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Found 13 results

  1. https://www.speakershack.co.uk/articleResult.php?subject=2&record=2439
  2. Hi guys, Looking to put together a system consisting of the following... -Elac Navis ARB-51 powered speakers -Innuos Zenith MK2 server & Phoenix USB re-clocker (controlled via Orange Squeeze app) -Chord Qutest DAC Question is, because the Elac's and Qutest don't have volume control, and the Elac's require a variable output source, can I control the volume using the orange Squeeze app? Kind regards,
  3. My beloved Chord Hugo 2 and goodies. • MSRP $2495 • Asking $1595 $1495 • Shipping and PayPal included in asking price • Low hours = good battery health • Includes Coax -> Mini coax cable to connect to a DDC • Includes am Audioquest USB B -> Mini adapter to use with a regular USB cables • Includes original box and accessories • Combine with HQPlayer "Sinc-M" over USB and you have an outstanding sounding DAC, especially at this price.
  4. I have a Chord Hugo 2 (black) for sale. It is lightly used as it was my travel DAC and I have about 100 hours on it. It is in excellent condition, comes with original packaging and all the original accessories. The remote has never been used. It retails at $2695, asking $SOLD. Will entertain reasonable offers. Will ship free CONUS. Buyer pays PayPal or use Friends and Family. Happy to answer any questions.
  5. What is a good approach to listening to DSD files (.dsf mainly) with a Chord DAVE? Edited: (my error in setting things up).
  6. Hello to all, this is my first post here and it is driven by my curiosity. :-) I'd like to ask owners or testers of this DAC to share their experience with its buffer. I'm not into purchase of it, but according to reviews and manufacturer description it has implemented quite unique long buffer. According to reviews it will take approx. 3 sec to start playback, which translates to cca 0,5MB size with CD format PCM audio, on its max. settings. Usual FIFO length in most designs are about 10ms. For sure FIFO functionality isn't just about its length. If underruns doesn't occur, it is calculated fine. I'm interested in one thing, how is Chords implementation effective? Did you find, that with long buffer setup, QBD sound quality is less involved by incoming data timing? Like variation between different software players and its settings. Does it help to screen different source quality? Best regards Michal
  7. Introducing the Chord Poly Wireless Streaming Module Mojo just got smarter – Connect. Play Go. with Poly – the Wireless Network SD Playback Module. Poly allows the award-award wining Mojo DAC/Headphone amplifier to become a high resolution wireless network music player, streamer, and SD card playback device, removing the need for a wired link. It’s based on a condensed high-level PC, with data server, DNLA streamer, Wi-Fi hub, Bluetooth module, and SD card reader/player. Poly acts as a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hub and can access music in a number of ways including streaming over Wi-Fi, network storage devices (NAS) and collections stored on SD cards (using MPD). Bluetooth connectivity and AirPlay functionality provide real flexibility with smartphones and enable multiple Mojo/Poly combinations to be used throughout the home, providing a high-quality multi-room streaming playback solution. Poly removes the original need for a wired link between the smartphone and Mojo, and is controlled wirelessly from Android and iOS apps on your phone. When connected to Mojo, Poly conveniently slips into pockets, bags and handbags — it doesn’t need to be hand-carried or regularly checked like other players. Poly is compatible with the latest high-resolution-audio file types and supports PCM files up to 768kHz resolution and DSD64 to DSD512 (Octa-DSD). Poly’s high-quality SD card reader/player frees up smartphone memory and storage, so vast libraries no longer need be kept locally on phones. Poly integrates with advanced music players such as Roon (excluding SD access) and supported file types (at the time of writing) include: ACC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, OGG VORBIS, ALAC, WMA and MP3. The device includes a rechargeable LiPo battery giving around nine hours playback from a sub-four-hour charge using the device’s fast-charging circuit; both Mojo and Poly can be simultaneously charged. How to Add a Network to Poly How to Connect to Roon DLNA Playback Micro SD Card Playback Apple AirPlay Playback Bluetooth Playback For more information on the Chord Poly or Chord Mojo, visit here and here
