connected via HDMI for ease of use. Are people using high quality, more expensive HDMI cables for audio purposes only? Do you find it enhances the audio experience over generic cables? If so, any quality recommendations? Nothing ridiculous. Say less than $500 for under 2m. Thanks
  2. Hi all! Q. Has anyone managed to bitstream their audio via HDMI from their graphics card? I'd like an external device to decode all sound from my PC (either an AV receiver or soundbar, both can decode all the common sound formats up to Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA). I received an email from nVidia today to state that my graphics card (nVidia GForce GTX 1060 6GB) only outputs sound in PCM. I've asked nVidia and AMD if any of their GPUs allow audio to be output in bitstream. I'd happily move to AMD if the RX 580 / Vega 56 did allow bitstream or look at a sound card that enabled the same. Thanks for your answers in advance!
  3. First of all I can inform that I am new to this forum. I have been stock in the headless linux world for some years and have not tried Jriver ect. Today i use a Linux based Convolver PC running Brutefir in stereo setup with 6 channels. I use RME 9632 with AO4S giving 6 analog channels that i connect to a 6 channel preamp. So stereo Spdif in gives 2 times 3 channel analog stereo out of the headless linux PC, for my two 3 way speakers. I use Acourate software to generate the XO fir filters. I would like to try to use the HDMI out of my PC (eventually a new one if required). Thereby i can use the D/A converters in my preamp and remove the D/A sound card from the PC which gives some noise in the signal. My question is: How do I convolve and use HDMI out? Has anyone a setup to be inspired by? I am willing to replace PC, operating system ect. to make it work so i can try it out. The alternative upgrade is to continue in the pro world with new internal(AES) and external gear. But it is pricy compaired to a PC/software upgrade. Brg Erika
  4. Hello all, I have an Audio Note Dac 2.1 x Signature which has an Unbalanced S/PDIF and a Balanced AES (XLR) input. This is perfect for a CD transport to DAC but I am struggling to work out the best way to get from a computer. I ideally would like to setup a MiniMac as a music server. I could output via USB or HDMI. I would imagine that HDMI is the better output for digital audio seeing as it was designed for it, unlike USB, but USB has been around longer and there are there seem to me more choices for converters from USB. Do any of you recommend one over the other? There are definitely Audiophile USB to S/PDIF and AES converters out there but are there any Audiophile HDMI to S/PDIF and AES converters and have any of you compared them? This is possibly a huge subject but I would be grateful if any of you could point me in the right direction. Many thanks, DBD
  5. Long time lurker, first poster. I seek advice/opinion from any prepared to offer it. My system consists of: Music Server(s): e-Machines er1402 Net-top Music Server Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) Digital to Analog Converter(s): Audiolab 8000ap (via HDMI) Preamplifier: Audiolab 8000ap Amplifier(s): Musical Fidelity XAS100/Sure Electronics DIY 4X100 D class Loudspeakers: Spendor S6 (original front ported model) Interconnects: Ubranded HDMI Van Den Hul RCA DIY RCA Loudspeaker Cables: Tellurium Q Black-front QED silver- centre Unbranded 19strand OFC - rears Power Cables:Unbranded Remote Control(s): Philips Pronto (pretty much only used to control volume/input source on Audiolab) wireless mouse Android Phone/gmote (rarely if ever used) I'm either happy with, (or working on) everything 'downstream' of the Audiolab but I'm very weak on I.T. stuff so I'd like to ask how I can maximize output from the net-top. I'm very keen to keep most of the the functionality of the net-top. I use it for video and audio (HDMI) hooked up to a flat screen tv. I don't have much hi-rez music yet, but I plan to build a collection. Shamefully, most of my listening is done via Spotify, which I use to 'explore' music, which I then buy on cd to play on my Musical Fidelity X-Ray (optical TOSlink-Audiolab). I've discovered that despite the low rez, I really love Spotify as I love listening to stuff which is new to me. I pay for premium spotify and have spent months building up playlists so I'm not really considering MOG as it would be a huge pain to re-create my lists (or would it?). God I wish Spotify would offer a proper high rez option!. Physical media holds no real attraction for me, quality and choice are everything (not necessarily in that order!). I'm assuming that software or power supply changes are all I can do to maximise quality?. Where should I look for replacement power supply's?. Is it possible (and worthwhile?) to disable the wi-fi in the net-top? (I have ethernet). I've read that windows doesn't make the best of audio, but I really can't get my head round Linux etc, so I'd like to do what I can to make the best of Windows. I currently use (and quite like)XBMC for video, and I'm trying to get used to MediaMonkey for audio (can't say I particularly like the interface so far, but early days yet), but could I make better choices?. Anyway, sorry for the lengthy question and thanks to anyone prepared to advise!.
  6. Ok, I have tried everything I can and researched every possible site and article...so frustrated I have a ASUS desktop PC. 32" Samsung TV as my monitor, connected with HDMI to my PC. All audio works just fine. However, when I plug in my 2nd 32" TV (as a 2nd monitor) using DVI (out from PC) to HDMI (input on TV) my audio immediately stops working. There are no adapters, it is just a straight cable, DVI on one side and HDMI on the other. When I right click on my sound icon in the taskbar and select "playback devices" it shows "Samsung, high definition audio device, default device"..... and when I plug the 2nd cable (DVI/HDMI) it automatically switched to that as the default...and DVI doesn't support audio... so how to I make it stay on my Samsung (HDMI/HDMI) so that I can have 2 monitors and sound????
