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  1. Very sad indeed. As a musician, l cannot imagine anything worse... Mike
  2. Great album! I had forgotten how she used to sound. Wow. Thanks, Mke
  3. Title? Artist?  How might I find this?



  4. Wam: Have you got some info to help others find this? My facial recognition software isn't good enough 8^) Thanks, Mike
  5. Chris: My point was that Qobuz was interested in money and nothing else and their customer service was rude or non-existant. They weren't serving “the US market as a whole,” just a few Individuals interested in hi res audio. Scale that up to the whole US and you have a situation I will avoid. Tidal customer service is a bit slow but MUCH more effective than Qobuz AND, Tidal is honest. Mike
  6. I tried Qobuz several years ago, before they came to the US. They were having technical problems with dropouts. I tried contacting their customer service people to help with the issues but rather than fix the issues, they just cut me off even though I had just paid for the next month only days earlier. Then they wouldn't respond. I like Tidal just fine. 8^)
  7. Nikhil: Thanks for including the Tidal link - makes it easy to check out your recommendation. I appreciate it. Mike
  8. Sam: I am running 10.11.6 El Capitan on my music iMac. I'll try your suggestion because Im familiar with XLD. Thanks, Mike eriucuco: Thanks for the suggestion. Please see above. 8^) Mike
  9. Folks: My iMac won't load XLD, stating that this is because it cannot verify the author. Haven't ripped in a long while (since Tidal actually 8^) so I need an alternative. Please advise of an alternative or where to get XLD that my iMac will load. Thanks, Mike
  10. Nikhil: The Tidal links are especially useful. Thanks, Mike
  11. dieterjp: Would you please spell out the artist's and album's names? Perhaps it's my old eyes, but I cannot make out the text on the photo... Thanks, Mike
  12. Nikhil: Thanks for the source link, too. Mike
  13. sphinxsix: Thanks. This was the one that I could find easily. 8^) Mike
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