  8. First post here but long time forum reader. Looking for some advise on improving my current setup ie : Macbook Pro / TIDAL --> stock Chord USB --> Chord Hugo --> 1. Dynaudio Focus 110A (from Hugo RCA out) 2. Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 + PSB subwoofer 100 (from Hugo 3.5mm headphone out) 3. Headphone : HD800S on CustomCans cable. 4. IEM : AKG3001 I'd like to use the Chord Hugo as a dedicated DAC only and need advise on : Dedicated hp amp (with RCA line outs for the above speakers) USB cables? RCA cables? from the Hugo to the hp amp and from HP amp to Dynaudio Any other suggestion on improving the above? Budget around $1000 Or leave it as it is? Thanks
  9. All listed items in excellent condition in original packaging with all accessories. All prices are WITH SHIPPING in cont. U.S. (ship to CONUS ONLY) Pay via PayPal - no extra fee for buyer Sonore microRendu - $585 SMG Sonic Transporter - $295 iFi iPower 9v PSU - $35 Uptone Regen (latest) - $125 BJ CAT6a - 20ft, $30 6ft (2 available) $15 each Chord Silver+ USB - 1.5m, $70 Chord Prodac VEE3 - 1m coax/RCA, $50 References: Audiogon member/seller/buyer since 1999. Current score 1182, 394 positive feedback, zero neutral, zero negative. https://www.audiogon.com/users/doak/feedbacks ps: prices, IMO, are fair and firm. Please spare me the lowballs. If buying a bunch of stuff: Let's make a deal. Doak ZIP 70047
  10. Hi everyone, I would like to get your opinion on my system and how to upgrade. I currently have the following setup: Source: Macbook Pro Retina, 2012 Software: Audirvana Plus and Spotify USB-output: 1x Audioquest Jitterbug USB cable: *standard* Bluetooth: Arcam Miniblink receiver Integrated Amplifier: Rotel-RA 1570 > site: RA-1570 | Rotel Speaker cable: *standard* Speakers: Bowers & Wilkins CM1 S2 > site: Experience the B&W CM1 S2 - Bowers & Wilkins | B&W Speakers I have 2 questions: • 1: I would like to upgrade to an external DAC, and I am currently looking at Chord and Schiit. However, listening to videos online, I prefer the sound of Chord more. I am specifically looking at Chord Mojo or Hugo for main setup, and to have mobility on-the-go. Does a Chord Mojo will sound better than the DAC within my current integrated amplifier? It's a: Wolfson WM8740 • 2: Any suggestions for an upgrade in speaker cables? I have been looking at Chord and Van Den Hul so far, because I heard and read they might go well with b&w and rotel. Specifically: Chord Odyssey 2, Chord Epic Twin, Van den Hul CS122. Thanks! p.s. I might add a Curious USB Cable Mojo interlink as well.
  11. I bought a Chord Mojo in a Hifi Store in Berlin, Germany in February 2016. About 18 months later the Mojo stopped working. I wasn’t able to turn in on anymore. I brought it to the store and they sent it to Chord´s representative in Germany. Two month (!) later, they want me to pay about 220 Euros (260 US$, 195 Pound Sterling) for a new battery, which is almost half the price of a new Mojo. Chord grants a 1 year warranty for the battery. But in Germany we have a 2-year-defects liability. I think Chord should fix the Mojo on account of the 2-year-defects liability. If the DAC not usable after 18 months, there must have been an issue when I bought it. But they argue Chord´s batteries never fail. Since my battery failed, I must have used it wrongly (which I did not do). I think it´s outrageous. Rude. I am dealing with a major hifi producer, but it feels like a dodgy internet retailer operating from some back room. What is your opinion?
  12. I have too many DACs in house right now, so up for sale is my Chord 2Qute DAC. It will ship with all the original accessories and instruction card, but without the original box. It is in like new condition and functions perfectly except for a hairline scratch on the front side. The scratch is really only visible when the light hits it at a certain angle, but I have tried to capture it in the third photograph. I am planning to put it up on Audiogon, but wanted to give folks here the first shot at it. Asking $1350, which includes shipping within the CONUS and all PayPal fees.
  13. I've posted in the Roon Community support forum but I think someone here might recognize the problem and point me in the right direction. I'm trying to set up a Roon instance for a friend whose got a Chord 2Qute DAC. I've configured a late 2012 Mac Mini quad-core with 16gb RAM that has been bootcamped to run Win 10 Creators Edition. I’ve downloaded and am running the latest Creators version of the Chord ASIO drivers for Win10. The music is stored on a Seagate USB2 drive connected to the mini. When trying to play music (they happen to be all DSD files), the music pulses on and off with about a 1 second frequency. It’s very strange, it’s not like it’s playing with occasional dropouts, but a steady 1 second on, 1 second off (approx) pulsing of the music (the music sounds mighty fine for that 1 second LOL). I can't figure out what might be causing the problem. The same setup with JRiver works, but for some reason I can't get it to work with Roon. Does anyone have any ideas what I may have set up wrong?
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