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  1. Thank you. Yes I consider these things as well. - I was looking at Apacer ram at the beginning but in the end thought it would be more beneficial for connecting a dac to the server directly by USB. Is it still interesting for an Intel nuc connected to the network? - I've purchased an EtherRegen, so that side is covered. - The endpoint is a Linn Klimax. - Power supply: what's the best bang for the buck for the Nuc? HDPLEX is often cited but are they of good quality? I've seen worrying posts. - The only USB will be between the HDD and the Nuc. Does USB quality cable matters as much in this case?
  2. Yes, I really like AS. People are anal like me and very knowledgeable. I will for sure share my feedback. You are right in that it is fun, but at the same time, it is not free. Learning from mistakes or starting too low in terms of SQ (regarding one's expectations) can be really expensive. I lived this journey on the analog side, and it has been quite costly 😅 ( but pretty happy of where I sit now)
  3. Yes you are both quite right about the only reading part, I had not thought of that.. + the ifi thingy, I will keep it mind too! I guess you're right, step by step, WD passeport then I'll tweak. It is indeed good to a reference to compare to. Thanks guys!
  4. Thank you. I heard thumb drives and sd cars where to ne avoided for realiability ?
  5. Hi Bob, I went for an Intel nuc. I'll get a fanless case once I've found one that I like. You're right about not overthinking it. But I really would like to avoid the rrrrr of the needle. I found it annoying when I had my nas with a WD Green HDD. The question is mechanical noise of the HDD vs electrical noise of the SSD ! 😄
  6. Ok, nuc is on its way. I plan to use an external HDD. Now for the choice, from what I've been reading: - HDD pros: cheaper, reliable especially with an enterprise model /cons: noisy, needs 2 psu - SSD pros: silent, 1 psu / cons: can introduce electrical noise, not safe for long terme back up I'm a bit lost. I'd like silent storage but I'm worried about SSD electrical noise. The nuc will be on the dirty side of an EtherRegen, the ethernet dac on the clean side. Does this drawback still apply?
  7. Thanks Bob, Yes I still have a lot to read! I was mainly into vinyl and happy with the closed Linn system (save for the control part) until I discovered Roon, and it has really opened the field! I will read your links tonight. Arnaud
  8. Hi Bobfa, Thanks for pointing these threads, I didn't think they would be of interest for me as I was going another route 👍. I'll check them this evening. AL or Euphony seem indeed very favorably regarded. I may be wrong but I thought that you could not run Roon with these solutions ? If it's not the case, that would be awesome, as it would allow me to maybe create routines for back up instead of doing it with another PC (I'm pretty convinced by the need to have back ups after my Nas crashes!). I like DIY even if my capabilities are limited. I was going the Nuc kit route with PS and fanless case as an easy way to start but may well get the bug after that. I really want to keep the visual impact very low in any case. Regarding DRAM or not, I'm asking the question as I really don't know the difference. (even though my system is pretty revealing -Linn Klimax, The Truth Preamp, Nord nc1200/Leak St20/Altec 19/ JBL L300 and 4429, Audiostatic Er200..) and am affraid of chosing something not compatible. Sorry for the long post! 😃
  9. Thank you David256 for your reply. I don't want to use a Nas anymore. Mine died and it was a pain to save the library as each brand does its thing.. unless you buy another from them 😞. Plus can't bear the noise (it needs to be in the listening area) and the UI, not user centric for a bit. HDPlex is often mentioned and it was my first thought, but I read some posts saying their PSU can be unreliable, even hazardous (I just report my readings, I really don't have a clue). Agree with you, vibration management will come at the end indeed. For the time being, I prefer to stick to Roon recommendations and need to chose a SSD🤔
  10. As for the SSD, I see models with or without DRAM. Which is right for a Nuc? Is there some models of SSD that are particularly recommendable? Thanks!
  11. Thank you for your replies. Sorry but what does NAA mean? I plan to dedicate the server to Roon and don't want to get another Nas (it's dead and I prefer to keep the network simple). I'll go the fanless route for sure. Does Apacer bring better SQ on a server, not an endpoint?
  12. Hello, My previous thread on HDD choice having no feedback (and it seems I can't delete it), and my questions growing, I take the liberty of creating a new one. I've spent a long time searching answers to these questions to no avail (it's often related to custom nucs), please excuse me if I missed them: Goal: Rock on stock nuc + Etherregen + ethernet only dac/streamer 1- Which ram would you advise. I read about Apacer, but is it interesting with a stock nuc or should I spend my money elsewhere? 2- HDD: I was leaning towards an external HDD, but would prefer internal storage to avoid clutter. Same question, given there will be the ERegen between the dac and the nuc. If external is still interesting, SSD or HDD, 2.5 or 3.5? model recommendations? 3- LPS: I'm quite convinced it's important, but would like to avoid multiplying them. Is there any solution able to power 3 different devices at the same time, with a good effect on SQ? 4- Vibration management: I'm a firm believer, have you proven tips for nuc, Switch and HDD? Sorry for all these questions. Thank you very much for your help Cheers Arnaud
  13. Hello, What would be your recommandations for an external HDD? Should I also consider 2.5 disks in a case? I would like realiability, cost effectiveness, eSata and the ability to use a Lpsu. It would be used for Roon Rock on a Nuc. Thank you guys !
  14. Yes that's the plan. Thank you very much for your very quick reply! 👍
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