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Found 21 results

  1. A Clean Power Supply (CPS) for the Allo DigiOne Signature is currently in design. The CPS will supply Clean Battery Power to the DigiOne Signature for a programmable period of up to 20 hours each day. During the remainder of the time the batteries are charged so they are ready for the next day. During use the batteries are totally disconnected from the charging and control circuits thus providing absolutely clean battery power. The unit is programmable via an APP and the unit itself is connected to the users WiFi network. The CPS will fit right on top of the DigiOne Signature board and will be delivered with standoffs as well as an acrylic top cover plate matching the RPi/DigiOne acryclic case. Price is expected to be lower than a good linear power supply. When? Target availability is May 2020. I'll post pictures and more information soon.
  2. I am a very happy owner of the DigiOne and considering to upgrade to the DigiOne Signature! My question has to do with the Rpi I am using. For now as player I use the rpi3b+ but in the future I might upgrade to rpi4. Is my current DigiOne compatible with the rpi4? If I get the Sig for the 3B+ will I be able to us it with the 4? Thank you! (Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere..)
  3. Hello, Is it possible to run Allo Digione autonomously as i2s to SPDIF converter? I'm wondering if I could feed digione with power supply, I2S_BLCK, I2S_LRCK, and I2S_DOUT taken from separate device and convert it to spdif without involvement of raspberry? Have anyone ever tried that? I'm interested in performing modification of minidsp DDRC-24 described here: https://imgur.com/gallery/kblEy and use my Allo digione as i2s>spdif converter instead of buying a new device.
  4. Anyone else seen this? I downloaded the DietPi (with Allo UI) image from the link given in the Allo PDF for DigiOne. Installed onto an SD card in my RasPi 3B and every thing worked fine. The DietPi text menus worked via SSH and the Allo UI worked through a browser. The DietPi then suggested that an upgrade to v6.26.3 was available. I took the upgrade (answered lots of questions) and afterwards the DietPi text menus continued to work as did the audio output. The Allo browser UI is broken however - I get Login Failed every time (and I have changed no passwords from their defaults). If I re-image the SD card back to the suggested Allo image then everything is OK - take the upgrade and the UI is broken again. Its not stopping the functionality - and the DigiOne is indistinuishable from CD to my old ears - BUT, it is annoying that the Allo UI is consistently broken by the DietPi update. Anyone got any solution?
  5. Hi which one is better and why for spdif usage? https://volumio.org/product/volumio-primo/ or https://www.allo.com/sparky/digione-signature-player.html + shanti Thanks
  6. Has anybody compared the new USBridge Sig to a standard RPi3 (or RPi4) as a host system for the DigiOne Signature? Are there obvious advantages/disadvantages using an USBridge Sig instead of a RPi? Thanks, nbpf
  7. After introducing the first DigiOne in 2017, Allo came out with the DigiOne Signature in 2018. It is time to discuss what we would like to see in a DigiOne 3 and this is the purpose of this thread.
  8. Sorry for the newbie question... I have just installed a DigiOne HAT on an existing Raspberry PI running DietPi. It appears to boot but is not visible on my network so I'm unable to select the proper sound card through the DietPi GUI. When I connect it to a keyboard and monitor it ends the boot sequence hanging on the line: /DietPi/dietpi/login: line 83: starts: command not found [email protected]:~# _ I've tried the default login/ password but have had no luck going further. Just receive "command not found". I'm sure there's something I'm missing here. Should I re-install a new boot image? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I have just installed the DigiOne HAT on an existing Raspberry PI 3+ running DietPi. Previously, I had been running Roon Bridge through the Pi alone and all was working fine. Now, it appears to boot but isn't visible on my network, so I'm unable to select the proper sound card via the DietPi GUI. When it boots with a keyboard and monitor attached, it ends the boot sequence hanging on this line: /DietPi/dietpi/login: line 83: startx: command not found [email protected]:~# _ I've tried entering the default login/ password for both DietPi and RaspberryPi with no luck. I just receive: "command not found". I'm sure there's something I'm missing here. Should I re-install a new boot image? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Any update on the metal case for your wonderful DigiOne?
