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  1. This subject has been discussed ad infinitum. While, the sound reproduction of speaker and headphone transducers, and other components with mechanical components, like phono cartridges, can change with wear, an inert piece of metal, a length of wire, or a simple electronic circuit cannot not magically transform from sounding good to sounding terrible and then sounding good again. What's going on here is your brain is perceiving the sound differently. Whether it is expectation bias, or the the complex interaction between you ears, brain, and environment, that's what's altering your
  2. AIFF is the best universal format. Storage space is cheap, so no advantage to using a compressed format like FLAC or (ALAC). AIFF works on PC or MAC, and is compatible with virtually all playback software. FLAC does not work on Apple. I always convert all my downloads and rips to AIFF. Never had a problem with metadata conversion. I use XLD and MediaHuman Audio Converter, both freeware programs to transcode.
  3. if you want to stick with iTunes, Bytewizard TraX is a Mac software program that converts DSD files to PCM formats ($34.99) http://bytewizard.eu/trax-audio-sacd-extractor
  4. The cover of this first Santana album, released in 1969, is based on the concert poster created by Lee Conklin for the Santana show in August, 1968 at Bill Graham's Fillmore West. Santana was relatively unknown at the time, as evidenced by the fact that they were third-billed, opening for the Staple Singers and headliners, Steppenwolf. As you can see, the poster also advertised a show later the same week by the Grateful Dead, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and Sons of Champlin. Graham was famous for juxtaposing different musical acts at his concerts in order to expose his audience to a wide rang
  5. Where'd you get the idea that Comcast is broadcasting audio in "uncompressed" digital format, akin to what we get from hi-res audio streaming, or even redbook/CD playback? Cable TV is HIGHLY compressed. Most people complain about the video resolution. Audio is little more than an afterthought. https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=4691553&page=1
  6. My DAC is on my dedicated audio system, not on my cable box/TV setup. That's all analog. Connecting a DAC to a cable box to get better audio won't help, because the signal is low-fi to begin with. Your cable signal is extremely compressed in order to stream 1,000+ channels of video and audio. Some of the major networks, like ABC and HBO have even reduced video resolution from 1080p to 720p just to squeeze more content through the wire. The incoming signal has already exceeded the limits of the technology. Adding more boxes on the user's end is unlikely to improve anything
  7. Janie keeps remastering these old chestnuts, trying to cash in on her step-brother's legacy, and gin up more $$$. Reprise 6281-2 is the "original" non-NR USA CD version (DR 12), and sounds as the artist intended it to, which is why it will always be the definitive version. I have heard the SACD. Sure, it sounds good, but there's nothing compelling about it that would make me run out and get it.
  8. These stories make no sense. Cannabis stocks are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. If they are allowed to hold an industry trade show in Las Vegas, why would someone be barred entry into the USA just for planning to attend it? It's not like the guy had weed on him. He should have just said I'm going there to gamble and lose all my money at the tables. The other story is even more ridiculous. A citizen of Canada traveling to Washington State where cannabis is legal in both locales is barred from the USA just for saying he smoked pot in college? I'm sorry, I don't believe this.
  9. Does Damien monitor these threads? I posted this question a day ago as a new topic, with 0 responses. If Audirvana can see all of my AirPlay devices, why can I only select one for playback? I guess I'll have to go back to using * iTunes *, as this is the only native Mac player than can accomplish the amazing feat of playing all of them simultaneously. I did try AirFoil, and got terrible static. I made them refund my money.
  10. Audirvana recognizes all three of my home AirPlay devices, but can only stream to one at a time. Anyone know a workaround for this?
  11. I have the same ~3dB discrepancy, but I think it is a defect in the output stage of my DAC. I contacted NAD, and they said most of the unit's functionality is on one main circuit board, and, since it is out of warranty, I'm not going to pursue a repair. So, I use this AU plug-in with Audirvana, and it works great. The file takes 98mb disk space to install, but that is tiny, so why the concern? TIP: if you hold down the shift key, you can adjust the gain in 1/10 dB increments.
  12. I transcode my lossless files with XLD for the music player in my car (a repurposed old iPhone) to save HD space. Which format provides the best quality at 320kbps: CBR, ABR, Constrained VBR, or True VBR? Thanks for your advice.
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