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Found 14 results

  1. #1 HIGH-END AUDIOPHILE MUSIC (🔉) SERVER "Concept" BUILD. I present you with three concepts for an awesome music server /player/windows core environment. *Boot drive for either windows 10 Pro 64 bit or Windows Sever. *I have this concept build in mind mostly for a RoonLabs core player and storage. Hardware - Case: Silverstone Premium Aluminum CS01 SFX Mini-ITX chassis Motherboard + CPU - Gigabyte J4105N H RAM - G. SKILL RipJaws DDR4 F4-2400C16S-8GRS 8GB low voltage Storage - Boot drive - Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 250GB - https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/solid-state-drives/ssd-970-evo-plus-nvme-m-2-250gb-mz-v7s250b-am/ Storage drives - Storage drives - 2x Seagate IronWolf Pro 16TB - https://www.seagate.com/gb/en/internal-hard-drives/hdd/ironwolf/ or, 2x Samsung 860 QVO SATA 2.5" SSD 4TB USB card - Sotm TX - USBexp https://www.quietpc.com/sotm-tx-usbexp PSU - SilverStoneTechnology SST-NJ450-SXL (add Pachanko ATX cables) or go DC with Nikola https://fidelizer-audio.com/nikola-linear-power-supply/, build your own or, get Paul Hynes. External CD / DVD - Asus BW-16D1X-U Pro Software - #windows10pro or #windowsserver 2016 Audiophile Optimizer - https://www.highend-audiopc.com/ Fidelizer Pro - https://fidelizer-audio.com/ Music player - #roonlabs =recommended or #audirvana + your #highresolutionaudio #dbpoweramp ripped music. (24/32 bit - 192000khz - to max - wave, aiff, alac or flac - dsf, dsd256! ) DAC streamer - RECOMMENDED (I was actually inspired to built these concepts with this DAC streamer in mind) - Auralic VEGA G2 https://us.auralic.com/products/vega-g2 Cables Digital cables - Synergistic Research USB and ethernet (or, Pachanko Studio or, Shunyata Sigma or, Audioquest etc. ) - https://www.synergisticresearch.com/cables/galileo-sx/galileo-sx-digital/Galileo-sx-usb/Power conditioner - Plixir Power Elite - https://www.plixirpower.com/products/elite-bac-3000vAcousti AcoustiFeet Soft Anti-Vibration Feet ACF3007-20B Power conditioner - Panamax M5400-PM 11-Outlet Home Theater Power Conditioner Or something pro Furman? ... #musicserver #audiophile #highend #hifi #audio #sound #pc #hardware #pcbuilds #dacstreamer #concept #auralicvegag2 #gigabyte #gskill #silverstone #samsung #audiophileoptimizer #fidelizerpro
  2. 2 year old Phasure Stealth Mach 2 Audio PC NOK 10,000, new price NOK 30,000 One of the best PCs on the market for music playback is sold to buy Mach 3. Only the Intel Xeon 2640v4 3.3GHz processor costs more than asking price. More here: http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3621.0 It is about speed and least possible noise that is negative for sound. This PC has a linear power supply, which a regular PC does not have. This is one of the most important things that must be in place when using a PC for serious hifi. Hard drive is fastest SSD 256GB, memory 32GB, expensive ASRock X99M motherboard. Just ask if there is anything you are wondering about
  3. I sell a Streacom FC5Evo fanless pc case in 10 10 condition with a streacom nano 150 psu with power brick.Coloration silverPrice: 170 euro including shipping in eu
  4. Teddy193 - 19V 3.5A 66.5W (12 nanovolt ripple - lowest on the planet!) picoPSU-160-XT, 160w output, DC-DC Power Supply MSI Z370i GAMING PRO CARBON AC mini - ITX PF i2s PCIe expansion card. (PF have verified voltage requirement) I am interested to know if: the setup should be left alone - as is? (i.e. just PICO?) OR is it possible to put a linear regulator on the PATA/MOLEX 12v line for the i2s card? (what device would be required?) is it possible to put a linear regulator on the CPU 12v line for the CPU? (what device would be required?) OR Have a seperate LPSU for the PATA/MOLEX 12v line for the i2s card? Have a seperate LPSU for the CPU 12v line for the CPU? Please refer to picture! Many thanks! PS: I know I need the 4 to 8 pin CPU converter cable B.T.W. (LOL)
  5. Hello! Currently I use a gaming PC connected to DAC via USB, which is quite nisey (both the fans and the electronic noise). I really like the idea of a small fanless PC considering I don't do gaming really. But what I need besides HI-FI is: - internet browsing - general office work - 4K video playing - light video (gopro mostly) & photo editing. Will this work and what kind of Intel CPU do I need to aim to for theese needs? I assume the for the best SQ one needs a dedicated NAS in a separate room at best. Is it really important or I can get away with couple HDDs in a PC? Considering I will not connect anything else to the network and don't really need remote acess to the server. I realy like the ability to automatically mirror all the data in a NAS though.
  6. Hi, I'm new to the forum but I've been tinkering away at the budget end of the file-playback and streaming spectrum for some years. I have a Cantatis Overture PCI soundcard gathering dust at home. As well as being an excellent dual-mono Burr Brown DAC in it's own right, it also has an SPDIF output which I am keen to use to feed my SPS DAC3 non-oversampling DAC, to see if this represents an improvement over USB input. My question is - might it be feasible to build a fanless PC with a PCI slot (not PCI-E)? Does anyone have any advice or am I on a hiding to nowhere with this idea? Thanks in advance.
