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Found 17 results

  1. I use Audirvana for critical listening on my main system, but when I want multi-room playback to other stereos in adjacent rooms, I am limited to iTunes with AirPlay. The remote Airport Express units I am using are 16/44 direct analog-out into integrated amps. Would inexpensive dacs, connected to the Airports by digital-optical improve SQ much? Anyone doing this?
  2. Hi guys, Im just after some advice if I can as Im not sure what I am doing wrong I purchased amarra sq today as well as airfoil so that I can stream mog (or similar) to my airport express. The sound is coming out of my system but its not changing when using the equalizer, and the music continues when amarra and the equilizer is turned to off. So it doesnt seem like its in the chain for some reason. In air foil I have it currently set up as : sonicstream as the source and then airport express as the destination. In amarra sq i have the built in output as the output ( i can also change this to sonicstream, but nothing changes also), and for the input i have sonic stream (as its the only preference). I have heard nothing but good things about amarra, but so far not so good for me...including amarra and airfoil im out of pocket approx $80, which I know doesnt sound much but to me is quite a significant investment. So I'm hoping someone out there has a similar setup and can guide me as to what Im doing wrong or whats not working correctly. Thanks Chris
  3. G'day CA Just wondering if anyone has successfully used a powerline network (power adaptors such as Belkin AV500) to connect a Mac mini using iTunes to an airport express (wired via power adaptor) in order to stream iTunes audio? Cheers Charles
  4. Hi I just unboxed an Airport Express (small one that looks like AppleTV) about 2 hours ago. My AudioLab 8200CD reports "No Lock" intermittently about once a second. My previous express (previous model) never had this problem but it died. I tried firmware 7.6.3 and 7.6.4 and performance remains the same. I have tried streaming from iTunes on a MacBook Air 13, an iMac 27 and a Mac Mini; they all exhibit the same issue. The Macbook Air and Airport Express are in line of site to each other and within 6 meters of each other. Is there any solution? ***PS, My Apple TV 2 works absolutely fine - I just swap it out for the airport express but I wanted to use the express for 44.1KHz. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I'm a reasonably capable Sonos user and sufficiently technical overall, and wanted to be sure I'm thinking the right away about the capabilities of gear I want to buy to extend my Sonos setup. Basically, I want to try something like a pair of Apple Airport Expresses, to tunnel music from one 'master' Sonos zone, and create a slave' zone. The 'slave' zone will just mirror the first, and won't operate independently in any way. I've noticed that a Sonos Connect outputs audio on the optical/SPDIF port at the same time it's outputting on the RCA analog output (somewhat obvious, but I verified just to be sure). I think this should let me use a pair of Apple Airport Expresses configured as pure 'audio bridges' - i.e. just tunneling the audio input from one Express, over regular home-network IP, to the other bridge, where it re-emerges via line-out as regular audio out. Can those devices operate that way? I'm fairly sure they can be enabled to just 'tunnel' audio this way - but wonder if I'm missing something. The only real downside to this setup (vs. buying another Sonos Connect) is I'll control volume at the 'slave' zone via the amplifier - which is fine. (same with turning it on or off). The basic idea is that I'd like to avoid or delay paying the $400/$500 for each outdoor area I want to enable, for each Connect or Connect:Amp that Sonos would prefer I buy. I have some existing old amplifiers that are unused and will drive my speakers just fine. And, I'm fine if all the outdoor areas are considered one zone: I don't have a need to play music separately in the 'slave' zone(s), and if I drive speakers with a discrete amp, I can turn those amps on or off to enable or disable them. Anything I'm missing? Can Airport Expresses, or some other analog-audio-to-ethernet bridge pair, meet the need? I presume there's no conflicts using them this way on the same network -- I'll never control them in 'AirPlay' mode, I believe. Airport Expresses seem best for this since they're pretty well-tested and debugged at this point. D-Link has something similar, but looks dodgy and may be UK-only. thoughts?
