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Found 15 results

  1. Set up: Mac Mini Mojave > Audirvana + > Sonore ultra Rendu > Mutec MC3 > mini DSP 4x10 > 4way amp > horns and OB bass. Assumptions: A+ is the best FabFilter pro eq 3 is fantastic Sonore Rendu is Great, not as transparent and accurate as Dante but more musical Problem: use A+ UPNP to Sonore and the FabFilter in the middle cannot be used real-time. Aim : to send A+ to network and Sonore without using A+ UPnP. So so how do I keep Fabfilter real-time working when networking A+ to Sonore. I have proved that FabFilter continues to work real-time if I network Audirvana with Dante. The issue then is that Dante only supports 48k and you lose all the lovely A+ sampling. So so how do I keep Fabfilter real-time working when networking A+ to Sonore AND keep higher res output... e.g. 24/192 or DSD conversion. Here is the reason Fabfilter is so important: Assume system has been balanced e.g. REW. set up a DAW, in this case Reaper. Play a file and measure unfiltered EQ in Fabfilter Pro Q (like an RTA) place a measurement mic in the room and bring it into the DAW and Fabfilter over the top of the source file. Auto analyse the difference ..... in the art the sound of the room. Note: I know all the arguments about not being able to eq a room. I have also spent months treating the room. This is a better than doing nothing else step. And I hate Dirac. repeat process enough times to see consistent results and average for a filter. Use the filter with dynamic eq in A+. Tweak to satisfaction while listening. Fabfilter and A+ Is a great combination. But A+ UPnP means you can’t use FAbfilter ‘live’. Albeit your filter is running in the background.
  2. HI! Recently picked up a ultrarendu. I have a vortexbox appliance with all of my flac files on it and am wondering how i go about getting the Ultrarendu to play them? thank-you, Daryl
  3. As the title, that is the question? Which one will have the best SQ? Who will be first to test? Is there anyone who can explain the differents between these two, if any? Thanks!
  4. To dCS or to Sonore....To Bridge or to Rendu? Current system: Small Green Computer sonicTransporter AP as Roon Core SOtM dCBL-CAT7 > iso-CAT6 > Black Cable > Sonore microRendu > Uptone Regen > Schiit Yggdrasil mR and Regen powered by separate Uptone UltraCap LPS-1s HDPlex powering sonicTransporter, LPS-1s, etc. Supra CAT8 for LAN connections to the Ethernet Switch, Router, etc. If the rest of the system components, power, cabling, etc. are important let me know and I will provide the details. In usage, I am approaching 100% Tidal via Roon. Note: I was in the first wave for the ISO REGEN, but had a bad board. So the ISO will replace the Regen, hopefully sometime in August. Here's what I'm asking CA members: - I am looking to upgrade my system. - I'd like to be able to simplify the upstream bits/pieces/cables/power supplies, etc., if possible and if it results in improved performance. Since I am already deeply integrated with Sonore, Uptone, and Small Green Computer (and recently SOtM), - Should I stay within the ecosystem I'm familiar with and move forward with an UltraRendu or the Signature Rendu SE or an SOtM box? Or experiment? - And bring in the dCS Network Bridge (LAN in) and (AES out) to the Schiit Yggdrasil. [Note: I realize that I will not be able to utilze both AES outputs from the dCS; And have fingers crossed, that the speculated future USB output is compatible with the Yggy or a future DAC] Advantages? Disadvantages? Pros? Cons? Advice? Other stuff to consider? What would you do? - For those that have experience with the dCS Network Bridge, your impressions will be very helpful. - I realize that the UltraRendu and the Signature Rendu SE are brand new and soon to be released, respectively; AND that I can follow impressions of each in their threads. Thanks!
  5. Has someone compared SQ of direct USB output from MBP/Audirvana to DAC vs. streaming to a device like Ultrarendu or USBridge with the same DAC and same USB cable ? Thanks Matt
  6. Hello all, I have a Wyred4Sound Recovery USB reclocker, which I used to place between my Auralic VEGA and Mac Mini (running Roon). Since I now have the ultraRendu, my VEGA is now fed directly from this device without direct connection from the Mac Mini. So the question is, would putting the USB reclockler between de Ultrarendu and the Auralic VEGA still make sense, as the ultraRendu already produces a low jitter signal? Anyone experience with this (or any other reclocker?)? How does this balance between putting another additional device (the reclocker) on the signal path? Thanks in advance! Rodrigo
  7. Hi Guys, I am in a little of indecision here, These are the facts, I am the proud owner of a nice silver Bryston BDA-3 DAC, I was using it with a Microrendu, well I decided to start upgrading and it is getting messy, I like my shelves to look nice and also The secret is on simplicity, There are so many parts on a Ultrarendu or sMS-200ultra set up, for example you need an ultrarendu, then a Nice PS then you need a nice Switch then nice Cat7 cables then a NAS and the list keep growing you also need a PC Like the I5 then the itch continues and now you want a Linear PS for the PC and you end up with a bunch of small boxes and wires in your rack. I started evaluating other alternative and a dealer is willing to make a trade of my stuff for a new PS Audio Direct stream dac with the bridge 2 that will make everything way more simple (DAC, NAS and a Switch) but I would like to hear if anyone here have had experience that DAC. I like the Natural/Neutral sound of the BDA-3 but I have no Idea of the sound of the Direct stream DAC. I hope someone can give me some feedback. Best, Eric
  8. These are times full of choices I've got a microRendu with LPS-1 and I'm very happy with the upgrade in soundquality it gave me. Now there are several options to upgrade without spending too much money at once: 1) upgrade the microRendu to ultraRendu. 2) add the isoRegen and keep the microRendu 3) update the microRendu hardware to V1.4 (with better clock) Investment in the three option won't differ much. Because there is so much praise for the isoRegen I leaning to this option. However in that case I have to power isoRegen or microRendu with the iFi iPower. The update to V1.4 is not my favorite option because shipment costs to Europe. It's a bit early to ask about experiences with ultraRendu but it won't be long now. Any thoughts?