  7. the_doc735


    Right, will my: Asus strix z270g Intel lga 1151 ROG MB Intel® Core™ i7-6700K 6700K - 4GHz Quad-Core 6th Gen. Socket 1151 Processor Patriot Viper 4 16GB Dual Ch. DDR4 3000MHz PC4-24000 DIMM PV416G300C6K Fully Support the: Samsung 960 Pro 512GB M.2 NVMe PCIe Solid State Drive/SSD MZ-V6P512BW ?
  8. I am building my house and I want to set up multi room sound system. I am dedicating a small room for my setup so that I will run all audio cables from here to the rooms. Initially I was thinking of running wires for 7.1 channel in my living room and 2 channel in other rooms, but after using roon and Jriver and playing all my hi-res Multi-channel tracks in multiple rooms with PC, I had a second thought…why not multi room multi-channel from a single PC? Now I am wondering if roon or jriver will support multiple sound cards (pcie based or usb) in the same PC? Then I can run as many wires as I want for such a setup so that I place all the equipment at one place and only the speakers will be in the respective rooms. If possible this will enable me to hookup easily and cheaply! Any thoughts on this topic will be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hello! I want to liven up my headphones a bit and use an external audio card instead of my Asus Z97-P on board audio. I currently use the Sennheiser HD451 headphones mainly for gaming and music. My budget is around 60$-80$ but I can go up to 100$ if it's worth the price. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  10. I have a gaming PC that I built last year. I built it for both gaming and as my stereo for listening to music in a lossless audio format. I have just wiped my computer clean for a fresh start after encountering some issues with Windows 10. I am in the process of transitioning from Google's Android service to Apple. I will be ripping my audio CD collection to Apple Lossless Audio Compression (ALAC) for listening to the music on the computer at home and to iTunes Plus format for iPhone and iPad while traveling. I am aware that audio converter software can alter audio file properties in both sound quality and data structure such as bit-rates and sample-rates and Equalizers can affect sound quality during audio playback. I am also aware that audio files could be lost or destroyed due to factors such as viruses, bad hard drives, and reformatting the computer. However, when I was reinstalling Windows 10, these questions came to mind and I hope someone can answer them. 1. Can applying custom operational or functional settings to Windows 10 (maintenance, security, hibernation, etc.) permanently alter the audio properties (bit-rate, hertz, etc.) or sound quality of my music files? 2. After reinstalling the operating system, can Windows 10 permanently alter the audio properties or sound quality of my music files stored on either the internal hard drive or the external backup hard drive during the copy process to or from the PC? I know these may sound like ridiculous questions, but I intend to put my audio CDs into storage at my local storage unit (which is climate controlled) after I have ripped them to ALAC. I want to retain and protect the original sound quality from the CDs both so I can create lossy copies from the original source and so I do not have to dig out the CDs again to regain the original sound quality. Also, I use an audio analyzer called Fakin' The Funk to both verify that my music files match their stated audio properties and to locate possible corrupted music files. It seems reliable, but does anyone know of an alternative program which may be more reliable for analyzing and inspecting my music files? Thanks.
  11. I have changed my old Aopen HT80D for an HDPlex H5 2nd Gen with combo nanoATX 300W from HDPlex too. I have changed too the motherboard and processor (Asus HT170m-ed, & intel i7-7700) For my surprise, I don't like the new sound. Is harsness, metallic and tinny. Differences between various DACs and software are far small than before with my old chassis. This confussed me. The new hardware is mobo, processor, psu and SSD (operating system) I have no idea what the problem is. The old PSU was an standard switched one, the new being a more modern HDPlex nanoATX type. I have run the system by 75 hours or so. I don't sure if goes to better SQ with time. Probably, but not sure. It is possible that needs to burn-in the mobo and PSU? Differences betwenn PPA usb sound card and standard USB output are smaller than before too !!.
  12. I currently using a reasonably new Windows 10 Intel i5 HP 'all in one' type computer, which is basically lap top spec components shoved behind a rather nice 24" screen. OK, not the best machine for computer audio by a very long way, but for a variety of reasons it is what I will need to use for a while. The PC is used to run Roon core, streaming via hard wired Ethernet to a microRendu / Mutec MC3+USB. The PC has an external power supply 'brick' that delivers DV voltage to the PC. So it would be very easy to replace the supplied power supply with a decent quality LPSU. My question is would adding an LPSU afford any benefits, or would it basically be a waste of time with such a machine?
  13. I use iTunes on my PC which runs Windows 10. My questions have to do with the settings under the Playback tab under Preferences. I know that under the General Tab, I can import CDs using settings such as Apple Lossless Encoder, MP3, and AAC. My questions are: 1. Do the audio settings under the Playback tab just alter sound while the audio track is playing and not alter the audio file itself or its properties? 2. If I make audio adjustments under the Playback tab, will that impact the audio properties or sound quality of audio tracks or their import settings as they are ripped from my CDs or will they permanently alter the audio properties (bit-rate, sample-rate, hertz, etc.) or sound quality of my music files already stored on my computer? I am asking these questions because I intend to put my audio CDs into storage at my local storage unit (which is climate controlled) after I have ripped them to ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Compression). I want to retain and protect the original sound quality from the CDs both so I can create lossy copies from the original source for iPhone and iPad while traveling and so I do not have to dig out the CDs again to regain the original sound quality. Thanks.
  14. I have an Onkyo 605 7.1 Home Theater receiver. I bought this specifically to have surround sound for my custom gaming PC. I have 3 speakers for left/right/center channels(about to purchase more). I have the speakers connected to the receiver but when I use HDMI, I can't get any sound. Are there any better ways to do this? I don't particularly want to have to use the Home Theater as the 'middle man's for the video output for my computer, but if I have to, I will. Thank you!
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