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  1. on tidal, the first three sets are 24/192 MQA. the last, covering #35-41, is 24/96 MQA.
  2. and i subscribe to all three, Qobuz, Tidal, and Spotify, and none is perfect. also, only BLueSound let's me listen and seamlessly switch from one to another.
  3. his linkedin profile already lists Qobuz as employer, role TBA.
  4. this sounds like someone cloned the YT look, logo, etc, and is running a local server that brings up a web page that looks like YT. this should be pretty easy to do for someone with basic coding skills. basically, rip the videos, put them on a local web server that looks like YT. and i sympathize- i've got a young teen on the spectrum who is very attached to YT as well. another question, are the videos in question available on YT? many films are.
  5. will there be a roon endpoint (ethernet?) card for the 2170?
  6. does the Apollo North cable sound better than the Apollo South cable?
  7. yeah, it's not the SQ question i'm working on, it's the UX for Qobuz. none of the 3rd party implementations, from BluOS to LMS (or another squeeze app like iPeng) is particularly good. the native qobuz apps on the other hand are quite nice.
  8. thanks- i have a house full of squeezeboxen, including a transporter and two touches, dedicated to Roon now. i've used the Qobuz plugin via LMS, but was trying to avoid running another server (in addition to Roon Core), and also prefer to use the native Qobuz app, particularly the desktop app for MacOS, which i quite like. i guess chromecast is the best way to do this, but even with an external dac i'm unimpressed with the sound. this is one of the main reasons i invested in the BluOS ecosystem as well, support for Roon and Qobuz, but the BluOS app is a very poor experience compared to the native Qobuz app.
  9. didn't want to start a new topic, but what's the best Qobuz hardware implementation? i quite like the Qobuz desktop app, but you're limited to using a computer to stream, or using airplay. my only other experience is via the BluOS app, which is generally suboptimal.
  10. you need to run a UPnP server, correct? trying to get away from two servers.
  11. thanks- was really hoping to ditch the computer and not have two boxes (streamer & dac.) from that list looks like Bluesound is the best choice.
  12. I've been a Qobuz subscriber for a few years, and generally prefer it to Tidal on both selection and SQ grounds. I've been listening to it via LMS, but have recently moved to Roon. I still use my transporter as a roon end point, but would like to move to another solution that would allow me to switch to qobuz when necessary. Bluesound devices will allow this, but i want higher SQ than provided by the Node on its own. i could add a dac, but i'd prefer a single box solution. i could also keep the transporter as is, and just use the Node for Qobuz, but that feels less elegant. is there another option?
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