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Found 13 results

  1. Greetings, Looking for a new headphone amp for a specific situation: drive a stand-alone headphone system in a home study. No loudspeakers. Roon-Ready streaming Tidal/Qobuz/NAS will be only source. Ideally, I could find a high-end, class A tube amp with balanced phone outs,...with DAC and streamer built-in. BUT, I prefer to not compromise amp or DAC quality in order to jam all functions into a single box. 2 components would be fine. Suggestions?
  2. Guys, any love for this thing out there? Proper reviews seem difficult to find. More specifically, does the tube section sound "tubey"?
  3. I'm considering adding a second amplification chain into my primary 2 channel system. How's it working out for those that are doing this? What are some of the upsides / benefits? How often do you find yourself switching between the two? What are the downsides / reasons against? I would also like to hear from those that tried this and went back to single amplification? I will have one Solid State and one Tubed Integrated Amplifier in my system, should I move forward. My primary amp is the T+A PA 3100 HV. The second amp will be the Lyric Audio Ti140 Mk 2. My reasons are around disparate topology and having two references as I evaluate other components, cables, peripherals, etc. Thanks.
  4. I backed this project a few months ago -- I have been playing with it for about a week now. I used a Pi 2 as the base, as the wireless components in a Pi 3 were reported to introduce noise. I just finished modifying piCorePlayer with the GPIO tweaks discussed in the campaign. I now have a delightful "Steampunk" Squeezebox player, and am re-acquainting myself with vacuum tubes 50 years after my last tube "wireless" (a '50s vintage console AM radio).
  5. Hi there I have a Neuhaus T-2 tube amp powering two Mordaunt-Short bookshelf speakers (Mezzo 2) using an Airport express to feed it my iTunes and Spotify music via AirPlay. I now want to replace the amplifier by a tube amp with integrated AirPlay connectivity over Wi-Fi. Any suggestion for a model/brand with decent tube amp part and good D/A converter? Price range 500 to 1500 US$. Would be a plus if the model would visually show of the tubes. :-) Thanks for any pointers!
  6. Hi All, Having become "Tube-Curious," but glued to my Dynaudio speakers, a tube pre seemed like the smartest first step. And, I believe my class D amp to be dang-near totally transparent. But, since a tube stage really could only add even-order distortion and a craptastically high noise floor, both of which are quantifiable and therefore modellable in software, I figured that Mr. Google could turn up a free way to test the waters using Foobar2000 in Windows. Sure enough... Step 1, the VST plugin adaptor plugin: foo_vst: VST 2.4 adapter - Hydrogenaudio Forums Step 2, the Nick Crow TubeDriver VST plugin: Nick Crow Lab Step 3: Turn it on. And... I get it. Distorted edges of notes and vocals? Check. Like it? Yeah. Deeper sound stage? Check. Floating instruments? Uh-huh. Not too shabby for a free plugin. Problem 1: I can hear that it's distortion, and I can hear that the depth is the result of a decomposition or decay in the frequency response that, ultimately, makes everything sound like it was recorded in a dark barn the music is being sucked into. I'd like to scale it back a bit. Problem 2: I'm blind and can't adjust any of the plugin settings. So, I'm wondering if any of you gents have any handy presets to post that I can play with. Also welcome in this thread will be any reflections on software emulition of tubes, pro or cons. Just doing it for fun, really, since I'm not at all dissatisfied with my gear. Very interesting result so far, though.
  7. Luxman’s SQ-N100 vacuum integrated amplifier was a favorite among Luxman fans and audiophiles during its production run. If you were disappointed in the past for not being able to find one, you may be in luck. We are excited to announce that we will have a handful of the SQ-N100s available again, but only while supplies last. We encourage you to jump on this opportunity while you can. This extremely limited number of new units will ship by year end for $2,990 retail each. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. We are asking for a deposit so that we can reserve one for you, so please call us at 844.CIAMARA (844-242-6272), contact us at http://ciamara.com/contacts/About or in our LiveChat The Luxman SQ-N100 is part of Luxman’s NeoClassico series and quickly became a success after its release due to its affordability, portability, great sound and stunning look. 844.242.CIAMARA (844.242.6272) High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara
  8. One power tube of my 3-year old Neuhaus T-2 hifi amplifier is broken. So I ordered from thetubestore.com replacement tubes. However with the replacements I have strange troubles: When I switch the amp on I get in the speakers a strong slow movement of the membranes with a frequency of ca. 2Hz. I took a video for better demonstration: (wait for the waving settling after a few seconds) Music plays kind of fine on top of this, but I am worried to damage the speakers with this in the long term. This didn’t happen before. Any clue why this happens now and how I can prevent it? Might be other tubes from another seller do a better job? How can I know? Many, many thanks!