  7. I have a new AV receiver (Denon AVR-x4100w) that offers several options for playing music from my PC. Since I share this system with my wife and my 2.5 year old son, I don't get a lot of time to experiment and do a lot of a/b testing. I wanted to get the opinions of the experienced members of this group about the relative sound quality I could expect from these three options: Digital audio over HDMI cable (iTunes or MediaMonkey Gold) AirPlay from PC to receiver (iTunes) DLNA from PC to reciever (MediaMonkey Gold or AssetUPNP) Most of the music stored on the PC is in ALAC, with some in MP3 and AAC. (For the sake of comparison, assume that everything is 16bit/44.1hz.) The PC is currently located in the same AV cabinet as the receiver. They are networked via wired gigabit ethernet. The PC hardware is nothing fancy, a ShuttleXPC SH67H3 barebones with i7 processor, 16GB ram, 64GB SSD for OS, 1.2TB HDD for media storage. Thanks in advance for any advice on which option would give the best sound quality. I'd also love to hear any tips for optimizing the setup (although my budget is very, very limited right now).
  8. How good is HDMI as an interface (if it is improved by the technology below)? Oppo info: The UDP-205 features a high-stability, high-precision HDMI clock and a special HDMI audio jitter reduction circuit. This unique design significantly reduces jitter and eliminates timing errors, allowing you to enjoy your music with increased accuracy when you use the audio-only HDMI output port for connecting the audio signal. PCM and DSD signals rely on the HDMI clock directly, so the HDMI audio jitter reduction circuitry can improve the sound quality of PCM and DSD audio.
  9. Good evening, everyone. For several years, I've been using a 2012 (Late) Mac Mini running Audirvana Plus 1.5 in iTunes integrated mode. I have the Mac Mini connected via HDMI cable to my receiver. Recently, I upgraded my receiver to a Marantz SR5008 and was excited that I would be able to listen to some 24/192 albums I had purchased over the years. Unfortunately, Audirvana shows that the receiver is not capable of going above 24/96. I've opened a ticket with Marantz support, and they've told me that the receiver is capable of decoding 24/192 over HDMI, so I'm now wondering if the issue is with something else in my chain. Is my Mac Mini limited to 24/96 over HDMI?
  10. I've spent countless hours trying to configure my 2011 Mac Mini Server to my Rotel HSP-1572 receiver. When the server is connected directly to my HDTV via HDMI, audio works perfect. Whenever it's connected to the receiver there's absolutely no audio. After making sure all the output settings were correct in system preferences and audio midi setup, I read in another forum that a user had to connect an optical cable in addition to HDMI to get it to work. I've tried this as well without any luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work either through HDMI or HDMI and optical? The last thing I read was someone buying a Gefen HDMI Detective Plus and connecting this between the server and receiver. Would like input before spending more money. Thanks MacMini i7 server hdmi sound issue [Archive] - MacRumors Forums
  11. Somewhat of a noob issue as I am simply trying to playback SACD's on my bluray player. I was surprised that I could only get digital audio out from a new SACD purchase via HDMI. On further research discovered this has something to do with DRM which is only supported with HDMI. But, my DAC does not have any HDMI inputs! So what do people do? I did notice I have a toslink (optical digital) out on the back of my plasma. So would one possible solution be to go HDMI out to plasma> toslink out to DAC ?? Would my DAC still be getting the full SACD signal?
  12. Let's suppose I have a recently purchased DAC with a lot of different choices for the digital interfaces. Is there one that is (likely to be) much better than the others? Or is there one that is (likely to be) worse? I am asking in terms of theoretically the best/worst and also in terms of typical implementations (say with a $5k price cap). I hear a lot about noise, ground loops, jitter, etc. but it isn't clear to me if there are clear differences across brands in these effects or in SQ overall. Choices include: USB WiFi (I use Apple AirPlay from iTunes currently) Toslink Ethernet (I have CAT 6 cable runs) HDMI Thunderbolt Coax I will leave out bluetooth....
  13. Is it possible to use JRiver for Mac to send multichannel DSD over HDMI to an Oppo 103? I keep getting the error that DoP 2.8MHz 5ch could not be started on the output "Core Audio".
  14. Like lots of people, I have several hundred CDs that contain music I really like. Pandora is great, but not as good as my CDs. Recently, my old Sony ES amplifier died after 30 years, and I bought a Sony STR-DN1030 to replace it. My problem is to figure out how to be able to play the CDs and playlists based on the CDs using reasonably friendly software. I know I can get the CDs ripped and converted to mp3's, and then put on an external HD or a USB flash drive. But after that, I am at a loss. The new AV receiver supports connecting to my iPhone via Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay, but the software is terrible. The new AVR also supports connecting to my notebook computers (via wireless or wire) and I can play music in folders or in playlists. But, again the GUI on the TV is just terrible. I can't read the titles or artists, and the song durations and playlist contents are not shown. The GUI that is so terrible seems to be part of the software that comes with the Sony STR-DN1030 AV receiver. It is just unacceptable. If I had an extra computer with an HDMI port, I could connect it to the receiver, open up iTunes or Window Media Player, and push what it was putting out into the receiver, which would then send the video to the TV and the sound to the speakers. I suppose if I got a wireless mouse and keyboard, I could control it all remotely, i.e. from the couch or dining room. Is there simple (cheap) hardware dedicated for this purpose? It just needs an OS, a hard drive, and HDMI port, and the ability to run music playback software. Any advice to this newbie is much appreciated.
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