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  1. Until last month the target was to have it available in May this year. But because of the Covid-19 there is a delay in manufacturing of the initial test batch. This batch was to be distributed to reviewers. The schedule now points at August 2020 for availability. I will post updates here.
  2. A Clean Power Supply (CPS) for the Allo DigiOne Signature is currently in design. The CPS will supply Clean Battery Power to the DigiOne Signature for a programmable period of up to 20 hours each day. During the remainder of the time the batteries are charged so they are ready for the next day. During use the batteries are totally disconnected from the charging and control circuits thus providing absolutely clean battery power. The unit is programmable via an APP and the unit itself is connected to the users WiFi network. The CPS will fit right on top of the DigiOne Signature board
  3. Hi, I'm still very new to this and I'm now waiting for delivery of a RPi3B+ as well as the DigiOne Signature Hat. I have in mind a development of a Clean power supply for the DigiOne, I want to control some setup functions in this power supply from the RPi. My question is regarding RPi Raspbian OS. Can I run a specially developed user interface on on it if I also want to use, say Volumio. Is Volumio a program running on Raspbian or is Volumio an OS in itself?
  4. Hi, I'm considering the design of a Clean Power Supply for DigiOne Signature. Just wondering if the Clean side USB-C connector aside from the power inputs also have access to communications so I can control the power supply functions using the Raspberry Pi3B+ (without having to use a USB connection)?
  5. Hi, Can someone give me information about the maximum current consumption for the Clean Side as well as for the Dirty Side.
  6. Looking for advice on how to proceed with Audio Server setup. Here is the current status: 1. My house is wired with CAT6 going to a 16-port Gigabit Switch. I also have the house fully wired with RG-6 for video (and possibly audio, see below) 2. I have just acquired a Synology DS218+ NAS which is to be used as storage and back-up. 3. I have an almost new Denon AVR-X1500H Receiver and do not intend to replace it. This what I know about it: The receiver has a Digital Audio (Coax) input The receiver has an Ethernet port. Can receive audio (in
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