  9. For a good, natural sound with great presence, soundstage, timbral accuracy and naturalness, I highly recommend adding a tube-only amplification stage after your DAC with native, very high-rate DSD. Here's my home-made Lampizator-like configuration (not exactly the same, of course): - iFi iDSD Nano with DSD256 even through DoP on Mac (thanks to the iFi team for the free Mac OS X firmware + Driver upgrade). - Single-Ended Triode Amplifier in simple triode configuration based on a Tubelab design and PCB, the most basic config: no volume (using the DAC volume or software volume), no choke, no motor run cap, no ultra-linear mode, no cathode-feedback mode. - Totem Mites as speakers and Audirvana or HW Player as audiophile software player (BugHead for those who can). Another view: Set Tubes glowing: Some of our listening impressions today: - Great dynamics - guitar strings, percussions and drums generally, attacks - Much presence, especially in the mid-range, enveloping sound - A sense of flow, breathing - Great separation So, try adding tubes to your very high-rate native DSD setup and let us know what you think.
  10. Hello. Like many of you (perhaps) I am looking for a DAC. I'm quite interested in NOS DACS, but I'm not 100% sure this is the way to go. I am also looking to replace my Squeezebox with a better file player. 99% of my music collection is 16/44.1 RIPS of my 2000+ CDs. These live on a NAS. So I am primarily looking for something very musical and engaging to listen through. I have recently purchased a Eastern Electric minimax CD player and I am impressed by how much better this player sounds than my file player / DAC. My current system: Line Magnetic 518ia, Harbeth P3ESR, Eastern Electric minimax CD player, (will skip the analog front end), Squeezebox Touch with CIAudio power supply, and a CIAudio VDA2 DAC, (will skip all the cables)... So, I'm interested in hearing from people with a similar kind of set up that might have an opinion on a DAC / File player upgrade. DACs I am considering : Metrum Octave, Audio Note kits, Wavelength Brick v2 & v3, MHDT Havana, MHDT Stockholm, DB Audio Tranquility, Eastern Electric minimax & PLUS, Line Magnetic 502CA. File players I am considering : SOTM sms-100, Auraliti 90 or 100, the new Auralic aries. The last piece of this puzzle would be either USB player, SPDIF player or a USB player with an SPDIF convertor ahead of the DAC. I am very curious to hear any others who have discovered a great solution along these lines. As you can see my price point is sub-$2000 for the DAC and around $1000 for the player. I am not opposed to picking up DACS on the used market either. Thank you all in advance.
  11. My upgraded Lampizator Level 4 Generation 4 DAC is for sale for 1990 EUR (2290 EUR with extra tubes) including shipping to EU (not including PayPal fees or shipping outside EU). Original boxes and certificate of authenticity/guarantee are included. This is the standard 230V L4 G4 that I bought from Kemp Elektroniks (audio distributor from The Netherlands) on August 2014. They upgraded the unit with: - Allen Bradley resistors - Furutech gold plated IEC inlet. That unit had the standard S/PDIF (RCA) digital input and RCA analogue output. Then I sent it to Lampizator to install the following upgrades: - USB Input - DSD Engine - Convert it to fully balanced - 4 new Jupiter Copper Wax capacitors - 2 sets of XLR outputs (Very important for me to be able to connect the DAC to two different amplifiers not having to connect and disconnect cables). I cannot understand why this is not a standard feature in most DACs. - Replace RCA input connector with a 75 ohm BNC connector. The unit has 5 years transferable guarantee from August 2014. Still more than 2 years of official guarantee ahead. After the upgrades I tried different tubes that will I include in the package and sound much better than the default ones (Sovtec): - 2 pairs of Sylvania 6SN7W Short bottle. My favorite tube - Pair of Sylvania 6SN7W big bottle. My favorite too. - Pair of Ken-Rad 6SN7GT VT-231 . My second favorite. Bass to die for. Plastic holder in one tube is broken but it fits perfectly in the DAC and it does not affect the sound. - 2 pairs of 1578 Russian tubes. The best Russian 6SN7 tubes, comparable to the best. Very recommended by Lampizator. - Pair of Tungsol 6SN7WGT tubes. - Sylvania 5Y3WGT rectifier tube - Bendix 6106 rectifier tube (More than 400 EUR in nice tubes) As you can see in the web, this DAC would retail for about 4500 EUR not including the tubes. This is the DAC that made Lampizator famous. It is their best seller that you do not see usually for sale as people normally do not let them go. This Lampizator DAC sounds amazing and it has been very well built. Before doing the upgrade, Lukasz told me in an email: “... the DAC looks very clean and good. It was a specially well made demo unit for potential distributor. ….” Some reviews: ( many more here: REVIEWS ) LampizatOr Level 4 DAC Mono and Stereo High-End Audio Magazine: Lampizator level 4 DAC test review Pictures (click for higher resulution images): Cheers, Victor.
  12. My 3 year old Neuhaus T-2 has a broken driver tube 6N7. I contacted Neuhaus, but didn’t get any reply (which is very disappointing). So where can I get tubes for this amp??? Preferably in Australia, but overseas would be fine too. Many thanks!
  13. Hello, I've just found it amazing! http://www.head-fi.org/t/563884/little-dot-tube-amps-vacuum-tube-rolling-guide
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