  9. So now that ultraDigital is sending the correct signal to my W4S DAC-2v2SE DAC (see my posts under 'Sonore ultraDigital' in this forum), I want to set up the ultraRendu and ultraDigital so I get the most out of them. I already have a good power supply for them, the SBooster from Small Green Computer. I am currently using a throw away HDMI cable between the ultraDigital and the DAC and a 1m Wire World Silver Starlight 7 USB cable between the ultraRendu and ultraDigital. I have a W4S Recovery USB Reclocker but I did not use it when I inserted the two ultra's. Does anyone know if the ISO Regen which is supposed to be much better than the W4S RUR will improve the sound if put between the two ultra's? Also, does anyone have a suggestion for a good HDMI cable between the ultraDigital and the W4S DAC which doesn't cost hundreds of dollars? At the moment, I am just using a long (at least a meter) HDMI cable that came with my Roku. Thanks, Walter
  10. Hey all. I've got an ultraRendu on order (next batch / second half of August perhaps?) and a Wyred4Sound RUR. I'm wondering if any of you early ultraRendu adopters have an RUR kicking around that you've experimented with downstream from the ultra, or if adding its breed of femto re-clocking and power buffering is essentially "pointless" on the business end of an ultraRendu? (I'm sure @JohnSwenson likely has some theories/opinions on this -- I could swear I read him (or someone near a post of his) claiming that even the ISO REGEN doesn't offer much sonic improvement when put downstream of an ultraRendu -- I suppose that means the ultra is just that good! ). [Note, I fully plan to investigate this myself and report back, but I'm left wondering for a couple of weeks until my uR arrives...]
  11. I was excited for 2.6 and I've been checking every other day for over 2 months since its announcement but it's seems like the update has gone off the boil. At first MQA decoding was coming, now probably not. Is there an ETA or rough timeframe for SonicOrbiter OS 2.6 release? Is there a definite answer on MQA decoding being included? Cheers Pete
  12. Dear all, I have my an Ultrarendu powered by an Sbooster power supply connected through USB to an Auralic VEGA. I'm currently switching between the Roon and the MPD/DLNA mode for use with Audirvana, just to experiment a bit. Everything works very well, with a mac Mini used to host Roon and Audirvana. Nevertheless, when I connect my VEGA directly to my mac using USB (Carbon from Audioquest) and using Audirvana, I can honestly say that the sound is not bad at all, and I sometimes have a more 'transparent' sound, by lack of a better word. More "headspace", if you will. As such, while the sound using Ultrarendu is of course very good, I feel that the extra cost of the Ultrarendu and power supply have not lead to a clear upgrade in sound quality. The sound is different, but not necessarily better. All is going through wired ethernet of course. Given the almost universally good reviews of the Ultrarendu, I must ask: am I doing something wrong? Or is it maybe that the VEGA has very good jitter correction built in, surpassing the benefits of the Ultrarendu (does not seem likely)? Any comments are appreciated! Rodrigo
  13. My current desktop set-up consists of an Asus PC (Windows 10, Intel M3 core processor, 8 GB RAM, SSD) running JRiver21 and connected via USB to a Schiit Modi Multibit DAC. Music files are stored on a Western Digital MyCloud NAS and accessed via WiFi and I also steam Spotify. I am thinking of getting a Sonore UltraRendu to feed my Schiit DAC using Roon as my music playback software with the music files still stored on the Western Digital MyCloud NAS. I am planning on running Roon on my Asus PC which, while the M3 processor is not the fastest, it does have plenty of RAM and a SSD. I guess in the current computeraudiophile parlance, my PC would act as the Music Server in as much as it would host and run what Roon calls the Core. Am I suffering any significant decrease in sound quality by using my Asus PC in this manner as the music server and having it connected to the network via Wifi? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. I often get asked how to setup our sonicTransporter with Roon Server and a microRendu or ultraRendu as a Roon Ready player. I made a quick youtube video on how to get this done. https://goo.gl/BHN1Jb
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