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Found 14 results

  1. I recently started my trial for Roon - and love it so far. I also made the jump into Qobuz. CUrrently I have an IMac, running iTunes, running into a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus into EMotiva powered Speakers. I also have several; Apple Airport Express routers spread around the house using toslink to cvarious DACs and amps-speakers or powered speakers. I have about two terabytes of ripped AIFF files on a local drive to my iMac. A few questions: AFAIK, AirPlay tops out at 16/44 - true? So - if I want to stream high res files - from Qobuz, or if I buy 24/96 tracks - my current setup will down convert to 16/44 because of Airplay/? Is there a way to stream to a WIFI-SUB/or Toslink endpoint that allows for hi-res WIFI Streaming? I see a lot of love here for various Raspberry Pi endpoint solutions. Since I already have amp/powered speakers and Dacs - is that a good option for me - perhaps with a hat that isn’t a dac or an amp, like some of the Allo solutions? Budget is an issue at present- so I’d rather not get one of the Blusound units, e.g. Can I do that with my current setup using the iMac as the Roon Core? With local files +Qobuz hi-res streaming, controlled from my iPhone? If I were to upgrade my equipment, and get a dedicated Roon Core - since my 2016 iMac is my main work machine - is a NUC running Roon Rock the best solution for the $$. Thanks!
  2. Has anybody else have the same configuration that works on WiFi? Running either Dietpi with squeezeplay or Volumio yields same result. WiFi works fine without Allo Boss card. With Allo Boss DAC on top WiFi no longer connects UNLESS I have Ethernet also plugged in and connected. This is the weird part, with Boss I can ssh via Ethernet. I can also ssh Pi from WiFi IP. Remove Ethernet cable and WiFi stops leaving Pi unreachable. After days of trying everything it became apparent this is hardware related. Today I removed the power jumper from the Boss board and used 2 power supplies, one for Pi, one for Boss. WiFi will then connect only if I power up Pi first. If I power up at the same time or power Boss first then no WiFi. When I do get WiFi the OS turns off audio and squeezeplay wont run because it wont load the Boss drivers presumably. Manually forcing the OS in Dietpi to use the Boss kills WiFi again. Infuriating how much time I have wasted with this straight out the box. Squeezeplay works fine with no Boss card and Pi onboard audio. This is with a fresh image of Dietpi which I have also reflashed several times to start form scratch. Also could there be some conflict in resources between WiFi and Boss driver? Have I got a faulty Boss board? Has anyone else out there got this setup that works? BTW, I am also using Allo relay attenuator, which has been removed until the Boss works. Also using standard Allo 5v 3A power supply. Have tried another known good power supply.
  3. Dear support, My Katana is producing no sound anymore, All indicator lights act as if everything is OK. There were no changes made to the setup. Volumio was updated to the latest version a couple of weeks ago. I use a power setup with 3 psu,s. The on board +/-15v generator switch is ON. The blue B1715 capacitor on top of the microcontroller is warm. The PCB underneath the printed word "Controller" is getting real hot. The power measurement are off compared to https://github.com/sparkysbc/sparky_linux_images/blob/master/katana-Controller-V measure-points.pdf Any idea how to fix this? Details, pictures, etc on request
  4. Hi guys, does Katana support RPI4? Also, do you plan to create acrilic cases for RPI4 setup? Thanks in advance!
  5. MPA1