  6. So I pulled the trigger on a NAD M2. I use iTunes for my music. Everything ripped to Apple Lossless. I use an Apple TV to stream to my Hifi. I have used this solution for 2 years without a problem. I was using a Benchmark DAC pre to convert D to A. Now I am using the M2 of course. The ATV has an optical digital output and that is what I am using into the M2. Well, the M2 loses the signal from the ATV intermittently. It will play fine for say an hour and then for no reason the sound will start to cut in and out quickly. I spoke to my dealer and NAD and they think it might be a compatibility problem which is hard to believe. I reconnected the ATV to my Benchmark and used the NADs analog input and had no problems. I also tried an iPod dock with digital coax output into the NAD and it also had no problems. I've tried both toslink inputs and they both experience the problem. I still have all my old gear and I could just go back to that setup, the problem is, the M2 sounds bloody awesome and I'm comparing it to over $10k worth of electronics in my old system. I love the sound of the M2 and want to keep it. But I really like iTunes and I really like my Apple TV. It's cheap and it sounds better than you might think. I'm willing to buy a different streamer, but there doesn't seem to be any alternative other than Airport Express. I've started looking at music servers like the Bryston BDP-1, but man that would be a major change and a ton of work not to mention over $2k in expense. Any suggestions very much appreciated.
  7. I’ve been searching this forum, but couldn’t find anything that answered all my questions. I use a iMac with a remote wireless hard drive to store music and an Apple time capsule router,, and would like to feed into a usb dac (bitfrostmb) for a remote headphone station. I’m looking to alternatives to an airport express to feed the dac because it only allows optical digital output ( other than analogue) and has the Apple airplay limits on hd. I understand that audirvana is now compatible with microrendu, but I don’t have direct internet access through an Ethernet. Would it be possible to use an airport express in client mode to convert the wireless signal to Ethernet and then feed the microrendu through the AE Ethernet output, all controlled by audirvana. If this works, would hd audio be downsampled to 16/44, when I am using audirvana and would I lose audirvanas sound enhancements?
  8. hello everybody - first post! my little stereo employs an apple airport express as source and I am contemplating the addition of a dac. the airport express offers optical spdif-output and currently I am looking at the shiit bifrost. I like the small form factor and also that the base version comes in spdif only. I don't need usb and thus why paying for it I know many people like the bifrost but still would like to hear opinions. especially if it will make a noticeable difference on an airport express. I also would be grateful to be pointed to alternatives and hear about experiences dac'ing airport expresses. as for context: chain is airport express -> adam sub8 highpass -> crimson cs620c -> mission 760se. cables are all dnm solid-core. music is a nutritious mix of chamber-music, death-metal and free-jazz with an occasional serving of zesty electronica. thx! -- mcgillroy
  9. I'm looking for a Toslink DAC connection under $200 to connect to a setup I have for room audio (8 different rooms & 4 different macs): Mac ==> Airport Express --> DAC (TBD) --> Dayton DTA-100a --> Pioneer SP-BS22-LR For the most part there will be minimal direct active listening, but instead quiet passive listening while reading, studying and writing with some active listening while relaxing over a glass of wine. Budget is less then $199... FIRM (remember, this is 4x and primarily passive listening).
  10. On Lion currently. I'm downloading Mountain Lion for OSX hoping Audionirvana will be able to talk to the AE then. Will this work, or do I need Apple TV?
  11. Hi, Do any of the iTunes alternatives (or piggybacks as some of them are) such as Audirvana, Pure Music, etc. work with Airport Express? Until I'm able to buy a mini to act as my music storage drive I'm stuck using MacBook Pro --> Airport Express --> DAC --> Receiver. I'd like to try the software to see if it helps make my music sound better but can't really use it if they don't support Airport Express. Thanks very much!
  12. The WD TV Live Plus is a relatively cheap device that can stream audio from computer to audio system and is rated for the following file types: MP3 WAV/PCM/LPCM WMA AAC FLAC MKA AIF/AIFF OGG Dolby Digital DTS. It has HDMI output as well as Optical s/pdif. This looks like a good alternative to the Airport Express and Logitech Squeeze Box. Does anyone have any experience using this device?
