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  1. Chris: My point was that Qobuz was interested in money and nothing else and their customer service was rude or non-existant. They weren't serving “the US market as a whole,” just a few Individuals interested in hi res audio. Scale that up to the whole US and you have a situation I will avoid. Tidal customer service is a bit slow but MUCH more effective than Qobuz AND, Tidal is honest. Mike
  2. I tried Qobuz several years ago, before they came to the US. They were having technical problems with dropouts. I tried contacting their customer service people to help with the issues but rather than fix the issues, they just cut me off even though I had just paid for the next month only days earlier. Then they wouldn't respond. I like Tidal just fine. 8^)
  3. Nikhil: Thanks for including the Tidal link - makes it easy to check out your recommendation. I appreciate it. Mike
  4. Sam: I am running 10.11.6 El Capitan on my music iMac. I'll try your suggestion because Im familiar with XLD. Thanks, Mike eriucuco: Thanks for the suggestion. Please see above. 8^) Mike
  5. Folks: My iMac won't load XLD, stating that this is because it cannot verify the author. Haven't ripped in a long while (since Tidal actually 8^) so I need an alternative. Please advise of an alternative or where to get XLD that my iMac will load. Thanks, Mike
  6. Nikhil: The Tidal links are especially useful. Thanks, Mike
  7. dieterjp: Would you please spell out the artist's and album's names? Perhaps it's my old eyes, but I cannot make out the text on the photo... Thanks, Mike
  8. Nikhil: Thanks for the source link, too. Mike
  9. sphinxsix: Thanks. This was the one that I could find easily. 8^) Mike
  10. Folks: Just a procedural suggestion: Please include a link or source annotation so that readers can find your wonderful music. For example, on this page, there are three submissions, two of which don't show up in a couple of searches through retail music sites and aren't available on Tidal. I understand that if I keep searching, I will (probably) find them but you already have a viable source. Please save me some time. Life is short and I spend too much time screwing around on the web as it is. Thanks, Mike
  11. Okay, I'm now talking with some Allo folks. Hopefully I will see progress soon... Thanks, Mike
  12. So this is it? Allo's customer service is totally absent... Long live e-commerce. Mike
  13. Folks: I have an Allo DigiOne Signature (UpTone Audio UltraCap LPS 1.2 in clean power port and the Allo dirty power supply in the dirty port) hooked up to my sound system through a Schiit BiFrost (with all upgrades). When I log into Volumio, I see Volumio running Tidal through Roon and it appears that the sound is getting to the Signature but nothing to my amp/speakers. Obviously, I have done something (or not done something) during the setup that needs attention. I cannot find coherent instructions or a guide that will allow me to proceed. I am VERY open to suggestions since I have been screwing around with this for a couple of months now and have made NO progress. Please advise me on how to proceed. Thanks, Mike
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