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  1. Hi all, I have settled on a NUC to run Roon (moving the server off my iMac.) I will serve about 2.5TB of AIFF rips on a Synology NAS Now I need to upgrade my Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus and add Network streaming. I'm also getting an EtherRegen. Solutions I am contemplating: SOtM sms200 Neo Ultra or Sonore UltraRendu with Sonore LPS With Chord Qutest Either of these would be about $2900 Or - Spending a bit more for a Streamer + Dac, or a Streaming Dac SOlutions I'm thinking of: Auralic Ar
  2. Any opinions on: Park Ave Audio Tweak Geek Moon Audio Underwood ( in Hawaii) Thanks!
  3. Anyone have any recommendations for a great/knowledgeable dealer? Thanks!
  4. Are you using the 1st JS-2 to power both the SonicTransporter and the Etherregen, and a 2nd JS-2 to power the Optical Rendu? What/how is the Sonic Transporter connected to source material and your network? Are you using SFPs, optical cable etc.? Thanks! Steep learning curve here...
  5. Of course that would help! i am in Brooklyn, NY. i imagine anyone in the US works be good. Even Canada? Thanks!
  6. Who have you all worked with who can help advise putting together the digital components of a mid-priced system (I have the analog side taken care of.) Someone who is knowledgable and ethical. Looking to put together a few zone wireless Roon system (currently using Roon Core on an iMac over Airplay to a few endpoints via Airport Express) Thanks.
  7. After reading Chris's review of his new system, I am starting to be attracted to A: a Roon Core that is separate from my iMac - Like a NUC, or SonicTransporter or Innuos Zen MK III + + some rendu or soTm sms +dac plus all the various lpsu's... And/or NUC or other Roon Core + a streaming dac - Mytek Brooklyn Bridge is looking very nice. In Chris' setup - he doesn't have any power supply upgrades, or Rendus. The simplicity of this is attractive to me, There are a lot of choices - don't want to drive myself crazy.
  8. @Ultrarunner - Thank you. I'm seriously considering a Sonictransporter I9 as well. Why did you choose that solution over, say, a high powered NUC - running Windows or Linux? Also - I notice in your system you don't have a Sonore Optical Module - any reason?
  9. Wonderful writeup, Chris. What strikes em the most is how lean and efficient this setup is. There is so much discussion here about optical, LPSU etc - and this setup has none of that. (I'm actually surprised by this...)
  10. Hmm - hadn’t thought of the ISOregen. i am now pretty clear that I would like to get my Roon Core of my main (and busy) iMac. Then - am looking at a network device - (thanks for the suggestions) This will be for my desktop system, as well as a few other endpoints in the house over WiFi. So - debating the following options for running Roon Core: •a Nuc •A nas ( not sure how well that will do dsd in Roon An INNUOUS Zen Mini A SGC Sonic Transporter- probably the I9 for DSD and then the following options for
  11. Hello - For my desktop solution, I have a 2017 IMAC running Roon going into a Cambridge Audio DacMagic-Woff Ear Kitoki tube amp driving Omega CAM speakers. (this amp/speaker combo is a major upgrade from my previous $300 Emotiva powered monitors) I've never quite gotten why one might need a separate streamer - but reading around here, it seems that the iMac is possibly introducing unwanted noise into the signal path? SO - my first question is - why should I upgrade my server to a separate server from my work computer? Or - am I okay just keeping things as they are.
  12. I recently started my trial for Roon - and love it so far. I also made the jump into Qobuz. CUrrently I have an IMac, running iTunes, running into a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus into EMotiva powered Speakers. I also have several; Apple Airport Express routers spread around the house using toslink to cvarious DACs and amps-speakers or powered speakers. I have about two terabytes of ripped AIFF files on a local drive to my iMac. A few questions: AFAIK, AirPlay tops out at 16/44 - true? So - if I want to stream high res files - from
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