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Found 6 results

  1. AJ4Value

    Bit perfect copying to my NAS

    I recently built a NAS -- Synology Disk Station 1618+ with 6x 8 TB disks. I have 15 TB of music to copy on to it. In the past I have used Tera Copy to move my music files but, this software doesn't seem to work to copy the files onto the NAS. What is the best way to copy the music over? These are largely uncompressed high def files -- I would like to keep them in the best shape possible. Thank you,
  2. Greetings! I have an HTPC running Windows 10 Professional with lossless music stored and I want to activate two different sound outputs simultaneously in a 'bit perfect' way: - one is via USB for an external DAC. - the other is via HDMI for my AV processor. The idea is to use JRiver Media Center for playing my CD's and SACD's. For playing CD's I would use only the external DAC (no need to even turn on the AV processor). For playing SACD's in multi channel I would like to use still the DAC for the front channels but my AV processor for the remaining channels. For this thing to work I would need first to be able to activate both outputs at the same time without echos or any kind of artifacts/distortions. Then I would need to configure the USB DAC for stereo and finally the AV processor via HDMI in 5.1. I've learned that Voicemeter could handle the first part of the job but it is not 'bit perfect'... I don't know if HIFI-Cable and ASIO Bridge would suite my purposes. The only thing I know is that this is 'bit perfect'. Any help would be highly appreciated!
  3. Hi everybody! I would like to buy a sound card for my system, and I can't decide which woud be the better choice: ESI [email protected] XTe or Asus Xonar Essence STX II. My equipement: Xindak DAC-5 DAC Parasound P3 preamplifier Parasound A21 power amplifier biwired by Audioquest Rocket 33 speaker cables Vandersteen 2Ce loudspeakers I would like to listen lossless audio files using Foobar2000 in bit perfect audio mode and I would like to use the S/PDIF output on sound card to deliver the signal to the DAC. Which sound card would you recommend? Thanks for your help!
  4. Ok folks, my XP music server died after 10 years of service and I need to replace it with a newer Win 7 server. I have a Lynx AES16 (the PCI version not PCI-express). This really limits the motherboards that I can use since most newer ones only support PCI-e. So here's the question. If I'm only using it for playback (not recording) do I really need the AES16 at all to feed my Bryston BDA-1 with a perfect bitstream? Wouldn't any sound card with an SPDIF/Optical output sound the same? The rest of the audio system is fairly high res audiophile (Thiel speakers, Sim-Audio pre, Sunfire amp, MIT cables) so I'll be able to notice fairly subtle differences. I've read many people talking about the sound quality difference between various digital feeds but if my BDA-1 locks in on the signal seems to me I'm in good shape. No? If the answer is, hell yes the AES16's gonna blow the doors off another SPDIF card, how on earth do I get it into a PCI-e slot without a world of hurt? My days of hours of tinkering are behind me. Many thanks dbdog
  5. Hello Guys, I am about to order some parts to start building a HTPC with a Streacom FC9 fan-less case but before I spend lots of money on the parts, I thought I can consult with you guys here to make sure I'm on the right track. Many thanks in advanced for your help. I am using a Synology NAS where I stored my high resolution files (mainly FLAC) and I also have a Rotel RA-1570 integrated amplifier which has got a PC-USB input supporting High res audio files. My main purpose of building this HTPC is for playing back high resolution audio files from my NAS (and occasionally video too). I also want to have a nice and responsive interface (something like the XBMC) that I can also control by an android app. I am thinking of buying the Gigabyte "GA-H97M-D3H" which comes with integrated "Realtek® ALC892 codec". My question is, is there a way to get a bit-perfect and low noise output into the amplifier with the current set up or do I need a sound card? probably something supporting ASIO? Also can I just use the USB cable from PC to Amplifier? or should I use the SPDIF output of the sound card? what's the best way to achieve the best sound quality with my amp? My budget is limited for under 200$ for a sound card. Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  6. Trappistmonk

    XLD - Bit Perfect - iTunes settings.

    Hi Based on what I have found on this site, I have adjusted the settings of the software I am running on my Macbook Pro 13' model summer 2012. I am planning on using XLD to rip CD's and playback via Bit Perfect / iTunes. For now, all music will be stored on the local hard drive of my Macbook. I am using an optical toslink/SPDIF connection between my MacBook and my BelCanto DAC (C5i). I am looking for feedback on the settings I made in XLD and what settings I should change in iTunes, although I guess that the iTunes settings do not really matter anymore since I am using Bit Perfect. For Bit Perfect, I simply followed the recommended settings highlighted in the manual. You can find the manual on :BitPerfect: Manual You can find screenshots of my XLD settings below. As per the RIP strategy published on this site, I am ripping to FLAC for archiving and AIIF for playback. I am looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Once I have your feedback, I will start ripping my CD's TrappistMonk