  13. I get confused more than I like to admit and with that I mix and match details. So my questions: - using iTunes AirPlay connected to an airport express and a Schiit Bifrost via a toslink cable, are my 24/96 HD lossless-converted files playing as 24/96? I know I can't play 24/96 directed from the computer to a dac but are the files being sent to the express bit perfect?
  14. Hi, I was wondering if this has been attempted before and wether both speakers are properly in sync. Two expresses' with 2x a Toslink to RCA DAC is what I am thinking of. Need good quality though but since the Express is bit perfect it could work out ok. Rgds, Bukem
  15. Hi folks, Firstly, wishing everyone here a very Happy New Year's Eve tonight! I've only recently started posting here, and am really grateful for the expert advice so far. This new "problem" is one that's been bugging me for a while, and I'm sure I'm missing a simple solution! THE BACKGROUND I currently have my main "Hifi" (Macbook/Audirvana/Hugo/Amp/Speakers) setup in my Living Room, have my music housed on my home server (Mac Mini/RAID) in my Study Room, and sometimes also listen to music at my Home Theater setup (Mac Mini/Plex or iTunes/Bose LifeStyle 535), which also serves to pipe music throughout my home in ceiling speakers. Everything is connected via Gigabit Ethernet. My home theater setup is a simple one, just a TV and a Bose LifeStyle 535 V35 receiver connected to both a local 5.1 surround sound speaker set and also to my home-wide speakers (ceiling speakers). In addition to the Mac Mini running Plex or iTunes mentioned above, sources for this also include my Blu-Ray player, Cable TV, Satellite TV, etc, and a: Toslink Optical from an Airport Express, which in turn gets its input from my main Hifi setup in my Living Room via AirPlay from Audirvana Plus 2.0 (in standalone mode). THE ISSUES The music coming through my home-wide speakers via the above last setup (Living Room Hifi Audirvana -> Airplay -> Ethernet -> Airport Express -> Toslink Optical -> Bose V35 Receiver -> Homewide amps and speakers) is pretty crappy at the moment (very muddy across the entire range). Just to be clear, I control the music via the Living Room Hifi Audirvana, i.e., I set the Bose V35 Receiver to channel the Airport Express source in "passive mode" (that is to say I turn the Bose on, set the source, and then go back to the Living Room). While the Bose V35 and the home speakers aren't fantastic by any means, the "normal" quality (e.g. from the local sources - Blu-Ray or even the local Mac Mini running Plex/iTunes) is still much better than what I am getting from the above path from my main Hifi. POSSIBLE CAUSES 1. Lack of a discrete DAC in the above path? 2. Downsampling by AirPlay/Airport Express of all files to 44/16? 3. Ethernet cabling quality (the contractor was supposed to have used Cat 6 GigE cabling but I haven't been able to verify...)? POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS CONSIDERED 1. At the Home Theater setup: Insert a DAC between the Airport Express and the Bose Receiver - But will not fix the AirPlay/Airport Express downsampling issue. 2. At the Living Room Hifi setup: change the source of the music going to the Home Theater, from Audirvana/Airplay, to Audirvana/USD/DAC (I'm currently using a Hugo) - But how to get the signal from the Hugo to the Home Theater system? 3. At the Home Theater setup: Get something like an Auralic Aries, with input via Ethernet and output via Toslink optical to the Bose Receiver - But from what I understand, I won't be able to simply "play" my music from the Living Room Hifi Macbook/Audirvana (where I have all my playlists etc set up, and control via Parallels on my iPad), i.e., I am guessing that the Aries would only allow me to control it via its own specialized (Lightning) App, to connect to music on my Study Room/Mac Mini/RAID. Or am I mistaken here? Can the Aries be set up to simply act as a passive conduit between my Living Room/Macbook/Audirvana and the Home Theater/Bose Receiver - in essence an "upgrade" to my existing Airport Express/Airplay connection? YOUR ADVICE REQUESTED My apologies for the long question! However I would really appreciate any advice, as to which of the above 