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  1. Hello, I placed an order for an Innuos Zenith Statement 4Tb (with Alex at Alma) and should receive it in a few weeks (and say goodbye to my Zenith SE). I prefer the Ethernet output and welcome suggestions and listening notes for the best Ethernet cable (hopefully it should be very open, great midrange, extended on the top and bottom, and with lots of detail). Cheers, VPN
  2. Str-1, Thanks for the update! I have a Zenith SE feeding my Totaldac Server using the Ethernet output of the SE, so I am most interested in a comparison of the ethernet output of the SE vs. ethernet output of the Statement. Thanks in advance, VPN
  3. I own an Innuos Zenith SE. Did Innuos say there will be an SE ADD ON/upgrade box/option to bring it to Statement level? Thanks
  4. Hello Audiophil, Is it possible to run Roon + Jriver in Core mode for server 2012R2? Setup for network services? Thanks, VPN
  5. Hello Firedog and Jcn3, Thanks for your answers. Glad to know it can be used as a NAS. Cheers
  6. Hello CAPS Zuma experts, I have a CAPS Zuma 3 with two linear power supplies, running Windows Server 2012R2, AO, Fidelizer, Jriver, Roon with Tidal, that I am currently using as a server with USB as the output. I am leading towards purchasing a new DAC that has a streaming board, so I would have to purchase a NAS. Can I use the CAPS Zuma as a NAS? How could I do this? Thank you.
  7. TJHUB, I was able to have the PCIe SOMT card (with a 9v Mojo audio LPS), in my Zuma, work well with windows Server 2012, optimized, in minimum mode (not Core, now windowed). The improvement is very clear. I did not try core mode because I use a standalone computer (not two) and want wifi access to use Jremote. Cheers, VPN
  8. Hi Phil, I got it to work without showing up there. I then installed Audiophile optimizer, and I just started enjoying it after the optimization. Running mode 4D, with my playback designs mps-5, Caps 3 Zuma single computer mode. Good stuff! Sounding great! Congrats on your software.
  9. Hello, I have a new problem installing windows server 2012. I installed the ASIO driver for my DAC (PD MPS-5), the driver is called AKDesign USB Audio. Its name (AKDesign USB Audio) appear in the Device Manager under "Sounds, video and game controllers", together with "High Definition Audio Device". However, under "Audio inputs and outputs" it does not appear in the list, even though "High Definition Audio Device" (which is not the DAC) appears. How can I make it appear in the "Audio inputs and outputs" list? In the Windows 8 intallation, it would appear as USB-X (of the Playback Designs MPS-5), but USB-X does not appear anywhere. When I disconnect the MPS-5 from the USB connector, the device AKDesing USB Audio disappears. Thank you.
  10. Hello Tannoymike, Thank you! Your procedure to install the driver worked quite well! Cheers, vpnogueira
  11. dtb300, Thank you! Tannoymike procedure on post #15 of the tread in the link worked and installed the network driver. So I suppose I don't have to deal with NIC now, correct? VPN
  12. Hello, I am trying to install Windows 2012R2 server on my CAPS V.3. ZUMA. I am running into trouble trying to install the driver for the ethernet controller. I tried the compatibility mode (right clicking and changing the properties) and it does not work, it does not run the .exe file (windows 8) that I downloaded from the Intel site (Prowin8_64_18.7) for the driver of the ethernet controller. Is there another way to extract the driver so that I can show it to the device manager? Can someone email to me the driver ([email protected])? Alternatively, where can I find the ethernet controller driver in my previous installation (windows 8) and what is the name of the driver? Any solution would be very welcome. Thanks,
  13. Joao, Big thanks! I changed the prebuffering to 20s and it solved the problem! Cheers,
  14. ZUMA - problem. I have had a Zuma with JRiver and Playback Designs MPS-5 since 3/2013. No problems until a few days ago it started having short periods with no music during music playback. Song playing, short gap, same song continues to play. I happens in all sampling rates. I checked the latency with Thesycon. Still 1004micro seconds, no change. Not able to decrease it either. Checked the JRiver setup, no changes, ASIO driver for MPS-5. Still there. Tried increasing the buffer of Jriver, problem still there. Then I uninstalled and re-installed JRiver. Problem still there. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. Regarding the external supply barrel plug for the SOTM USB3 PCIe, is it positive in the internal part (hole) and neutral in the external, or the opposite? Thanks in advance!
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