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  1. I’ve got a feature request. Better communication. Have y’all ever bought an album from Qobuz and they offer to replace it with a different album? Then when you respond they ghost you for two months? I can post screenshots with Sebastian if needed.
  2. Have y’all ever bought an album from Qobuz and they offer to replace it with a different album? Then when you respond they ghost you for two months?
  3. Are you serious? They’ve got to add more Widespread Panic first. 98% of people won’t listen Radka or B. Cockburn? Are they DJ’s?
  4. To each their own but I’ll never understand people that ask about suggestions about where to store music and when presented with suggestions does one that nobody has heard of or suggested. Jottacloud? Really?
  5. Okay but I’m not using that service so that’s not applicable to me. I’m using G Suite Business. Unlimited data storage for one user so no need for me to worry. The main reason I have to collect my own lossless copies is the music I listen to mainly won’t EVER be on Qbuoz or Tidal. Some streaming services do have some Dave Matthews Band stuff but I can’t find a streaming service besides nugs.net that offfers all the Widespread Panic shows in lossless but then I can’t listen to more mainstream music on that service. Chris CarPlay article is what got me interested in getting my NAS
  6. speed for GSuite is whatever your upload speed is and mine is low... 20Mbps upload but if yours is faster then you will be able to upload more than 300 gb a day. G Suite one user gets unlimited if you have 5 people using your G Suite that’s when limitations kick in and when I say 5 users I mean 4 registered people in the group. I can share links with whomever I choose. This should answer your questions about pricing and users https://gsuite.google.com/pricing.html I was nervous at first about the wording but my bill is always the same and my data is unlimited.
  7. I have what’s called G Suite. It’s a $14 dollar one time fee which gets you a domain name. The it’s $12 dollars a month for unlimited. I’ve got friends with 37 tb - 54tb of data backed up to their G Suite. Since I’m the only uploader on mine I get unlimited data. I can play the files directly from Google or use a third party player in my car with CarPlay. It’s by far the best value for the money. My entire Synolgy NAS setup is automaticity backed up to G Suite.
  8. What’s the iPhone equivalent? I’ve been using CloudBeats.
  9. Might need to research again. G Suite is $12 a month for unlimited. I’ve got 9tb backing up and started 11 days ago. 2.7 tb uploaded so far. Best option by far.
  10. Thanks for the inspiration that it can be done. I always wanted a way to listen to my lossless music away from home and this site inspired that to happen.
  11. ive got this working in my car. Genesis G 70 Sport with CarPlay. 8tb of FLAC or ALAC on my NAS and in G Suite. Bought the CloudBeats app for $6.99 and utter perfection. Very happy!
  12. Not Raif. I’m being serious though. I’m trying to read the thread but that poster makes it impossible because he argues with everyone. If he is so sure of his beliefs why is he trying to sway others? Feel free to ignore me as I could careless if you do.
  13. Why are you trolling the thread. Be the bigger person and scroll and roll.
  14. Widespread Panic covers a lot of songs and most of the sound better than the original. Some favorites of mine: Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress The Harder They Come Walk On I Walk on Guilded Splinters Dear Mr Fantasy etc.
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