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  1. Well, one day when I switched on the amp a big cracking noise and flickering light came from one tube. I immediately switched the amp off and try maybe an hour or two later again - with the same result. That's why I thought I need to replace the tube. And indeed with the new tube(s) I don't get any sign of "light and fire", but this very disconcerting waving of the speaker membranes...
  2. Well, they say that their tubes themselves are not the problem. It is the fact that they do not match the amplifier (their tubes are "American" while the original tubes in the amp apparently where "Chinese") However thetubestore.com does not have these ones. :-( I'm not sure what to do... Does anybody has experience with 6N7 tubes in the Neuhaus T-2 and what replacements I could use?
  3. One power tube of my 3-year old Neuhaus T-2 hifi amplifier is broken. So I ordered from thetubestore.com replacement tubes. However with the replacements I have strange troubles: When I switch the amp on I get in the speakers a strong slow movement of the membranes with a frequency of ca. 2Hz. I took a video for better demonstration: (wait for the waving settling after a few seconds) Music plays kind of fine on top of this, but I am worried to damage the speakers with this in the long term. This didn’t happen before. Any clue why this happens now and how I can prevent it? Might
  4. There are no special markings on the tube: I took some photos (Power Tube 6N7 for Neuhaus T-2 - Album on Imgur) - the only thing written on the tube is 6N7 and some Chinese symbol after that.
  5. My 3 year old Neuhaus T-2 has a broken driver tube 6N7. I contacted Neuhaus, but didn’t get any reply (which is very disappointing). So where can I get tubes for this amp??? Preferably in Australia, but overseas would be fine too. Many thanks!
  6. Hi there I have a Neuhaus T-2 tube amp powering two Mordaunt-Short bookshelf speakers (Mezzo 2) using an Airport express to feed it my iTunes and Spotify music via AirPlay. I now want to replace the amplifier by a tube amp with integrated AirPlay connectivity over Wi-Fi. Any suggestion for a model/brand with decent tube amp part and good D/A converter? Price range 500 to 1500 US$. Would be a plus if the model would visually show of the tubes. :-) Thanks for any pointers!
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