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Found 10 results

  1. Sometimes, exactly very often, I lose airpaly signal in my ipad, iphone..imac...to send the music to apple tv 2. It does not appear the icon. And later maybe appears. I can not understant what's going on. I don't think is a problem with the wifi, because I can get music from my HD connected to the router. Has anybody else the same problem? Any help? My apple tv is jailbroken with black atv2. And I try it with itunes, spotify, another players.... Thank you.
  2. Ok- So yesterday I took delivery of three new Apple TV's to add in our showroom. We already use them in a few places for demo, makes a great content delivery system paired up with the remote app, have never had an issue with them. Took ATV #1 out of the box, Configured it, did the software update. Started testing it, and every few songs the remote app loses connection to it. Sometimes it will fail to play a selection. Tried every configuration I could come up with, still no joy. Keeps losing connection to the remote app. So this morning I took the new ATV #2 out of the box, did all the same setup, except I did not update the software. Finished the config, went to test, worked flawlessly. Just as good as the others in the showroom. Took out ATV #1 again, did a restore and re-configured. Still bad. I needed to get a conclusion, so I took ATV #2 which was working perfect, and did the software update. Upon completion, went to use, now it has the same problems as #1. I have #3 sitting here, and I am going to get it out and not update it. I'm thinking I need to take #1 & 2 back to the Apple Store to exchange.... Anyone else have this issue? The other Apple TV's I have in the showroom have not been updated for some time so thats likely why they still work. I see this type of issue out there in some of the fourms, but no conclusive resluts or fixes..... Thanks! Tom
  3. As suggested by this thread the first Apple TV has hardware capabilities to output 24 bit/96khz via SPDIF and likely higher via USB. In case anyone is interested, this week I set up my Apple TV (silver) to stream high resolution files hosted by a Logitech Media Server running on another computer. I used Squeezelite which is an excellent Squeezebox emulator with linux, mac and windows versions. I used the one precompiled for i386 and it is running on ubuntu. Some of the advantages of Squeezelite with ATV1: 1. High resolution as mentioned 2. Gapless play 3. Attach to network via Ethernet or Wifi (haven't tried wifi yet) 4. Multiple outputs (RCA or HDMI if you don't have a dac - USB or SPDIF if you do) 5. Inexpensive transport (approx. $100 for ATV and squeezelite is free) 6. Headless...control via tablet app or computer It sounds good. I'm using it with a DSPeaker Anti Mode but it's hard for me to compare with anything yet as I had formerly hooked up the DSPeaker via USB and it is not yet high resolution capable via USB. I've played several high resolution ALAC files and even some HDCD Rips (interestingly enough the DAC Reports these as 20bit 44.1khz even though they were saved as 24 bit in Cuetools). No pops or stutters....just locks on and plays!
  4. Apple just released the new 4th gen Apple TV -- and killed the optical audio output port! For some time I have been serving my ALAC 16/44.1 audio library from my home-office to the living room in the following way: iTunes (running on a Windows 7 PC) ==> Ethernet cable ==> Apple TV 3rd gen ==> optical cable audio output ==> DAC Simaudio Moon 100D ==> RCA analog audio output cable ==> Cambridge Azur 851A Integrated amplifier ==> B&W Diamond 804 speakers obs.: From the Apple TV 3rd gen I also output a HDMI cable (video only) to the TV. Well, now Apple just released the new 4th gen Apple TV -- and eliminated the optical audio output port! How I am suppose to output audio in this new 4th gen Apple TV?? There is only a HDMI output in this new model: Please help.
  5. I’ve been using the Allo DigiOne + Shairport Sync (https://github.com/mikebrady/shairport-sync) running on Volumio to play audio from and Apple TV over Airplay for TV and movies. This setup works very well from sound quality and lip sync perspective. Was wondering if other streamers such as Auralic Aries that support Airplay handle AV sync well? I’m looking for a step up in sound quality without sacrificing AV sync. ?
  6. I have a very simple question: Can I plug an AppleTV into a DAC and run it headless with a iPhone Remote app, and stream music from my iTunes that is in the cloud? In other words: no TV, no iTunes library open on another computer. Thanks.
  7. I am currently listening to music at home using this set-up: My iTunes library ( Win 7 64bit ) of 758 CDs converted to Apple Lossless music files is in my home office, and it is routed/connected to an Apple TV 3 in the living room through an Ethernet cable. The Apple TV 3 is connected to a DAC Moon 100D through an optical cable The DAC is connected to an integrated amplifier Cambridge Audio Azur 815A which outputs the analogical sound to the speakers. I want to have best possible sound quality, but as far as I understand I have some limitations on this set-up: 1) Apple TV outputs everything at 16 bit/48 kHz (not bit perfect and not 'CD quality' 16 bit/ 44.1 kHz). So, even if I have higher quality music files being served from iTunes, it will be down sampled to 16 bit/48 kHz. 2) ITunes does NOT support 24bit recording and all Apple Lossless music files are automatically converted back to 16-Bit by iTunes So here are my questions: Can I play 24bit music files using iTunes directly from the PC to the DAC ( NOT using Apple TV) ? If yes, which formats? Any suggestions to improve my set-up output quality? ​ Thanks in advance.
  8. I wonder if someone can help me with this... I have been playing music through a DAC connected to an Apple TV which streams my iTunes library - controlled from my phone using the Remote app. Suddenly I can no longer access the library through Remote. I can connect to the Apple TV but the library isn't recognized. I have reconnected the Apple TV to a TV and nothing has changed - the network is recognized, Home Sharing is on etc. On my iMac, Home Sharing is on. Any ideas?
  9. Hoping someone can shed some light on the issue of a why I am hearing a high pitched squealing sound when trying to use the optical (toslink) input on my Audio Alchemy DAC-In-The-Box (an inexpensive DAC). All I want to do is connect my Apple TV's optical out or my TV's optical out to the DAC. Then run standard RCA cables from the DAC into my 2 channel amplifier. However, regardless of whether the signal comes from the TV or the Apple TV, I constantly get a crazy high pitched sound. nothing else. Checked the Apple TV settings and the TV's audio settings, seems I have it set up correctly..but who knows. Does anyone have any idea on a fix ? Are there incompatibility issues I am not aware of ? cheers Ants
  10. Hello Today I sent Damien, the developer of Audirvana as detailed a report I could of Airplay being extremely intermittent. Personally I am using an AppleTV 2 not an Airport Express. As a workaround, I downgraded to Audirvana 1.4.1 using Time Machine. ----- If you want to chime here and let me know if you found a solution that would be great. My workaround is to use 1.4.1 for now. Cheers PS Audirvana is AMAZING!
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