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  1. A friend of mine purchased of the Outlaw receiver. He's quite happy with it. It offers a tremendous value for the money in terms of the features you get. The sound quality is very good for a component selling under $1000.
  2. Thank you -- I was not familiar with the Backblaze statistics.
  3. Yes, that's right. My Synology NAS and the PS Audio Bridge II are on the LAN ports of the AE.
  4. It's working now! Jcbenten's suggestion to put the new switch in front of the airport extreme was the main solution. But it was necessary to put the cable from the new switch into the port labeled WAN on the airport extreme, as Bikutoru suggested. I forgot that older switches are fussier about such things than are newer ones, where you can usually plug the network cable into any of the outlets. Thanks for all the help!
  5. I tried jcbenten's suggestion. Result: no internet access to the devices plugged into the AE. I logged into the Verizon router and tried to ping the TrendNet switch and things connected to it; unsuccessful. But I can ping the switch from Fing on my iPad. This is probably a clue as to what's going on but I am not sure how to interpret it. While I was logged into the router, I looked at the firewall settings but did not see anything that seemed relevant.
  6. Thanks, I'll try that. Not as far as I know. Two of the devices are 100Mb and one is 1000Mb. The lights on the front panel display as they should in this situation, two amber and one green. So the switch has that much figured out correctly.
  7. Thank you, plissken. There is a box thing in the basement where Verizon FIOS comes into the house. From there an ethernet cable goes to an Actiontec router (supplied by Verizon). The router handles all the DHCP addressing etc. From the router a cable goes up to the listening room. I turned off DHCP in the Airport Extreme since I don't want it assigning addresses; that's what I mean by bridged mode (maybe I'm using the wrong term). I have had the cable coming out of the wall plugged into the AE ever since I bought it and it has worked correctly (and continues to do so with the two comp
  8. I am no expert in networking, as the following question will probably reveal, but I am stuck. For some time I have been using an Apple Airport Extreme as a switch (bridged mode) in my audio rack; the AAE is connected to a cable from the router in the basement, feeding three devices. Now I need more connections. So I bought a switch, TrendNet TEG SE50g. I ran an ethernet cable from the AAE to the new switch and connected three devices to it. The front panel lights on the SE50g indicate that the connections are active, at the speeds I expect. I can ping the switch. The three devices
  9. Thank you Kenn and jcn3 for the prompt replies! I was hoping that the switch would just use less than the maximum, but thought it was better to check than fry my new switch.
  10. I have an HD-Plex LPS. I would like to use its 5V output to run a network switch that, according to its specs, takes 5V/1A input. The HP-Plex LPS 5V outlet delivers 3A. Would I damage the switch by using a 3A supply?
  11. I currently have 2 x 2TB drives in RAID1 (2TB usable).
  12. Thank you for the detailed reply. I'm thinking about the more secure file system (BTRFS or ZFS), which is not available with my current box. Otherwise I would anticipate another couple of years from it. Ah! I wondered why the WD Red drives are sold as "5400 class" rather than the higher speed since they are (supposedly) better-than-average drives. Now I know, and it makes sense. I've always been reluctant to look at online backup because uploading terabytes of data seems like quite a task, even though my internet connection is reasonably fast. And, being old-fashioned in some ways,
  13. Some questions about upgrading my Synology NAS, now 3.5 years old (DS213). The immediate problem is that the 2TB discs are getting full. I can buy either 4TB or 6TB replacements (8TB would be overkill). IIUC manufacturers make higher-capacity discs by squeezing the tracks closer together. I imagine that this makes larger discs more prone to failure, but don't really know. The 6TB units would of course go longer without filling up. On the other hand, my offsite backup system has been to rotate two portable WD Passport drives, which have a maximum size of 4TB, so I would need to find ano
  14. Try Jon Nakamatsu with the Rochester Phil. It's available in 88/24 from hdtracks. I like both the performance and the sound quality, although I haven't compared it with all the versions mentioned here.
  15. I figured it out. My other DAC requires DoP, but the just-purchased ifi handles DSD natively. I forgot to change the setting from DoP to Native mode. My one solitary 4x DSD file now plays I guess that DoP is limited to DSD128 -- is that right? Why else would DSD64 and 128 play with DoP enabled, but 256 would not?
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