    Linux driver

    allright, having a quiet summer this year, I finally bought an RPI (4B) to replace my 10 year old Mac mini as a NAA. As I am being relatively new to Linux, it has been an interesting project. As of this moment, I’m stuck with no driver for the Mytek 192 DSD. There is a guide online for compiling your own, but I’m a bit stuck at loading the firmware/driver guide by lintweaker: https://github.com/lintweaker/mytekusb2 1 will this guide still work or am I beating a dead horse?
  6. Looking for advice on how to proceed with Audio Server setup. Here is the current status: 1. My house is wired with CAT6 going to a 16-port Gigabit Switch. I also have the house fully wired with RG-6 for video (and possibly audio, see below) 2. I have just acquired a Synology DS218+ NAS which is to be used as storage and back-up. 3. I have an almost new Denon AVR-X1500H Receiver and do not intend to replace it. This what I know about it: The receiver has a Digital Audio (Coax) input The receiver has an Ethernet port. Can receive audio (in my case FLAC files) streaming from a DNLA compliant server. 4. I also happen to have an Intel NUC7i3BNH with 64GB SSD, 8GB Ram and a built -in 500GB HDD. I could use that and also keep my music (about 25,000 FLAC files) on it. I have been thinking of using Roon ROCK on the NUC but I’m not sure yet due to the fact the software license is almost $500. I understand there are other Media Player software out there that could serve me well and cost less? Q1. I assume if I use the NUC setup that I can stream my music directly to the receiver via Ethernet and using any compatible device such as my Android tablet to select music and view music information? Q2. I’m also contemplating getting a Raspberry Pi3 Model 3 and connect with an ALLO DigiOne Signature so that I could connect to my receiver’s digital coax input via my CAT6 coax cable. Cost is very reasonable for this hardware at $239! Is this a better idea? Q3. Or could I perhaps use the NAS (installing the music files there)? If so which Media Server software will work well on my NAS and does not cost a fortune. Q4. Which of the above approaches would you recommend? Q5. Which is most future proof or flexible (I do not wish to make a lot of equipment changes later)? Q6. Which one is most flexible in regard to selecting and providing information on the music played to a portable device and/or perhaps also showing it directly on my TV screen (a brand new LG OLED)? Thankful for any advice/ Bjorn
  7. Check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1844799967/applepi-dac-highest-performance-raspberry-pi-dac Reviews: The Audio Beatnik "Ok, specs are great and all, but how did it really sound? Frankly, very good, surprisingly good." and "The mid-range and truthiness of the music rivaled that of the other DACs I have on hand that cost significantly more." Read the full review at this link: http://theaudiobeatnik.com/applepi-dac-review-theres-art-in-this-dac-and-it-shows/ Volumio's Founder -- Michelangelo "Sound-stage and spatial resolution are just excellent." and "This DAC is producing the most detailed sound to ever come out of my Raspberry PI, all the subtle nuances of my test tracks were there and clearly distinguished from everything else." Read the full review at this link: https://volumio.org/forum/orchard-audio-applepi-dac-review-t9633.html
  8. I backed this project a few months ago -- I have been playing with it for about a week now. I used a Pi 2 as the base, as the wireless components in a Pi 3 were reported to introduce noise. I just finished modifying piCorePlayer with the GPIO tweaks discussed in the campaign. I now have a delightful "Steampunk" Squeezebox player, and am re-acquainting myself with vacuum tubes 50 years after my last tube "wireless" (a '50s vintage console AM radio).
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice around DACs and whether it's worth the investment in my case. I'm thinking of equipping my RPi1B with a DAC.. but I wonder how much I can gain, given that the quality produced by the sound system is only as good as its weakest link. I do have some better BOSE Speakers, but I'm not quite sure how good my amp is. It's some older Sony MHC-701 'all-in-one' thing that I use only on AUX these days. Right now, I'm driving this with a pretty cheap Speedlink Vigo USB sound card (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B0042RUGLK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). It's noticably better than the onboard sound output of the RPi, but that's easy. And which DAC would you guys recommend to equip a RPi 1B with? From searching around the net, I'm beginning to get the impression that that the 1B is quite 'old' already and many of the DACs currently available out there are (no longer) compatible. Correct? The only one compatible I've found so far is the HiFiBerry DAC (https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/boards/hifiberry-dac-rca/). Did I miss any other compatible DAC? I still like the 'old' guy and wouldn't like to retire it already... but are there any trade-offs to be made when running a DAC on the 1B rather than a newer version like the 3B? I would be a bit surprised if there are (given that everything is digital even in the 1B), but maybe I'm missing something. Thanks much & Cheers! Jonas
  10. The ApplePi DAC will be launching very soon via Kickstarter, for $175 Check out the first review here: http://theaudiobeatnik.com/applepi-dac-review-theres-art-in-this-dac-and-it-shows/ Specs: SNR: 128dB THD+N: 0.0005% Dynamic Range: >135dB
  11. After watching Hans Beekhuyzen's review of the Audiophonics Sabre DAC for Raspberry Pi, I ended up buying one and building a system (Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, PiCorePlayer fed by Roon, and powered by an iFi iPower power supply). This thing sounds FANTASTIC. I am VERY impressed. Question for the community from this noob - are there boards out there that have SPDIF / Optical inputs on one end that can be soldered to the Audiophonics DAC board, creating a standalone DAC? Will it sound as good as it does as a streamer, connected to the RasPi? My guess is that the I2S connection, short signal path in the raspberry pi, and low noise power supply play an outsized role in making this particular set up sound great, but I'd love to pick everyone's brain's here to see if what I suggested is possible / feasible. Thanks!
  12. I'm looking at replacing my Mac Mini running JRiver & Raspberry Pi2 running Volumio2 with a dedicated music streamer. I've been looking at the SOtM SMS-100 , Aries Mini and the MicroRendu. The SMS-100 looks like it fits the bill, but the others have my interest as they are newer and possibly support more features, etc. The competitors look nice, but they are quite a bit more money compared to what I can buy a SMS-100 for currently. 99.99% of my music <24/192kHz so DSD isn't a high priority for me. I currently subscribe to Spotify, but I may be interested in the future to try other services. From what I've read here and elsewhere some are in the Mac Mini/CAPS camp and the other half are in the dedicated music server/streamer camp. Do I gain anything over my current players, ie. raspberry pi2 or Mac Mini running JRiver by going with one of the newer streamers?
  13. Ive been running Audirvana through a Raspberry pi for a couple of months with no problems. (Setup follows) Last week I started getting major problems with 96/24 files from a remote HD. Drop-outs, my Bimby keeps clicking every time a 90/24 track comes on etc. The set up works fine with redbook files, and I have no problems with playing HD audio with USB out from a Mac into the Bimby I installed a new up dated image of dietpi, and it did not help. At wits end. The only thing I can think of is that there is a problem with using my airport express to catch the wireless signal and transmit to the diet pi by ethernet. (I am having trouble getting my network to recognize the wireless on my diet pi directly.) Any thoughts--should I try software other than GMrender? remotevHD-mac running Audirvana 3.2--wireless-Airport express 2---raspberry pi 3 with hifiberry digital pro running diet pi and gmrender-spdif-bimby-vahalla 2 Do raspberry pis have a reputation for problems with audio about rebook?
  14. Is there a general view about the best way to link raspberry pi (latest version) to a network, wireless or Ethernet or something else. I have a rpi3b+ With an allo one board. Because a direct Ethernet connect is awkward , my choice is wireless, or using a spare AirPort Extreme in client mode to grab the wireless signal and transmit to rpi via Ethernet, much like is often done with a microrendu that cant be directly connected by Ethernet to the home network. im thinking avoiding rpi wireless is good but is it worth adding another device to the chain by inserting the airport express.
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