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  1. Nikhil: Thanks for the source link, too. Mike
  2. sphinxsix: Thanks. This was the one that I could find easily. 8^) Mike
  3. Folks: Just a procedural suggestion: Please include a link or source annotation so that readers can find your wonderful music. For example, on this page, there are three submissions, two of which don't show up in a couple of searches through retail music sites and aren't available on Tidal. I understand that if I keep searching, I will (probably) find them but you already have a viable source. Please save me some time. Life is short and I spend too much time screwing around on the web as it is. Thanks, Mike
  4. Okay, I'm now talking with some Allo folks. Hopefully I will see progress soon... Thanks, Mike
  5. So this is it? Allo's customer service is totally absent... Long live e-commerce. Mike
  6. Folks: I have an Allo DigiOne Signature (UpTone Audio UltraCap LPS 1.2 in clean power port and the Allo dirty power supply in the dirty port) hooked up to my sound system through a Schiit BiFrost (with all upgrades). When I log into Volumio, I see Volumio running Tidal through Roon and it appears that the sound is getting to the Signature but nothing to my amp/speakers. Obviously, I have done something (or not done something) during the setup that needs attention. I cannot find coherent instructions or a guide that will allow me to proceed. I am VERY open to suggestions since I have been screwing around with this for a couple of months now and have made NO progress. Please advise me on how to proceed. Thanks, Mike
  7. I'm sticking with Tidal. It has performed very well for me. Several years ago I had a subscription to Qobuz, which was having some serious technical issues maintaining a connection. After a couple of interactions trying to get them to address my connection issues, Qobuz just dropped me even though I had just paid my month's subscription fee. So without any technical support for their on-again-off-again streaming service, Qobuz just went silent, ignoring me and keeping the money. I was not happy... I can tolerate start-up technical kinks but not terrible customer support. Just sayin... Mike
  8. Bluesman: Wow, what a cogent effort! Thanks, Mike
  9. The “easy” characterization is ambiguous for me. I find that predictable/repetitive gets old in a hurry. For example, I find that Tord Gustafsen does some very interesting stuff which is not obvious or repetitive yet neither is it simple(easy?). Sometimes easy is very good indeed, e.g., Kind of Blue. Didn't Miles say that less is more?
  10. IF the decision is made to have moderators, I suggest a list of qualities that we would like to see in our discussions as well as a list of community values. These could be nominated and discussed (probably not without some discord) and then have every member re-join CA and agree to adhere to the values and qualities. Finally I would suggest procedures for administering the moderating, such as, either a moderator or a member who feels that a post violates a quality or value can initiate a private response to the poster indicating what/where and have the original respond/clarify his/her intent. This kind of open-minded intervention can be tracked through a member database and it will become clear if someone is discordant. The moderator (perhaps with Chris’ cuncurance) gives that individual a “time-out” for a short period of time. Then three strikes and a longer period of posting banishment followed by permanent site exile. Moderating is dangerous and I would like to believe that (IF that is decided) we could make it less onerous all around with some civilized, out-of-the-spotlight small conversations with the moderator as an anonymizer who links specific qualities/values we all agreed to at the outset. Vive les differences (mais doucement)! Mike
  11. I would prefer to let Chris handle such issues. Mike
  12. Folks: Is it appropriate to leave the Signature powered on all the time? Thanks, Mike
  13. Well, I’ve currently got the Signature hooked up with an Audioquest Cinnamon spdif to a Schiit Bifrost. Allo power in the dirty side (although can't be sure because of the sparse to non-existent documentation and customer support) and an UpTone Audio linear power supply in the clean side (see my preceding parenthetic comment). I managed to get the Signature Volumio software set up through the web page and have Roon playing to the Signature but NO SOUND output. I tried a couple of different spdif cables between the Signature and the Schiit as well as a few different interconnects between the Schiit and my integrated amp but still NO SOUND. One possibility is the “Dac selection” on the web UI, the only close choice is the “DigiOne” which seems unlikely.... No Signature option and no Schiit option. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  14. Keihin: Thanks for the response. I'm going to try the Signature with a Schiit Bifrost and see what it sounds like. Mike
  15. Folks: I'm trying to get my wife's office system a decent (though not state-of-the-art) connection to our network. The network is driven by an iMac with Tidal (hires) and Roon. I have an ethernet connection in her office and her stereo is quite nice. I am thinking about the Allo DigiOne Signature (with the Volumio system card) and an SPDIF connection out to a Schiit Modi Multibit to her stereo. Any concerns about this set-up? Any cautions? (Hopefully) without too much controversy, what digital cable would you recommend? Finally, what kind of power source for the "clean" board? I've seen discussion about the iFi iPower (both pro and con) and the prices of linear power supplies can go quite high. I don't see the logic of a beaucoup bux power supply for this implementation but I don't know anything about power supplies except that they are important. Please advise. Thanks, Mike
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