3 solutions would be best - or if there is another fix that I haven't considered! Many, many thanks in advance! Art ____________________________________________ SETUP DETAILS Study Room (Home Server Setup) LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 RAID -> 2014 Mac Mini 8GB RAM OS X Server (Music Files stored here) -> Gigabit Ethernet -> Cisco Switch Living Room (Main Hifi Setup) Cisco Switch -> Gigabit Ethernet -> 2014 Macbook Air 13" 8GB RAM -> Audirvana Plus 2.0 in standalone mode -> a) Hugo -> Woo Audio WA5 SET Class A -> Audeze LCD-XC / KEF Speakers b) Airplay -> Gigabit Ethernet Home Theater TV and Bose LifeStyle 535 Receiver, with inputs from: a) Gigabit Ethernet -> Airplay -> Airport Express -> Toslink optical b) 2014 Mac Mini 8GB RAM -> iTunes / Plex c) Blu-Ray / Satellite / Cable etc The Bose Receive outputs through local 5.1 surround speakers and also to the home-wide speakers. NOTES - All Macs running OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite). - Assume I can't run RCA cables from my Main Hifi system DAC to the Home Theater (2 rooms away).
  16. Hello. This is a newbie question I'm afraid. I currently have a Quad CDP-2, 99 preamp and Quad 909 power amp. The CDP-2 can take a digital signal in (Toslink only). I would like to set up a relatively cheap and easy system to serve music to the CDP-2 and was thinking of a Mac Mini. I had imagined that this system could be: Mac Mini (iTunes, uncompressed files), data sent over wifi network to Airport Express, toslink out of Airport Express to CDP-2. (Some details: I would want to use the Mac Mini as a general computer (although not when listening to music). It would be in another room to the hifi system. I don't listen to high-res files (almost nothing available I would choose to listen to). I don't want to have to fiddle with seven different pieces of software to play a song. The point is meant to be that it's more convenient than using CDs.) This seems simple enough but there seems to be a lot of discussion regarding sound quality issues with wifi networks and the 'noisy' environment of a Mac Mini. I find this a little confusing as until the data gets to the CDP's DAC it's purely digital data and as such the file could just as easily be a word-processing or Excel file, or web page, or whatever. No other kind of data I use has problems being corrupted by the 'noisy' environment of the mac, nor being delivered in anything other than it's perfect, error corrected state, by a wifi network. I happily get web pages to served to me from the other side of the world through scores of routers, across multiple networks and down copper phone wires without any pages being delivered in a corrupted state. Why should it be different with a digital audio file? I also have no problem in getting HD video sent over a wifi network without any drop outs or need for special drives, so also confused about this. Any advice welcome. I'd just like advice on this topic - the Mac Mini - rather than suggestions for other solutions. Thanks! Aaron
  17. [TABLE=class: tborder postbit, width: 100%, align: center] [TR] [TD=class: alt1 postMessageArea, bgcolor: #FBFBFF]Apologise is this has already been addressed, I did see a post on here regarding this a while back but can't seem to find it anymore. I'm streaming from music from Spotify and iTunes to my Denon M39 using Airport Express. I stream from my iPad as well as my Mac Powerbook. Optical in. Seems that the sound quality using Airport Express is better than Air Foil. Also when I connect Airfoil to stream directly from System Audio - the sound seems to deteriorate massively! Can anyone confirm this and also any guesses why this may be? At the moment it seems to be better to stream Spotify from my iPad using the extreme 320 kbps Ogg Vorbis format > that way I can bypass the mildly cruddy Airfoil sound. I've heard iOS iPad streams to Airport at a lower bit-rate than OS X Mac. From what I can hear though despite this the iPad still sounds mildly cleaner minus the Air Foil. Am I just imagining this? I'll continue using iTunes directly with Airplay to play my MP3's and ALAC's [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
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