  11. Looking for advice on how to proceed with Audio Server setup. Here is the current status: 1. My house is wired with CAT6 going to a 16-port Gigabit Switch. I also have the house fully wired with RG-6 for video (and possibly audio, see below) 2. I have just acquired a Synology DS218+ NAS which is to be used as storage and back-up. 3. I have an almost new Denon AVR-X1500H Receiver and do not intend to replace it. This what I know about it: The receiver has a Digital Audio (Coax) input The receiver has an Ethernet port. Can receive audio (in my case FLAC files) streaming from a DNLA compliant server. 4. I also happen to have an Intel NUC7i3BNH with 64GB SSD, 8GB Ram and a built -in 500GB HDD. I could use that and also keep my music (about 25,000 FLAC files) on it. I have been thinking of using Roon ROCK on the NUC but I’m not sure yet due to the fact the software license is almost $500. I understand there are other Media Player software out there that could serve me well and cost less? Q1. I assume if I use the NUC setup that I can stream my music directly to the receiver via Ethernet and using any compatible device such as my Android tablet to select music and view music information? Q2. I’m also contemplating getting a Raspberry Pi3 Model 3 and connect with an ALLO DigiOne Signature so that I could connect to my receiver’s digital coax input via my CAT6 coax cable. Cost is very reasonable for this hardware at $239! Is this a better idea? Q3. Or could I perhaps use the NAS (installing the music files there)? If so which Media Server software will work well on my NAS and does not cost a fortune. Q4. Which of the above approaches would you recommend? Q5. Which is most future proof or flexible (I do not wish to make a lot of equipment changes later)? Q6. Which one is most flexible in regard to selecting and providing information on the music played to a portable device and/or perhaps also showing it directly on my TV screen (a brand new LG OLED)? Thankful for any advice/ Bjorn
  12. Just received my plug & play DigiOne Signature player. Connected it to the network port, the SPDIF cable, then the clean side power (iFi power supply) and finally the dirty side (Allo 5v power supply). "DietPi" shows up in the Airplay list and I can select it (stays checked), but no sound is coming out. I am playing Tidal on my iPhone. The ALSA Output Stream Information says: "access: MMAP_INTERLEAVED | format: S16_LE | subformat: STD | channels: 2 | rate: 44100 (44100/1) | period_size: 256 | buffer_size: 131072". When I select my Apple TV using Airplay, I get sound. The configuration options in the Allo GUI look correct -- I didn't change anything -- eg, "allo-digione" is selected as the soundcard. Any help appreciated. settings:
  13. Hello, I would like to buy a pure streamer device (without DAC just accurate, low jitter digital output). I found the Digione (Signiture) Player. But it has digital coax/BNC 75ohm output while my sound processor (the streamer will feed it) has digital XLR 110ohm connection. Is it any way to add XLR connection to Digione Player ? Or could you advice me other "chap", accurate Streamer device with USB for USB stick/HDD and digital XLR output ? I found one XLR board for RB Pi, but I'm not sure it works with Digione Player; https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/dac-and-interfaces-for-raspberry-pi/audiophonics-digipi-aes-toslink-tcxo-digital-interface-aes-ebu-for-raspberry-pi-p-13316.html Any idea, please ? Thank you all the idea/advice sharing with me, Istvan
  14. Hi. I have had my Paul Pang USB v1 die on me in my CAPS music player - it now fails to be recognized on Win Server 2012 and 2016 after a few years' solid use. So I am looking at simple and inexpensive options now. 1) Have the card repaired (if possible) and keep on using my fine Nuforce U192s to "translate into" coax out. 2) Buy an Auralic Aries mini or a MicroRendu and keep on using my Nuforce U192s to "translate into" coax out. I have already had an Aralic Aries mini in the house, but I sold it on because I already had streaming capabilities enough in the house at the time (1) Paul Pang + Nuforce U192S ; 2) Esi [email protected] spdif out). 3) Build an Allo network streamer = network to coax out "converter" (no need for a DAC) Re option 3: How would I go about creating a streamer with SPDIF / coax out with the Allo Digione to feed my Audio Note Dac 3? Thanks. Kind regards, Peter
  15. Hi Folks, I'm using a DigiOne Player from Allo with Volumio 2.x, and I'm wondering how you manage the power options ? After your listening, what are you doing ? shutdown the player ? if yes how you restart the player ? Suspend or other options .. By the way, after few tests I'm very happy with quality of this player. Thanks in advance.
  16. I've been looking for a high value Roon endpoint for my Dynaudio Focus XD 200 active speakers. Decided to give the Allo a try and ordered one last Thursday 3/1. It shipped from Bangalore IN and arrived at my doorstep today. From opening the box to listening to music took me about 15 minutes. Easy setup with the Allo/Dietpi GUI interface. All you need is a modicum of networking knowledge and a web browser, voila. The Dynaudio's are configured for direct two cable playback master/slave. The Digione is connected to the Dynaudio with a Blue Jeans Coax SPDIF RCA/BNC cable. Playing a bit perfect FLAC 192/24 file sounds pretty darn fine. I'm impressed, particularly for such a high value component, it won't win any beauty contests but sounds very good. I was previously feeding the Dynaudio's wirelessly using the Dynaudio connect USB port fed by the SOTM SMS200. Direct connect wasn't possible with the SOTM because of the USB only output. I'm very, very pleased so far. Prior to the Dynaudio's my configuration was SOTM SMS200 > Ayre QB9 DSD DAC > Ayre AX7E amp > Focal 1007BE. I'm liking the current config significantly better, less audiophile hardware in my media room and a highly flexible great sounding system. Current config is Allo Digione > Dynaudio Focus XD 200. Two boxes, love it.
  17. I'm trying to use allo DIGIONE on KODI (under OSMC distribution) but the digione is not visible under the configuration panel on the pi Any idea ?
  18. My DigiOne Player feeds signal to a Yggy via BNC cable. It receives its signal via Roon RAAT. I am experiencing a number of "false" starts with this path: click on a track, Yggy changes sampling as needed, Now Playing clock starts, then Error: hardware is behaving slowly, then skips to next track which plays perfectly. Subsequent tries on the skipped track eventually lead to success. Happens on my own library and with TIDAL library. I have found and used the Roon sync delay, currently set on 3 secs, but it doesn't improve things even when moved across the spectrum of options. I am trying to troubleshoot this, and my question is whether Allo or anyone here has experienced a similar problem. Are there any settings or configurations that cured the problem? Does my using Ropieee OS affect anything? Just trying to whittle the problem down. Many thanks.
  19. Hi, I own a Allo DigiOne Player for some hours, I'm really happy regarding the sound quality. I use Volumio included, but I wondering how it works the power management. When I shutdown the player from the volumio Interface how I can restart the player ? is there a WOL option ? a remote from USB ? an infrared remote ? ... Regards
  20. Just launched by Audiophonics in France ... a complete network streamer with the Allo DigiONE S/PDIF interface, including RCA and BNC outputs. A simple, neat looking unit with a Touch Screen. https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/network-audio-players/rasptouch-digione-touch-screen-reader-with-digital-output-p-12429.html
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